Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Widespread Election Fraud Against Eli Yishai's Yachad/ HaAm Itanu Party

I am departing slightly from the normal subject matter of this blog in order to bring a matter of shocking and disturbing urgency to the attention of the readers.  Apparently the various dirty tricks against Yachad by what appears to be Shas operatives was far more widespread than originally suspected.  Whole stacks of ballot slips were tampered with holes poked in them making them pasul when they were counted.  Whole stacks of ballot slips were simply missing from the wooden trays which hold them.  Ballot boxes containing mostly Yachad votes simply disappeared from the polling stations.  Video of what appears to be Shas operatives carrying off ballot boxes seems to have surfaced.  I believe that we have only seen the beginning of this.  Yachad missed getting its four core seats into the Knesset by about 5000 votes.  Because of the apparent widespread nature of this fraud, they did not get even one seat!  If the voter fraud against them is as massive as it seems, then Eli Yishai, Yoni Chetboun, Baruch Marzel, and Aish Makhlouf would surely be in the Knesset had the voter fraud not occurred.  Apparently Eli Yishai is furious or heartbroken by what happened as evidenced by a Yachad rally outside of his house WHERE A FIREBOMB WAS TOSSED AT THE CROWD!  What the heck is going on here!!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Astronomical Events "Before the Great and Awesome Day of the L-rd"

This coming Hoshana Rabba 5776, the 7th day of Sukkot, will most likely be that great and awesome day.  So it is best to prepare to view the astronomical events that precede that day according to Yoel 3:.   The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the Coming of the great and awesome day of the LORD!  Here they are quickly:

"The sun will turn to darkness.."

TOMORROW/ Today, Friday March 19th, 2015:

Up to 6% coverage by the moon over the sun in Yerushalayim  The eclipse begins here around 11:15am and reaches its 6% peak at 11:58am and ends completely by 12:40 pm.  Oh, the molad announced in Shul last Shabbat for Nissan was at 12:43pm on Friday.  See how the molad time comes immediately AFTER the moon passes through the plane between the edge of the earth and the edge of the sun.  That is the molad when the moon theoretically begins to "reflect" a slight amount of light from the sun.  Also, here is the map for the path of totality which starts south of Greenland, moving north of Scotland, and then north of Norway.

Then, on Sunday Sept. 13th, Erev Rosh HaShanah there will be a partial solar eclipse in the Southern Hemisphere.  It will be seen mostly in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, and Mozambique and if you are a hearty soul in Antarctica.  Only in Antarctica will one be able to see up to 90% of the sun covered unless you are on a ship in the South Atlantic or the Indian Ocean.

"And the Moon will turn to blood..."

Pesach total lunar eclipse in the Pacific rim on April 4th, 2015.

Early morning Sukkot total lunar eclipse just before sunrise on the First Day of Sukkot 5776 in Eretz Yisrael!  Get up at 4am and watch the Moon turn red and reach totality before sunrise.  The times of totality will be from 5:13am until 6:22am.  Then shake your lulav and your etrog in your sukkah!
Here is the map of totality.  Notice that in Eretz Yisrael over 50% of the event will be seen including all of the totality when the Moon turns blood red.  

Before the Coming of the Great and Awesome Day of the L-rd!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

When Shilo Comes.......

UPDATE:  Hat tip to Gilui for his chart

We are at the End of Olam HaZeh, the very End.  One might not be able to see it because the world right now is run by some awful people who think that they will be around for the next 225 years.  The process of moral decay really began in 1918 (5678 according to the Holy Calendar), a Motzei Shmittah year and a potential Yovel year according to this chart.  Notice from the chart, Ezra HaSofer reset the Sabbatical and the Yovel cycles from the beginning.  During the 2nd Temple period in accordance with the Rambam's view, the Yovel year was the 15th and the 65th year of every Jewish Century.  There were eight of these Yovel years where the 50th year itself was a unique year that was NOT the first year of the next Shmittah and/or Yovel cycle.   Since the 2nd Temple was destroyed after standing for 420 years, there was no ninth Yovel year during the 2nd Temple period.  Instead after the Churban of Bayit Sheini, the 50th year or potential Yovel year became the first year of the next Shmittah and Yovel cycle.  The year 5678 (1918) and the year 5727 (1967) were both potential Yovel years which partially realized their potential of returning the land of Israel to its Jewish inhabitants and of returning the Jews to their ancestral heritage in the Land.  (Parshat Behar, Lev. 25:10).  You see, 5678 was the year of the Balfour Declaration and the capture of Yerushalayim from the Turks by the First Gog (PM David Lloyd Gog) of Great Britain during the First World War.  Both events in the waning months of 1917 after Rosh HaShanah of course, set the stage for a large scale return of Jews to their ancestral inheritance.  At the end of WW1, the population of Eretz Yisrael included about 100,000 Jews.  By the Fall of 1947 and the Partition Plan, there were 600,000 Jews in Eretz Yisrael.  PM D. Lloyd Gog was a remarkably decent man, a good Gog of sorts, so good that he has a street named after him off Emeq Refa'im Road in the German Colony neighborhood of Yerushalayim where there are several streets named after remarkable righteous gentiles who assisted in the process of returning us to our ancient inheritance.  Notice from the Yovel chart, the year 5678 was the potential Yovel year at the end of the 46th Yovel cycle which became in actuality the first year of the 47th Yovel cycle.

So we began to traverse through the next 49 years to 5727 (1967) which turned out to be a potential Yovel year which partially realized its potential during the 6 Day War but turned into the first year of the 48th Yovel cycle whose 49th year is this very year 5775.  This makes 5776 the next potential Motzei Shmittah and Yovel year.  But let us reflect on what else happened during this time period.  What remarkable changes or degradations took place in Malkhut Edom during this 98 year period?   The most remarkable change of spiritual deterioration was in the sexual mores of the civilization.  Until WW1, women would go to the beach wearing long dresses as they went swimming in the ocean.  The women's bicycle was designed so that ladies did not have to lift up their legs at 90 degree angles to get their leg over the center bar.  To this very day, women's bikes are designed so that "Victorian" women could politely and modestly mount up on their bikes.  After WW1 that all changed.  The flappers of the Roaring 20s tested the norms of what was acceptable to the very limits of the time which were far more restrictive than what those limits were 49 years later in 1967 during the Summer of Love with public sex in the public parks.  Betty Grable's bathing suit from WW2 was already by several light years more shocking than what was acceptable in 1910 for instance.  But 50, 60, and 70  years later we have already pushed the envelope into the abyss.  The best way to look at this moral disintegration is to look at it taking place over 49 year time spans through the 47th and the 48th Yovel cycles until this very year 5775.  In the 47th Yovel cycle, the fringe third of society was attracted to pushing the envelope where 2/3rds of Americans at least refused to debase themselves.   So from 1918 thru the winter of 1967 while America remained a majority clean society, for instance, one third of Americans were already pushing the envelope to its extremes.  As the line goes from No No Nanette a musical about the Roaring 20s, "Before I go to Heaven, I want to raise a little hell."   The Chafetz Chaim himself was asked about the year 1918.  Someone went to him with a question about someone whose father was a tzaddik, but his son was a Bolshevick.  He asked the revered sage, "How can this be if the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."  The Chafetz Chaim responded that from 5678 onwards a hurricane has been blowing in the world blowing apples far, far from their righteous origins.  From 1918 onwards we can no longer expect those apples to fall calmly to the ground as they had for all the centuries leading up until this time.  And so those 49 years passed as 1/3 of Mankind perverted themselves below Mem Tet Sha'arei tumah (49th level of impurity) leaving 2/3rds of Mankind with furrowed brows watching the world crumble morally beneath their feet.  Then the Motzei Shmittah year 5727 hit, and the Summer of Love of 1967 began to take down the middle third of America and through America the rest of Mankind on another 49 year plunge until the present day where it is no longer an issue of public acts of promiscuity in city parks, but public acts of LGBT lovemaking along with the marriage contracts to recognize these abominations.  So the middle third is now about to plummet through the 49th floor by the end of this summer of 5775 as we crash into the beginning of the 49th Yovel cycle since Ezra HaSofer in 5776.

One might think that we have one more 49 year cycle left to debase the final third of humanity as we approach the 50th Yovel cycle so that there is no one left to be redeemed at the very End, but alas Zecharia haNavi, chapter 13, tells us in explicit terms, "There will be in all the earth, says the L-rd, that two portions of the (earth's) population will be cut off and will perish, and the remaining 1/3 will be left of it.  I will purify that third with fire and purify it as one purifies silver, and I will refine it as one refines gold. (And that one third) will call out in My Name, and I will answer it.  I have said, "These are my people, and they will say that HaShem is my G-d."  So alas we are not about to embark on another 49 year plunge from which no one will be redeemed.  In 5775 we are at the very end of history, the very end of Mankind's ability to pervert himself in various ways so that the planet stinks with his rot.  The Good L-rd won't permit this to go on further.  So the rotting 2/3rds will now clamor to divide Yerushalayim and establish Palestine in the process,  and they will be duly punished.  Think of 5776 as not only the beginning of the 49th or Malkhut that is in Malkhut Yovel cycle, but think of it as the Gateway to the 50th, the Sha'ar Nun, where Mashiach ben David awaits.  How to get from here to there through the last 7 months of Olam HaZeh is the problem, and the roller coaster is about to begin.

Alas Bibi is going before the US Congress on a date which he himself chose, Ta'anit Esther, to plead for the case of the Jews that a man like Haman in Persia wants to wipe us off the face of the planet.  In so many ways, he himself has debased us all.  He chose Tzippy Livni, the Witch of EinDor, to administer justice for Klal Yisrael over the two years of the 33rd Israeli Govt. since the founding of the Erev Rav Republic.   During his most recent tenure, the Ba'al Kerry over a period of nine months made us release 3 x 26 Arab murderers from our jails to appease Mankind's desire to prove our guilt by calling those murderers freedom fighters with a vicious craving for innocent Jewish blood.  What we were not privy to at the time was that the letters of HaShem's Name were being assembled with each prisoner release.  The third such release was less than one week before the 2nd of Shevat 5774 (Jan 3rd, 2014) the 72nd anniversary of the Wannsee Conference which decreed the death of every Jew on the face of the planet.  The entire world was in agreement with this as was shown about two months later on Zayin Adar 5702 when a ship called the Struma with 7 or 8 hundred Jewish refugees from the Holocaust was sunk in the Black Sea by a Russian submarine while the world simply watched and could care less.  The spiritual way to look at this is that the Shoah was the 7th Churban of Malkhut Edom which started with the destruction of the 2nd Temple.  The First Churban was the destruction of the 2nd House until the end of the Bar Kochba revolt 65 years later plus another 5 years of chasing tzaddikim around Eretz Yisrael to hunt them down for a total of 70 years, the Ayin in Esav's name.  Then there were 6 x 300 years cycles where the princes of Germany and the saints of the Roman Catholic Church formed a daily alliance, one prince of Germany + one prince of Rome per day for a total of 300 years per alliance.   This was repeated 6 times to correspond with 6 Churbanot so that we would be chased in a total of 7 different directions.  The Shoah began at the very end of that 1800 year epic in 5699, 1799 years after the year 140 when all ten sages that were murdered for the purification of Malkhut had been summarily executed (including Rav Akiva et. al).  So the Shoah was the end of the Galut, the smack of Esav's angel on Ya'akov's thigh vein at Alot HaShachar, the break of dawn at 72 minutes before sunrise.  So 72 years later right on cue, the Vav in HaShem's Name was attached to the Yud and the Key in HaShem's Name right on cue with the 3rd and final prisoner release.  The Fourth release of 26 murderers never occurred because the purpose of these releases had achieve its goal: to make the Final Redemption b'Rachamim.  We see it in the Torah itself.  The place where Ya'akov wrestled with an angel was originally called Peni'el, but after 72 minutes G-d Himself renames it Penu'el changing the Yud to a Vav to tell us that if we make it until sunrise after the 7th Churban when the Vav can be attached to HaShem's Name, the redemption will be b'RAchamim.

And so we arrive at Adar 5775.  We are told that before Ben David shows up in Tishrei of a Motzei Shmittah year several cryptic events will occur.  The Torah tells us about one of them in Bereishit:  ...The scepter (of kingship) shall not depart from Yehudah, nor the one who is Chokek (engraves laws in stone) until Shilo comes and to him will be a gathering of peoples.   So there are two possibilities here.  Shilo might be Mashiach ben David, and many amongst our sages agree with that view, but there is another view that Shilo is a separate individual who comes just before the advent of Mashiach making Mashiach ben David's role possible because this Shilo triggers an epic series of events.  In short "to him" can either be Shilo as Mashiach ben David, or Shilo is a precursor who comes as a gift to Mashiach ben David.  For Shilo can be read as Shai lo, a "precious gift to him".  So why does Mashiach ben David deserve a precious gift?  because of Yehudah's great act of teshuvah for the selling of his brother Yosef into slavery.  In so many ways kidnapping a brother and selling him as a slave is an act that deserves the death penalty.  After this horrible episode, Yehudah falls away from his brothers, sensing that he no longer had the right to lead them because of his act of ignominy.  After years and years of bearing children including the children of Tamar, he comes back to the holy family of Yisrael and wants to repent of what he did so many years earlier.  The brothers go down to Mitzraim to buy food from the 2nd to Pharaoh and he makes a request that in order to get Shimon out of jail, whom he had summarily arrested, the brothers have to bring Binyamin, the only full blooded brother to Yosef, to see if they were honest men by claiming that they had another brother whom they left behind.   Reuven pleads his case that he would watch over Yosef to no avail by offering Ya'akov to kill his two sons.  Ya'akov saw through that and logically reasoned about why would he want to murder his grandchildren to avenge the blood of Binyamin?  Ya'akov would not allow Binyamin to descend with Reuven into certain slavery or death.  But when Yehudah offers to be an areiv, a guarantor, of Binyamin's safety that he himself would go into slavery to see to it that Binyamin would return to his father, Ya'akov relents and allows Binyamin to descend.  Then the silver chalice of the 2nd to Pharaoh ends up in Binyamin's sack, and Binyamin is about to become a slave to the man standing before them.  At that point Yehudah pleads his case and begs the man to let Binyamin go free as he Yehudah offers to become the man's slave just as he promised his father.  And then Yosef reveals himself in one of the most dramatic climaxes in all of Seripture.   "I am Yosef, Does my father yet live?"  After explaining himself in a moving speech about Divine Providence to his brothers, he hugs and weeps on the neck of Binyamin his full blood brother.  So this is what G-d has in mind.  Yehudah was the areiv of Binyamin to secure his safety in Mitzraim is the greatest act of teshuvah in all of recorded history.  HaShem recognizes the great and mighty act of teshuvah that Yehudah did.  So HaShem told Yehudah, just as you through your deed of perfect penitence brought Binyamin to Mitzraim to be a gift to your brother Yosef, so at the very end of Olam HaZeh, I HaShem (Yud Key Vav or Yahu) will give (Natan) Binyamin as a precious gift to the one whose kingdom is about to be over a gathering of peoples or Binyamin NatanYahu.

So given his history of releasing murderers and hiring an Erev Rav hack to be his Minister of Justice, how could he rise to the occasion.  Well, the Talmud tells us, "We won't do teshuvah until HaShem places over us the threat of extermination by someone as wicked as Haman"  So THIS is what is at stake.  Bibi for all of his real-politick faithless calculations has come to the conclusion that on the issue of Persia, all of his real-politick machinations have to be thrown out the window.  HE HAS NO CHOICE but to place the entire matter in G-d's hands.  So he chose Ta'anit Esther to appeal before the Republicans in the US Congress which in and of itself is a futile act because it is the menuval US President that is about to sign a horrible deal with the Persian mullahs.  The Senate can advise and consent, but unless it is a real treaty, there is little that they can do to stop Obama the Snake as he brings the mighty American Republic below Mem Tet Sha'arei Tumah in this Shmittah year.  But by speaking before Congress on Ta'anit Esther he has placed this entire matter into G-d's Hands alone.  Now, I don't know if Bibi will be elected to a fourth term.  Maybe yes maybe no.  Either way we are about to embark on a 7 month roller coaster ride.  And HaShem has already calculated in all possibilities which bring the world against Yerushalayim for final judgement.  One thing is for sure.  Obama and the Europeans have already planned their revenge against Israel the day after the elections.  Whether Bibi is re-elected or whether No one is elected, they will be almost immediately be voting to establish Palestine in the UN Security Council in the early days of Nissan.  So hold on tight.  The roller coaster ride is about to get wild and hairy.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Part 2: The Death of Sheker HaChein, the Spirit of St. Louis

I wrote this for Shabbat Parshat Chukat in 5773 slightly less than a year and a half ago:

In 1242 in the streets of Paris, France on the Friday before Parshat Chukat, 24 cartloads of Talmuds were burnt in a wild conflagration of flames decreed by one of the 365 Principle Saints of the Roman Catholic Church.  His name was Louis IXth, King of France also known as St. Louis.  Forty days earlier on the exact same spot at the urging of the Jews of France, copies of the RaMBaM's works Sefer HaMada (The Book of Science) and Guide for the Perplexed (Moreh Nevuchim) were burnt.  Apparently the Jews of 13th Century France had a serious problem with the confluence between Torah and Science and Aristotelian logic being used to prove the existence of G-d.  The Rambam (Moshe Maimonides) was known in both spheres to the consternation of many.  So they had the Catholic Church burn his books.  Forty days later on Erev Shabbat Parshat Chukat, all the Talmuds in France with rare hand-written Tosefot in the margins were burned on the exact same spot.  So for burning the books of the Rambam, the greatest logical sage and codifier of Jewish Law since Moshe Rabbeinu, G-d looked down from Heaven and said Zot Chukat haTorah, and the Jewish community of France was destroyed for hundreds of years without one drop of blood being spilled.  You see, it was only the Talmud that was burned that day.  Read Kinah 41 from your Tisha B'Av Machzor.  I did it several times sitting in the shadow of the St. Louis Art Museum at the same spot that Scott Joplin played the "The Cascades" on the promenade for the 1904 Worlds Fair.  (Some say that he only performed on The Pike at the Worlds Fair because he was a black man.  I will have to check with the MO Historical Society.  But the song "The Cascades" was about the waterfall that flowed from where the statue of St. Louis sits today.)  Right next to the 110 year old promenade, there is a statue to the Talmud burner himself, sitting on a horse sitting in front of the Art Museum....A fitting climax to a dying city.  Before the city (St. Louis) built that statue of the Talmud burner whose name it bears, it knew no pitfalls.  From the moment that that statue graced the the 1904 World's fairgrounds of Forest Park, it was downhill from there.  Such is the fate of those who curse G-d's chosen and burn His precious library of books.  It is kind of funny how the Catholic University in town, St. Louis University, has a Talmudic Law section in their School of Law.  jokes on us I guess, or Louis the IXth is turning over in his grave.

I grew up in S. Louis, and I happen to know a lot of very deep stuff about the Spirit of St. Louis from my personal experiences, living there almost all of the first 43 years of my life. I understand why the collapse of American Civilization as we have all known it for most of our lives, and for the last 238 years, had to begin in St. Louis at the precise moment that the Vav is being attached to HaShem's Name in the World of Yetzirah from Tisha B'Av until the 24th of Elul, 5774.  The shooting death of Michael Brown occurred on the 13th of Av. It has to do with the Death of Sheker HaChein which is the true spirit of St. Louis (both the city and the 13th century Talmud burner after whom the city is named).  Here is a chart which talks about the Filling of the Four Universes.  Notice that the universe of Yetzirah in the year of our Redemption is filled between the 10th of Av and the 24th of Elul.  I discussed why 5774 was that year that the Vav was attached in the Comments section of the previous post and in several other posts on this blog in the past year.

Yes, it is Midah keNeged Mida, but it is a lot, lot more. It is the beginning of the end of using "popularity" as an international religion to beat our unacceptance by Mankind over our heads. That "dark" religion has ancient and Medieval lords and ladies who practiced it like a Stradivarius. The principle Medieval practitioner was King Louis the IXth of France who never spilled Jewish blood, but used a form of psychological warfare against Klal Yisrael in France.  He recognized that the tenacious hold of the minority Jewish people to her Torah lay in the learning of the Oral Torah because only Israel learned the Oral Torah and lived by it.  It is our attachment to Sinai explaining all that might be inexplicable in the Written Torah alone.  It is what makes us distinct from the Xtian world since the Oral Torah was never translated into Greek for the World to learn.  By burning 24 cartloads of our precious Talmuds, he then could press on with a "popularity" campaign to get all the Jews in France to convert to Roman Catholicism in order to be loved by all. King Louie "loved" us so much while hating Judaism so much, that whenever he caught a Jewish fish in his net, he was the star guest at that Jew's conversion to that oh so popular religion of that time. Nothing has really changed so much since that time 800 years ago. The Catholic Church in St. Louis did the same with every Jew who moved there in the 19th Century.  It is in the credo for the St. Louis Old Cathedral in downtown St. Louis, to follow in the path of their patron saint, King Louis IXth of France which would mean to show love to every Jew who chose to abandon his Holy Torah for the faith in the Church and its mangod.  In order to cement its mission in 1834, a Jewish architect was commissioned to design the portico over the entrance to the New Church being constructed on Church property.  Bishop Rosati, St. Louis, Missouri's first bishop, wanted to let future Jewish residents know that they had a home in the Church.  So he wanted Yud Key Vav Key in Hebrew carved in stone over the entrance to the Church along with some gobblety gook about a triune god.  The Jewish architect knew that he could not put the Name of HaShem on a Church to welcome Jews to shmad themselves by worshiping a triune god.  So he filled in the Heys and made them Chets.  So instead of Yud and then Hey and then Vav Hey above the portico, to this very day one finds Yud Chet Vav Chet.   That was a link.

Now here is the kicker.  The riots really started on the 13th of Av 5774 right after the final attachment of the Vav in HaShem's Name began to be manifest in Olam HaYetzirah according to the chart of the Arizal (link above) on the 10th of Av.  Keep in mind since the Vav represents the emotional Sefirot of absolute Emeth in the world, it is the emotional sefirot of Sheker of Charm that needed and would be subsequently destroyed.  The destruction began in Ferguson, Missouri.  Why of all of St. Louis's suburbs would this process of destruction begin in Ferguson?  In order to understand this, you have to know migration patterns of various ethnic groups as they left the inner core of the City of St. Louis itself.  The Jews for instance started out in West slightly northwest City and went due west all the way out to the West County suburbs of University City, Olivette, Ladue, Creve Coeur, Chesterfield and beyond.  As Jews assimilated into the non-Jewish population, they moved into Ballwin and a bunch of other West County suburbs.  The German ethnics started out in South St. Louis and they by and large migrated toward the south to Oakville and into the Lindbergh School District in Southwest County in places like Mehlville and Sunset Hills.  Now how about the original French Catholic founders.  Where did they eventually run away to in their mad dash toward white flight?  Well they went and founded their own suburbs.  Normandy and most notably Florissant in far North St. Louis County.  Note: Florissant is actually a really old suburb becasue like St. Louis it was founded in the 18th Century too.  Florissant today probably has greater percentage of Catholics than most places in St. Louis and represents the Chein of French Catholic migration out of the city because it is the far northern suburb in North St. Louis County.  Chein is usually external, and the Sheker is that it really represents the internal core of a person.   So the streets leading from the City of St. Louis to the beautiful French Catholic city of Florissant represent that inner core.  The main street that stretches all the way from the City of St. Louis to Florissant is West Florissant Road.  There is another street named Florissant Road that gets it start in the City of Normandy off Natural Bridge Road, but it does not stretch all the way from the City of St. Louis itself.  West Florissant Road therefore connects the inner core of the City of St. Louis with its shiny suburb of Florissant at its northern end.  Right in the middle amongst all the devastation of all the rioting is Ferguson, Missouri.  Here is the general map of the area on Google Maps.  Now you think this through, and you tell me what is being judged here.

Here are some more associated thoughts on how the modern St. Louis Metro Area represents the idea of Sheker HaChein that I have posted in the Comments sections of other posts:
1.  And alas at what time in one's life is Popularity a god to every person who goes through that rite of passage. Well if one goes to a public or even secular private high school, that is the time in one's life where there is absolutely nothing more important than "Popularity". There is an old joke about St. Louis that St. Louisans like to tell. When you go to a party in St. Louis, what is the first question that a stranger might ask you in order to get to know you? "What High School did you go to?" What an odd question! Have you ever heard such a thing before, such a quirk about a major American city? It is because no one ever leaves that "popularity" scene in St. Louis. It imbues the lives of all who live there with a falsity of what is really important leaving a dark, empty core that is never filled.

As I just wrote a friend who still lives there: The Spirit of St. Louis is to be like a high school cheerleader, popular with adoring fans. It is why wherever you go the first question you are asked is, "What High School did you go to?" During the course of one's life, high school is the place that Popularity is a god more than any other time in one's life. It is the Falsehood of Charm. Charming, Popular and Vain on the outside with a dark empty core. I guess that Obamanation's movement where the rampaging "natives" start to takeover the country had to start right there. So bizarre, but it turns out that St. Louis is that place.

2. It is also why Chassidut can't get a foot in the door in St. Louis. The feminine side of the evil inclination (the yetzer hara) is too strong in St. Louis to allow for the feminine side of the yetzer hatov (Chassidut) to even have a foothold. So the only form of Torah that makes it in St. Louis is the Litwak, more masculine form (Aish HaTorah, Rav Schach, etc.). The Lubavitcher Rebbe saw this, and he never sent a powerhouse Shaliach to St. Louis seeing that sowing the seeds of Chabad Chassidut in St. Louis is really a waste of time.  This does not mean that there is not a wonderful Chabad Rabbi in St. Louis.  There is, but in a metro area where there were once 60,000 Jews, why was it when I left at least so difficult to get a minyan at the Chabad House on Shabbat when the Agudath Israel next door and the Young Israel across the street were burgeoning at the seams?  It is because the feminine side of the yetzer hara is so strong in the St. Louis area, that only the masculine side of the yetzer hatov can flourish.  

3. There was a great playwright from St. Louis. His name was Tennessee Williams. He wrote a hallmark play called, The Glass Menagerie.

It is worth watching in order to have a deeper insight of this phenomenon of popularity as a god. As a St. Louisan himself he had a deep appreciation of this sickness in this semi-autobiographical play. What is fascinating about the play from a Jewish perspective is that the gentleman caller (Kirk Douglass in this version with Laura's part played by Jane Wyman) was voted "most likely to succeed" at Soldan High School in the play. Any Jew from S. Louis will tell you that before University City High School being the center of Jewish life in St.Louis, Soldan High School in the Carey Patch neighborhood of West/Northwest St. Louis was where all the Jews went to high school,...including my own father who graduated from Soldan in the graduating class of 1941.

To paraphrase Laura's mother in the play:  "Way back down in Jackson, MS as a young lady growing up I once had 18 gentleman callers in one evening while at a summer party."  You see, Laura in the play is not pre-disposed to having any gentleman callers whatsoever, but because her mother was obsessed with her own popularity as a young debutante, she was obsessed with the popularity of her own daughter.  That drove Tom (Tennessee Williams) crazy and out of St. Louis at the end of the play.

Again, the point of all these examples is NOT for the purpose of bashing St. Louis in its hour of distress.  It is to show why the destruction in Ferguson is a spiritually global event for the End of Days.  With the attachment of the Vav in HaShem's Name to the Yud and the Key during this past Av, the process of destruction of Sheker HaChein could begin to be accomplished.  The destruction of this "collective" yetzer hara which causes billions of people to go astray because of the "good feeling" that being part of a popular movement gives them must continue to proceed in order for Mashiach ben David to finally come in 5776.  In the present world, Sheker is very popular.  In Yemot HaMashiach only the Truth will be popular.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Death of Sheker HaChein (the Falsehood of Charm or Popularity/ Public Opinion as a god) Part One

I stayed up for all my readers.  Monumental history is being made.  HaShem is giving birth to the Final Redemption by destroying popular sentiments, the collective yetzer hara, to do evil.  The Spirit of Popularity as a god is the Spirit of St. Louis to be discussed more fully in another post.  It is 4:40 am Israel time.  Officer Darren Wilson was found to have acted properly on all the charges being leveled against him when he shot Michael Brown dead near the corner of Chambers and West Florissant Road in Ferguson, MO.  He was not indicted on any of the charges that were being considered.  He goes free, but what vestige of Western Civilization will be left as the angry natives of the inner cities go on a rampage?  I don't know.  As of this writing, the Grand Jury verdict was just announced.  Good morning on the 3rd of Kislev in the Year of the Final Redemption 5775.

I do believe that the residents of St. Louis and possibly other cities will have a difficult time explaining the lengths that they will have to go to defend themselves to the world around them.  Dare I say?  They will begin to feel like they are Israelis in "Palestine?"

Thursday, October 02, 2014

5775, The B'Itah Year of the Final Redemption

I realize that I have not posted in a long time.  Sorry about that it is a combination of becoming really busy and a hesitancy about talking about a year when there is a distinct possibility that millions or maybe billions of human beings might not live to see the other side of this year.  So yes, there is pause to think about our mortality as human beings as our physical beings go from dust to dust and in this coming year in a rather abrupt way.  I have decided to repost a comment from the last post about the significance of this Shmittah year and a letter that I sent to a friend about the impending economic and all out general collapse of the United States, explaining why the Dow reached 17,000 and may be poised to collapse.

The Significance of this Shmittah Year:  

HaShem loves us, the Jewish people, as HIS junior partner specifically in His pet project of completing the Work of Creation. He gives us 6 out of every 7 years to "do our part" so that we can earn eternal reward. In the Shmittah year He takes over the reigns of control and removes our hands from the "junior partner steering wheel" in order to gradually direct, from one Shmittah year to the next one, the Creation toward its final perfect conclusion no matter how rotten of a job we did in the previous 6 years during which we managed to really mess things up. There is a difference this particular Shmittah year. This is the 7th Shmittah year since the 6 Day War. This Shmittah year is for the entire ball of wax as it were, to clear the deck for the Messianic Era. We will see early on this Shmittah year how He has taken complete control of the situation out of the hands of our own foolishness.

In short in this year we will advance in the next 12 months from the deprivation of Galut to full fledged Geulah.  Galut is spelled Gimel, Lamed, Vav, Tav.  Geulah is spelled Gimel, Aleph, Vav, Lamed, Hey.  The final Tav in the word Galut replaces the Hey in the word Golah which refers to the presence of Jews in exile while the word Galut refers to the state of being in exile. The only real difference, therefore, between the words Galut and Ge'ulah is the presence of the Aleph in the latter word Ge'ulah.  Aleph in a root invariably refers to the presence of G-d (Elokim, G-d attribute of strict justice).  So not only is this 7th year going to take us out of the deprivation of the exile, but it will also be a year of strict justice as G-d Himself erases the stupidity of our leaders in the last 6 years by wresting the control of our destiny away from likes of Tzippy Livni and Binyamin Netanyahu.  Their junior partnership is not needed anymore.

The 17th level of purity/ and impurity Tifereth that is in Tifereth: The Power of the Bear (Dubiel) from Daniel 7:

This is a thought and not meant to predict or to be taken as an ironclad fact, but I have been studying this phenomenon of the US Stock Market in the era of Obama for some time now, and it is unique.  For 6 years now, whenever there was poor economic news the market went up on anticipation that the Fed would simply print more money, most of which would end up in the stock market and sit there.  It is bizarre, but if you consider that at least in this Shmittah cycle in particular the US stock market is in the province of the Sitra Acher and completely in the side of darkness, it makes sense.

I am beginning to wonder if the previous/present level of the Dow is a ceiling from which the entire economic system in America will collapse once there are spectacular terrorist attacks on American soil.  We know that at the beginning of the Persian Empire before the rise of Daryavush (Darius) who completed the 2nd Temple, Koresh (Cyrus) served for 3 years and Achashverosh (Xerxes) served for 14 years.  That is a total of 17 years.

Bavel judged Yehudah at the end of 9 centuries from Matan Torah because Bavel represented the level of Din that is in Din which is the 9th level of purity.  There are three laws in halakhah which are pure Din because there are no extenuating circumstances for which they are ever permitted:  murder, idolatry, and the four Torah prohibitions on Arayot for which there is a death penalty: adultery, homosexuality, bestiality, and incest.  It was for those three things that the First Temple was destroyed at the end of 9 Centuries from Matan Torah.

Yawan was itself judged at the level of netzach that is in netzach, the 25th level of purity on the 25th of Kislev by those who were pure in Hod, Aharon haKohen.  Edom will be judged at the 33rd level of purity, hod that is in hod, by Yosef who is pure in Yesod.  Missing is the middle piece of Persia, who is pure until Tifereth that is in Tifereth, the 17th level of purity.  There is your power of the in a bear market.  The force of Dubiel is all about wanting more stuff, more physicality, an accumulation of stuff as it were.  

Now look at it in a different way.  Above the level of Edom's purity 32/33 there are 17 more levels.  Edom by virtue of the fact that they serve G-d no higher than level 32 while pretending to reach level 33 therefore leave 17 levels for the Kochot HaTumah, the forces of Amalek, to rule in the final 17 levels.  When an Edomite society becomes completely corrupted by piling on more and more stuff, it hands over the reigns of its culture to Amalek.  This has occurred rather quickly in a 49 year collapse into total depravity from the Summer of Love in 1967 (5727) until this year 5775, this year, the 49th year.  That is where America is at right now.  The Power of the Bear in American Society is now in the hands of Amalek, a precedent which was set in ancient Persia when Haman took over.  The Dow is at its 17,000 limit, and the Bear market will now take hold either at the beginning or near the end of Year 7.  The Manchurian President is waiting in the wings to become a full fledged dictator.  

I think that it will take place at the beginning of year 7 so that the entire world can finally be judged for all of the pain and suffering in Jewish history during the Shmittah year.  Yet, the Prophets call it a "year of recompense for the cause of Tzion."  So the optimal place to be this year is right here in Eretz Yisrael.

Voices (Kolot) in the 6th Year:

So what were the Kolot in year 6 after all.  Yes, one of them was President Reuven Rivlin who is the 7th generation Kol HaTor.  His great, great, great, great grandfather was Hillel Rivlin who authored that famous sefer about the 999 steps of Mashiach ben Yosef....which reached completion when Ruby became President.  The other kolot were the sirens of the Gaza war in which 67 soldiers died.  67 is a very important number with regards to Yosef.  The Torah tells us that 66 descended into Egypt while Yosef and his two sons were already in Mitzraim.  There is a dispute amongst Chazal over who was the 67th person to go down into Mitzraim.  Some say it was Ya'akov Avinu himself.  Others say that it was Yocheved ben Levi who was born in between the gates at the border near/at Wadi El Arish.  Yet, there had to be a 67th person because the Torah tells us that 70 souls went down into Mitzraim - the 3 who were already there.  Is this the death of Mashiach ben Yosef?  I am not going to speculate on that at this time, but it is tempting to posit the question at least.  This war was very very different because what also died was the "popularity" of the Erev Rav.  Yes, the husk of our people is very much alive and in control here, but with the  wailing sirens (kolot az'akah) of this war, the population no longer desires their rule.  The Supreme Ct. decision to release thousands of infiltrators back into the streets of South Tel Aviv has only increased the popular hatred of our rich and powerful controlling ingrates.  

Therefore there are two great outcomes from this war.  
1.  Teshuvah is far easier if you are no longer enamored with the power and the prestige of the Erev Rav.  

2.  When the international troops come to throw Jews out of their homes in Yesha/ and half of Yerushalayim, those troops will not have the support of a local Left Coast populous wanting to be loved by the world.  The nations of the world will have to rely on their own manpower and efforts to achieve their goal.  

G'mar Chatimah Tovah.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

ISIS Invades Lebanon: News at 11

I have no time to write a post just yet, but this is how fast events are moving now:

ISIS Invades Lebanon.  Now Lebanon is a very small country. It is even smaller than Israel which is saying something.  So ISIS invading Lebanon basically puts them at our border very fast.  Netanyahu's failure to cut off the head of the hydra in Gaza right now seems to be creating very quick Heavenly responses.

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Turtledove War: The Process of Kolot in Year 6, Part 2

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HaShem's mastery of this world is now on display. In preparation for the 3rd cup of wine at the Peaach seder, we eat the afikomen which had been hidden by his/ His children from the Ba'al HaBayit. For the last 2000 years we have participated in the custom of juvenile extortion by one's children to get the afikomen back that had been tzafun (hidden). In the midst of the Turtledove War as this operation expands into a ground war with intense worldwide scrutiny and condemnation, a Malaysian plane is shot down due north (tzafon) of Eretz Yisrael over the eastern Ukraine. It deflects the condemnation of humanity and their reflexive hate for the Holy people on G-d's Holy Land. Now HaShem, at the moment that the Vav in His Name is about to be added to the Yud and the Key in or around Tisha b'Av, is giving them something to that the Voice of the Turtledove can be heard in our Land (Song of Songs 2).

Why Malaysia?:  What does HaShem have specifically against Malaysian planes? not sure. This requires thought. One disappears over the Indian Ocean with or without a trace. The other gets shot down over the eastern Ukraine, due tzafun (tzafon) from Yerushalayaim, and the incident could start WW3.

I know that Malaysia is one of the those countries whose govt. hates Israel reflexively. But there are a lot of those countries in the world. Yet, there are righteous gentiles who live in Malaysia. There is a Noachide who comments on this blog lives in Malaysia. Anyway, here is some food for thought:

Finally why now?  From the Arizal's perspective we are filling the third universe this summer starting around Tisha B'Av.  Here is my Filling of Four Universes post from years ago.  Also Time for Tohu post from 5772.  In the year when the Vav in HaShem's Name is fully attached to His Name, the gematriah 72 letter Name of HaShem will fill up Atzilut between the 25th of Adar and Shavuot as usual.  The Gematriah 63 letter Name of HaShem will then fill up Beriah strengthening our resolve against the Erev Rav starting around the 17th of Tamuz.  Then on Tisha B'Av the gematriah 45 letter Name of HaShem would start to fill the universe of Yetzirah for 45 days until the 24th of Elul.  Does the Gematriah 52 letter name of HaShem start to fill Asiyah this year on the 25th of Elul?  We will know that by Sukkot of the Shmittah year.  If the Mt. of Olives splits in two, then HaShem will be One and His Name will be One.  (not sure if this happens in 5775 or in 5776).  

Friday, July 11, 2014

The Turtledove War: The Process of Kolot (Voices) in the 6th Year

Updated below:

This is a quick post before Shabbat to outline the progress where we are headed now that we are in the 6th year before Mashiach ben David comes in year 8, the post-Shmittah year.

Reuven Ruby Rivlin becoming President in 2 weeks is the 7th generation Kol HaTor (the Voice of the Turtledove. Yes, that is a pigeon.)  Since he is the 7th generation, he completes with his ascendancy the 999 steps of Mashiach ben Yosef spoken about in the Sefer Kol HaTor.  The 7th generation usually competes the process begun 7 generations earlier.

We can only win this Turtledove war if we ignore Mankind's rules of engagement and apply G-d's rules of engagement. That is the Mashiach ben Yosef aspect of this war. Kol HaTor is the Voice of Mashiach ben Yosef (MB Ephraim).  There is a 50/50 chance that Bibi will finally come to understand this concept, but he needs to have enough emunah and bitachon to realize that we will be just fine taking on the permanent members of the UNSC who surely are calling him day and night reminding him of the rules of engagement by which Israel must fight this war....or else.  That is the threat to send troops to solve our problem with Hamas by sending international troops and by imposing international sanctions on us.  From past experience Bibi simply lacks the emunah to care less about what they tell him.

That would seem to indicate that the Voice of Mashiach ben David, Eliyahu HaNavi, will show up later this summer after we have successfully passed the test of rebelling against the rule of engagement imposed upon us by Mankind.
That at least is how this is progressing.

The Voice of Mashiach ben David is the Kol ben HaYonah (Voice of the Dove. This is not a pigeon, or maybe a dove is a different type of pigeon.), the second kosher bird which can be offered up as a korban in the Beit HaMikdash which is freed at the end of the Covenant between the Parts, at the end of our long exile.  So Eliyahu HaNavi will be the Kol ben HaYonah who, G-d willing will show up later this summer before the 6th year concludes.

So let us get our birds straight. Peres is the predatorial bird that eats the carrion in the Covenant between the Parts. It tries to eat all the 3x3 animal parts that have been neatly arranged by Avraham Avinu, all 18 pieces or 18 halves. He is a Vulture, the most likely species that kept attacking the pieces.

Reuven Rivlin is the Voice of the Tor, the Turtle Dove, who is released at the end of the long exile. Yehonatan Pollard is the Tor itself (Mashiach ben Ephraim), still waiting to be released.

Eliyahu HaNavi is the Voice of the ben Yonah, the Dove, who will come down from Shamayim to herald the Wars of Gog UMagog between this War, the Turtledove War, and the wars that will take place in the Shmittah year. If the Talmud is correct about this, Eliyahu will show up when the Turtledove War is over or on the verge of ending.

The Dove Himself is Mashiah ben David who is supposed to arrive at the 50th gate at the dawn of the 50th year that began with the year of the 6 Day War which took place in 5727. The 50th year is the post Shmittah year of 5776.

Update:  Later this week if the Internet does not crash in Eretz Yisrael for various "security reasons", I will be doing a post about last week's rare haftarah for Parshat Pinchus. This Torah parshah is rarely read before the 3 Weeks so that the haftarah that was just read in association with parshat Pinchus is rarely read in the Beit Knesset. The haftarah of Eliyahu HaNavi running away from Izevel has tremendous meaning for the End of Days, and not just Medrash Sefer Eliyahu which is alluded to in the haftarah. Of interest here are the three q'lipot of the Erev Rav (stormy wind= international socialism or Isaac Herzog/ Shelly Yucky, the great noise= the lying, despicable main stream media, and the flashing fire= the corrupt courts run by Tzippy Livni) who will likely be defeated over the next few weeks to make room for the Still Thin Voice, the Voice of Eliyahu HaNavi, the 2nd Voice of the Summer.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Armolgus (Peres), during the Tziduki/ Xtian Pentecost, hands over King David's Tomb

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We knew that when Peres, yimach shmo, went to Rome to pray with the Poop in the Vatican Rose Garden that he was up to no good.  And now today we see the result of the Vulture's labors.  I am not going to guess what HaShem has planned now.  I will wait for Him to act because this is disgusting beyond words.

Catholic Mass on Monday morning in the room of the tomb of King David

Why was this man chosen as President of Israel seven years ago, just to do this upon his retirement??  Take a look at the list of those who supported him at the time, and then weep and ask HaShem why.

UPDATE:  As an explanation for what is going on, I can give you this:
The way I see it, the room above or the "Upper Room" is like Yesod, because that is where Yoshke claimed that the afikomen was his goof (his body) and the 3rd cup of wine was his blood.  The 3rd cup of wine is the Vav in HaShem's Name.  So on the day of Yesod that is Yesod of Sefirat HaOmer, Francis came here to lay claim to the "upper room" over King David's tomb, one of the gifts of Armolgus the Wicked to his church.

Then came their Pentecost yesterday.  Since Mashiach ben David is at the 50th gate, they now have come here to claim Malkhut for their very own too (not just yesod) by entering and treifing up David haMelekh's room.  So during sefirah (yesod that is in yesod) they tried to take yesod away from Klal Yisrael, and on their Pentecost they signed a deal with Armolgus the Wicked to take Malkhut too.  And that is why they showed up in large numbers this morning.

Now we wait for HaShem's response.

Dear G-d, the Roman Church has tried to cast an evil spell, with the help of one of Pharaoh's magicians, on the redemptive process.  We are nearing the end of the year of Yesod that is in Malkhut of the Yesod that is in Malkhut Yovel cycle since Ezra HaSofer.  The 50th gate will be reached at the beginning of the year 5776.  So they did not have much time to act.  The Roman Church is an iron partition above those who weep for King David's scion to come.  Now they have come to take away the Kever itself.  Please hear our prayers and our tears through this iron partition that now sits like a prison above King David's tomb.

Note: Pharaoh had two chief magicians who were sons of Bila'am.  One of them was twice as powerful as the other.  Peres is the more powerful one, and Ehud Olmert (TRMLO from Medrash Sefer Eliyahu) was the weaker one, and he is in jail or going to jail.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Ukrainian 2 State Solution

Since the Vav was added to HaShem's Name in the world with the 72nd anniversary of the Wannsee Conference on the 2nd Shevat 5774, we have been watching a slow process unfold in the Ukraine.  It picked up speed in the Crimea on Purim and during Nissan it went into overdrive in the eastern provinces of the Ukraine.  G-d has a way of dishing out nekamah at the End of Days.  And so it begins.  There is a referendum in two of the most southeastern provinces in the Ukraine today.  The chaos will likely spiral out of control from this point onward.  Russia will be "forced" to back those who held the referendum to break away from Kiev, and Kiev will be forced to suppress the rebellion in full.  G-d has a 2 State Solution planned for the Ukraine as punishment on the nations of the world who have been trying to force a two state solution on Israel for the last 66 1/2 years, with a really concerted effort since Madrid in 1992.

I am leaving from Spain tomorrow night where I had to be at a mandatory family get-together.  Gibraltar was really wonderful, with a Jewish community at least 250 to 300 years old, for Shabbat.  The rest of Spain is spiritually dead, just like the Spanish wanted.  This is a short post because we are busily preparing to leave.  I leave Madrid at 11pm tomorrow night.  Perhaps I should turn off the lights.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Maos Chitim - Passover Charity 100% Direct

Passover is ALMOST HERE.  With Passover comes the obligation of Maos Chitim or Kimcha D’Pischa, supporting the needy for Passover.

This year End of Days is happy to join the 100% Charity Direct campaign of Mystical Paths.

You can support the needy of Israel for Passover – right here, right now, 100% charity with NO overhead…

This is a particularly tough you. One of our neighbors is literally homeless, another says "I have wine and matzah, and literally nothing else."  One can't afford her medicine, another can't afford shoes for his children.  The stories are heartbreaking, but you can help...

Right here, right now...

100% charity direct!  The Mystical Paths Jewish holy day charity campaigns raise money to support the poor and needy in Israel, which we are obligated to treat as members of our local community.  They do so via a registered Israeli charity and with the rabbinical supervision of Rabbi Chaim Faro.  They also do so with NO office expenses, NO advertising expenses, NO salaries, NO overhead of ANY kind (except for credit card processing fees of ~3.5% and currency conversion fees of ~1%).  100% tzedakah (charity) direct to those in need.

This Passover, lets help make sure our brethren in Israel are able to celebrate the holiday!  If you can help, please do - now.  If not, you have our blessings that Hashem should help you and all the needy of Klal Yisroel!

Thank you.  And may Hashem provide you with abundant blessings and simcha for this Passover.  And may we all merit the ultimate blessing, the ultimate exodus with the coming of Moshiach Tzidkaynu for Passover this year!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Be Excited! YeHOnatan is Coming Home!

The news is quickly moving now.  So I will simply post the latest.  The US wants to facilitate the 4th of the Yud Key Vav Key (26) prisoner releases by Israel by releasing the the one with Yud Key Vav in his name.  The Name of HaShem is almost complete in Olam HaAsi'ah, the lowest universe where we dwell.  If Pollard gets out, we will likely have Eliyahu HaNavi here by Pesach, most definitely by sometime this Spring.

YeHOnatan to be released for the last 26.  This is a short post.  I will obviously expand upon it after the release is final.  But for now a hearty Baruch HaShem!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Yovel of Yovelot (A Recap) and Other Matters

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As a point of departure on this blog, it has been decided that it is best to talk about prophetic events as they unfold.  For instance, one cannot talk about the Ba'al Kerry sending troops to the Valley of Yehoshafat until he actually authorizes sending those troops.  makes perfect sense to me.  So I am working on one of my Confluence between the Science and Torah posts in the interim.  It will cover to best of my ability the Four Universes according to Kabbalah and the four primordial forces of nature, 10 and 11 and yes 26 Dimensional heterotic String Theory which unifies all four fundamental forces of nature including gravity into one equation.  Yes, those numbers above should excite any observant Jew.  Yet, writing a post like this qualitatively takes time because one has to qualitatively describe in layman's terms complex mathematical formulas.  And the necessity for all those extra dimensions is because Gravity, the stubborn force of nature, refused to be mathematically described by four dimensional or 7 half-dimensional spacetime rules which unify the other three forces of nature into one equation.  The answer is now obvious.  The force of gravity transcends space and time itself and seems to emanate from a universe which transcends the moment of Creation itself.  It comes from Atzilut where Yud Key Vav Key and His garment of 10 sefirot of Elokim dwell.  So until Physics began to hypothetically propose the existence of a pre-Creation universe of 10, 11, and 26 dimensions, it could not unify gravity with the other forces of nature.  In that essay I will seek to prove that electromagnetism emanates from the World of Asiyah, that the Weak Force emanates from the World of Yetzirah and is therefore held prisoner by lead, and that the Strong force emanates from the World of Beri'ah and is therefore held prisoner by iron.  For instance, the yetzer hara for avodah zarah comes from the world of Yetzirah, and it was held in a prison by a lead box. It is describes right here in Talmud Yoma 69b:

 Is it not written: And Ezra the scribe stood upon a pulpit of wood, which
they had made for the purpose. [. . . and Ezra praised the great God].8 And R. Giddal [commenting
thereupon] said: He magnified Him by [pronouncing] the Ineffable Name?-That was a decision in an
emergency.9 And [they] cried with a great [loud] voice unto the Lord, their God.10 What did they
cry? — Woe, woe, it is he11 who has destroyed the Sanctuary, burnt the Temple, killed all the
righteous, driven all Israel into exile, and is still dancing around among us! Thou hast surely given
him to us so that we may receive reward through him.12 We want neither him, the tayvah for Avodah Zarah, nor reward through him! Thereupon a tablet fell down from heaven for them, whereupon the word ‘truth’ was inscribed. (R. Hanina said: One may learn therefrom that the seal of the Holy One, blessed be He, is truth). They ordered a fast of three days and three nights, whereupon he (the tempter or demon for Avodah Zarah) was surrendered to them. He came forth from the Holy of Holies like a young fiery lion. Thereupon the Prophet (Zecharia) said to Israel:

This is the evil desire of idolatry, as it is said: And he said: This is wickedness.14 As they took hold
of him a hair of his beard fell out, he raised his voice and it went [was audible] four hundred
parasangs. Thereupon they said: How shall we act? Perhaps, God forbid, they might have mercy
upon him from heaven! — The prophet (Zecharia) said unto them: Cast him into a leaden pot, closing its opening with lead. Because lead absorbs the voice (or radiation), as it is said: And he said: This is wickedness. And he cast her down into the midst of the measure, and he cast the weight of lead upon the mouth thereof. (Zecharia 5:8) They said: Since this is a time of Grace, let us pray for mercy for the Tempter to evil.  (The evil tempter for avodah zarah and immorality are one and the same.) They prayed for mercy, and he was handed over to them. He said to them: Realize that if you kill him, the world goes down.  (There will be no procreation.) They imprisoned him for three days, then looked in the whole land of Israel for a fresh egg and could not find it.( Since men were no longer tempted to have sex, no human eggs were fertilized, but this might apply to eggs of all living creatures.  The text even seems to say that no eggs were produced!)  Thereupon they said: What shall we do now? Shall we kill him? The world would then go down. Shall we beg for half-mercy? (They thought that it was possible to let this tempter for immorality loose while preventing him from tempting for avodah zarah)  They do not grant ‘halves’ in heaven. (Sorry, wise men of the Great Assembly.  If the tempter for sex is let loose in the world, one cannot cancel out its other deleterious effects.)  They put out his eyes and let him go. It helped inasmuch as he no more entices men to commit incest.  (They somehow blinded the demon, thereby reducing his potency before letting him loose in the world again.)

One might say that it is no longer useful to look for this lead pot because the demon in charge of avodah zarah is no longer held prisoner in this pot.  Getting back to our story:

We know that all radioactive decay chains where the Weak Force rules and controls Beta decay end in a stable isotope of lead.  Beta emission is almost always an electron from an overwhelmingly positive nucleus.  It order for a nucleus loaded with protons to emit an electron, there has to be an additional force called the Weak Force that pushes those electrons out of the nucleus.  When the electron leaves, one of the nuclear neutrons becomes a proton of opposite spin, I believe.  Lead is therefore a enclosure for radiation since it cannot be penetrated by radioactive substances to create more decay by the lead box itself.  Stable isotopes of lead are therefore impervious to the Weak Force and act as containments for things that draw energy from their surroundings.  Since the tayvah or demon for Avodah Zarah was contained in a lead box for three days, that tayvah or demon drew its strength from the Weak Force and could not escape the lead box that imprisoned it.  Yet, we know according to Kabbalah that demonic forces that feed the Yetzer HaRa have their origins in Olam Yetzirah (The Universe of Formation).  This is just a sample of what I will be writing about.  For something like this, I will have to include sample charts of various decay chains that all end in lead.

In the meantime, let us review where we are right now:
I posted this comment on the Esser Agaroth blog:  He refreshingly says that he chose that name for his blog because ten agarot (1/10th of a shekel) is worth about two cents.  So we get his two cents worth of info when he posts.  We should now inform him that ten agarot have been inflating over the last seven years and they are now worth just under three cents.  Blame that on the collapsing dollar.

According to the chart here (The Yovel Cycles starting with Ezra HaSofer)

we are nearing the end of the 48th Yovel Cycle since Ezra HaSofer. All the Yovel cycles during the 2nd Temple period had 50 years while the remaining Yovel cycles after the Churban have been 49 year cycles. This is so because the Yovel year, being the 15th and 65th year of every Jewish Century, "decoupled" from the 7x7 years of the Shmittah cycles with the destruction of the 2nd Temple. Notice that the 48th Yovel Cycle (Yesod shebeMalkhut cycle) began in 5727 (1967). Since all that happened to Yosef happened to Tzion, we have had 48 1/2 years to get it right through our own efforts by bringing Mashiach ben Ephraim or MBYosef to rule over a united Yerushalayim. Because of infighting, outright Rishut, and major hashkafic divisions amongst Torah observant Jews, we only got as far as we have gotten by the grace of G-d. It is time to turn the page to the next phase. By this coming Shmittah year we enter the Malkhut sheBeMalkhut year of this Yovel cycle where we transition to Mashiach ben David at the beginning of the Malkhut sheBeMalkhut Yovel cycle in 5776. The transition year 5775 will be like holding on to a blanket as G-d shakes out the world. Hold on! I think that the preliminaries such as the coming of Eliyahu start this coming Nisan to prepare us all. Last thought: I saw this years ago that a shana me'uberet must classically take place during the famous 9 months which we are in already. According to one opinion those 13 months/ nine months conclude on Rosh Chodesh Nisan after Adar Sheini. And we just so happen to be at the end of the Ba'al Kerry's declared 9 months with 4 x 26 (YKVK) releases of murderers. 

Also as posted in the comments section of my blog about the Koreas in the Twilight Zone:

 It has a lot to do with the Koreas in the Twilight Zone since the next nuclear war will likely begin by the end of 5775 when North Korea, an ally of Persia, Assad, and the Shi'ites in Batzrah, shoots off a nuclear missile, probably due south of its border to Sheoul. The Gates of Heaven and Hell (Sheoul) are about to open. Seoul is 10 degrees west of the Tzeit Kochavim line. At 2.5 years per degree after the year 5750 (high noon on Yom Shishi), Seoul enters Yom sheKulo Shabbat. 5750 + 25 years is 5775.

All of the above is in my post from years ago entitled Koreas in the Twilight Zone. We can safely assume that from the year 5750 onwards we have been in the last pre-Messianic generation. The Jewish day is determined when it is High Noon in Yerushalayim which is at 35 degrees east of Greenwich, England. At that very moment it is sunset, 90 degrees further to the east, in the Yellow Sea at 125 degrees east. Twelve degrees further east takes us to Tzeit Kochavim, where the stars are out, at 137 degrees east at the same time it is high noon in Yerushalayim. Over the next 250 years Yerushalayim MUST enter Yom sheKulo Shabbat by the year 6000. At 250 years divided by 102 degrees, we get the figure of 2.5 years per degree approx. For further elucidation, click Koreas in the Twilight Zone   The point being that there is no way to escape the fact that Seoul, South Korea enters Yom sheKulo Shabbat some time in the Shmittah year 5775.

This is important because the Zohar in VaEira ties in a 3 months war "at the edge of the world" to the destruction of Edom in Batzrah.  This Zohar is the hint on the Great War between Edom and Persia that will engulf the world during the Shmittah year 5775....b'itah.

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Truly Sick and Evil Avodah Zarah of Our Time

I just posted this on Rav Lazer Brody's blog because frankly I believe it is true.  Rav Lazer asks the question, why gas?  Why is gas prevalent in so many of the recent tragedies of this past week??  Here is my answer.

Maybe this is also a warning about Auschwitz borders that some of the Jews who may or may not be real Jews are proposing just to get the world to love them a bit more??  We have a very sick Avodah Zarah amongst way too many Jews.  It is the sickest of all modern Avodah Zarahs.  It is called Popularity, but the only real popularity that they are concerned about is their own often at the expense of others who are not loved by the goyim such as settlers.  That is why they hate settlers.  They want the world to love them even to the point of setting up Auschwitz borders and putting their own lives in danger just for some transient and fleeting worldwide popularity.  It is truly truly sick, but it seems that about half of the Israeli population worships this avodah zarah.  I would argue that it is worse than Molech because everyone is placed in danger by this avodah zarah.  So this would explain the deaths by "gas".

As I wanted to post this week, I truly believe that now in the 6th year of this last Shmittah Cycle, Eliyahu HaNavi is surely going to show up this Spring, perhaps in a Chariot of Fire, when the nations of the world show up in the Jordan Valley this Spring.  We are talking about an event that might be less than three months away.   So I want to be on record.  I could care less about this avodah zarah for myself, but I am going to be like a Nazir on this issue.   On this blog we will stand for the Truth, and we spit in the face of this avodah zarah so much so that I will intentionally take positions that would cause 90% of humanity to hate my guts as long as I stay with what is true.  I really could care less anymore.  I have witnessed way too much evil in my life to give a freaking d-mn whether those people who worship that avodah zarah like me or not.  If you want to follow this avodah zarah with the Face of a Dog, perhaps this blog is not for you.   If you want to take the position of a Nazir that sometimes in the face of a raw evil where more than half of the Jewish people worldwide worship this avodah zarah,, we must choose the opposite position to the evil that we are up against.  If this describes you, please consider yourself welcome to post comments on this blog.  For instance, 89% of American Jews think that homosexual marriage certificates are fine and dandy.  I don't have words to describe how low the American Jew has sunk, and this disease of Popularity is far worse in America than it is here.  Believe me.  I know.   And it is pretty bad here too even with the Auschwitz like threats to our very existence.  It is time to take a stand.  Come join me in my pledge to be a Nazir on this very issue.  When Eliyahu shows up in the Spring, he is not going to sugarcoat his message either, for we all know his personality before the L-rd took him up in a Chariot of Fire 2800 years ago from the same Jordan Valley that he will be returning to.  He did not spend much time worrying about his own personal popularity then either.

In the meantime, I am looking for some information on the 3 irredeemable klipot and what three universes they emanate from in order to write a complete post on the passing of Ariel Sharon as the foundation for what will transpire over the next four months.  He represented the death of Klipah Noga in Klal Yisrael.  He died on the day that Noga (Venus) went dark for the first time since the Venus Transit in June of 2012.  Noga was in inferior conjunction on the date that Sharon died, the tenth of Shevat 5774.  This prepared for the attachment of the Vav in HaShem's Name to the Heavenly Throne probably starting in the two Adars.  Yet, in order to write a complete post, I need source information about the origin of the three irredeemable klipot that we are up against.  Thank you.  Shabbat Shalom.

Monday, January 06, 2014

The Rambam on x (times) 4 and x 5.

Every year at the Pesach Seder we read the following:

Rav Yosei the Galilean says, "How can you come to say that the Mitzrim were struck by ten plagues in Mitzra'im and 50 at the Sea?"  Of the plagues in Mitzra'im it says that black magicians said to Pharoah (regarding the plague of lice), it is the finger of G-d (Exodus 8:15).  Of those by the Sea what does the Torah say?  It says, "When Yisrael saw the Great Hand that HaShem placed up Mitzra'im (at the Sea),  the people feared HaShem and believed in HaShem and in His servant Moshe." (Exodus 14:31).  How many plagues were done with the Finger of G-d?  Ten.  Then it follows that if there were ten plagues in Mitzra'im, there were 50 plagues at the Sea.

The above corresponds to the first redemption from Mitzraim being a manifestation of the Yud and the first Hey in HaShem's Name.  The Yud is the ten plagues in Mitzra'im, and the Hey was the five times multiplier at the Yam Suf (the Sea of Reeds).  As discussed at length on this blog, the Final Redemption will be with the Yud Key Vav and then with the Final Hey when the Mt. of Olives is split in two instead of the Sea of Reeds.  Continued....

Rav Eliezer says, "From where do we know that each plague that HaKodesh Baruch Hu brought upon the Mitzrim in Mitzraim consisted of four plagues?"  As it says, "He sent upon them His burning anger, (1. Wrath), (2. and Indignation), (3. and Trouble), (4. a dispatching of messengers of evil.)"  (Psalm 78:49)   One can say from this that in Mitzra'im they were struck with 40 plagues, and at the Sea with 200 plagues.

Rav Akiva says, "From where do we know that each plague that HaKodesh Baruch Hu brought upon the Mitzrim in Mitzraim consisted of five plagues (not four)?"  As it says, "He sent upon them (1. His burning anger), (2. Wrath), (3. and Indignation), (4. and Trouble), (5. a dispatching of messengers of evil.)" (Psalm 78:49)  One can say from this that in Mitzra'im they were struck with 50 plagues, and at the Sea with 250 plagues.

One can ask until the cows come home how can one look at the exact same verse in Tehillim and get two different answers?  Why in one analysis is His burning anger one of the plagues, but in the other analysis is His burning anger not a plague?   The most common answer is that His burning anger is a composite description of the four manifestations of His anger.  Ok, but is there a deeper explanation?  That deeper explanation is provided by the author of the Mishneh Torah, the Rambam, who happened to call his great work, Yad HaChazakah (The Mighty Hand) in reference to this same Hand of G-d on which we are anthropomorphically counting all five fingers.  This is what he says is the deeper meaning behind the dispute between Rav Eliezer and Rav Akiva:

The deeper meaning of the dispute originates in the very significance of the numbers 4 and 5.  The four stands for Yud Key Vav Key the Tetragrammaton, and the five stands for Elokim (Aleph, Lamed, Hey, Yud, Mem).  Yud Key Vav Key refers to HaShem exercising his quality of Mercy, and Elokim refers to Him exercising His quality of Judgement.  The gematriah of Yud Key Vav Key is of course 26 while the gematriah of Elokim is 86.  And of course Yud Key Vav Key is composed of four letters while Elokim is composed of five letters.  The plagues had the dual aspect of punishing the Egyptians and liberating Klal Yisrael (judgement on our oppressor and mercy on HaShem's first born).  Rav Eliezer considered these plagues primarily as mercy on Klal Yisrael while Rav Akiva considered these plagues primarily as judgement on the Egyptians (the Mitzrim).

As difficult as these releases of murderers have been, let us take comfort in the fact that there are only FOUR such releases of 26 murderers each as we approach this coming Purim and Pesach.

I am delaying posting about the Valley of Yehoshafat and other matters to see if these pieces talks will be delayed until after the US Congressional midterm elections next November so that Democrats in key northeast districts don't get pounced upon by their Jewish constituents.  Netanyahu, the great procrastinator, basically told the Ba'al Kerry that he would like a stay of execution until after those elections to avoid doing horrible things to his own people for almost another year.  For a very long time now I have wondered whether the Axis of Evil in the Obamanation Administration would bring the hammer down in their minds on Israel before or after those pesky midterm elections.  If Obamanation considers his dictatorship as being solidified, he won't wait on imposing the crowning glory of his wicked rule: the division of the Land of Israel.  We will know next week, when the Ba'al Kerry announces his plan of imposition of division of the Land of Israel, whether or not he wants Pieces Now or Pieces after the Nov. Midterm elections.  So while the "9 months" of Geulah b'Rachamim apparently began with 4 x 26 murderers being released starting last Av and ending during Pesach, the "9 months" of Geulah b'Din, which ends next Sukkot, begins next week just before Tu B'Shevat.  Maybe by then we will take note of something taking place 5 times 86?  It will be curious to see.

May this post bring about an Aliyah to my father's neshamah, Aryeh Leib ben Shmu'el who passed on to the next world on the 6th of Shevat 5734.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

At the End of History

I am still doing research on my post about the Valley of Yehoshafat.  So in the meantime, I believe it is now appropriate to share an email that I shared with a few choice friends a few weeks back in mid-October about what almost assuredly will take place over the next two years.  I won't come out on this blog and say that there is a 100% odds that these things will occur.  So at the end of this post, I will simply quote Daniel in his last chapter about a promise that Gavriel, the Man of G-d dressed in linen told Daniel about what would happen at the end of the last Sabbatical cycle at the End of Days.  Here is the email:

1. The entire world economy will undergo the greatest economic collapse in history by the end of the year 5775 (before Rosh HaShana in September of 2015), less than two years from now.  At that time all debts will be completely erased except our debts to Heaven.  Again this can happen at any time up until September of 2015 but no later than Rosh HaShana during that month.

2. The nations of the world will TRY to force an agreement on the establishment of Palestine and the division of Jerusalem no later than Passover of 5775 which is in April of 2015.  That is, between now (mid-October 5774) and Passover of 5775, the entire world will attempt to send troops against Jerusalem in order to divide it.  The most likely time period for the sending of troops is from Rosh Chodesh Shevat of 5774 (January 1st, 2014) until Passover in 2015.

I am posting this now in order to create the signpost that we have reached the End of pre-Messianic history.  For the last several years starting in 5766, a possibility existed that a Mashiach ben Yoef (Ephraim) figure could arise in Israel that the population would follow and approve of by acclimation.  Because the Am simply is not ready for the prospect of taking on the entire Western World, we have simply limped into the time in history with leadership that has no compunction with brown-nosing the nations of the world in order to loved or 2. survive the coming onslaught without telling Mankind to "take a hike" with their advice.  It got so bad last year that our listed PM decided that it was fine to release blood-thirsty murderers from jail for nothing except to distract the nations of the world from sending troops last summer and this Fall.  (He basically delayed the inevitable for nine measly months.  9 months...Hmm.)  Today there are basically two powers in the world today: Yishmael and Amalek.  The rest of Edom has basically died the death of old age.  This will be discussed more in the post about the Valley of Yehoshafat.

Daniel 12:5-7-  Then I, Daniel, looked and behold!  Two others are standing, one on this side of the (Nile?) riverbank and one on (the other) side of the riverbank.  One said to the man clothed in linen, who was above the waters of the River, "How long until the concealed End?"  I heard the man clothed in linen who above was the waters of the (Nile) River, as he lifted his right hand and his left hand to the Heavens and swore by the Life Source of the Universe that after a period, periods, and a half upon the completion of the fragmenting of the hand of the holy people, all these (things) would be completed.

Good night for now.  I apologize for the double Shmittah cycle since the aerial bombing of Afghanistan began on Hoshana Rabbah 5762, but the Geulah is coming now because we have reached the lowest common denominator and because of our interminable suffering for the last 2000 years.  All purer aspects of Edom don't exist anymore except for Amalek   So the Redemption has to come in order to erase the Desecration of G-d's Name that exists in the world at this time.  Good night..