Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Is it Pope Francis or Francis Pope?

It is a matter of now you see it and now you don't.  Wikipedia is getting ready to delete its post on Rome, Maryland a.k.a. Washington DC.  They can't take the "conspiracy theory" that Washington D.C. was at one time known as Washington D.C, I mean Rome, Maryland.  Here is their post on Rome, Maryland:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rome,_Maryland  Here is another article about Tiber Creek on Wikipedia where Francis Pope, who named the creek, the Tiber, is conveniently not mentioned in the article.  Ah, but he is in the footnotes in this article.  I am sure that that footnote will be "discussed for deletion" on Wikipedia in the near future.  All those editors at Wiki, are busy busy covering up The Truth.  Looking at the Obama Administration, he likely has at least 12 full time White House employees busy doing just the same (editors on websites where People of Interest have a 212 3B terrorist designation).  More on that below.

In their mind, if you look at the discussion page for deletion discussion, here, there are simply too many conspiracy theorists talking about the historic site of the US Capitol Bldg. on the National Mall, that it was owned by a man named Francis Pope who lived next to the Tiber, Creek.  And yes, it is all reasonable, given that Maryland was a colony originally set aside for Roman Catholics.  Yet, with a new pope named Francis, someone wants this Wiki post to go away.  I guess it is because of all of us anti-Catholic and anti-Masonic conspiracy theorists according to the discussion page, that this post on Wikipedia must go bye bye.

UPDATE:  Apparently Pope Francis the First had a meeting today with Armolgus II (Shimon Peres) where Peres promised to work hard on the 2 State Solution and the division of Yerushalayim.

Armolgus II meets with Pope Francis the First

Remember Peres's first courageous decision was to give the previous pope, the keys to the famous Upper Room of what was supposedly the Last Supper, but this Upper Room is located in an 800 year old Crusader fortress sitting on top of King David's tomb.  I guess the Crusaders found the rubble for the Upper Room in the rubble somewhere on Har Tzion (Mt. Zion) and reconstructed it over King David's tomb....yea really.

Note Armilus the first was Ehud Olmert as discussed previously on this blog.  Yet, he has always had a partner in criminality against the Jewish people.  His partner is the Israeli President today.

I should point out that Francis Pope of Rome, Maryland did precede Pope Francis by about 350 years, but I am sure Mr. Francis Pope only claimed to be a Pope in name only.  End of Update.

In other "unrelated" conspiracy news, Moshe Feiglin has been banned from the Temple Mount for "causing trouble".  Occasionally, Moshe will start to move his lips in the direction of the Holy of Holies, and that was just too much for our King Shaul here who wants to jump start unilateral concession talks with the Obama Administration and UNESCO over who should be in control of the holiest site on earth.  And the meeting in Rome, Maryland.  Excuse me: Rome, Maryland, Washington DC is still on for June.  I don't know what date in June, but it is still on.  I wonder is this going to be a big international conference to which "all the kings of the earth" are invited?  We will soon see.  On the agenda will be attempts to build Palestinian industrial construction in Area C, (60% of Yesha), where Arab population is almost nil.  But the beat goes on.

On another "unrelated" note or conspiracy, the price of copper is plummeting on world markets.  In early April it was threatening to go below $3 per pound.  Suddenly to the rescue, someone started to warehouse the metal which is only used for industrial purposes (it is not a precious metal) by the tons.  Here are the charts at Kitco:   http://www.kitcometals.com/charts/copper_historical_large.html 
Scroll down to both the 6 month spot price chart and the 60 day copper warehouse stock level chart.  Someone is playing footsie with the price of copper.  Sticking it in a warehouse is a good way to take it off the market and to artificially raise the price.  Until early April the warehoused copper line was level.  Suddenly as the price of copper began to plummet close to $3 per pound, someone started to warehouse the metal.  Suddenly between 9000 and 10,000 tons of copper were simply taken off the market so that the price could level off.  Keep in mind for people in the know, the price of copper is one of the best economic indicators of industrial production.  The "psychological" effect of copper falling below $3 per pound would be enough to reach for the Valium bottle. So Walla, it did not happen.

In "unrelated" conspiracy news, Israel is now going to accept the Saudi plan for WORLD Peace in Eretz Yisrael as their little mass murderer Abdul Rachman Al Harbi simply disappears off the face of the planet with his 212 3B terrorist designation which disappeared right after a "chance" or "happenstance" encounter first with the Saudi FM and the Ba'al Kerry, on Tuesday after the Boston Marathon bombing, and then on Wednesday, of the same week, with Obamanation himself.  In both occasions, it was all so happenstance that the Saudi FM happened to be in the company of the Ba'al Kerry on Tuesday (within 24 hours of the Boston bombing) and then with Obamanation that makes Desolate on Wednesday afternoon.  By Wednesday evening the 212-3B terrorist designation had been removed or scratched off his Event file, and he seems to have disappeared.  He was supposed to show up according to his Visa at university in Findley, Ohio, but he rented an apartment outside of Boston instead.  And the poor 20 or 22 year old just so happened to be standing at the Finish line of the Boston Marathon when two pressure cooker bombs went BooM!  And you all thought that it was just the work of two Chechen separatists.  Hah!

In "unrelated" conspiracy news, the US GDP numbers for the Friday just before Lag B'Omer were horrible. The US economy is barely growing at a 2.5% annual clip.  On that day at noon, Israel time which is 5am New York time, the shekel/ dollar ration closed just above 3.6 at 3.604.  On Monday, the 34th day of the Omer, the dollar plummeted as the running exchange rate (sha'ar ratzuf) fell to 3.575 IS/ dollar.  Stanley "I a on top of it" Fischer of the Bank of Israel then decided to massively buy untold number of growing more worthless by the day greenbacks, and he pushed the dollar back above 3.59 for the day.  Well his massive buy yesterday, Monday, did not work out quite as planned.  And today he announced "major measures" if or when the dollar plummets to 3.5 shekels per dollar.

Where we go from here?  I don't know.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Patriots' Day: The Beginning of Galut Yishmael

Deep in the writings of Rav Chaim Vital there is a concept that does not appear much in the words of our prophets and sages except in Sefer Daniel where we see in chapter 2: The iron is mired with clay at the end of days.  The iron legs were at one time the two centers of the Roman Empire: Rome and Constantinople.  The Xtian world divided up accordingly with the Catholic Church and all of its subsequent breakoff churches in the Protestant World coming out of Rome.  Yet, on the other hand the Greek Orthodox Church after a great schism over ecclesiastic control of the Byzantine Empire in 1054 ce. discussed here , based its church authority in Constantinople.  Then 400 years later Islam conquered Constantinople and renamed the city Istanbul.  The Greek Orthodox Church remained, but at this time Islam had the upper hand in the Eastern part of the empire.  From this point onwards, the iron (Xtianity) became mired with the clay (Islam), at least in one of the legs.  For the most part the other leg, the Roman leg, was free of Islam (clay) for most of the last 700 years.  This was especially the case after the Catholic Church successfully reconquered Spain from the Moors, a reconquest that was completed around 1300 by which time most of the Moors had been thrown out of Spain.  Greater experts than I can fill in all of the particulars about the history of wars between Xtianity and Islam to fill in all the blanks.  Yet, one thing that can be said until about 50 years ago, the mixing of Xtianity and Islam amongst the various nations of the the Xtian World only existed in the Eastern half of the former Roman Empire.  Even on occasion when invading Turkish forces reached the gates to Vienna, those forces were repelled around 1683, and Islam retreated back to the Balkans and never successfully got that close again to conquering the Xtian parts of Western and Northern Europe.  For those interested in specific aspects of the historical record here is the blog, Gates of Vienna, for further details.

According to many opinions, the actual year when Rome began to decentralize and the reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula was fully complete was around the year 1492 and then with the birth of the Protestant Reformation in the 16th Century which began in 1517.  Starting around the time of the Inquisition, Rome began to lose the control of the Western half of Xtiandom that it thought that it richly deserved.  The Protestant Reformation beginning in 1517 was not based in Rome.  But the Good L-rd had other plans.  In 1492 the exact same day that Jews were supposed to leave Spain, on Tisha B'Av of that year, Christopher Columbus was supposed to set sail to reach the East Indies by traveling around the world from East to West, thereby avoiding the long arduous trek around the horn of Africa.  Columbus decided to leave the following day because according to his own journal, he did not want to leave Spain on the day on which the "2nd House had been destroyed".  Columbus thought that he would discover a shortcut, but what he ended up "discovering" was the island chain of a heretofore unknown pair of continents, the Americas later named after Amerigo Vespucci who discovered that the West Indies discovered by Columbus were actually tied to the super continent later known by the names North and South America.  Now the Vikings knew about North America, but the length and breadth of the entire continent was not explored until after Columbus reached the island of San Salvadore in the West Indies on Hoshana Rabba of 1492.  The Marranoes aboard the three ships along with the navigator/ translator Luis De Torres knew that the entire voyage of Columbus had Divine sanction when on the day of their arrival at San Salvadore, willow branches (aravot) were floating on the waves of the Caribbean as they approached the island.  The dozen or so Marranoes on board the ships, Nina, Pinta, and the Santa Maria, therefore were given by G-d the instruments of Divine service for that very day of Hoshana Rabba when in our prayers we pray for rain and gashmiyut for all of Mankind and for Jews who live in the lands of our dispersion using those very willow branches.  So as the previous galut in the Golden Iberian Peninsula was totally collapsing, a new galut in the New World was being prepared.  With the founding of the United States, 285 years later, as a nation under G-d as opposed to the anti-Semitic European concept of god (for they were nations under X (Christ) or Yoshke), America blazed a new trail of binding men (and later slaves and women) who had the privilege of citizenship to G-d's laws of common decency.  The price of good citizenship was adherence to these laws.  Externally to the world at large including Indians who had no rights whatsoever, if prosperity was in conflict with common decency, the President, who had imperial powers in foreign policy, always was looking out for the prosperity of America's citizens, sometimes at the expense of the humanity of non-citizens.  No one said that America was perfect.  And the rights of non-citizens were easily disposed of in search of American prosperity if the two came into conflict.  This was America's great flaw.  The rights of common decency only extended to those with full citizenship in the new republic.  Ok, it was a lot better than anything that had preceded it, and citizenship never involved a religious test, just a commitment to keep the Laws of the Land and to uphold the Constitution of the United States.  It lead to the greatest gentile nation in history, a subject that has been discussed on this blog often.  And in the 1790s the new Republic was looking for a new capital.  What was chosen was a diamond shape plot of land called the District of Columbia.  At its heart was the city of Rome, Maryland, a small hamlet on the Potomac.  In the 17th century the place where the Capitol Bldg. would eventually stand, the plot of land was owned by a man named Francis Pope as opposed to Pope Francis.  Just another coincidence folks, and you know how we view coincidences on this blog!

Now this is a quick historical survey.  I realize that I am not going to give a detailed survey of the Western World in just three paragraphs.  Yet, the point needs to be made whether we view the Western leg of Rome as being Rome, Italy or the former Rome, Maryland, the Western leg of the statue in Nebuchadnezzar's dream remained uninfected by Yishmael until the last 50 to 60 years.  It started in Europe because of European guilt for both the Shoah and racism against the colonized people in the Muslim world that they colonized.  So the British started to allow in uninterrupted flows of Pakistanis, and the French started to allow in Algerians, Moroccans, and Tunisians.   The Germans went on their guilt trip by allowing a large number of Turks from Southeastern Europe to come in and help to rebuild Germany.  Depending on where you are in Europe, the percentages of certain European countries where Muslims are ready to take over their host countries with Islam is mind-boggling.  Yet, the real infection of the clay mired with the iron in the United States came full force with the Obama Administration.  Here one of the legs of what remains of Malkhut Edom in the person of one man merged the world beliefs of Liberation Theology Xtianity and Islam in the person of one man who has now been elected twice.  During the Gog Bush Jr. Administration, America was still a basically Xtian majority country (albeit he often made Saudi foreign policy his own in order to take advantage of higher Saudi oil production and lower gasoline prices).  Oh how has America changed in just the last 4 years.  It truly has been fundamentally transformed.  It would take a blog and a half to explain why this happened now and happened so quickly.  But members of the Muslim Brotherhood through CAIR now have access to the seat of power in what was at one time Rome, Maryland.  Obamanation that make desolate is truly the (half iron and half clay or half Xtian/ half Muslim) 11th horn dude from the Book of Daniel.

So at this point it is important to understand that Edom is dying.  The Roman or Xtian part of this iron mixed with clay composition in the Western foot of Edom is dog tired.  As it says in Genesis 25:30, And Esav said to Ya'akov, "Pour into me, now, from that red red stuff, for I am tired. and therefore he is called Edom."  So Edom is dying because he is tired.  I  believe that I heard once, (I need to find the original source to back this up), that the gematriah of ha'Adom without a Vav is 50, and the word is repeated twice.  One might say that it is repeated just for emphasis.  Another peirush seems to be that he would rule for not 1000 years but 2000 years.  And only after 2000 years would he become "tired".  The red lentil soup was good enough to give him energy to rule for 2000 years.  The calculation seems to go as thus:  Yosef was sold for 20 dinar of silver.  For each dinar, Edom would rule 50 years.  20 x 50 = 1000 years.  Yet, since Yosef was kidnapped, the punishment was doubled (kefel) to 2000 years.  Again I saw this years ago, but it is backed up by what Hoshea said:  After 2 days He will revive us, and on the 3rd day he will establish us (or raise us up), so that we may live in His presence.  Now 70 years was subtracted from the destruction of the 2nd Temple until year 2000 because of Galut Bavel which had already lasted for 70 years between the two Temples.  So the process of reviving us began in the year 5761 or at the end of the year 5760 in the year 2000ce, believe it or not, with the Al Aksa Intifada.  I have discussed this on this blog as the last peqidah mentioned in the Zohar VaYeira 119.  no need to belabor the point again.  Now Chazal count the 2000 years minus the 70 years for galut Bavel from the destruction of the 2nd Temple around the year 70ce (3830). How do we know this? because when we daven Shacharit and Mincha at the time Hoda'ah in Shmona Esrei is repeated, we say He will revive us and establish us in the context of the Temple Service.  In Hebrew: T'chayainu uT'kayameinu (You will revive us and You will establish us) is what is said in the exact same language (lashon) as Hoshea 6:2!!   except that in Hoshea it said in the 3rd person, and in our davening to HaShem we plead for it to be in the 2nd person.    So based on all this it makes sense that Esav is now tired, and Pope Benedict retired at the end of February for that very reason.  Continuing:

Here is a hint of G-d's conspiracy, and it is based on our holy sources.  (since I don't believe that a massive human conspiracy where America would murder its own citizens in a terror attack is possible.  Once more than a dozen people are asked to keep a horrible secret, at least one out of 100 or out of 50 will spill the beans.)

This week of massacres and destruction began on Patriots' Day, Monday, April 15th.  Patriots' Day was originally April 19th, the date that the shot from the Battle of Lexington and Concord was heard around the world beginning the American Revolution. In the late 1960s, Massachusetts changed the day to the third Monday in April, but many diehards, like Daughters of the American Revolution, continued to commemorate April 19th for nostalgic reasons. Then came the murderous fire at the Koresh compound and the bombing of the Murrah Fed bldg. on that very date April 19th in 1993 and 1995. Because of Timothy McVeigh and his heinous crime on that very day, the original connection to April 19th was severed. So suddenly after the Marathon massacre on April 15th, on April 17th, we had a not so pleasant reminder of the Koresh tragedy and the Oklahoma City bombing, with the destruction of West, Texas by the same type of fertilizer bomb that McVeigh used to destroy the Murrah Federal Bldg on April 19th, 1995.

If the Saudis are given a free pass on 2nd Boston massacre, the American Republic founded on Patriots' Day in 1775 is finished in lieu of the new budding worldwide Caliphate. Galut Yishmael has officially begun and has totally usurped the last remnants of Galut Edom in the United States. This was predicted for the 5th year of the last Shmittah cycle and is discussed by Rav Chaim Vital zt"l. We should have seen this coming when Pope Benedict simply pooped out. He said Ayef Anochi (I am tired), and Edom was finished.

This is why these two events, the 2nd Boston massacre and the fertilizer explosion in West, Texas occurred in such close proximity to each other, to fully announce the end of the American Republic as a part of Malkhut Edom (Edom's kingdom).  But it is G-d who is the conspirator, not the FBI or the CIA, tying a massacre in Boston and a fertilizer explosion in Texas together.  Edom has now completely fallen.  America is part of Yishmael's sphere of influence now.  The Sunni Muslim Brothers are now firmly in control.  Patriots' Day 2013 was the death knell for Edom and, at the same time was the dawn of the Caliphate in the US.  Obama will likely do nothing about the evil masterminds in Saudi Arabia that planned this attack.  The Saudi student, who was the first suspect at the finish line, with major big time ties to Al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia will get away with murder.  Glenn Beck will make his big announcement on Monday about the Saudi ringleaders, and no one will likely pay attention in order to really make a difference.  He might be spitting in the wind, but we shall see.  We will know when he makes his big announcement on Monday, telling us how bad and evil that Saudi student really was, before Obama was convinced in that happenstance meeting with the Saudi FM to quietly deport him.  My guess is that the full weight of the MSM will be used to discredit Glenn Beck or anyone else that stands in the way of the new malkhut, and the Saudis and their Wahhabi'ists will get away with murder.  This is just my sense by watching how America has so quickly been fundamentally transformed.  Yet, try he will.  We are now at the end of nine full months (38 weeks) since Tisha B'Av 5772.  We may be in the midst of birthpangs now to be completed by the end of week 40 on the 25th of Iyar.  It looks like the world is shifting really really quickly now.  I won't hazard a guess what the world will look like by Rosh Chodesh Siwan.

Here is an excellent post by Ya'ak (Yeranen Ya'akov) explaining why Edom collapses in the 5th year of the final Shmittah cycle leaving  Malkhut Yishmael in its wake for 2 1/2 to 3 more years until 5776 as discussed in an earlier post.  I commented on his post at the time, and it seems to be materializing.  

G-d bless us to bring Geulah quickly.  It seems that a 2 1/2 year process until 5776, the post Shmittah year and the Yovel of Yovelot, to overcome Galut Yishmael will be much worse than pulling a tooth.  Besides by 5775, Persia will try to take over the world, and with a full array of nuclear weapons with the help of their North Korean ally, I fear how many hundreds of millions or billions of people will die from numerous Timrot Ashan (Date Palms of Smoke) (Yo'el 3:3-4).  I will show wonders in the Heavens and in the Earth:  Blood, and Fire and Date Palms of Smoke.  The sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood before the coming of the great and awesome Day of HaShem. 

 Let it happen more quickly without all of that loss of life and without, G-d forbid, a nuclear winter.  Amen.

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Premonition from the Torah of Rav Levi Sa'adia Nachmani zt"l

Whenever I go to the mikveh in Tel Tzion, there is regularly a man with sad eyes there.  On occasion we have spoken with each other.  Yes, we talk about the End of Days.  You see.  He is the son of the of Rav Levi Sa'adia Nachmani who had a lot to say about the End of Days.  Again I post the oft-mentioned link right here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=pbWm9pDKLGI

Deut 32:22 For a fire is kindled in My Anger and will burn in She'oul below. And will consume the earth with her crops and will set fire to the foundations of mountains.

Because it is Friday, I will simply post what seems to be the main event coming at the end of the nine months that began on Tisha B'Av 5772.  I post it without comment except to say that the words of a true tzaddik are timeless.


Shabbat Shalom....even if you are in Guam or the Aleutian Islands.  Shabbat Shalom

UPDATE:  With all of this going on in North Korea why did John Kerry (the Ba'al Kerry) waste three valuable days earlier this week working on the farcical dream of a Palestinian State??  Look at the previous verse in Deuteronomy for the answer.  Deut. 32:21:  They provoked Me with a non-god, angered Me with their vanities;  So shall I provoke them with a NON-PEOPLE (Palestinians), with a vile (dead) nation shall I anger them.  (The Palestinians are an extinct nation which was annihilated by Senchariv of Assyria over 2700 years ago.  It was not even the name that they chose for themselves since the word in all Semitic tongues means "invader".  The name Pelishtim is likely a name given to them by Tanakh, not a name that they would call themselves.)

NOTE:  John Kerry in 2004 was the first Presidential Candidate in history to support same sex Civil Unions which are no different then marriages in every legal aspect except for he name Civil Union.  Al Gore when he ran for President supported same sex Civil Unions with limited legal rights.  John Kerry did not make a distinction between Civil Unions and marriages, except for the name.  Massachusetts, his home state, became the first state in the US to legalize same sex marriages while its favorite son Senator John Kerry was running for President of the US in 2004.  He was not an enthusiastic supporter of redefining marriage in his home state, but he brought to the national stage a desire to recognize Civil Unions for homosexual couples on an equal footing with marriage.  The semantics game has quickly deteriorated into simply calling them marriages..... And now of course John Kerry supports same sex marriage in his race with his home state to the moral sewer, and Massachusetts regularly leads the US in that direction...toward the moral sewer.  Maybe that is one of the reasons that Mitt Romney was such an unconvincing Conservative.  Look at the State that he lead. 

In Torah Law a man who has a nocturnal accident is called a Ba'al Kerry.  And it is taken care of by going to the mikveh as described in Lev. 15:16.   Kerry is best translated as "happenstance".  Many Jewish men go to the mikveh every morning in part because of this happenstance that might have happened without their knowledge during the night.   If it happens more than just occasionally, some opinions hold that the Ba'al Kerry is a Zav (a constant flow), and the process of becoming tahor (pure) is more complicated.  It was all in this week's Torah portion.  I don't want to go any further with the particulars.

Obviously the sanctioning of homosexual Civil Unions and marriages is more than just happenstance, but Kerry's Presidential candidacy in 2004 while his state was redefining marriage has lead to a revolution toward greater moral decay and decadence in the US.  Now it may have been just happenstance that John Kerry ran for President during the Spring of 2004 when his home state was redefining the institution of marriage in the US.  So on this blog I call him the Ba'al Kerry.

None of John Kerry's evolving views on sanctifying abominations in any way takes away from the fact that he saved Nevada Sen. Mayer Chic Hecht's life back in 1988 with the Heimlich maneuver while Hecht was choking on a large piece of apple after a power lunch in the Senate Office Bldg or the Capitol Bldg.  It is likely a large part of the reason that he has the merit to be where he is right now.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Mind of G-d: The Unification of Torah and Science, Part One

The Mind of G-d is the Music of the Spheres (Sefirot) Resonating in 10 Dimensional Hyperspace -
Michio Kaku, theoretical physicist on String Theory

We are at a tense time in world events.  North Korea is asking foreigners to leave their country and the capital of the country to their south by Wednesday or Thursday (which would be Rosh Chodesh Iyar).  As a relief from the tension, I thought that we should discuss the Theory of Everything, the 4 primary forces of nature, and the equations that unite them, in order to relieve the tension.  Science after thousands of years of trying and over 400 years of the scientific method as devised by Frances Bacon has finally caught up with the Torah.  As Stephen Hawking said in his book in its final paragraph, A Brief History of Time:

However, if we do discover a complete theory (of the 4 forces of nature), it should in time be understandable in broad principle by everyone, not just a few scientists.  Then we shall all, philosophers, scientists, and just ordinary people, be able to take part in the discussion of the question of why it is that we and the universe exist.  If we find the answer to that, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason --for then we would know the mind of G-d.

Now, I must emphasize that theoretical physics will never find the answer to Why.  It can only describe what and how.  The why must be left to those who contemplate what G-d wants from us either by

1. studying the laws of nature and then logically deriving what G-d desires of us.  Most Noachide Law is derivable by studying Nature and understanding Nature's G-d above it all.  If this were not the case, then human beings could not be held accountable to G-d's Laws of common decency.  Imagine an Algonquin Indian in the 11th Century sitting on a hilltop in upstate New York contemplating the universe.  He is far removed from any Divine Revelation of any sort  All he has is the study of nature and the hierarchy within nature (1. human beings , 2. animal life, 3. plant life, and 4. the inanimate world).  He then concludes that an Infinite Being created this hierarchy.  And after some study he can derive most of G-d's Laws of common decency.  The exception to this are some of the finer points of the laws against incest, specifically defining what incest is for Son of Noach (that is what is included as incest for a Noachide).  Yet, the laws against homosexuality, bestiality, and adultery can be derived in the above manner by studying nature and logically deriving what Nature's G-d would command.  The other Noachide Laws against murder, theft, idolatry, blasphemy, tearing the limb off a live animal, and having the moral outrage to set up a system of justice to hold others accountable for the previous 6 laws can be derived by studying Nature and logically deriving what Nature's G-d would demand.  I have discussed this point before.  So I will not dwell on it again.

2. The Holy Torah:  For those of us who heard G-d's voice at Sinai, we have another way to know why G-d created us.  It is in the Holy Torah.  The Torah itself transcends the physical world, and most of its diverse laws cannot be derived simply by studying nature.  We may for instance know that one of the reasons why we can't eat animals that do not chew their cud is so that we do not ingest a carnivorous instinct, but simply by knowing that we might ingest such an instinct does not prove that we should not consume animals that eat other animals.  Plus, why would the Torah then add that these herbivores must have a completely split hoof??  Is it not enough that we only eat animals that can only digest cellulose (the cell walls of species in the Plant World) by chewing their cud?  No, it is not enough.  We also do not eat land mammals unless they also have a split hoof.  In addition, what is wrong with the carnivorous instinct when we need to defend ourselves in a violent way?  absolutely nothing.  Having a "blood instinct" can always be used in self-defense.  So the rhyme or reason for the laws of the Torah cannot be derived even from the legitimate reasons for why we keep its laws.  This is the nature of a Chok in the minds of Chaza"l (Sages of the Ages).  There are reasons for many of the laws, but the reasons themselves do not "prove" that we must keep those laws.  We need the Lawgiver to know if it is what He desires.  So we had our closest encounter with G-d at Har Sinai 3325 years ago and the 40 years that followed in the desert.

It is brought down in Qabbalah that there are four universes.  Three of them were created (Asiyah= Universe of deeds, Yetzirah=  Universe of Formation,  Beri'ah= Universe of Ex Nihilo Creation), and one was not created Atzilut= The Divine Throne Room where HaShem dwells with His Ten Sephirot   The Name Elokim refers to these ten Sephirot (1. Keter, 2. Chochmah, 3. Binah, 4. Chesed (or Gedulah), 5. Din (or Gevurah), 6. Tiffereth (best translated as charisma),  7. Netzach (eternity or victory), 8. Hod (glory), 9. Yesod (foundation), 10. Malkhut (kingship)).  Without getting into the specifics of each sephirah, what must be noted is that the Name of G-d, Elokim, refers to these ten Sephirot (Spheres).  The Name HaShem (Y-H-W-H) is His very essence of Eternity and Timelessness.  That Name often called The Name includes all three tenses of the verb "to be" in Hebrew in one condensed Name indicating that G-d exists in both the past, present, and future all at the same time.  So the Name HaShem Elokim tells us that HaShem, the Infinite, Eternal, and Timeless Creator of the universe has a Divine Garment or Throne that can be only be understood as 10 emanations of His Infinite essence.  Perhaps I am falling short of how the Ramban or the Ba'al Tanya would have explained this, but the point must be made that this universe called Atzilut transcends the created worlds which only came into existence out of nothing when time, space, and matter came into being over 15 billion of our years ago.  If these 15 billion years are condensed into days as G-d would see them from His reference frame that fills the entire created universe with His Glory, then those 15 billion years using Einstein's General Theory of Relativity are six 24 hour days.   This has been explained before on this blog here and here.  Study those two posts first if you want a basic foundation.  What must be understood is that, the three created universes (Beri'ah, Yetzirah, and Asiyah) exist from the moment that time, space, and matter came into being.  Before time equals zero, there was only the timelessness of Atzilut.  This timelessness (hyperspace) cannot be tested in any laboratory since it transcends the test tube of the created universe, but make no mistake:  It does exist in ten dimensions or sephirot.  And modern science has finally found it through mathematically trying to unify the four fundamental forces of nature.  The Theory of unification of the four fundamental forces of nature is String Theory, and can begin to be understood through the following three lectures on the subject (HT: A.K. for sending me links to these lectures months ago):

String Theory:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

There are other lectures after part 3, but they are not needed to understand this post.  By all means, listen to the rest of the lectures in this wonderful series introducing the layman to String Theory.

This post is only part One.  What I will discuss in part 2 is, in part, the following:

The four fundamental forces of nature emanate from each one of the four universes that exist in accordance to Qabbalah.  The force of Electro-magnetism emanates from the Universe of Asiyah.  This is the universe of the world that we experience day by day when we wake up in the morning. This is the universe of our five senses where we experience the Chemistry or the electro-magnetism of this world.

The force called the Weak Force which is responsible for radioactive decay of nuclei by beta (electron or positron) emission from the nucleus emanates from the Universe of Yetzirah.  In this universe our animal souls exist within us as the fundamental source of our evil inclinations and also the source of our drives and our energy which can be used for the positive building of the world in which we live.  Our animal souls are only comprised of 7 of the ten spheres because these animal souls exist within nature.  Nature is made up of 7 half-dimensions, (x, -x, y, -y, z, -z, and time which only moves forward).  In the language of the Sephirot, the 7 dimensions are all of the above except Keter, Chochmah, and Binah.  So this nefesh behamit or animal soul includes (chessed, gevurah, tiffereth, netzach, hod, yesod, and malkhut).  It pointedly does not include the higher cerebral spheres of Keter (crown), Chochmah (wisdom), and Binah (understanding).  For an explanation on how Da'at sometimes replaces Keter in the list of the ten sephirot, please consult the Ba'al Tanya.  The focal point of the animal soul is often described as our feelings which emanate from our hearts but is manifest through our brain stems and the more animal parts of our brains.

The Strong Force which binds the nuclei of atoms together with all of their protons and neutrons tightly packed into nuclei of atoms emanates from the Universe of Beri'ah.  This is the universe where angels and neshamot (transcendent human souls) dwell.  Because the neshamah is in the image of Elokim, it too has ten dimensions.  Yet, a ten dimensional soul is not naturally part of this world of Nature as the 7 dimensional animal soul is.  It therefore must be noded to the body in two places in order to prevent it from "leaving this world" during our waking hours.  While we are awake it is noded to both our hearts and our brains at both ends.  When we sleep, the brain releases the upper parts of this soul to the World of Beri'ah while the lower part of the neshamah is still noded to the heart.  When we pass on, the entire neshamah leaves this world of Asiyah to be judged.  Again more will follow in a later post.

And finally the Force of Gravity which binds all the matter in the created universe over the huge distances of the entire created universe of time, space, and matter emanates from the universe that existed before time, space, and matter came into existence, Atzilut.  For now, read this post, and watch the first three parts on String Theory above on Youtube....  Prepare yourselves for a all-encompassing understanding on how science has finally, finally caught up with the Eternal Torah that we received at Sinai 3325 years ago from the Infinite Creator of the Universe.

A full post on how the various four fundamental forces of nature emanate from the Four Universes will follow later.