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The Final Rabbinic Regalia

 I would like to make my readers aware of a Dvar Torah that the Sefath Emeth (Sefas Emes, Rav Yehudah Aryeh Leib Alter zt"l) said about 130 to 150 yrs ago.   I found it in a very old version of an old Rabbanut Yom HaAtzma'ut Machzor that we still have in our possession.  I found this wort not only amazingly prophetic but a key to unlock how the birth of the State Israel would somehow, someway suddenly one Tisha B'Av in the very near future morph into the vessel for the Messianic Era.  More exactly how would this chaotic mixture of at least 6 million exiles be suddenly made the receptacle for the Coming of Mashiach ben David?  (At this point the Jewish population here is at significantly over 7 million.)  At this time watching the painstaking minuscule Judicial Reforms and the resistance of half the country under the leadership of Armilus (Ehud Olmert אולמרת with a thav or sav), it seems at a cursory glance decades into the future.  As a matter of fact the sheer undignified Chutzpah of leftist pilots to threaten to ground their planes in protest might be the key to encourage Hezbollah to launch a surprise attack when the abandoned airforce jets remain in their hangars.  

Either way, we remain in great need of a spiritually rejuvenating event for those secular Israelis who are not from the irredeemable Qlipot of the Erev Rav.  The Prophecy in question is in Ezekiel 37.  We shall call it Ezekiel's backup prophecy of the Arba Ruchot or his Prophecy of the 4 winds, a prophecy on the tail of the Dry bones, but unlike the dry bones prophecy, the 4 winds complimentary prophecy has not yet occurred!  This is how I came by this.  

The Sefas Emes made two indelible points.  First he notes that the Shalosh Regalim (Pesach, Shavuot, and Sukkot) are like piercing brilliant sunlight.  They are given in the Torah in several places, particularly in Parshat Emor (Lev 23) and in Parshat Pinchus (Numbers 28-29) and in Parshat Re'eh (Deut 16) amongst other places in the Written Torah.  He then proceeds to make the point that we have two Rabbinic Regalim, festivals of joy or song or both, decreed by Chazal through Ruach HaQodesh either near the time of the end of prophetic inspiration or after the Ages of Prophesy had already terminated.  These Rabbinic festivals, though, are lunar reflections of the Shalosh Regalim!   So where the 3 Regalim from the Torah shine like the Sun, the 2 Rabbinic Regalim reflect the light of the Sun as the Moon does.  He further goes on to hint that at the end of History there will be one more (or two more as we will soon see) Rabbinic festivals to reflect as the Moon does the light of the Torah's three Regalim.

The Sefas Emes then goes on to explain that The 8 days of Chanukah reflected the original dedication of Shlomo HaMelekh's Temple which concluded during the 7 days of Sukkot/ +1 day of Shmini Atzereth.  And then he describes how at Sinai the Written Torah was accepted with love (on Shavuot), but how Klal Yisrael was forced to accept the Oral Torah through coercion by threatening to drop Mt Sinai on their heads.  Only when Queen Esther decreed a 3 day fast to annul in Heaven Haman's extermination decree (during Pesach, by the way), did Klal Yisrael accept the Oral Torah with love during Pesach to alter their original reticence during Shavuot 2448.  The realization of the annulment of the extermination decree was realized the following Purim and Shushan Purim, 11 months later (after the original decree was annulled on the 23rd of Siwan).  To be exact, the Fast of Esther lasted either the 13th, 14th and 15th of Nissan with the first banquet of the King and Haman on the 16th at night and the hanging of Haman on the 17th at night, the 2nd night of Chol HaMoed.  Or the fast was on the 14th, 15th, and 16th of Nissan with the first banquet on the 17th at night and the hanging of Haman on the 18th of Nissan, the third night of Chol HaMoed.  Either way, the Feast of Unleavened Bread on the 1st night of Pesach was canceled that year, for the afternoon of the 14th and the 15th at night were central to Teshuvah b'Ahavah for originally rejecting the Oral Torah.

So this is where the Sefas Emeth's dvar Torah on this subject SEEMS to end, but one realizes that he was saying a lot more.  First of all, let us digress into how Isru Chag of all the festivals is actually from the Torah.  Everyone knows that a Qorban Shlamim was a festive offering that could be brought all year round.  One offered it during the day and after allowing for the Kohen to properly pour its blood at the Altar and to partake of his portion of the Qorban and to give to G-d His portion on the altar, the party of people had 2 days and the night in the middle to festively eat the Qorban.  The following night at Sundown, the Qorban was forbidden at which point if one partakes, he/she gets Karet (spiritual excision).  Now in a majority of circumstances, most people would come to the Tabernacle at Shilo and the Temples in Yerushalayim to offer a Peace offering during the 3 Regalim or Pilgrimage festivals and would offer it up during the festival from the first day, during Chol HaMoed or on the last day of Chag Pesach or on Shmini Atzereth.  In this way, if the Peace offering was offered up during the festival the Peace offering was a Chagigah which could be eaten on the day that it was offered + one additional day.  Shavuoth stands out as a one day festival, but our sages made it possible to offer up Qorbanot for 6 additional days so that Israel or later just Judea would not neglect to come for just one day of Shavuot.  Imagine walking for 3 days and turning back around on Isru Chag 2 days later to walk home for 3 days!  I believe these extra 6 days for Shavuot are D'Rabbanan though.  So the only D'Oraita day to turn your Peace offering into a Chagigah was on Shavuot (6th of Siwan or day 50 of Sefirat HaOmer) itself.  But once again as with other Festive offerings (Chagigot), the Qedushah of that Chagigah lasted until the end of Isru Chag, that one day after the holy party seemed to be over.  In this way that one day after had the Qedushah of the days of the festival, at least the Qedushah of Chol haMoed for anyone still partaking of a Qorban Chagigah.  This is the spiritual essence of Isru Chag.

So going back to the words of the Sefas Emes, what did he mean that Purim and Pesach were lunar reflections of 2 of the 3 Shalosh Regalim?  To be the lunar reflection of something, one needs to follow the regularity of the cycles of the Moon!  So just like Pesach is the full moon for the month of Nissan, Purim and Shushan Purim are at the Full moon for the previous month of Adar.  So Purim falls exactly one lunar cycle (30 days) before Pesach begins.  And the way the holy calendar usually works, the full moon for 30 day months like Nissan is the 15th of the month while the Full moon for 29 day months like Adar or Adar Sheini is between the 14th and 15th of Adar or Adar Sheini!  Now THIS is what the Sefas Emes ALSO  meant, for how is Purim a "lunar reflection" of Shavuot simply because it completed the acceptance of the Oral Torah that had begun on Shavuot 2448??  What does accepting the Oral Torah out of Love have to do with the cycles of the Moon?  Why mention the Moon at all?  But here we see that Purim really is a lunar reflection of Pesach!  Now going to the end of Chag Sukkot/Shmini Atzereth 6 months later we recognize that Shmini Atzereth is on the 22nd of Tishrei and Isru Chag is on the 23rd of Tishrei.  From there, the end of Isru Chag, we count forward, not 30 days, but 60 days or 2 lunar cycles.  In every year Tishrei has 30 days, and in most years (not every year) Cheshvan has 29 days.  So 60 days after the end of the day on Isru Chag Sukkot we reach Sundown on the 25th of Kislev, the first night of Chanukah!  Now THIS is what the Sefas Emes was referring to!  Both Purim and Chanukah are lunar reflections of Pesach and Sukkot, one 30 days before and the other 60 days after Isru Chag.  And only at the End of Days would there be a certain prophecy which would come to pass divided in two, part of it 30 days prior to Shavuot and part of it 60 days after the 7th of Siwan, Isru Chag of Shavuot.  So in this way do the words of the Sefas Emes really make sense.  The question then comes down to which prophecy, how can we pin it down, and how do we know that that very prophecy comes in two parts separated by years of doubt or better yet a Nisayon.

To be continued.....

Just to give a preview, the Prophecy in question is the Haftarah of Chol HaMoed Pesach, the first half of Ezekiel 37.  It is the prophecy chosen for Shabbat Chol HaMoed Pesach for a reason, to be the Acharit HaYamim prophesy for both Pesach, Sefirat HaOmer, until the day of Atzereth (Shavuot) itself.  Exactly 30 days prior to Shavuot is Hey B'Iyar, The Day of the Dry Bones.  It is a oft quoted joke of Chareidi non-Zionists that Yom HaAtzmaut (Independence Day) is really Yom Atzamot (Day of the Dry Bones).  The really funny thing is that the joke IS the Truth, the physical redemption of Israel without the Ruchniyut Redemption, and G-d in the year 5708, 3 years after Auschwitz, was not laughing.  Exactly 60 days after Isru Chag of Shavuot is Tisha B'Av, the long awaited future event that can be best translated as the Prophecy of the 4 Winds, the future event which has not yet occurred.  It IS a separate prophecy in Ezekiel 37.  First he prophesied on the dry bones, and when he saw that there was no spirit in those ingathered exiles, HaShem told him to prophesy over the 4 winds.  So Ezekiel in that rather short Haftarah for Chol HaMoed Pesach, prophesied twice, once about the physical redemption on Hey b'Iyar, the ingathering of Dry Bones, that everyone remembers and once about the spiritual redemption on Tisha B'Av, the Arba Ruchot, that few even know about.

More than anything I wanted to discuss my thoughts on other matters, but I want this posted by Rosh Chodesh Av.  Chodesh tov.


Tuesday, January 17, 2023

And the Dead Do Not Praise the L-rd, Neither any that Go Down to Duma

Please forgive the shorthand brevity of this new post.  I will gladly explain the reason for my brevity in the Comments.

To be honest, I have noticed an uncharacteristic inconsistency in this second to last verse in Psalm 115 for as long as I have been saying Hallel (Psalms 113- 118) as a Baal Teshuvah in the early 1980s.  Every Chag except Purim and every Rosh Chodesh includes this verse whether full Hallel or Half Hallel is recited.  Something about it was unsettling, and early on I put my finger on it:  I am speaking about Psalm 115:17.   Psalm 115 is the third psalm in Hallel, and even when only half-Hallel is said, verse 17 is included.

  לֹא הַמֵּתִים, יְהַלְלוּ-יָהּ;    וְלֹא, כָּל-יֹרְדֵי דוּמָה. 17 The dead praise not the LORD, neither any that go down into silence (Duma);

יח  וַאֲנַחְנוּ, נְבָרֵךְ יָהּ--    מֵעַתָּה וְעַד-עוֹלָם:

הַלְלוּ-יָהּ. 18 But we will bless the LORD from this time forth and for ever. {N}


We are told at the beginning of this verse that the Dead do not praise HaShem.  So If those who go down to Duma are those who need to have their souls cleansed for up to 11 months in Gehinnom after they die, why emphasize that they ALSO do not praise HaShem??  According to this peirush, Duma is the Angel that guards the Gate to the fires of Gehinnom.  Yes, we are talking about an unusual Fire that tries all Ten Sefirot of the Neshamah.  This is no ordinary fire, but if the Psalmist, David, is trying to emphasize the worst possible punishment against the Dead, Gehinnom does not hold a candle to eternal cancellation of the soul or Kaf HaKela, when the Angels fling one's soul across the Universe back and forth for 100 years or 1000 years or Eternity (a form of Angelic Chai ALai) mentioned in Shmuel Aleph 25:29.  Assuredly, those who are in Kaf HaKela do not praise HaShem either.  So we are stuck with the apparent redundant nature that the Dead do not praise Kah including those who do not go down to Gehinnom or those who go to Kaf HaKela or those who go down to She'ol or those who go directly into Gan Eden....  Take your pick.

Usually when the Psalms mention two things in parallel with each other, one sees a comparison between something more kal or light with something more chamur or stronger in order that the addition of the new aspect at the end of the pasuk adds a Chiddush.  For instance, 

ז  צַדִּיק יְהוָה, בְּכָל-דְּרָכָיו;    וְחָסִיד, בְּכָל-מַעֲשָׂיו. 17 The LORD is righteous in all His ways, and a Chassid in all His works.  from Psalm 145

From here we see that in all G-d's ways measured by His Laws, He is Just, but Beyond the Measure of His attribute of Justice, we see His Chessed in His Deeds (not just His Ways).   So we see here that the second half of the verse comes as a Chiddush on the first half of the verse.  There are no wasted words, and the second half of the verse is not a redundant expression of the first half.   This type of parallelism with a Chiddush in the second half is a regular feature in Sefer Tehillim.  The words were given to the Psalmist (for the most part King David) through Ruach HaQodesh (Holy Spirit) channeling sanctity into the words and guaranteeing that none of the words would be either redundant or flippant.  So that leaves us with the APPARENT exception to this rule, Psalm 115:17.  Now I write apparent exception because deep down we know that none of David's words were redundant or flippant.  There has to be a different understanding of this verse than the oft-noted explanation which solves the problem of redundancy and flippancy,  G-d forbid.

The second point about Psalm 115 is something I noticed several years later after I learned of the deep structure of Redemption expressed through the Order of Service in the Pesach Seder.  We notice right away that the the 4 cups of wine are divided neatly two before the Main Meal and two after the main meal (Shulchan Orekh) because the first Redemption was done with the Yud and the first Hey in HaShem's Name while the Final Redemption will be done with the attaching of the Vav and the Final Hey in HaShem's Name to the Yud and the First Hey once Amaleq can be destroyed in the world.  This explains why ALL of the Maggid (Telling) of the Redemption from Mitzraim, followed by the 2nd cup of wine, must be completed BEFORE the HaMotzi and the Torah Mitzvah of Eating Matzah which begins the Meal.  Maggid must come after the Middle Matzah has been split during Yachatz with the Smaller piece of Matzah being the one over which we tell the story of the Exodus while the larger piece of Matzah is the piece of Matzah that symbolizes the Greater and Grander Final Redemption After the Meal.  The meal itself is reminiscent of eating the Qorban Pesach with Maror and Matzah and the Qorban Chagigah for Pesach when there was a Temple and of all of  of Jewish history since the Temple was destroyed when we had neither Qorban  Surviving this larger segment of Jewish history when there was no Temple required this annual spectacle called the Pesach Seder to ensure that we and our descendants would still be around almost 2000 years later.  So the Meal somehow represents the entire span of Jewish History from the Exodus from Egypt until the Simanim of the Arrival of the Era of Mashiach ben Yosef.  We have discussed on this blog how the simanim of Mashiach ben Yosef was the greening of the hills of Eretz Yisrael from the First Agricultural Aliyah of 1882 when 4 agricultural settlements were founded in the same year 1882 (Rosh HaPinah, Petach Tikvah, Rishon LeTzion, and Zikhron Ya'akov).  Two of these settlings were actually repeats.  Rosh HaPinah and Petach Tikvah had previously been established but had been wiped out either by Arab terrorists in Rosh HaPinah and a Malaria epidemic in Petach Tikvah.  Both Rosh HaPinah and Petach Tikvah had been unsuccessfully established in 1878.  Somehow the hidden Matzah is reminiscent of the world falling to the 50th level of Tumah before Mashiach ben Yosef, something that has recently occurred about 6 1/2 years ago.  The Run up from the founding of Zikhron Yaakov (when G-d remembers Ya'akov) until today is just over 140 years.  Alas after the ingathering of exiles and the 6th election of Bibi Netanyahu (the 5th Mashiach ben Yosef) and the Aliyah to Israel of Yehonatan Pollard (the 6th Mashiach ben Yosef), we arrive at the moment of the 3rd cup of wine (The Vav in HaShem's Name).  At this stage because Eliyahu HaNavi lost the mantle to herald the Coming of Mashiach ben Yosef, we arrive at the event of the coming of Eliyahu HaNavi to herald Mashiach ben David (the 4th cup of wine and the Final Hey in HaShem's Name).  So after drinking the 3rd cup of wine, we pour the cup of Eliyahu HaNavi and open the front door and proclaim with a loud voice for HaShem to pour out His Wrath on the Gentiles that do not know Him, specifically against those who have massacred the seed of Ya'akov with bloody pogroms throughout the Ages.  One of the ways that we will know that we have reached that moment in history is if the nation that spilled the most Jewish blood for the last 2000 years is itself having its blood spilled almost indiscriminately.  For that nation will be completely wiped out from being a nation under the Heavens!

If one does a quick study of the various nations of the world where Jews have lived in significant numbers and which nation has shed the most Jewish blood at least in the last thousand years (including the last 3 generations) invariably we will arrive at the Ukraine or Ukraine.  For hundreds of years The Ukraine was The Borderland for at least three empires (Russian, Lithuanian, and Polish and sometimes Polish-Lithuanian).  Until 1648 The Ukraine (The Borderland) was not Ukraine, an independent country.  The year 1648, that very year, that Ukraine finally became an independent country under its leader Bogdan Chielminitzky (whose statue is all over Kiev), Ukraine proceeded to slaughter anywhere between 200,000 and 700,000 Jews!  They did horrible tortures reminiscent of the future Shoah slightly less than 300 years later.  Sadly there was no census that had been done of the Jews that were murdered in the areas that the Ukrainian Cossacks conquered including large parts of Poland, BelaRus, and Galitcia.  So all we have are estimates of the numbers who were murdered.  In most of the estimates up to 1/3 of all Eastern European Jews may have been murdered between 1648 and 1649 on the very birthday of the founding of a the nation that slaughtered them, the Ukrainians.  If there be any place in Europe that might be called the Graveyard for World Jewry, that place would be the blood soaked land of Ukraine.  And it really did not stop.  From Tach veTat to willing accomplices with the Nazis to murder European Jewry almost 300 years later, the Ukraine topped the list in most categories of Blood and Gore.  Is it a wonder that when we say and pray to G-d:  

Pour out Your wrath upon the nations that do not acknowledge You, and upon the kingdoms that do not call upon Your Name. For they have devoured Jacob and laid waste his habitation. Pour out Your indignation upon them, and let the wrath of Your anger overtake them. Pursue them with anger, and destroy them from beneath the heavens of the L‑rd.  

Is there any question that the number one nation that we should have in mind that has done these things in a consistent manner for the last 375 years since its inception as a nation to the descendants of Ya'akov is Ukraine?  Without even one Jew pushing any button, is it a wonder that the G-d's Revenge against the nations of the world that have tortured Jews throughout the centuries begins right there?   And have the Ukrainians EVER apologized for Tach veTat (1648 and 49) or all the massacres of Jews since?  Have they ever taken down their statues of Bogdan in the Kiev public square in shame for what he and their ancestors did?  Have they taught their kids in schools "Tach veTat studies", the same way that all German children today must know about the Holocaust?  No reflection on their wicked past, just crickets and the proclamation that their President is a Jewish comedian who renounced his Judaism by raising his children in the Ukrainian Church years ago cutting his descendants off from any Jewish destiny.  I have no personal animus against Volodymyr Zelenskyy, but if he is the monument to the new Ukrainian Jewry, then Bogdan Chielminitzky succeeded in his mission without slaying any more Jewish babies with his sword.  The point for this essay is we have arrived at this stirring statement in the Haggadah for the End of Days after pouring Eliyahu's cup, and we prepare ourselves for what comes immediately next:  Psalm 115, yes the above Psalm 115, one and the same.  

Let us take a step back.  First notice that in the Pesach Seder, we also say Hallel, albeit without a Brakhah specifically no Brakhah for Hallel.  But the first two psalms in Hallel are said with the Maggid step in the Hagaddah, at the end of Maggid, before the Meal!  This tells us immediately, that the first two prakim of Hallel are for the Redemption from Egypt and not for the Final Redemption!  So we arrive at the inevitable conclusion that since the first two chapters of Hallel are specifically for the Redemption from Egypt, then the last four Prakim (Psalms) of Hallel are for the Final Redemption specifically starting with Psalm 115.  It is why we start with Psalm 115 after praying for revenge against the nations that have murdered us and conclude with Psalm 118 before Hodu LaShem ki Tov and Nishmat Kal Chai followed by the 4th cup of wine.  So in this way, Psalm 115, not Psalm 113, is emblematic of the beginning of the Final Redemption (after the Revenge against those who have murdered us has already begun).  

So now I must return to the Winter and Spring of 2016.  Several young adult "Hilltop youth" had been implicated in an arson case in the Arab town of Duma where an entire Arab family may have been murdered in the Summer of 2015.  The question that has never been answered was Who Dunit?  Was it done by a group of Jewish arsonist extremists or another Arab family in the same village looking for revenge?  Apparently, only G-d knows because to be honest, the Jewish Division of the Shin Bet never proved a d-mn thing.  The leader of the youth who were implicated wrongfully without a body of evidence was the grandson of Rav Meir Kahane zt"l, Meir Ettinger.  That would be Meir Ettinger was the son of Rav Kahane's daughter, Tova Kahane- Ettinger.  Almost a dozen of these youths were put wrongfully in prison for months on end often tortured to extract a confession.  Shaba"k was able to extract one conviction from all this without any evidence to support this conviction.  Amiram ben Ulliel is still in prison for this conviction.  What was fascinating from the conviction from the beginning is that for months on end, these youths did not have regular discussions with a lawyer.  They could be held and potentially tortured inside a Shaba'k dungeon without Habeas Corpus or of what should be required, a Writ of Habeas Corpus.   No regular meeting with a lawyer.  Techniques to extract confessions that may be the equivalent of torture.  I always imagined that Shaba"k had a 500 year old Torqemada torture rack in a dungeon somewhere, and they were using it to extract confessions.  Since there was 0 oversight over what they were doing with these youths for months on end, it could be easily imagined that they tried almost everything.  And since their techniques for extracting confessions were done in complete secrecy, imagining what they were potentially doing is 100% justified.  Down in the dungeon of the Jewish Division of Shaba"k where no one can hear you scream where no one could praise HaShem.  Sometime near the end of Adar 5776 there was a Brit Milah for a boy, the son of Meir Ettinger, who by this time had been held for 7 months?  8 months?  But the Shaba"k authorities would not let Meir out of the dungeon to attend his own son's brit milah!  So thousands of us went.  I even saw Betzalel Smotrich at the event at the Breslov Shul in the Shaarei Chessed neighborhood.  Betzalel was in street clothes.  He was not there in any official capacity for Bayit Yehudi.  Yes, it was a fascinating and moving affair, a brit milah for a boy whose father was being tortured by Shaba'k to extract a confession that he never gave.  Eventually after 10 months in this dungeon he was let free.  What I remember most of all is that there was an organization for the Yordei Duma (those who had gone down into the Shaba"k dungeon to be questioned about the Duma arson case.)  The name of that organization was Choneinu.  And there was a young lawyer who took on the entire case of clients that he could not even talk to pro bono.  He did not expect a shekel for his services.  Perhaps he was paid a measly stipend by Choneinu.  It mattered not.  The Tzaddiq who took this case on was Itamar Ben Gvir, and I knew right then and there that somehow, someway this tzaddiq would be the lightning rod to introduce Mashiach ben David to the entire world, a man that 2/3rds of Mankind (the world's reprobate majority) would learn to hate for being that very tzaddiq!  Almost 7 years have passed since that fateful Brit Milah of Meir Ettinger's son, and Ben Gvir has burst on the scene almost precisely as I expected him to.  The Yordei Duma (those who went down because of Duma), well, they are the parallel construct, the Chiddush on the second half of that second to last verse in Psalm 115 that only makes sense after the fact with 20/20 hindsight  What happens, next, we shall see.

For anyone thinking of censoring, in no way do I approve of Rav Kahane's call to exile all Arabs from this Holy Land.  Every gentile who has the privilege to live here must keep 7 Laws of human decency.  Amongst the 7 are laws against Murder and laws to passionately be revolted of those who do murder to be a witness against murderers in Courts of Law.  A gentile does not have to put his life on the line to uphold the Courts of Justice clause, but if he celebrates in any way the murder of Jews, he has lost his right to be here, for he celebrates murder and would not be a witness against a murder suspect.  Those who take candy in public in the squares of Ramallah to celebrate the success of murder or who attend parties for a shahid suicide bomber, they have forfeited their residency in Eretz Yisrael because of a lack of human decency.  Sadly approximately 70 to 75% of Israel's Arabs with or without citizenship support the murderers who blow up pizza parlors or civilian busses.  So 70 to 75% of Israel's Arabs have forfeited their residency through their lack of human decency according to Noachide Law.  So as we hone in on the final exact figure, Meir Kahane was 70 to 75% correct..


Wednesday, July 06, 2022

The Three Necessary Ingredients of "In Its Time"

 This will be a short post, and if these three conditions are not met, it may be my last post at least for a while.  (Upon receiving Reader Comments I have decided to slow down my blog to reflect on the situation and not to mothball my blog after all.) I have been writing about the End of Days since the Winter of 2004/ 2005, and deep down I always believed that the End of the Shmittah year 5782 would be the B'itah keitz.  I have discussed in numerous places on this blog why I have thought this from the last few p'sukim in Sefer Daniel to Zekharia 13 with 2/3rds of Mankind in a state of moral degeneracy and reprobation (below Mem Tet Shaarei tumah).  The last several posts on this blog discuss these matters in great detail.  Since the Gog ben Gog Bush Presidency and 9/11, we have had numerous opportunities to bring Mashiach within b'itah, Achishena.  A test of basic human decency was required to be passed (often by observant Jews) in order to hasten the process, and we failed the test.  Now, frankly I believe that our backs our against the Wall at the end of history.  The Majority of humanity no longer thinks that human decency is defined by G-d Above but only in the recesses of their own hearts.  In such a world Israel is at odds with the natural order of things in that the majority of the human race is either hostile or ambivalent to our/Israel's continued national existence.  The Supernatural order of things must openly become more and more expressed to guarantee our survival.  The In G-d We Trust nation/ superpower is basically dead with more than half of all Americans no longer trusting in the G-d whose Name secures the value of their nation's World Reserve Currency status.  In such a world one can no longer simply be preserved through Teva (Nature's G-d) or through wars won in 6 Days.  Literally mountains will need to be split in two, (a supernatural sign of "Don't tread on them!")

Several years ago, a tremendous tzaddiq, whom I had the privilege to know, passed away.  His name was Yaakov Tabak MD zt"l.  We had several discussions about Acharit HaYamim.  He would often find sources for events as they were occurring amongst our classic commentaries.  For instance as the Gush Qatif Evacuation saga was unfolding and as it became more and more likely that the slow moving train wreck would occur (after the Ashkenazi Chareidi Party joined Sharon's govt for the money), he immediately made people aware of the Targum Yonatan ben Uziel's lengthy commentary on Devarim (Deut 34: 2-3) where the Targum translates The City of Date Palms in the following:

ב  וְאֵת, כָּל-נַפְתָּלִי, וְאֶת-אֶרֶץ אֶפְרַיִם, וּמְנַשֶּׁה; וְאֵת כָּל-אֶרֶץ יְהוּדָה, עַד הַיָּם הָאַחֲרוֹן. 2 and all Naphtali, and the land of Ephraim and Manasseh, and all the land of Judah as far as the last (Most Western) sea;

ג  וְאֶת-הַנֶּגֶב, וְאֶת-הַכִּכָּר בִּקְעַת יְרֵחוֹ עִיר הַתְּמָרִים--עַד-צֹעַר. 3 and the South, and the Plain, the valley of Jericho the city of palm-trees, as far as Tzoar.

as "Qirvat Dekaliya being evacuated and sent into exile of 200,000 soldiers from Klal Yisrael" at the End of Days, in the words of the Targum Yonatan.  Dr. Tabak and the rest of us who knew of this commentary took some solace that b'itah, absent a tremendous turn to revere Heaven at the last minute, the largest Jewish City in Gaza, Newe Dekalim was headed for destruction at the hands of 200,000 Israeli soldiers, 100% as described by the Targum.  It did not HAVE to be, but absent a collective realization of human decency, it was going to occur...., and it did.  And the Targum right there also predicted that Gog of Edom was pulling the puppet, Sharon, by some long distance strings to make sure that it would happen.  After the eventuality of that Churban which DID begin on the Tenth of Av (when it was planned for the 9th), Dr. Tabak and I had some meaningful conversations about what the Tzoar in this prophesy was all about, and we started talking about the very End.  

From my discussions with Dr. Tabak I learned that the last nine months (the travail of the 271 day pregnancy before the Messianic Era) spoken about in Micah 4 and 5 and the Gemorrah in Sanhedrin would take place either in the 6th year or the 7th year of a Shmittah cycle between either the 10th to the 15th of Tevet in a regular year (Or the 10th and 15th of Shevat in a year with two Adars) and its end point being either the 1st day of Sukkot or Hoshana Rabbah.   In actuality, Dr. Tabak spoke about how that the end point of the 9 months either would be on Sukkot or on Hoshana Rabbah while its beginning point would be nine months earlier in either Tevet or Shevat depending on whether there would be one or two Adars.  Through our discussions we came to the conclusion that the nine months would need to be during either the 6th or 7th year of a Shmittah cycle based on the Gemorrah that Voices would be heard in year 6, Wars in year 7, and ben David would come in year 8.  If the Wars in year 7 were the essence of the Redemption, then the pregnancy would begin in "January" of year 6 while if the son of David coming was the essence of the Redemption, then the pregnancy would begin in "January" of year 7.  And the hallmark of those nine months would be a concerted and intense effort by the Nations of the World and the Erev Rav to divide Israel (Yoel 3 and 4) and to divide Yerushalayim specifically (Zekharia 14) between Israel and the Roman (or Edomite) name of an invented Muslim people, Palestine.  So this is the source of the title of my post in June last year about the Last Trimester of the 9 Months.    Since Yehonatan Pollard, the last Mashiach ben Yosef, touched down in Israel on the 15th of Tevet 5781 and since the Suffering of Yosef and the Suffering of Tzion parallel each other, I assumed at least the strong possibility that the 9 months starting in Tevet 5781, a regular year, began with the arrival of Pollard in Israel.  But when Yerushalayim was not split in two during those fateful nine months following the 15th of Tevet, it became obvious that those nine months were pushed off to the Shmittah year 5782.  And at the end of those nine months, we would need to "escape Yerushalayim" for a short time as G-d judges the World during Sukkot.  And we would escape through the split in the Mt of Olives into the Judean Desert or Maaleh Adumim with half of the mountain moving north and the other half moving south.  And the ultimate judgement of fire, meteoric stones, and fiery coals from Rotem trees on the Wicked would be on Hoshana Rabbah of either the 7th or 8th year (Motzei Shmittah) of that fateful Shmittah cycle.  This I also discussed in detail with Dr. Tabak in one of our final conversations before he passed away.  It would also follow at the end of a cycle where Rain became more and more scarce in the first three years of the cycle, but that the Heavens would open on Eretz Yisrael in years 4 and 5 of that cycle, and this DID occur here with record breaking rainfalls in 5779 and 5780 the fourth and fifth years of this present Shmittah cycle.   Look at the Kinneret Levels for 2019 and 2020 right here to see how much it rained in those two years.  Rainfall in 5779 and 5780 was downright dramatic.  So the die was cast even if we had lost the privilege for a major spiritual awakening in the 5th year of this cycle as described in other posts because the spiritual awakening in year 5 was supposed to be lead by the Chareidi world, but in year 4 of the 5762- 5768 cycle in 5765, they were tested to see if they would take the lead in year 5.  But they were found absent from the challenge.  (Not all the Chareidim were absent. Rav Ovadia Yosef  and most Sefaradim were keenly involved in stopping the Disengagement.  So were many Chassidim and their Rebbes.  But in many cases, the Ashkenazim on this issue had their collective heads in Brooklyn, not on doing what was morally correct for Jews in Israel.)  That was the test for proceeding with redemption in the Gog ben Gog Bush Shmittah cycle.  The opportunity was blown.

Into this mix came one more mitigating factor which would reduce the suffering in Eretz Yisrael during these final nine months, and on a few occasions I had the additional privilege of discussing these details with Dr Tabak zt"l before he passed away.   In August of 2013, the Ba'al Kerry (Sec of State John Kerry under Obama) announced his "9 month plan for intense negotiations" to split Eretz Yisrael between Israel and Palestine.  It was during Av at the end of the 5th year of the previous Shmittah cycle which ended in Sept 2015, and those 9 months of the Ba'al Kerry were set to end around Pesach 5774 of the 6th year of that previous Cycle.  Tzippy Livni would lead these negotiations that were being forced on Israel, and the "Witch of Eindor" Livni was so proud of herself as a representative of a pitzy little peace party to be leading Israel towards all kinds of concessions as the Peace contingent of the Netanyahu govt that was being pulled into the fray by Obama and Kerry.  The condition of Israel's participation in this attempt to earn Kerry or Obama a Nobel Peace prize was that we would admit guilt that all those Jews murdered by Arab terrorists for the last 50 years were only murdered (or killed) in an "Act of War" and not in Acts of Terror, and in reality all those terrorists were really freedom fighters.  So Israel would be required to release in four separate releases 26 Arab murderers from our jails every nine to ten weeks, four separate releases x 26 murderers per release being equal to a total of 104 murderous Arabs who deserved their freedom!... according to the warped minds of Obama and the Ba'al Kerry.  And those releases would take place regardless of how those "Piece talks" were going just for the privilege of seeking Peace with the invented people, 75% of whom want us dead in accordance to almost every poll I have ever seen!  This was the condition of Israel having a place at the Pieces table!!  And the Sicko Witch of Eindor was so so happy to participate.  Well any frum Jew with a Mind bigger than a Pea could see what was going on.  HaShem (Yud Key Vav Key) for whom whose Four letters has the Gematriah of 26 was playing out these 9 months on a very deep and elevated, sublime level so that the 9 months would end in the Rachmanut of Pesach.   Well the months passed by with the first three sickening releases of bloodthirsty savages taking place in accordance with the Ba'al Kerry's schedule.  So during those first 30 weeks of the Ba'al Kerry's nine months, 78 Arab murderers were released from Israeli jails.  It was obvious that during all this, the Netanyahu Govt was a puny little slave to the whims of the Ba'al Kerry through Tzippy Livni's pitzy little Pieces of Israel Party, but to give him some credit, Netanyahu used Livni's eagerness to be loved by the world and the Arab's eagerness to want everything on the menu against them by balking at several key points in this Obama/Kerry setup.  And near the end of the negotiations, Bibi decided to throw a monkeywrench into this evil affair by demanding the release of Yehonatan Pollard before Pesach in order for the Releases (the fourth release) and the negotiations to continue.  At this stage Pollard was still rotting in Solitary Confinement.  But Kerry's response was classic Amaleq.  "You want the release of the Mashiach ben Yosef of the End of history?  You need to release an ADDITIONAL 400 MEN from your filthy little prison for freedom fighters if you want to see Yosef (or Yehonatan) before Pesach!"  Just a reminder, according to our sages only Yosef could stare into the eyes {the Ayin Ra or Evil Eye (Gematriah 400) of both Esav (עשו) and Amaleq (עמלק)} of Esav when he was approaching Ya'akov with 400 men in Genesis 33.   From this we see that the Ba'al Kerry was and still is from the seed of Amaleq.   There is no accident that he would immediately come up with the figure of an additional 400 murderers in exchange for Pollard if he did not instinctively know that Yehonatan Pollard was his arch-Foe, Mashiach ben Yosef.  When Bibi heard this response from Kerry, he immediately declined the offer to release 400 more Arab murderers from our jails and immediately declined to follow through with the fourth release of the remaining 26 murderers for the privilege of continuing negotiations with the invented people.  The Evil scheme ended in failure, but only after watching 78 murderers go free.... to likely murder again while we watched the parade of the relatives of the victims of these murderers go through the devastating loss of their murdered loved ones, being forced to relive it once again with the release of the murderers who had shed the blood of their loved ones.   It was a horrible debacle.  Thank G-d it did not end with a Pieces of Israel Treaty which would have simply ended in more horrible bloodshed from and approved by 75% of our bloodthirsty cousins.  

But in spite of the unmitigated horror of the above while it was happening over 8 years ago in real time, I have believed for the last 8 years that this horrible affair was not for nothing.  It seems that about 75% or 3/4 of the pain and duration of these present nine months were mitigated, (ממותק) in Hebrew, by the pain and duration of those 9 months of John Kerry.  In Qabbalah as I have discussed in other posts on this blog there are Four Universes where the Four Letters of the Divine Name are specifically active with a stress on One letter having specific influence on each Universe.  The Yud is specifically prevalent over Atzilut (where G-d has eternally existed even before the Creation of the other Universes).  The Sefirot Keter and Chochmah emanate from the Yud.  the Upper or First Hey is most active in Beri'ah (the Universe of Ex nihilo Creation).  The Sefirah of Binah emanates from this Hey.  The 6 emotional Sefirot (Gedulah, Gevurah, Tifereth, Netzach, Hod, and Yesod) emanate from the Vav in HaShem's Name which is most prevalent in Yetzirah (the Universe of the Actualization or Formation of Creation).  And the Final Hey is most prevalent in the lowest Universe, Asiyah, and this Final Hey emanates the Sefirah of Malkhut (the Kingship of HaShem).  When all four Universes are filled, His Name will be One.  Until then His Name is split in two by Amaleq, the likes of the Ba'al Kerry in the world.  I do not think that I can do this entire subject justice in this one little paragraph.  I have written in a more detailed fashion about the Four Universes here in this link and in other posts like here.  Notice that the Universe of Asiyah is not ultimately filled by the Divine Presence until between the 25th of Elul of the Shmittah year and the 17th of Marcheshvan in hopefully the Coming Motzei (post) Shmittah year.  Here is the Chart from Sefer HaLeshem dealing with the Filling of the Four Universes provided to me by Rav Pinchus Winston many years ago:

Here is a link to a larger more detailed image of the above colorful Chart of the Filling of 4 Universes. 

So if the above is correct, and we are at the End of the Nine Months in Year 7, then the following three things need to happen in order to have B'itah Geulah by Sukkot of 5783, the Motzei Shmittah year.  At first glance these three things are downright scary, precisely because they are downright scary.  But what they portend is Final Geulah by Sukkot.  I am at the stage now that if these three things do not happen that I was considering temporarily mothballing this blog until these things occur.  I would do so NOT because that I have ceased to believe that Mashiach is coming, but because for a huge chunk of my life I have verily believed that the B'itah keitz is during Sukkot of 5783, the Motzei Shmittah year of last resort.  And if they do not happen, how can I contribute to the discussion of Endtimes events if I have failed to demarcate the end of these matters?  But as I mentioned above, I will temporarily write less in order to reflect on what is happening without mothballing my blog.  Here are the three things that need to happen by the 25th of Elul to set up Redemption during Tishrei 5783:

I am holding by the 3 things below that MUST happen by the last week in Elul. If they do not develop, I will be temporarily pausing from frequent posts and updates on this blog until things become more relevant. I believe strongly in the b'itah nature of this keitz, so strongly, that if these things do not happen, I would need time to reflect on what I can possibly contribute.

1. Iran (Persia) needs to have nuclear capability to force teshuvah on Klal Yisrael. The nation of Haman must rise with deliverable nukes before Rosh HaShanah 5783 to force teshuvah by Yom Kippur.  In the end, Edom and Persia will destroy each other, and nuclear weapons will not be detonated on the soil of Eretz Yisrael.  Yet, the fear of that happening will force the recalcitrant nation of Israel to repent in a way that G-d sending 48 prophets and 7 prophetesses to the ancient kingdoms of Israel and Judea did not accomplish.  Yes, this is frightening, and for good reason this is G-d's last resort to "encourage" repentance.  

2. The entire world will come to recognize Palestine, bringing that recognition to a new level. By doing so, they divide Yerushalayim (Zekharia 14) and the Land of Israel (Yoel 3 and 4). The Redemption from their arrogance will take place during Sukkot of the Motzei Shmittah year 5783.  In the interim, this is their Crime of last Resort.  (Perhaps when Joe Biden and his Leftist puppet-masters arrive just before the 17th of Tamuz, we will see this take shape.)

3. The world's system of fiat currency will continue to undergo systemic collapse and hyper-inflation.  By the very end of the Shmittah year, fiat currency might be close to worthless.

Focus on everything happening in the next 3 months to be part of the process of those 3 things occurring.

4. The 4th thing not mentioned above is the Coming of Eliyahu HaNavi to herald Good tidings, Consolation, and to help us repent before the Yom Gadol and Nora of Hoshana Rabbah, the 7th day of Sukkot. (The Great and Awesome Day of HaShem).

Finally, I am willing to entertain thoughts of longtime readers over alternatives to the direction of this blog IF these things do not occur.  But until then, knowing that these 3 things need to occur b'itah, these three troubling things should occur to IMMEDIATELY precede the Ultimate Good in 5783.  May G-d have Mercy on all of us so that these 3 or 4 things (including the coming of Eliyahu haNavi) happen now and not 7 years from now.  7 yrs from now when the Chinese surveillance state has been fully implemented worldwide.... what a horrible prospect.

Friday, February 25, 2022

The Shadow of the Dung of the Jackass

 Many years ago in the early first year and a half of this blog, I wrote a post quoting the Gemorrah in Sanhedrin 98b in which I discussed The Dung of a Jackass in the light of Rav Ezriel Tauber's sefer Days Are Coming.  In that book Rav Tauber brought down that there will come a moment at the End of Days when the physical stuff of the Universe (or at least our quadrant of the Universe where we were placed to refine) could no longer be refined.  I postulated in that post that one of the reasons for some of the Rabbis in our generation for making the error of joining in with Sharon for IS 290 million shekels was because we had already arrived at the point of peering through the dung of the Jackass, the Chomer (the physical stuff) of history after all the physicality of the world that could be refined has been refined for a G-dly purpose from the moment that Avraham stood in opposition to Nimrod and the 70 nations in the Year 2000 from Adam.  Because it was the Shmittah cycle of Gog ben Gog Bush Jr., it seemed that we had arrived at the point where the physicality of the World that we were meant to perfect, like dung, could no longer be refined.  In reality, we were almost at that point but not quite there.  In the last two Shmittah cycles since the Financial Collapse of 2008, the end of the Gog ben Gog Shmittah cycle, apparently there were still a few drops of physicality to refine, for the simanim of reaching that point given over by the Vilna Gaon (to be discussed below) had not yet occurred.  As has been discussed in recent posts on this blog, the Gog ben Gog Shmittah cycle ended on Hoshana Rabbah 5769 seven and a half years before two thirds of Mankind fell below the 49th level of impurity during the lead up to Shavuot of the potential Jubilee year 5776 where the following condition from Zekharia 13 for B'itah Redemption was reached:

 וְהָיָה בְכָל-הָאָרֶץ, נְאֻם-יְהוָה, פִּי-שְׁנַיִם בָּהּ, יִכָּרְתוּ יִגְוָעוּ; וְהַשְּׁלִשִׁית, יִוָּתֶר בָּהּ. And it shall come to pass, that in all the earth, saith the LORD, two parts (out of three) therein shall be cut off and die; but the (final) third shall be left therein.  I would suggest rereading the recent post where this was discussed in detail especially concentrating on the 98 year (2 Jubilee cycle) Collapse into Reprobate oblivion for 2/3rds of Mankind at the end of which took place the mega-terrorist attack at the Pulse Night Club in Orlando, Florida when and where precisely 49 homosexuals were murdered by a Afghani Muslim terrorist who became the 50th dead body in the bar at Alot HaShachar on Shavuot morning 5776 when the SWAT team burst through the wall of the night club.  It foretold that America had specifically fallen below 49 levels of impurity as a total society and would ultimately disintegrate at -50 being completely done in by its own war against Muslim extremism in Afghanistan.  Further on in the same post, I discussed how B'itah could come in one of two ways:

1. B'itah Achishena: 7 years BEFORE the fateful events in Orlando in 5776

or 2. B'itah: 7 years AFTER the fateful events in Orlando

This is based on a pasuk in the Torah in Shlach Lecha that during the Spying of the Land of Israel, the Meraglim arrived in Chevron where the text extraneously tells us that Chevron was built 7 years before Tzo'an was in Mitzraim from which we learn that the World cannot be out of spiritual balance between Good and Evil, Purity and Impurity, more than 7 years in either direction.  Of course it would have been preferable that we would have reached "Shaar HaNun", the 50th Gate of Purity in 5769, 7 years before 5776, but in order for that to transpire, we would need to pass a "small test" of collective Jewish human decency in the 4th year of that Shmittah cycle 5765 because according to the Gemorrah in Sanhedrin, the Rabbanim of Israel would kick off the Geulah through a tremendous spiritual awakening in the 5th year of that cycle..... Well it was actually a Big Test, and frankly some of us failed very badly by joining Sharon's Govt for the price of a prostitute.  IMMEDIATELY, we seemed to have lost the Golden opportunity that was on our plate for the Gog ben Gog Shmittah cycle that Ben David would come in 5766 or 5769, and now we are left playing catch up in the 7th year AFTER 5775, the previous Shmittah year.  So right now, our backs are against a Wall.  The World has been out of balance with more Evil and more impurity in the World than Goodness and Purity for almost 6 years now.  (Here we are counting the years from that Shavuot night and early morning in 5776 with the terrorist attack in Orlando.)  We have reached the point where righteousness and Goodness must come roaring back.  If the world had to exist even one more year until Shavuot 5783 as it is now, G-d would need to destroy the world that He created because it cannot simply exist out of balance on the side of Reprobate impurity for a full 7 years since that Shavuot night in 5776.  Through this review we have arrived at the question, "What is the signifying feature that we have reached the End because our world cannot remain in the negative column of spirituality for a full seven years?"  Apparently according to the Gemorrah and Rav Tauber, the signifying feature is that the the physical stuff making up our world can no longer be dedicated to a higher purpose.  Whether it be through sanctification through Mitzvot or technological advance through human progress on a physical level, the matter that makes up Creation itself is now resisting being used to improve the lot of Mankind!  It is as if the only goal of physical matter at this crucial time is the accumulation of more and more piles of physicality!   This is what is meant when our Sages in the Talmud said that they would prefer to not live at this time because observing spiritual reality at the very End would be like peering through the Dung of a Jackass.   Except that Rav Yosef makes the observation that it is at that precise moment, one year later in the Motzei Shmittah year, that ALL the physical stuff of the Universe (החומר) that was sanctified to G-d throughout all of human history would that following year become the Chamur (החמור), the donkey, on which Mashiach ben David will come riding into the Holy City.  You see, during the fateful Shmittah year, the world would reach a point where rank physicality for its own sake would try to take over the world, but it too would be destroyed by the end of that year or more accurately by Hoshana Rabbah of the Motzei Shmittah year so that Mashiach ben David would come riding into Yerushalayim on the pefected Chomer (physicality) or Chamur (Donkey) once the physicality with no potential of being perfected, represented by Donkey Dung, was judged and destroyed.  This is the essential characteristic of Redemption B'itah at the last possible moment with no possibility for being delayed.  And this is why Rav Yosef unlike the other Rabbanim in this Gemorrah wanted to be alive at this time.  Now let us discuss the type of Malkhut  that would exist at that time and will be on the verge of taking over the world.  Sadly I must report, for my name is Dov Bear, that the Malkhut of rank physicality for its own sake in Daniel chapter 7 is basically represented by a flesh devouring Bear!

 Daniel 7 is a fascinating chapter of Tana"kh and is most susceptible for mis-interpretation and misuse by those who believe in Oto Ish as their god.   So I will just get to the points as quickly as possible.  The first beast is a Lion with Eagle's wings.  In ancient times it most represented Babylon.  In the modern era Edom has the capacity to be all of the first three beasts, and the Lion with Eagle's wings has historically been represented by Great Britain and the United States.  Its crowning characteristic seems to be that those who roar like lions can fly as high as eagles.  It is those individuals who have that capacity who are the winners in such cultures.  They tend to be very free societies at their root so that the most capable individuals roar like lions and fly like eagles through their own intrinsic talents and hard work.  Those rugged individualists become the winners in such societies and achieve their goals the best through contributing greatly to the societies in which they live and usually accumulating large fortunes (the American Dream) as their earthly reward.  Lest you think that is all negative, it is not.  Part of the proof that the physical stuff of Creation in such societies has been dedicated to a higher purpose is that two of the four faces of the Holy Chayot, the four faced Angels that serve in on the Divine Chariot are a Lion and an Eagle!  Look it up in Yechezkel 1 yourself.  

ה  וּמִתּוֹכָהּ--דְּמוּת, אַרְבַּע חַיּוֹת; וְזֶה, מַרְאֵיהֶן--דְּמוּת אָדָם, לָהֵנָּה. 5 And out of the midst thereof came the likeness of four living creatures. And this was their appearance: they had the likeness of a man.

ו  וְאַרְבָּעָה פָנִים, לְאֶחָת; וְאַרְבַּע כְּנָפַיִם, לְאַחַת לָהֶם. 6 And every one had four faces, and every one of them had four wings.

י  וּדְמוּת פְּנֵיהֶם, פְּנֵי אָדָם, וּפְנֵי אַרְיֵה אֶל-הַיָּמִין לְאַרְבַּעְתָּם, וּפְנֵי-שׁוֹר מֵהַשְּׂמֹאול לְאַרְבַּעְתָּן; וּפְנֵי-נֶשֶׁר, לְאַרְבַּעְתָּן. 10 As for the likeness of their faces, they had the face of a man (facing south); and they four had the face of a lion on the right side (facing east); and they four had the face of an ox on the left side (facing west); they four had also the face of an eagle (facing north.

Our Holy Sages have brought down that this is why the Camp of Yehudah east of the Mishkan is under the Face of a Lion and why the Camp of Yosef to the West is under the Face of an Ox or Bull.  And throughout the Torah, Yehudah is compared to a lion while Yosef is compared to an Ox!  Along with this, the Camp of Reuven to the South has the banner of the likeness of a Man.  The Camp of Dan to the North seems to break the mold and seems to be represented by a Snake and not an eagle, but it is accepted that the Face of the Chayot over the Camp of Dan in the North was an Eagle.  From this we learn one salient fact.  A Malkhut represented by lions and eagles has the ability to take Mankind to great heights, albeit for their own benefit in Olam HaZeh and often at the expense of foreign cultures.  Still who can deny the advances brought to the benefit of Mankind by a Culture of rugged individualists has far outweighed their earthly deficits?  So at the very end of history when rank physicality is taking over the world, the Culture of Rugged Individualists represented by a Lion with Eagle's wings will crumble in that fateful Shmittah year on the threshold of Mashiach's coming.  Perhaps, their leader will in that fateful year be a Dementia ridden Reprobate incapable of leading his nation to the next plateau!  But I jest, how could such a man ever be elected in the first place?

At this point we will skip the Bear who devours more and more physicality as he is described in Daniel 7, for we have already discussed him above.  We will simply point out that the ancient Bear of partying and feasting often for 180 days at a time was ancient Persia, and the modern Bear amongst Edom is obviously Russia.  It is precisely this beast that has an advantage over the other beasts to go forth and conquer the World as the other beasts crumble and fail at the end of Olam HaZeh in this fateful Shmittah year.

The 3rd beast in Daniel chapter 7 wants to do more than conquer the world for its own appetites.  It wants to rule the world with Reason and Logic and set up world Govt for the entire globe of the earth, or what used to be called, "the four corners of the earth".   It is for this reason that this beast (a swift leopard) has four heads, for it wants to extend its rule over the entire planet bringing Mankind under one King...... who thinks he or she can rule the world by making up one's own reasonable laws without taking into account the infinite value of every human being.  In such a world, morality is defined by what is best for the smooth running of World Govt, not the rules of human decency defined by an Infinite Creator.  So such a world govt is bound to conflict with His Rules for the benefit of perpetuating World Govt.  Now one might think that such a world govt at war with G-d  cannot elevate Man to higher levels, but the Torah begs to differ with you on this.  When G-d was REALLY angry with Mankind during the Great Flood, the Torah persistently and consistently used the Divine Name Elokim as G-d meted out Justice against a recalcitrant Mankind.  Only when it came to saving Noach and the world's animals on the Ark is the Name of HaShem used.  As it says with regards to destroying the World:

יב  וַיַּרְא אֱלֹהִים אֶת-הָאָרֶץ, וְהִנֵּה נִשְׁחָתָה:  כִּי-הִשְׁחִית כָּל-בָּשָׂר אֶת-דַּרְכּוֹ, עַל-הָאָרֶץ.  {ס} 12 And God saw the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted their way upon the earth. {S}

יג  וַיֹּאמֶר אֱלֹהִים לְנֹחַ, קֵץ כָּל-בָּשָׂר בָּא לְפָנַי--כִּי-מָלְאָה הָאָרֶץ חָמָס, מִפְּנֵיהֶם; וְהִנְנִי מַשְׁחִיתָם, אֶת-הָאָרֶץ. 13 And God said unto Noah: 'The end of all flesh is come before Me; for the earth is filled with violence through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth.

Notice the Name Elokim is regularly used when discussing Judgement upon Mankind in the year 1656 AM.  Yet, a few chapters later or about 340 years later in the year 1996 AM, Nimrod wants to build a Tower to Heaven to war with G-d.  One might think that G-d would be equally angry and upset.  But lo and behold what do we see?  

  וַיֹּאמְרוּ הָבָה נִבְנֶה-לָּנוּ עִיר, וּמִגְדָּל וְרֹאשׁוֹ בַשָּׁמַיִם, וְנַעֲשֶׂה-לָּנוּ, שֵׁם:  פֶּן-נָפוּץ, עַל-פְּנֵי כָל-הָאָרֶץ. 4 And they said: 'Come, let us build us a city, and a tower, with its top in heaven, and let us make us a name; lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.'

ה  וַיֵּרֶד יְהוָה, לִרְאֹת אֶת-הָעִיר וְאֶת-הַמִּגְדָּל, אֲשֶׁר בָּנוּ, בְּנֵי הָאָדָם. 5 And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded.

ו  וַיֹּאמֶר יְהוָה, הֵן עַם אֶחָד וְשָׂפָה אַחַת לְכֻלָּם, וְזֶה, הַחִלָּם לַעֲשׂוֹת; וְעַתָּה לֹא-יִבָּצֵר מֵהֶם, כֹּל אֲשֶׁר יָזְמוּ לַעֲשׂוֹת. 6 And the LORD said: 'Behold, they are one people, and they have all one language; and this is what they begin to do; and now nothing will be withholden from them, which they purpose to do.

ז  הָבָה, נֵרְדָה, וְנָבְלָה שָׁם, שְׂפָתָם--אֲשֶׁר לֹא יִשְׁמְעוּ, אִישׁ שְׂפַת רֵעֵהוּ. 7 Come, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech.'

ח  וַיָּפֶץ יְהוָה אֹתָם מִשָּׁם, עַל-פְּנֵי כָל-הָאָרֶץ; וַיַּחְדְּלוּ, לִבְנֹת הָעִיר. 8 So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth; and they left off to build the city.

ט  עַל-כֵּן קָרָא שְׁמָהּ, בָּבֶל, כִּי-שָׁם בָּלַל יְהוָה, שְׂפַת כָּל-הָאָרֶץ; וּמִשָּׁם הֱפִיצָם יְהוָה, עַל-פְּנֵי כָּל-הָאָרֶץ.  {פ} 9 Therefore was the name of it called Babel; because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth; and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth. {P}

Above is the entire story of the building of the Tower of Bavel and HaShem's response.  Five times, the Name HaShem is mentioned in this affair, and not even once is the Name Elokim mentioned in judging Nimrod's act of building world govt and going to war against G-d.  One might think that HaShem would be almost equally upset as He was 340 years earlier when He brought the Flood, but that is simply not the case!  So our first question should be Why?  The answer seems to be that before the Flood it was every Man and Woman for themselves.  Lawlessness filled the earth.  With world Govt there was at least the attempt to bring unity and brotherhood to Mankind, albeit with rules that benefited the Govt and not with G-d's Universal moral code which elevated the sanctity of every human being.  Still it was an attempt in a better direction of Unity and lack of selfishness.  In that way, even world govt in rebellion against G-d is leaps and bounds better than the Law of the Jungle.  So HaShem rather than responding with Divine Wrath against the attempt of the Generation of Nimrod to unify Mankind, He lovingly came down and said No, you can't do that!  So once again, we have the dichotomy.  In ancient times, the Four Headed leopard was the Malkhut of Alexander the Great who upon his death had his Empire divided amongst his four generals.  In the modern era, the equivalent kingdom is the first attempt at a modern world govt through a united Europe, the EU, whose parliament building in Strasbourg is modeled after a Renaissance painting of the Unfinished Tower of Bavel!  And once again, in this Shmittah year, HaShem has descended from Heaven to politely tell them NO!

So in this pre-Messianic Shmittah year as both the United States/ Great Britain and the EU both wither and die, who is it that smells an opportunity to fill a huge vacuum?  'Tis the Bear who arises to absorb and devour more and more unsatisfying physicality.  It is Dubiel or Bear Power (Russia and Persia) who goes forth on World Conquest.  At this stage, I am going to post my most recent Comments on my previous post.  They are in shorthand form, but they fully explain the entire thesis of the Vilna Gaon, as I have come to understand it, on this fateful B'itah year. 

 The Oral Tradition of the Vilna Gaon for 100% b'itah redemption, was for the most part given over to his closest students in the last decade of his life from about 1790 to 1797 before he passed away 225 yrs ago. His insights of course are based on the entire breadth of all of Tana"kh, but from what I was able to piece together from Rav Moshe Sternbuch of the Eidah Chareidit when he gave over some salient information in 2014 after Putin wrested the Crimea from the Ukraine, the Gaon seemed to stress 3 or 4 specific portions of the Tana"kh in his overview of the matter of the keitz, the final impermeable end of Olam HaZeh from which the proverbial can can no longer be kicked down the road to a later date.

1. Daniel 2: specifically the part about the statue in Nebuchadnezzar's dream where the 2 legs of iron mired with clay stand in the 2 ancient capitals of the of the Roman Empire, Rome and Constantinople. The iron is Edom, Rome, and Xtianity while the clay is Yishmael, his son Nebaiyot the founder of the Nabatean nation, Muhammad who was a Nabatean, and all of Islam. Since Yishmael was Pere Adam or wild jackass of a man, think Pere Adamah (a wild thing of earthenware or clay). So the clay in the vision of Nebuchadnezzar is Yishmael or Islam. In the "eastern" Rome, when the Muslim Turks conquered Constantinople, they changed the name to Istanbul. So the Roman capital where the iron is mired with clay is right there in Istanbul/Constantinople. At this point Sefer Daniel 2 and Yechezkel 38 and 39 point to a meteorite of unhewn Even Elgavish (stone crystallized on high) will destroy something about that city which will cause all of Olam HaZeh to turn to dust. But this would only happen when another Orthodox Xtian leader from Edom would conquer the city. Since the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of the Byzantine Empire is already in the city when it split from the Roman Catholic Church in the 11th Century, the only other Orthodox Church which considered itself based in the "3rd Rome" was the Russian Orthodox Church headquartered in Moscow.

2. The next part of the mix was Daniel 7 where of the 4 beasts discussed there, only one of those beasts survives to the very end, The Bear. The Vilna Gaon called this beast Dubiel. The other beasts disintegrate at the end because the physical world becomes spiritually bankrupt. It reaches a point where the Chomer of Creation becomes like the dung of a jackass that can no longer be elevated to a higher purpose. The Rugged individualists like Trump and Boris Johnson become powerless as the Lion with Eagle's wings fades into the background. Same with the NWO folks in the EU (the flying four headed leopard) as the drive for world govt simply runs out of steam. The 11th horn on the 4th beast (Barack Obama) is out of office. So at the very end it is Dubiel, the ancient and modern Bear (Persia and Russia) in an alliance with each other to fill in the vacuum created by the other 3 beasts fading into the background because Dubiel, rank physicality, is all that there is left.

3. Then there is Bilaam's last prophesy from BaMidbar. Continued....
Bilaam's last prophesy:
כד וְצִים מִיַּד כִּתִּים, וְעִנּוּ אַשּׁוּר וְעִנּוּ-עֵבֶר; וְגַם-הוּא, עֲדֵי אֹבֵד. 24 But Great ships (a Navy) shall come from the coast of Kittim, and they shall afflict Asshur, and shall afflict Eber, and he also shall come to destruction.

Both the Targum Yonatan Ben Uziel and the Vilna Gaon identify the coast of Kittim with Southwest Coast of Turkey and the Bosporus. The amazing thing about the Targum is that he identified the city as Constantine 3 1/2 Centuries before Constantine lived, established Roman Catholicism as the official religion of the Roman Empire, and moved the Roman Capital to a city straddling the Bosporus at the Black Sea named after himself which is connected to the Dardenelles and the Mediterranean by an inland sea called Marmara. How the Targum Yonatan knew the name is beyond amazing. Was it an Oral Torah from Sinai? Did he know it from Qabbalah? At this stage 2000 yrs later we just know that it is in his 1st Century Torah commentary when that very city was yet to be founded over 300 yrs later.

One last thing: Why send the Russian Navy to afflict Ever?  And we could add why afflict Ashur, Nineveh Province in Iraq?

Well here is my best answer.
I do not want to give the Satan any ideas, but the Germans will now be knocking on Israel's door for natural gas from the Leviathan and Tamar gas fields offshore in the Mediterranean, now that they are turning down gas from Russia's NordStream 2 pipeline. They frankly have no other option. Unlike the French, the Germans do not have nuclear power plants. Once Israel starts supplying the Germans with natural gas, Putin will lose part of his leverage. You can guess what Putin might do next.....

I should also point out that both the Tamar and Leviathan gas fields with which Putin might want to strangle Western Europe economically are 50 to 75 miles offshore. If Russia wants to take them militarily, Putin will do so using Russia's Black Sea Navy....through the Bosporus at Istanbul and the Dardenelles from the shores of Kittim........


Monday, November 01, 2021

3333.33 Years after Matan Torah: The Loss of Hadar (Grandness) at Hod that is in Hod: Part 2

This is a continuation of the previous post which establishes the groundwork in explaining why Edom's Kingdom collapses 3333.33 years after Matan Torah.   So we left off with a discussion about Sefirat HaOmer, the Counting of 49 days between the first night of Pesach and the Eve of Shavuot, the Feast of Weeks often called Pentecost from the Greek translation of the text of the Torah (Pentecost meaning the 50th day).  So every year we Jews repeat this count, hoping not to forget even one night so that we can complete the Mitzvah which requires us not to forget counting even one night.  If one counts in the day, one does so without a brakhah, but the continuity of the Counting is not interrupted, and one can resume the Count with a Brakhah that evening.  This is how we work on ourselves to prepare for Sinai.  On Pesach we get rid of all the puffed up part of ourselves when we rid ourselves of Chametz, the puffed up part of ourselves being the aspects of our Yetzer HaRa that in particular come from Arrogance and Pride (Gayvah: Pride or Arrogance).  But we are really working on the interface between our Divine soul and our Animal soul, specifically the 7 lower aspects of our Divine soul (the seat of Gayvah) and how they interface with those same seven aspects of our Animal Soul (the seat of Tayvah: lust and desire).  From this point forward we will call the 7 lower aspects of our Divine soul the Nefesh Elyon, and we will call the 7 dimensions of our animal soul the Nefesh Behamit.  Over the course of each week we purify all seven aspects of our animal soul vis a vis one dimension of our Divine nefesh (Nefesh Elyon) in each particular week.  During the week of Pesach and Isru Chag (7 days including Isru Chag but not including Seder night), we work on the the seven aspects of our animal soul (Nefesh Behamit) and how it intersects with the attribute of Chessed (or Gedulah) in our Nefesh Elyon.  Since there is no Gayvah per se in Chessed, we do not become "puffed up" while counting Sefirat HaOmer during Pesach.  Only the next week after Isru Chag, do we begin to work on the next level of our Nefesh Elyon.  In both ways, physically and spiritually we begin to introduce Chametz back into our lives, something that we did not have during the 7 days of Chessed in our Nefesh Elyon.  Think of purifying each day as a 7 by 7 matrix.  The horizontal spaces of the matrix fill out all the qualities of our animal soul while representing one aspect of our Nefesh Elyon while the vertical rows of the matrix represent the filling of the 7 qualities of the Nefesh Elyon for each quality of our Nefesh Behamit.   The best way to show this matrix is to see the 7 by 7 chart.  One note, the Nefesh Behamit has ONLY 7 dimensions since it is part of the physical world of N, S, E, W, Up, Down and Time (notice 7 dimensions).   And there are 7 such dimensions because in space one can go in two opposite directions in each spatial dimension often called positive and negative, but Time ONLY goes forward.  For us in the created realm, time can never move backwards.  Since animals ONLY have this one soul called a Nefesh Behamit, they can be awake and At Rest on all four legs since a 7 dimensional soul is at rest in the physical world.  The Divine soul in total is called a Neshamah and has 10 Sefirot.  Since it has three extra Sefirot, the totality of this soul wants to escape from the physical universe by constantly pushing upward.  So the only animal that stands on two legs while it is "standing still" is Man.  I know someone will mention a kangaroo as an exception to this rule, but can we talk about kangaroos another time?  With man the three upper Sefirot are noded to the brain while the 7 lower Sefirot of the Nefesh Elyon are noded to the heart.  The Animal soul which is content and at rest within the body is only noded to the heart.  Below is the Chart of the 7 by 7 matrix of Sefirat HaOmer.  For these things one needs a visual aid.

So we see for the first day of the Sefirat HaOmer, we count Chessed (of the Nefesh Behamit) that is in Chessed (of the Nefesh Elyon).  The Second day is Gevurah (of the Nefesh Behamit) that is in Chessed of the Nefesh Elyon.  The third day is Tiferreth (which is best translated as Charisma) of the Nefesh Behamit that is in Chessed of the Nefesh Elyon.  The fourth day is Netzach (or Eternity) of the Nefesh Behamit that is in Chessed of the Nefesh Elyon.  The fifth day (or the 6th day of Pesach) is Hod (Glory) of the Nefesh Behamit that is in Chessed of the Nefesh Elyon.  The 6th day (or the 7th day of Pesach) is Yesod (Foundation) of the Nefesh Behamit that is in Chessed of the Nefesh Elyon.  And the 7th day (Isru Chag or 8th day of Pesach outside of Israel) is Malkhut (Kingship) of the Nefesh Behamit that is in Chessed of the Nefesh Elyon.  Notice during that entire week, we are working as individuals on our lowest level of the Nefesh Elyon (Chessed) preventing ourselves from inflating our Gayvah, and that entire week at least somewhere on earth we only eat Matzah.  I am including the 8th day in this even though that day is D'Rabbanan because of Sefaika D'Yoma.  It obviously has an important quality since for the last 1900 years most Jews in the world have observed 8 days of Pesach.   The following week we repeat all the "Qualities" or Sefirot of the Nefesh Behamit, but in that 2nd week we work on the Quality or Midah of Gevurah or Din in the Nefesh Elyon, reintroducing Chametz back into our spiritual lives, but hopefully in its pure form devoid of tumah.  In the third week we repeat the same exercise for the Midah of Tiferreth in the Nefesh Elyon.  In the fourth week we repeat the same exercise for the Midah of Netzach in the Nefesh Elyon.  In the fifth week, we repeat the same exercise for the Midah of Hod in the Nefesh Elyon.  In the sixth week, we repeat the same exercise for the Midah of Yesod in the Nefesh Elyon.   And in the seventh week, we repeat the same exercise for the Midah of Malkhut in the Nefesh Elyon, ending on the 49th day at Malkhut that is in Malkhut.  At this point we should take note of the Diagonal of the Matrix where the same Midah in the Nefesh Behamit intersects with the same Midah in the Nefesh Elyon.  Way back in Quantum Mechanics at University, we would call the values on this diagonal Eigen Values as long as the other values not on the diagonal were Zeroed out.  What is important here is that as we will see, these diagonal values are indicative of all five exiles.  Chessed that is in Chessed on Day 1 is a value indicative of the Egyptian Exile.  Gevurah that is in Gevurah on the 9th day is indicative of something crucial in the Babylonian Exile.   Tifereth that is in Tifereth on the 17th Day is indicative of something crucial in the Persian Exile with Amaleq threatening our very lives.  Netzach that is in Netzach on the 25th day is indicative of something crucial in the Greek Exile.  (Can you guess what it is?)  And finally, Hod that is in Hod on the 33rd day of Sefirat HaOmer as discussed fully in the previous post is indicative of something crucial in the Roman or Edomite Exile.  For all those first five Sefirot we the Jewish people have five mighty spiritual shepherds, who are not called Melekh because sadly because of our sins, after Shlomo, we lost our hold on Malkhut for the entire world during those first five Sefirot.  Malkhut in those first five Sefirot as we shall see was handed to the nations of the world, and Malkhut over Eretz Yisrael was specifically handed to the five nations listed above.  The first five shepherds are Avraham Avinu for Chessed, Yitzchak Avinu for Gevurah, Ya'akov Avinu for Tiferreth, Moshe Rabbeinu for Netzach, and Aharon HaKohen for Hod.  What is worth noting is that ABOVE the 33rd level of Purity, the nations of the world have no Malkhut!  So the final two Shepherds associated with those Sefirot Yesod and Malkhut can be called Melekh or Melekh HaMashiach (Yosef and David) because in the rarefied air above the 33rd level of purity only Israel can have worldwide Malkhut.

Now let's discuss something important from Chaza"l.  When Daniel was told about the 70 sevens in Sefer Daniel chapter 9, something became painfully obvious.  Because of our sins, the first Temple could not stand forever.  Since it was destroyed, two additional Temples were revealed so that over the course of history, there would be Three Temples, not just Two Temples.  Now why is this?  Because retro-actively the First Temple only corresponded to the Festival of Pesach,  The Second Temple would correspond in a limited way to the Festival of Shavuot or at least to the build up from Pesach to Shavuot as we will soon see, and the Final or Third Temple would correspond to Sukkot, an eternal Temple for all Mankind in the same way that Sukkot is a festival for all Mankind.  This is the B'dieved plan for the world because Klal Yisrael through our sins "chose" the path of of Rebuke in Leviticus and Deuteronomy as opposed to the path of Blessing, a path which would not have required the destruction of the First Temple at all.  

Now, all that is described above with regards to Sefirat HaOmer is what we do as INDIVIDUALS as we prepare for Shavuot after the first night of Pesach, often called Seder night.  Outside of Israel, the second Seder is the first night of Sefirat HaOmer (something that for the author of this blog is a distant memory from 18 years ago.)  In Eretz Yisrael, the first night of Sefirat HaOmer is the first day of Chol HaMoed, something that we soon hope that every Jew or Israelite in the world will soon experience.  What is important to ask, since Jews are still scattered all over the world since the destruction of the First Temple, is if we work on ourselves every year during Sefirat HaOmer turning every intersection between our Animal Nefesh and our Divine Nefesh from tamei to tahor from impure to pure, one day for each of these 49 intersections, how long would it take for the entire nation of Israel to do the same scattered all over the world in all 24 time zones?   Well it is true, during the Second Temple period, most of the world's Jews from the Southern Kingdom were in Babylon, not even in Eretz Yisrael with pockets of Jewish exiles in Yemen, in Greek controlled Egypt, and in parts of Germany?   Northern Kingdom Israelites were in Ethiopia and in cities mentioned in Tanakh that were in the Northeastern corners of the Assyrian Empire.  From there according to some, many of the Assyrian exiles were absorbed by Turkic tribes that migrated into Afghanistan and into the Land between the Black and Caspian Seas and became part of Khazaria.  The point being, during the Second Temple Period the bulk of the Judean Exiles including most of Binyamin, Shimon, and Levi in large numbers were either in what is modern day Iraq or in Iran.  Some of course did return to Eretz Yisrael with Zerubavel and after the 2nd Temple was built, but the Majority stayed behind in Bavel and Persia and in Yemen.  But during the Three Pilgrimage Festivals, they would even come from Babylon and Egypt as is required if you are within reasonable "walking" distance.  To be honest, It seems to make sense that they would have made the two week trek for Pesach and Sukkot, but to get home two weeks after Pesach and just a couple of weeks later to come for Shavuot?  I am not sure how they came from Babylon for Pesach and Shavuot in such a short span of time every year.  What is important to recognize is why did the Second Temple, according to Seder HaOlam, stand for 420 years?  (We are obviously excluding the 165 year discrepancy between Seder Olam dating and secular dating discussed by Rav Shimon Schwab zt"l during his lifetime because as he discussed, the Second Temple for those 165 years was a Shack in comparison to the First Temple, and G-d asked Daniel that the history of those 165 years be hidden from the historical record (Daniel 12:4).  As a matter of fact, the Gematriah of Sod Daniel סוד דניאל is 165!  So the deeper reason why these years were hidden is that our overarching mandate in history is to Repair the World.  Yet, during the period where the Second Temple stood but was just a shack, the World was not perfected by performing the Avodah in that Temple!  So G-d through his angel Gavriel, the Man in linen, asked Daniel to strike those years from the public record!  This is according to Rav Shimon Schwab zt"l when I read a couple of his essays on this matter in the 1980s.)  The primary thing that we learn from the years of the Second Temple that remain is that during those 420 years, we were perfecting the world through the Avodah done in that Second Temple.  But first and foremost, as we shall see now, we were perfecting ourselves.

In one of the earlier post on this blog, Hold on To Your Seat, before it was realized what the evacuation of Gush Qatif had wrought in terms of delaying the Geulah, I wrote:  All of world history is a cosmic travel from Pesach to Sukkot (Booths). The first Temple corresponded with Pesach. The Second Temple corresponded with Shavuot (The Feast of Weeks). The final Temple will correspond with Sukkot (Tabernacles). Because of our sin of internecine causeless hatred, the divine presence could not come down into the Second Temple. The 420 years that it stood plus the 70 years that Yerushalayim was barren between the Temples add up to 490 years. There are 49 days between Pesach and Shavuot. Each decade of the Second Temple period corresponded with one level of purity that we purify ourselves during the 49 day period between Pesach and Shavuot. Because of our disunity, the Divine Presence could not descend into the Holy of Holies and reside at the end of 490 years.  

So while we work on ourselves as individuals we rise during the 49 levels from Pesach until Shavuot, but the First Temple which corresponded with Pesach stood for 410 years and was destroyed.  It then stood fallow for 70 years before the Second Temple "officially" stood for 420 years.  And during that entire period of the second Temple while we were perfecting the world, we were actually perfecting ourselves as a nation.  Now why is that?  When it was decided that the First Temple would be destroyed, it was at the end of 890 years after Matan Torah (40 years in the desert, 440 years covering Yehoshua's Conquest, the Judges, and the rules of King Shaul and David, and 410 years for the 1st Temple).  With its destruction, it was decided that the entire First Temple Period corresponded to Pesach.  Then we see that the period between the destruction of that Temple and the destruction of the Second Temple is 490 years, ten years for each level of purity between Seder night and Shavuot!  Since the first seven levels of purity are DURING the 7 days of Pesach and Isru Chag, there was no Temple for 70 years or 7 x 10 years for the last 7 days of Pesach.  But for each level of the next 42 levels after Pesach, we perfected ourselves through the Avodah in the 2nd Temple and all other Mitzvot, one level every ten years that is 42 levels x 10 years per level for 420 years.  Since there was no Unity in Klal Yisrael at the end of those 490 years, the Shekhinah could not come down into that Temple, and that Temple was destroyed.  So in reality, the Second Temple corresponded with the days leading up to Shavuot that are not part of Pesach, that is the days of Sefirat HaOmer AFTER Pesach is completed.  Since there are 42 such days and since it took one decade to perfect ourselves at each level, it took 42 levels x 10 years for each level of purity which is equal to 420 years to perfect ourselves as a nation between the 8th and the 49th levels of purity, levels of purity reached after Pesach is completed.  Yet, since there was tremendous internecine hatred, there was no Shekhinah at the 50th level of purity waiting for us, and the Temple was destroyed.  So there we have an answer, while perfecting just ourselves as a nation, we perfected ourselves one level every decade during the Second Temple Period from perfecting level 8, the first level after Pesach until level 49!  Since 49 - 7 is 42, it took 420 years. 

So now we await the instruction to build the 3rd Temple, the Temple that corresponds to Sukkot which is the Festival for All the nations of the World (except for Amaleq), that can only be built when the time of Malkhut Edom can no longer rule above the 33rd level of purity.  The Billion Shekel question is, how many years does it take to reach that point?   For that answer we consult another pasuk, this time in Zekharia HaNavi 8:23  כג  כֹּה-אָמַר, יְהוָה צְבָאוֹת, בַּיָּמִים הָהֵמָּה, אֲשֶׁר יַחֲזִיקוּ עֲשָׂרָה אֲנָשִׁים מִכֹּל לְשֹׁנוֹת הַגּוֹיִם; וְהֶחֱזִיקוּ בִּכְנַף אִישׁ יְהוּדִי לֵאמֹר, נֵלְכָה עִמָּכֶם--כִּי שָׁמַעְנוּ, אֱלֹהִים עִמָּכֶם.  {ס} 23 Thus saith the LORD of hosts: In those days (the End of Days) it shall come to pass, that ten men shall take hold, out of all the languages of the nations, shall even take hold of the garment corner of him that is a Jew, saying: We will go with you, for we have heard that God is with you.'  

Ahah!  So the perfection of the World that takes place is ten fold, the perfection of Klal Yisrael on itself!  So if it takes ten years to perfect a particular intersection of attributes between the Nefesh Elyon and the Nefesh Behamit in all of Klal Yisrael, it takes 100 years to perfect that attribute in all of Mankind!  And from when do we start that counting of years?  From the day that we stood at Sinai, or from the Rosh HaShanah that came after we stood at Sinai?  And since Edom builds a roof with no holes in it (a Gag or a Gog) over his head or a New World Order when the world reaches the 33rd level of purity so that he can rule the world after the 33rd level without Divine Providence, he is permitted to engage in this folly .

So number one, why should we see this perfection of the entire world one level every 100 years begin the Rosh HaShanah AFTER Matan Torah?  The answer is quite basic and simple.  Both the First Day of Pesach and the 50th day of the Omer ARE NOT COUNTED!  They were free miraculous gifts from G-d, one day at the beginning of our 49 day climb out of the muckity muck of Tumah and one day, Shavuot itself, at the end of the 50 day count.   So the First day of the count is the night/day AFTER Seder night and does not include Seder night itself.  Yes, Seder night is a miraculous event whose merit is only the fulfillment of a promise made to Avraham at the Covenant Between the Parts that after 400 years of "wandering" even in our own land, eventual slavery, and intense affliction, we would be brought out of this horrible iron furnace with miracles and great wealth.  So Seder night or the Slaying of the First Born, the tenth plagues is not from our merit.  And yes it required a Statement of Faith offering that we could slay an Egyptian god at the full moon of the month when this sheep god is most "powerful" in Nissan (The sheep or Ram is the mazal for Nissan), we could slay it in broad daylight, roast it on a spit, and splatter the blood over the entrances to our homes, and the Egyptians would be powerless to stop us because it would become throughout history the Day of Deliverance from Egyptian Bondage.  But after the first nine plagues, we had ample evidence that we would not die as a consequence of our slaying this Egyptian god of the month.  So G-d's salvation at Midnight that very night was a wonderous supernatural gift to be commemorated throughout history.  Yet, the real work began the next day when we left Egypt and simply followed after the pillars of Cloud and of Fire to the shore of a Sea over which it seemed that we had no chance of crossing derekh hateva to the other side.  Then after crossing this Sea on the 7th day of Pesach or the 6th day of the Omer, we had instant thirst within 3 days and eventual intense hunger along the way.  So waters were sweetened to quench our thirst, and Bread eventually came down with the dew, but then we became thirsty once more, and Moshe brought water striking a rock which provided a manmade lake of water so that all Yisrael and its flocks and cattle could drink.  And then immediately after that we battled Amaleq, a nation that wanted to destroy us like no other.   Only upon reaching Mt. Sinai on Rosh Chodesh Siwan was the end of this constant struggle in sight.  Apparently after Moshe had hit the rock at Rephidim, before he war with Amaleq, that "split rock" followed Klal Yisrael for the next forty years of our wandering in the merit of Miriam standing by the Nile to make sure that Moshe's birth basket ended up in safe hands.  So the real struggles in the Midbar from the day we left Egypt were daily opportunities in personal growth for which we count the Omer.  But the first day itself, the 15th of Nissan, was a free gift, and the 50th day when we rose to the level to receive the Torah was also a free supernatural gift.   As human beings of flesh and blood with a Nefesh behamit and and a Nefesh elyon, we only were given tools to work on that 7 by 7 matrix to the 49th level of Taharah.  The 50th transcendent level could only be received as a Divine Gift.  So on that day we ALSO do NOT count.  So in that first year when we left Egypt, we do NOT begin to count the Centuries of "preparing the world" for the 3rd and Final Temple until Rosh HaShanah/ Sukkot of the following year.  Since it is the Mitzvot of Klal Yisrael that purifies and Repairs the world over the Centuries one level at a time per century, we count from Rosh HaShanah 2449 after having received the Torah during Shavuot, 6th or 7th of Siwan 2448. 

So let us see if World History has in any way unfolded to reflect these realities.  Has the world been purified and refined for all Mankind one level every Century?  So first let us skip forward exactly 3300 years to see if Esav at that moment in time tried to build that proverbial roof with no holes in it (a Gag built by Gog) because of his desire to no longer serve G-d above the 33rd level of purity!  Did this leader try to build a World Order which prided itself on how well Mankind could govern the affairs of Men without relying on the assistance of a Divine Being?  So let us skip from the year 2449 to exactly 3300 years into the future, and we reach the year 5749 or the Fall of 1988 according to the Gregorian calendar.  Lo and behold, Ronald Reagan is leaving the office of the US Presidency after two full terms.  At this time in Israel, the First Intifada had been taking place for a year already, and since Reagan was beginning to lose his mental faculties in the very last year of his 8 year Presidency, a new more oppressive foreign policy on Klal Yisrael was beginning to emerge from the more benign years of Sec of State George Shultz and UN Ambassador Jeanne Kirkpatrick.  That new foreign policy was coming from the V.P. heir apparent and eventually elected Gog Herbert Walker Bush Sr.  And PRECISELY, on schedule, the man who would declare a Masonic Novus Ordo Seclorum (a New World Order) before the UN in 1990 on the eve of the First Persian Gulf War against Saddam Hussein, was elected President of the United Srates on the 8th of November 1988 (29th of Cheshvan 5749) exactly 3300 years after 2449!  Given that Saddam Hussein was assuredly the Gilgul of Nebuchadnezzar who destroyed the first Temple, a long war would ensue between Gog Bush Sr. (#41) and his son Gog W. ben Gog Jr. (#43) lasting 17 years with a break in between for the Clinton Presidency before Saddam was eventually executed on the 9th of Tevet 5767 by a tribunal run by Iraq's interim Govt with the full support of President Gog son of Gog Bush Jr. to fulfill the pasuk from Dror Yikrah's third verse that we sing every Shabbat.  "Tread the winepress in the City of Basra and also in Babylon which arose to be strong. Now I am fully aware that Esav's angel as represented by the Tony Blair's British Army contingent was not executed in Basra by the Persian supporting Shiites at the end of that Shmittah cycle, but that was because of our OWN sins of evacuating Jewish Gaza in the middle of that Cycle in 5765 in a horrible thoughtless Churban which delayed the Geulah from that seven year Shmittah cycle.  But the two Gogs had at least partially fulfilled their purpose in the history of Mankind, representing the post G-d fearing leadership of Edom when he thinks he has a Divine right to rule and reshape the world without the constant Providence of G-d Himself.  What is key and seminal to know is that the New World Order that they tried and are still trying to propagate on Mankind is an affront to G-d in Heaven, an attempt at World Government without G-d as the Supreme Authority to run the world under His rules and not under the rules of Gog or any of his Lieutenants in Bankster positions that control the rigged asset markets (rigged since 2008) or in positions relating to World Government.  And like clockwork, he had appeared precisely right on schedule 3300 years or 33 Centuries starting after the Rosh HaShanah 2449 immediately after Matan Torah.  33 Centuries after 2449 was the Fall of 1988 when Gog Bush Sr. was elected President of the United States.

Other Landmarks along the Way:  But to be honest we should see other pieces of evidence that this is the pattern that history has followed, other proofs that as we reached certain Century markers.  So in the same way that the end of 33 Centuries marks the end of the matrix diagonal eigen value of Hod that is in Hod, let us start at the very beginning.  1. The Exodus from Egypt marked the "jumping off point" from the first level of purity in that if we had fallen below that level we would have been irredeemable!  The first level of purity at Chessed that is in Chessed is often called the bottom basement point or the 49th level of impurity (Mem Tet Shaarei Tumah).  That is, the imminent crash below Chessed that is in Chessed is the one and the same Mem Tet Shaarei Tumah.  So even at the very beginning of this process of Redeeming the World we start at the point of Klal Yisrael's potential extinction in Mitzraim, for if we had descended below that level, there would have been no Klal Yisrael to even receive the Torah!   So if We and Mankind started at this level in 2448, the Centuries of progress to rise above this level began in 2449, ESPECIALLY since AFTER Matan Torah, we wasted most of the rest of that year with the Sin of the Golden Calf (40 days later) and the loss of G-d's Benevolence and Guiding Mercy (for and additional 40 days) until Rosh Chodesh Elul 2448.  The beginning of Elul was the beginning of acceptance of our repentance which is now the case every year.  But it is really the beginning of the 30 day Court case in Heaven whose verdict is decreed on the 1st of Tishrei as it is for all Mankind.  Most of the teshuvah during that 30 day period is Teshuvah b'Yirah (Repentance out of Reverence).  At least the stress on teshuvah for those 30 days is Teshuvah b'Yirah.  Starting with Rosh HaShanah all the way to Yom Kippur with Avinu Malkeinu, Teshuvah b'Yirah is eclipsed by Teshuvah b'Ahavah (Repentace out of Love) through Yom Kippur.  Keep this concept in mind for later.  

2. So if the first intersection of both Animal and Divine soul is at Chessed that is in Chessed, the 2nd intersection is at the 9th level purity at Gevurah that is in Gevurah or (Din that is in Din).  The hallmark of strict Justice is the hallmark of Yitzchak Avinu where Good and Evil are choices between black and white, not moral shades of gray.  Remember after the Akeidah, all of Yitzchak's choices were black vs white.  Avoid the black, and do what is white.  In such a world, such choices ONLY exist for three mitzvot for which there never any extenuating circumstances.  These are Cardinal negative commandments where there never is a "heter" to commit them at least in the context of how they are defined as sins.  Those sins for which there never is a heter to commit them are:  Murder, Idolatry, and Sexual Immorality whose four categories are (Incest, Homosexuality, Bestiality, and Adultery).  Now of course, in the definition of Murder, self -defense is NOT Murder.  Execution of murderers is also NOT Murder.  But the intentional (or even careless) taking of a innocent life IS Murder.  If innocent lives are taken in War while attacking military targets that are being used aggressively against you, it is also NOT murder as long as the targets themselves are military in nature.  Innocent people sadly die as collateral damage and casualties, but their deaths are NOT as murdered victims.  If such people are targeted in War, then Yes, killing them is Murder.  But within the context of this definition, MURDER, SEXUAL IMMORALITY and DEVIENCY, and IDOLATRY exist as Sins for which there NEVER is an extenuating circumstance which would force you to commit them.  If someone had a gun at your head, you would need to accept the bullet rather than commit them.  Into this milieu came the Babylonians when it was the decreed time to destroy the First Temple for Klal Yisrael's disregard SPECIFICALLY for these Cardinal sins (The Sexual Immorality and Idolatry of Ba'al Pe'or, the Child Sacrifice of children to Molech in the Qidron and Hinnom Valleys):  These things were just the tips of a rather sordid iceberg which lead to the destruction of the 1st Temple in the year 3338.  Notice that the year 3338 is precisely 890 years after the Exodus from Egypt and Matan Torah, right smack at the end of the 9th Century after Matan Torah.  (I agree that according to our clock, it would seem that the destruction of the 1st Temple should have occurred ten or eleven years later so  that the math would be exactly 9 Centuries later, but here we must understand a new concept.)  The actual level that was being purified DURING the 9th Century after Matan Torah was the level of Gevurah that is in Gevurah (Din that is in Din).  So throughout that final century, HaShem gave us plenty of opportunities to repent.  For Instance, the Great Teshuvah Melekh Yoshiyahu through his righteousness helped to delay the inevitable destruction that was decreed on the First Temple.  Only after his untimely death at Megiddo that was actually brought about by extant Avodah Zarah that had not been completely wiped out in Judea was the destruction of the Temple a fait accompli.  Even then his son Yehoiyakim was king for 11 or 12 years before his son Yehoiyachin was carted off to Babylon when he had only been king for 3 months.  Then Tzidkiyahu (another son of Yoshiyahu) was king for an additional 11 years before the Temple was finally destroyed.  In short, HaShem waited until the very end of that 9th Century after Matan Torah to destroy the Temple whose reason for destruction was those 3 Cardinal sins, sins which are punished at the level of Gevurah that is in Gevurah an intersection of STRICT JUSTICE on our matrix.  

For a short time we are skipping the 17th level of purity, Tiffereth that is in Tiffereth, the 17th level of purity on our matrix and its association with the Persian Exile.  We will come back to this at the very end.  For definitional purposes we will be defining Tiffereth as the Beauty that is a result of Charisma or Charisma for short.  Charisma can be a tremendous tool for the very righteous and the very wicked.  Esav's Charisma with his mouth was in general used for wickedness and lies while Ya'akov's charisma was used for righteousness and Truth.  The same was the case in Persia at the time of Mordechai who also had this charisma that Ya'akov had for righteousness and Truth while our arch enemy Haman had this charisma for wickedness and Lies.  But we will get back to this later when talking about why the final war in which Olam HaZeh is destroyed is between Rome (at the 33rd level) and Persia (at the 17th level of impurity).  Hint. Hint.  They add up to 50.

3. So let us skip way into the the more distant future from the year 3338 to the 25th Century after Matan Torah.  Let us call that Century 2449 + 2400 or + 2500 years.  Here we are talking about a period of one Century between 4849 and 4949.  Since the year 5000 was the year 1240ce of the Gregorian Calendar, we are talking about a Century that began in 1088ce and ended in 1188 ce.  That would be the 25th Century after Matan Torah at the Sefirah of Netzach that is in Netzach.   Do we see anything in that Century befitting of the 25th level of purity and the Greek Exile?  On first glance, No.  The Greeks were not on the move to conquer the world in the 12th Century ce., but another event in the Jewish world Did take place which placed those things in Greek culture that could be used to sanctify the Name of G-d into their holy context.  The Jew who did this was Rav Moshe Ben Maimon, the Great RaMBaM.  With his publishing of the Guide for the Perplexed around 1190 ce very close to the 2500 year mark since 2449, the Rambam was able to give five proofs for the the existence of G-d where his proofs utilized Aristotelian logic!  Now as controversial as this may have been amongst many less respectful Jews who often tried to burn this particular work of his in bonfires for the next 100 years, the Guide remains the seminal work for how to utilize what is simply a vessel from Greek philosophy for it Holy purpose.  He took the secular vessel (of seven spheres) of Aristotelian logic and sanctified it and gave it the Qedushah of transcendence (of eight).  This was no small achievement for a great philosophical work, one of the greatest of all time, at the end of 2500 years after Matan Torah!  What is important to understand is the Netzach or the Eternity of Greek Wisdom?  We know the names of their great philosophers like Aristotle  from what is now 2500 years ago.  They are household names as is the Netzach of Israel where the world knows the names of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and Moses.  Where we differ from Greece is not in the Eternality of its Conceptions and Beliefs and its system of logic but in where to apply the next Sefirah Hod (Glory), for the Greeks gave their glory to Man while Israel gives its Glory to G-d.  And it is from here that we arrive at Edom (Rome) who "pretends" to give its Glory to G-d......... in order to make money and to acquire eternal wealth in Olam HaZeh. 

So once again we arrive at the Gog Bush Sr. period of history that started 3300 years after Matan Torah.  What is to prevent him and his chosen lieutenants for ruling for a full Century until the year 2088 (5848 or 3400 years after Matan Torah?).  The answer lies in his grave error.  He does not serve precisely to the 33rd level of purity which would have allowed him to have a Chazakah or partial ownership on Heavenly Money at least until the 34th level of Purity.  Instead part of the way through the 33rd level he ran out of steam!  Where do we see this?  The Tears that Esav shed when he did not get his Brakhah!:

Esav Shed just two tears of Teshuvah b'Ahavah while the 3rd tear welled up in his eye but never fell down his cheek:  We read from Bereishit which is this coming weeks Parshah of Toldot the following:    

ג  וַיֶּחֱרַד יִצְחָק חֲרָדָה, גְּדֹלָה עַד-מְאֹד, וַיֹּאמֶר מִי-אֵפוֹא הוּא הַצָּד-צַיִד וַיָּבֵא לִי וָאֹכַל מִכֹּל בְּטֶרֶם תָּבוֹא, וָאֲבָרְכֵהוּ; גַּם-בָּרוּךְ, יִהְיֶה. 33 And Isaac trembled very exceedingly, and said: 'Who then is he that hath taken venison, and brought it me, and I have eaten of all before thou camest, and have blessed him? yea, and he shall be blessed.'
לד  כִּשְׁמֹעַ עֵשָׂו, אֶת-דִּבְרֵי אָבִיו, וַיִּצְעַק צְעָקָה, גְּדֹלָה וּמָרָה עַד-מְאֹד; וַיֹּאמֶר לְאָבִיו, בָּרְכֵנִי גַם-אָנִי אָבִי. 34 When Esau heard the words of his father, he cried with an exceeding great and bitter cry, and said unto his father: 'Bless me, even me also, O my father.'

At this stage, he had Cried out to HaShem or the Universe but the Cry was really a Scream.  No tears had yet rolled down his eyes to denote his suffering from having lost his principal blessing.

But then comes this verse after the initial shock of coming to terms with how Ya'akov had come with guile and had taken the Brakhah meant for him:

  לז  וַיַּעַן יִצְחָק וַיֹּאמֶר לְעֵשָׂו, הֵן גְּבִיר שַׂמְתִּיו לָךְ וְאֶת-כָּל-אֶחָיו נָתַתִּי לוֹ לַעֲבָדִים, וְדָגָן וְתִירֹשׁ, סְמַכְתִּיו; וּלְכָה אֵפוֹא, מָה אֶעֱשֶׂה בְּנִי. 37 And Isaac answered and said unto Esau: 'Behold, I have made him thy lord, and all his brethren have I given to him for servants; and with grain and wine have I sustained him; and what then shall I do for thee, my son?'
לח  וַיֹּאמֶר עֵשָׂו אֶל-אָבִיו, הַבְרָכָה אַחַת הִוא-לְךָ אָבִי--בָּרְכֵנִי גַם-אָנִי, אָבִי; וַיִּשָּׂא עֵשָׂו קֹלוֹ, וַיֵּבְךְּ. 38 And Esau said unto his father: 'Hast thou but one blessing, my father? bless me, even me also, O my father.' And Esau lifted up his voice, and wept.

So at this point apparently he actually cried two tears while a third tear welled up in his eye, but he never shed that tear!  We learn this from the Yalkhut Shimoni 115 on Tehillim (Psalm) 80:5- 8

ה  יְהוָה אֱלֹהִים צְבָאוֹת--    עַד-מָתַי עָשַׁנְתָּ, בִּתְפִלַּת עַמֶּךָ. 5 O LORD God of hosts, how long wilt Thou be angry against the prayer of Thy people?

The idea is that the two tears that Esav shed resulted in the destruction of Two Temples.  The First Temple which he did not destroy, he rejoiced exceedingly over its destruction as the Jews who left Yerushalayim for Babylon passed through Edom on their way to Bavel.  The Edomim taunted the Jews as they passed through their territory on their way to Bavel.  As it says in Yechezkel 35:15 

   כְּשִׂמְחָתְךָ לְנַחֲלַת בֵּית-יִשְׂרָאֵל, עַל אֲשֶׁר-שָׁמֵמָה--כֵּן אֶעֱשֶׂה-לָּךְ:  שְׁמָמָה תִהְיֶה הַר-שֵׂעִיר וְכָל-אֱדוֹם כֻּלָּהּ, וְיָדְעוּ כִּי-אֲנִי יְהוָה.  {פ} 15 As thou (Edom) didst rejoice over the inheritance of the house of Israel, because it was desolate, so will I do unto thee; thou shalt be desolate, O mount Seir, and all Edom, even all of it; and they shall know that I am the LORD. 

So even before they destroyed the Second Temple, they had already gotten their full of Joy from the destruction of the First Temple!!   So that their two tears of sorrow at having lost the brakhah to their brother Esav was "rectified" by their Joy over the destruction of both Temples!  Continuing Psalm 80 about how Israel suffers since Esav's tears were heard on high:

ו  הֶאֱכַלְתָּם, לֶחֶם דִּמְעָה;    וַתַּשְׁקֵמוֹ, בִּדְמָעוֹת שָׁלִישׁ. 6 Thou hast fed them with the bread of tears, and given them tears to drink in large measure.  The actual word in Hebrew for (large Measure) refers to Esav's third tear that never fell.  
ז  תְּשִׂימֵנוּ מָדוֹן, לִשְׁכֵנֵינוּ;    וְאֹיְבֵינוּ, יִלְעֲגוּ-לָמוֹ. 7 Thou makest us a strife unto our neighbours; and our enemies mock as they please.
ח  אֱלֹהִים צְבָאוֹת הֲשִׁיבֵנוּ;    וְהָאֵר פָּנֶיךָ, וְנִוָּשֵׁעָה. 8 O God of hosts, restore us; and cause Thy face to shine, and we shall be saved.

From this we see that there was a cost to the fact that Ya'akov took the Brakhah that was meant for his brother with deceit.  The cost was that Edom would rejoice twice over Israel's loss of two Temples.  And in addition to that Israel would continue to suffer until the third tear that never fell had fully received its recompense.  But because the third tear never fell, Esav never did a full teshuvah for his rebellion against G-d during the first 63 years of his life until he received his lesser blessing.   And additionally, at the end of Days he would have three centuries of Teshuvah b'Ahavah corresponding to the 31st, the 32nd, and the 33rd levels of purity where he would fail to rectify his previous behavior from when he actually lived 3700 years ago!  So how do we see this?  The first 29 days of Teshuvah are in the month of Elul corresponding to Teshuvah b'Yirah (Repentance out of Reverence).  The First Day of Rosh HaShanah is the 30th day of Teshuvah when a switch takes place which should continue for the next 10 days.  The switch is that the concentrated effort should be on Teshuvah b'Ahavah all the way until Yom Kippur.  It is at this point that we begin to shed tears over our horrendous behavior for lives not well spent.  Tears appeal to G-d as a Father sway the Father in Love toward His Son while Tears before a King have basically no effect.  Kings want obedience.  They do not respond to us out of Love, but A Father does respond out of Love.  So when one repents before a King, one simply vows to not repeat previous mistakes, and a Righteous King will potentially grant absolution from punishments, but on Day 30 we begin to appeal to G-d as our Father AND our King.  So on that day we begin to plead with our tears in order to sway our G-d as our Father.  So here we see a parallel to the fact that Moshe was told about the Mon on the 30th day of the Omer, and that the Omer was going to fall that very night on the 31st day of the Omer for the first time.  So if Esav had repented of his lawless ways with three whole tears, it would be as if he had truly risen three more levels b'Ahavah to the 33rd level of purity in wholesomeness and in righteousness, and perhaps his Malkhut would be Eternal or at least would last another full Century.  But as history shows, that is NOT what occurred.  The third tear welled up in his eye, and during the 33rd Century after Matan Torah, Edom entered a steep period of Moral Decline!.  

I think on a basic spiritual level, Esav realized where History was headed with the founding of the United States of America in 1776.  1776 is before 1789 when its Constitution was ratified, and 1776 is at the end of the 31st Century after Matan Torah between 1688 and 1788.  For the first time, Esav as a Civilization was going to at least attempt to serve G-d out of Love, a true repentance out of Love to Our Father in Heaven.  Anyone who has read about the history of the American Colonies in the two generations leading up to the Revolution in 1776 knows about "The Great Awakening" and can testify to the fact that the Great Awakening was an attempt to Repent to G-d out of Love.  I would suggest reading about the Great Awakening in order to fully grasp the the spiritual revolution starting around 1730 instigated by people like Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield to grasp the extent of the spiritual Revolution of the budding American nation as a Nation Under G-d (Not a nation under Yoshke per se) and how that preceded America as a nation by at least one generation.  It is in this First Great Awakening that America as an exceptional nation received its mantle and its blessing for success.  To fully understand the Founding of America, one must first grasp the innovative novelty of this Awakening.  Now the reason for its importance is because the Great Awakening was the engine and the fuel for the next three centuries, the 31st, the 32nd, the the 33rd Centuries after Matan Torah.  If America were to succeed in her mission statement of Serving G-d to Bring about Neverending Prosperity, it would have to morally grow and succeed for all three of these Centuries (until 1788, from 1789 until 1888, and from 1889 until 1988 when Gog Bush was elected President)  Well it seemed to be holding its own until the sexual revolution that I discussed in detail in this recent and previous post .  I will not spend a lot of time here discussing the stages of moral collapse that began to occur right after WW1, but the more notable collapse that began in the mid 1960s is the one that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Esav never intended to fully serve G-d up to the 33rd level of purity.  About 2/3rds through that 33rd Century, the morality of his once great nation fell into ruin!  Maybe it started with the iconic fill "Rebel Without a Cause" in 1955, the James Dean film on rebelling against G-d that grew from that moment in time which was almost precisely 2/3rds of the way through that 33rd Century.  America would make it until 1988, but it would be at a point of steep moral decline that had taken root 33 years earlier.  

The Unfinished Pyramid:  The best way to understand Edom in his twilight is to analyze one of his principle occultic symbols.  I basically meantion it here because this particular symbol is not just a symbol for Free-Masonry or the Illuminati.  It is on the Reverse of the Great Seal of the United States!  That is it is America's officially second most important National symbol!  And the fact that it appears on the $1 bill emphasizes this important symbol as a vehicle for Serving the G-d that Americans trust in for the purpose of making money:


Now, originally many of America's Founding Fathers did not want this to be a symbol of the United States or at least they did not want this symbol to be on any of America's national emblems.  Benjamin Franklin preferred that that the Reverse of the Great Seal should be Moses Parting the Red Sea with the Children of Israel crossing the Sea with the Caption:  Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to G-d!   Thomas Jefferson preferred that the Front of the Great Seal should be a Pillar of Fire by Night and a Pillar of Cloud by day leading the Children of Israel in the Wilderness.   Yes, these where some real proposals by some of America's Founding Fathers.  All of the themes were Biblical themes from Hebrew Scripture.  But none of these proposals was accepted by the bulk of America's founding fathers.  What seemed to attract them was a Reverse that is strikingly similar to the Unfinished Pyramid above.  What is noteworthy about this symbol is #1 Novus Order Seclorum, the Latin words for the English New World Order, what Gog Bush Sr. declared before the UN at the onset of the first Persian Gulf War in 1990. #2 But what is more striking that if you measure it with a ruler, the unfinished Pyramid is precisely cut off at the 2/3rds mark!  Above the pyramid is a pagan eye of Isis, and Egyptian Avodah Zarah based on the actual wife of Nimrod (a subject that I do not want to tackle here), but just to say she rebelled against G-d just like her husband and controlled Nimrod's world govt by using the "dark occultic arts" and the Nimrodian Courts, which accounts for the title Dayanah or Diana which was her title as the head of Nimrod's courts.  Again not getting deeply into this Isis.  But her eye IS on the Reverse of the Seal of the United States, AND on the $1.00 bill.  So it deserves a mention, lest people think that there is anything kosher about this American national symbol.  Then there is Annuit Coeptis which means supposedly, that someone (Isis or G-d) is smiling on our efforts!  What a Seal!!  So here we go.  Esav rises to a level which is equivalent of 2/3rds of the way to Sinai which turns out to be either 2/3rds of 49 = 32 and 2/3rds level of purity which represents "our efforts" OR 2/3rds of 50 which is 33.333333. which is 2/3rds of America's attachment to Infinity and Permanent Prosperity.  In reality by studying the history of the 20th Century, Edom reached his zenith in the 1950s in America, 2/3rds of the way to 49 up to the 33rd level of purity.  Then he declared his New World Order 3300 years after Matan Torah in 1990, but in reality his New World Order will only last to the 33.33333 level of purity or 3333.33 years after Matan Torah even if the last fifty years of this process have represented Edom in steep spiritual decline.  And his maximum use date or the time of his collapse is when he at the 33.33333 level of purity, or 3333.33. years after Matan Torah, at which point he can no longer lead Mankind.   

I did not discuss EverGrande ( listed on the Hong Kong Exchange in this post.  If it unfolds and shows itself to be the lynchpin behind the collapse of Qeren Qayemet (the so called Stock Market) in Olam HaZeh by Tu B'Shevat, I will write about it in a Part 3.  But this post covers my thought process for the last 10 years where I have verily believed that Edom's b'itah date of Collapse would be 3333 1/3 years after the Rosh HaShanah that would follow Matan Torah in 2448.