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Notes on new post about Gog? W. Bush

I plan on adding to this site this week, with G-d's help. I want to add as soon as possible some insights on Gog W. Bush, Jr. and the evil that he represents in the world. There is much good in the man. One has to dig deep to understand the dire danger of his ulterior motives. The subject of why G-d has raised him up as the last great foe of G-d trying to establish His Kingdom here on earth is important and vital to understanding the essence of the Messianic Era in comparison to the essence of what we know as Western Civilization (Malchut or Kingdom of Edom). To give you a hint, I present the following.

For Western Man the purpose of serving G-d is to make money for the individual in particular and the community as a whole. If one's World to Come has already been sealed for him through believing in another way of cleaving to the Almighty than through doing what is right in His eyes, it is an easy next step to see that the average man living under this delusion might only come to believe that the purpose of doing the right thing is for the purpose of building his fortune and the nation's fortune in this world. When doing what is right in G-d's eyes is in concert with prosperity, so much the better for the both. If one can do what is right without sacrificing prosperity, then how much the good public relations helps to increase the common prosperity becomes at least a part of the bottom line in deciding whether to act "altruistically". The biggest skeleton in the closet of Western Civilization is when there is a clash between prosperity and doing what is right in G-d's eyes. When this choice is offered to Western Man on a community wide basis, he will always choose prosperity. The very lives and welfare of those who are not part of the legally defined community are easily sacrificed on the altar of those who desire prosperity for their citizens.

175 years ago the Cherokee People from the ancient descendents of Magog (the Mongols) were dwelling on what is now prime Georgia farmland. Native Americans had already been excluded from what was defined constitutionally as the Club of American citizens. Yet, rather that sending suicide bombers to blow up stagecoaches, they wrote a Constitution to mirror the American Constitution. They defined the Rights of Man precisely as Jefferson had defined them in the Bill of Rights. They civilized themselves in the eyes of their white brethren in order to ingratiate themselves to them. By every standard of decency, they deserved their country on the richest farmland of the Southeast. Yet in 1832 Pres. Andrew Jackson said "Nothing Doing, You are sitting on prime Georgia farmland. Git out on your Trail of Tears." Time and time again throughout American History in particular and Western History in general when prosperity locked horns with virtue, Virtue had to take a hike. So here at the end of time for the Kingdom of Man, the same scenario that has played itself out time and time again since the Council of Nicea (323 c.e.), when Catholicism became the official religion of the Western World, is playing itself out again. The Jews are sitting on the new version of prime real estate. The Saudi royal family wants the Jew assigned a backwater place in the History of Man. Islam's self-image and growth potential as the religion of the reverent demands nothing less. Gog son of Gog must comply in order to keep the price of oil below a level which allows the American economy to flourish. Different versions of the Road Map to Hell are proposed and imposed on Israel for the financial benefit of Mankind. The cost in terms of Jewish blood in the Holy Land continues to rise. There seems no escape for this hapless people. But wait. 2400 years ago words were uttered," I am against thee oh Gog from the Land of Magog (Land of the Mongols), President of a coalition including Meshach and Tuval (the Russians). G-d in His infinite capacity of Judge and Jury of Mankind does not forget the rape of the native American peoples (Magogites all). A treasure trove in heaven is being opened as I write these words. It is a vault of accusation from the Creator himself. How dare you accuse my rightful first born of stealing land that rightfully belongs to them, based on My blueprint of the universe, the Holy Bible! How dare you insist that a non-nation whose name means invader (Palestinian is Semitic for Invader) be given a birthright, a country, in G-d's garden as a reward for their collective butchery and mayhem against innocent civilians. And you, oh Gog, building your country on the graveyards of the truly indigenous people of North America (the children of Magog), wiping away knowledge of their rightful birthright in your heartland, committing near-genocide against those who did not play by the rules of your ancestors by accepting their yoke, You dare to preach to My People on the rights of Man!! I am against thee oh Gog from the Land of Magog! Your kingdom of serving me for the purpose of making money can lead Mankind no further. For the true purpose of serving Me is to do so for its own sake!! Only my nation Israel has a covenant with me to reach this lofty goal of cleaving with me lishma (for its own sake). It is they, through miracles and portents, created for this moment at the time of the creation of the universe, it is they and their lishma covenant that I favor. Thus saith the L-rd as paraphrased from Ezekiel 38-39.

An article to be written by your servant Dov Yitzkhak Bar-Leib a.k.a. Chief Laughing Bear former resident of the West Bank of the Mississippi River in Occupied Osage Indian Territory in the paleface hamlet of St. Louis, Missouri now a resident of the liberated Binyamin region of the Holy Land, six miles from its capital, Yerushalayim.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Firstly,I would like to thank you Dov, for great insights and some amazing information. I'd like to add some of my notes, if I may:

Regarding Meshach and Tuval being the Russians, it is not completely clear. The correct translation of possuk from Ezekiel would be: "I am against you, Gog, the prince, the head of Meshech and Tubal." So, isn't "Meshech and Tubal" supposed to be a nation over which Gog is the leader? Meshech derives from "hamshacha" - attraction to materialism, while Tuval is supposed to indicate to incredible material wealth (like teval). In other words, Gog MiGog is the leader of the most materialistic and wealthy nation on earth, i.e. USA.

Role of Russia, however, is also interesting in this battle. Though, it's hard to see her as an ally in coalition of America, considering Russia's provocations against America in Iran and Syria, and her ties with China. Rather, coalition of Gog includes two wings: Edom (Gomer, and all its wings, house of Togarmah etc) and Ishmael (Persia, Cush, Put).

Isn't it, accidently, reference to Russia in following verses from Daniel:

"...and shall conquer the world for nine months, but he will hear a great nation moving against him, and shall come out for battle, as written" " But, rumours from east and from north shall frighten him, and he shall come out in a great rage..."

There is also interesting tradition derived from students of Vilna Gaon, that when Russian ships will pass through Straits of Bosphorus and Dardanelles, Jews should put on their Sabbath clothes - since it is augury for coming of Messiah.

There is also reference to Western agression against Middle Eastern countries in following possuk:

"But ships shall come from the coast of Kittim" - Ships with weaponry and many people shall come from Limbarnia, and other costs of Rome and will join the legions coming out from Constantinople..."and they shall afflict Ashur, and shall afflict Eber" - but, in the end they will fall from the hands of the King-Mashiach, and shall be destroyed for eternity.(Targum Jonathan, Bamidbar 24)

It is, however, interesting to investigate deeper meaning of Gog and Magog battle, which is - putting on test who has the true faith in divine providence: Torah beleiving Jews or the gentiles?This test in faith is deeply inrooted in festival of Succot, which symbolyzes trust of a man in G-d, as told in the story in Talmud, masechet Avodah Zara:

In the last days the nations will argue: Master of the universe! Did You then offer us the Torah, and we turned it down? But how could they say that God did not offer them the Torah? He did offer it to them!. For it says, "God came from Sinai, shone forth from Seir (Esau and Rome), appeared from Mount Paran (Ishmael)" (Deuteronomy 33:2).
The nations will then petition God, "Master of the universe! Please offer us the Torah once more, and we will observe it." G-d then offers them a single mitzvah: sitting in the Succah. Instantly, everyone will get busy and build his succah on top of his roof (Gag). The Holy One, blessed be He, will test them by making the sun blaze full force as in the sweltering heat of summer, whereupon every one of them will kick down his succah and go away in disgust, as it says, "Let us break the cord of their yokes, shake off their ropes from us," (Psalms 2:3). The Holy One, blessed be He, then will laugh at [the nations], as it says, "He Who is enthroned in heaven laughs, God mocks at them" (Psalms 2:4). R. Yitzchak said: Only on that day is there laughter for the Holy One, blessed be He. (Talmud, Avodah Zara 3a)

The Succah is noted for its sechach (from which it gets its name): a thatched roof that is thin enough to let rain through. A Succah does not protect you from the elements; it serves as a reminder that protection comes from G-d. Man must put in effort--we live in a Succah, not out of doors--but only with Divine Aid can we succeed. Magog is challenged with this commandment in particular because the message they convey is "my might and the strength of my hand won for me this war". In distinction to the message of the Succah, they feel they can provide their own roofs, their own self-protection.

Also,more interesting insights:

2/15/2005 10:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish that people would stop trying to relate current events to biblical text. Only prophets can truely declare what is to be and what is not to be. I haven't heard of any reports of any validated living prophets. So what we have here is nice fiction; the library is full of the same retoric written by far greater authors. As far as the "American Indians" go, they were barbarians and certainly no better people then the Palestinians of today.

2/17/2005 3:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dov Bar Leib is a genius! I look forward to reading more and more from him as Current events unfolds. Thanks for the insight!

2/23/2005 4:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dov, incredible information. Fast forward to May 2011, Code name for Bin Ladin was Geronimo.... any comments on this?


5/27/2011 5:18 AM  

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