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Redemption in its Time

Over the last two weeks I wrote a series of letters to my blog buddy, Akiva of Mystical Paths, and to Moshe, another buddy from the blogosphere. It was a reflection on the b'itah process which was sealed with the destruction of Gush Katif, the last time that the redemption could have come hastily with virtually no suffering if some Torah scholars had not joined that coalition with Ariel Sharon and Shimon Peres (a.k.a. Armolgus not to be confused with Armilus a.k.a. Ehud Olmert). It should be noted that there were noteworthy giants in the Ashkenazi Torah world that vociferously opposed UTJ's decision to join the "Shepherd's" last government. Kudos and blessings to the Admor of Sadigora and to the Erloier Rebbe for trying to stop this insane horror. I have previously written about this. See the archives of August 2005. Yes, I did mention at that time that one of the reasons for joining was to preserve the independence and to guarrantee the survival of the Chareidi school system which was in jeopardy. See my response to this in the August 2005 archive article- "There is a Tachlit (Purpose) for the Previous Post." Remember! The purpose of writing this is to inspire teshuvah, not to spread recriminations!

The situation now is vastly different. The Israeli High Court and Armilus are holding a huge threat over the heads of Rav Eliyashiv and Rav Ovadia Yosef, the spiritual heads of UTJ and Shas respectively. They will quickly secularize the country, stripping Jewish Religious Courts of all power, if one of them does not join his coalition of the damned. I am sure they will further starve Kollel students and engage in an assortment of other "tortures" if one of them does not join. Besides it seems that he has four Likudniks in the wings who are ready to pull off a high school prank by abandoning whatever principles they might have by jumping to Olmert's side for whatever financil benefit such a jump might offer. This would give Armilus the more than 61 seat majority he still needs to pull off his string of horrors. Therefore, the ruling to join or not to join this time is not so morally clear cut. Back on the ninth or tenth of Tevet, 5765 when UTJ (United Torah Judaism) signed a letter of intent to join the Sharon government, UTJ in effect stopped the march to new elections. New elections would have been a welcome move and would have cleared the air before the ensuing summer's catastrophe. Whether it would have stopped the catastrophe, we will not know until Mashiach comes and until someone asks him. By the way, your eyes have not deceived you. The letter of intent was signed on the ninth or the tenth of Tevet. I clearly remember seeing the newspaper article in HaModia after the fast of Tevet ended. It was a horrible and depressing shock, for I fully understood at the time what it meant. It took Nebuchadnezzar 2 1/2 years to sack Yerushalayim from the date that he arrived to set up a siege to the city on the tenth of Tevet, 3336. On the ninth of Av, 3338 Solomon's Temple was totally destroyed. Two and 1/2 half years from the tenth of Tevet, 5765 is the summer of 5767. Whether Armilus, Gog W., and his soon to be Russian allies of convenience can wait that long remains to be seen. (This letter of intent was actually one of the reasons that I decided to start this blog. The South Asian tsunami, less than one week later privided the material.) Everything is happening so so fast, and the everything that is happening is like a snowball which no mortal can stop. The B'itah express was kicked off with the brain death of the "Shepherd" a.k.a Ariel Sharon on the fifth of Tevet, 5766. Which Sukkot over the next three years will host the climax of the final redemption remains to be seen. I am praying for the one that will transpire in the next six months. I would be less surprised, though, if we need to wait until Sukkot 5768. Pray that I am wrong. Let it be this coming Sukkot! Here are the letters with some modifications:

Dear Akiva:

Where did your friend from Eli hear about survivors coming from the Negev?

From studying Bereishit, it is abundantly clear that there is a special canopy of Rachmanut (Divine Compassion) that stretches from Beersheva to ancient Luz a.k.a Beth El. When Avraham stopped off in Shekhem, he built an altar and offered korbanot (sacrifices) to HaShem, thanking him for his rachmanut in getting him safely to EY (the Land of Israel). Yet, when he gets to Beth El, he offered up offerings on another mizbeach twice, once before he went down to Egypt and again when he returned. In addition to this he called out the name of HaShem asking for a special dose of Rachmanut. One of these cries was for the battle of Ai in the days of Yehoshua which was lost because of Achan's sin (He took booty from Yericho against the ban placed on that by Joshua). The second cry, I believe, was for our time, the years of Sukkot. Surely enough, hitnatkut 1 in the year of Avraham included Shekhem and the road to Dothan, but didn't extend further south.

This rachmanut is accentuated in the time that Ya'akov Avinu returned from Haran to Yerushalayim to daven before proceeding to the Yeshivah of Shem and Eiver. He returned as far south as BethEl and went to sleep and Yerushalayim came to greet him. He had his vision of the ladder to shamayim (heaven) which stretched from Beer Sheva to over BethEl. Rashi and others refer to a canopy of Rachmanut which stretches as far north as BethEl, for it was in BethEl that HaShem was standing over him while he was sleeping. North of BethEl, when Israel is under strict judgement, the northern part of EY is judged first. In the year of Yitzkhak, before Mashiach appears, the entire land will remain under strict judgement. According to the Zohar, Mashiach will first "appear" in the Gallilee providing redemptive rachamanut there. The midat HaDin, though will extend southwards from where Avraham first arrived in EY in Elon Moreh. Yet, in the merit of Ya'akov Avinu, the midat HaRachamim will return in full force by next Pesach, for it was then that he was given a bracha of Din in Olam HaZeh but Rachmanut in Olam Haba. Since Yemot HaMashiach is the vestibule for Olam HaBa, I firmly believe that that Rachmanut will extend to when he is remembered for receiving that bracha and the promise for being the sole inheritor of EY at the end of days in the third year of Sukkot. Yet, in Avraham, Yitzkhak, and Ya'akov Avinu's merit it is unclear whether this canopy of Rachamim will extend north of Bethel to Elon Moreh during the first three years of Sukkot. I can fully understand the concern of your friend in Eli who lives in this "in between area" of the Shomron.

Having said this, obviously there is a concern to be in Yesha (Judea and the Shomron including the Binyamin region north of Yerushalayim) until next Pesach. Ya'akov Avinu tarried for up to six months between Sukkot and Pesach when returning to his father in Chevron, 22 years after he fled from his brother Esau. In that six month period at least six tragedies befell him, and not one of the altars that he built refers to HaShem's attribute of mercy.

1. the rape of Dinah
2. the Chillul HaShem of Shimon and Levi by signing a peace treaty with the residents of Shekhem just to set up their slaughter (sounds like something Muhamad would do)
3. the the death of Devorah, his mother's wet nurse
4. the death of his mother, Rivka
5. the death of his wife, Rachel in childbirth
6.the moving of his bed from Bilhah's tent by Reuven

So much tragedy in just six months of failing to honor his father! If this process slips into b'itah (which it already has done), the remainder of this year and the first six months of 5767 will be most difficult of all. Oy, what a year awaits us all until next Pesach. Yet, my wife and I will not flee to the Negev for a year. She has way too much faith for that. We will rely on HaShem and his canopy of mercy even though we may need to still be here by next Pesach to realize it, for it was on the 14th of Nissan that Ya'akov Avinu received his fateful blessing from his father. Besides now that Yitzkhak's birth has been remembered, whatever suffering Jews live through here will be magnified throughout the entire world, even more so in the world of Yishmael, for he now has been cut off from divine blessing. There will be no safe haven from 3700 years of pent-up Divine Wrath on this planet. We may as well stay put in the eye of the storm and pray that the eye-wall does not sway over our little hamlet. Rachmanut! May HaShem give us all rachmanut!

Do not fear, Ya'akov, for I do all this for you! The time of your redemption has arrived!

Akiva, the following is a letter which I sent to another friend:

Reflections on Geulah B'itah:

It appears as if the first Yam of Yam Yam (the record flooding of the Danube) is right on target. The painful process of redemption b'itah has begun. The last two weeks I have been reflecting on how painful this process can become over the next 18 months for Jews in Yesha, Israelis within the Green Line, and the rest of Mankind. It is only a prettier picture starting by Pesach of 5767 when HaKodesh Baruch Hu will remember Ya'akov in honor of the ancient blessing bestowed upon him by his father Yitzkhak. Only then will he remember Ya'akov and only Ya'akov's inheritance of Eretz Yisrael for the benefit of relieving Mankind's suffering by ending the suffering of G-d's firstborn. The World will scream and kick for about six months until Sukkot 5768 when all reactive judgements against Mankind will become pro-active in honor of the ushpiz of Moshe Rabbeinu (the Sukkot guest for the fouth day of Sukkot). I am coming to conclude with a 80-90% certainty for a whole host of reasons that the great gathering of the nations against Jerusalem will conclude during that fateful Sukkot. From now until this coming Yom Kippur, I expect an increase in the ayin with an aleph(chaos) that you wrote me about earlier. The yesh (the substitute for the chaos) should begin to appear by next Spring, earlier if G-d in his mercy demands it.

I believed all along that for Klal Yisrael, the Year of Yitzkhak was a tremendous test to see if we wanted one more year of Galut Edom (the exile of Rome) or not. If the Hareidim are forced to join Armilus in his evil coalition, we will have failed the test even though it is obvious that in order to prevent the total destruction of the Jewish court system they might have not choice but to join. The failure will have been elsewhere at an earlier time when b'itah could have been prevented. Yet, a summer of strict justice will commence this year anyway in concert with geulah b'itah. A war between Edom and Amalek in Persia looms to commence sometime between next week and this coming Chanukah. The entire Islamic world will morph into Amalek in order to continue to exist as their guardian angels are slain in heaven. And a huge portion of the world will be under water or somehow destroyed by it. Rav Amnon Yitzkhak's interpretation of the passages in Zecharia, which speak of 2/3 of the residents of the land being wiped out after the incapacitation of the "Shepherd" in Zech 13, is that the land referred to there is the entire world. G-d willing this will be somehow ameliorated. Much of this amelioration will only occur if Gog and Armilus do as little to destroy Yesha as much as possible especially after Pesach of 5767. Until next Pesach Armilus will find it difficult to give the Land to the Arabs. After the birth and brit of Yitzkhak the nations from which the Arabs spring are becoming non-existent entities in Shamayim. Instead he will probably try to destroy a few hilltop "illegal" settlements this summer. Gog W. in order to get Russian support for an attack against Iran in the UN will make a deal, I believe: Russian support for his necessary war to keep the price of oil below $100 per barrel in exchange for a substantial Russian troop presence in the places that Armilus (Olmert) destroys in the Land of Israel. How Russia a.k.a Meshech and Tuval will be punished by water, time will tell. But until 5767 the forces of Edom have a right to be here in honor of their father Yitzkhak. The international forces of Edom are about to arrive. Excuse me if I do not roll out the red carpet. I am sure that the Russians will happily take on the duty of cracking of skulls, a detail that would be abhorrent for Americans. Until then Chag Sameach. May G-d have mercy on all of us.

I also sent this:

I should point out two things. G-d willing the Hareidim will not join with Armilus after all. (As of the end of April Shas is about to join but may yet decide not to.)
Secondly, now that Yitzkhak's birth is remembered, the judgements that are befalling Mankind henceforth are for all the suffering of Jewish History, not just for any particular present sin against us. Therefore, the triggers may be present suffering, but the Wrath of G-d will have a memory of more than 3700 years.


A final note: The full remebrance of Ya'akov may occur with his blessing next Erev Pesach, but another event in his life will play an equally pivitol role over the next six to 18 months. After he left Charan and his father-in-law Lavan's miserable record as an employer, he lived in temporary dwellings for 18 months. On his slow trek back to EY before encountering Esau and bowing seven times before him on Yom Kippur, he lived in a sukkah next to his animals. After encountering Esau on Yom Kippur according to Me'am Loez, he traveled to a place called Sukkot and continued to live in his sukkah until the end of Sukkot. He then built a house for the winter time, and then he lived in a sukkah for another six months after that during the following summer. Only after that did he enter the Land of Israel and temporarily settled in Shekhem. According to Rashi and other midrashic sources, when Mashiach comes he will travel with Esau all the way to Har Seir for Esau's final judgement on Sukkot. Again may this happen this Sukkot 5767 and not the one in 5768.

Secondly, the seventh Yom Kippur of the Al Aksa Intafada is about to transpire. For seven full years we have bowed down before the nations of the world on Yom Kippur, accepting their condemnations and their bullying. It does appear that we are headed for the seventh and last time. It is worth noting that Gog W. will be President of the Land of Magog for six of these seven Days of Atonement. His father was President for one of these bowings fourteen years ago. In the last year of the Gog Sr. presidency, Israel was condemned immediately preceeding the first night of Chanukah 5753 (Dec. 1992) in the U.N. Security Council. The resolution was specifically written by Gog Sr.'s foreign policy experts for expelling approximately 400 Hamas thugs to the 33rd parallel in Southern Lebanon. He ordered it done when it served no political purpose. He had already been defeated by "Dogface" Bill Clinton. Yet, he found time to exercise his hatred for Israel's full right to defend itself against murderers and thugs. The Torah portion that previous Shabbat was VaYishlach. Ya'akov was coming back from Charan when, "He lifted up his eyes and beheld Esau approaching with 400 men." May this Sukkot see the end of all this hatred. The time of our bowing is almost over.


Blogger Avi Green said...

Regarding the judicial system in Israel, you indicate an important point: the court needs to be changed and improved. In other words, the political parties, both religious and non-religious, must call for the laws to be changed so that the judges are chosen by the government and Knesset, and not by sitting judges already in place, as is the case now. In the US, that's how it's done there, with Congress interviewing the nominees and confirming the approvals.

The issues of the Azure quarterly from winter 1998 and autumn 1999 have some articles that give more info on what's wrong with the court system in Israel, and it may be possible to find them at the magazine's website.

4/30/2006 6:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After reading your wonderful article of April 29, 2006 "Redemption in it's time as well as several of your other articles i find issue with your constant denigration of the Israeli leaders, when in fact we have to agree that it is not the leaders that are completely at fault. The leaders run on a platform, and it seens to me that they have been relatively true to their platforms(don't get me wrong i don't agree with the current leading parties platform in any way shape or form). The people in Israel are the one's that vote in these leaders, they just don't appoint themselves, the real problem lies in the voters not the leaders(albeit we would wish that all leaders of israel were non-land giving, shomer mitzvah people). I think it would be more constructive to work towards the goal of converting the people of israel to be shomer mitzvah rather than lambasting leaders that are doing what their constituents want.
I agree that gaza should have never been turned over, i agree that the west bank should never be turned over, i agree that the country should be run on a shomer mitvah platform, I DO NOT agree that one has free license to destroy people who are in political office doing the calling of the populace. i think your articles clearly cross the line of loshen hara in several areas. Do kol yiroel a favor, put some of your energies into mekaraving(sp?) other jews to become shomer mitzvah and I think your need for this denigration of the people of israel will disappear. Remember that when you tear apart the leaders of israel you are really doing the same damage to the voters who elected them. You are creating more reasons for the klal to become more dysfunctional and more infighting. If you want to voice your opinion on which way you feel the country should go, that's fine, but not at the expense of some many other yidden, no matter how far off the derech they are.
Good luck and I really enjoy your articles

4/30/2006 8:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In response to Rabbi Yess' first comment, and the dreadful state of our Rabbinical "Leaders".....
this situation is the same all over the world. I live in Australia, we are suffering just as you are, with no leadership, we are all on our own.
Rabbi Yess is correct, we have to remember Hashem is in control, not governments.
We must continue to have faith that Hashem will look after us, and not look to our "leaders" for examples, because we will not be satisfied with their examples, as they have totally lost the plot.

"In the days before Moshiach, there will be no leaders".
Well that's for SURE.
The tzaddikim are dying, and we are left with the drek.
Time for everyone to do their own teshuva and don't look around you for inspiration, look up to Hashem.

5/01/2006 1:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dov,do you really believe that in event that the "Torah-observant" politicians will join the erev rav government it will save Israel from the gov. secularizing the country, stripping Jewish Religious Courts of all power... starving Kollel students and engaging in an assortment of other "tortures""???
to me it's the same as believing that terrorists will stop murdering if only you "join" them in their agenda.
you know that during the ww2 some towns in europe (e.g. kiev, ukraine) rabbis came out to greet the germans hoping that if they only get on the germans' "right" side everything would be ok.... well i don't have to tell you what happens to them and their communities.
the choice that seems like a choice is in reality a HUGE trap.
interestingly enough that shas is offered the financial portfolio, they are given a "golden calf" which is suppose to save them (G-d forbid).
may Hashem have mercy on all of us!

5/01/2006 3:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Victor Siegel said, "The leaders run on a platform, and it seems to me that they have been relatively true to their platforms...."

With all due respect, that is absolutely not true vis-a-vis Sharon's gov't and the gerush (aka "disengagement"). "Unilateral disengagement" of Jews from 'Aza was the LABOR party's platform. The Likud platform was emphatically against the whole idea; and Sharon himself, as head of the Likud list, lambasted the plan. The voters were presented a clear choice: vote Labor to see the Jews kicked out of 'Aza, or vote Likud to support the yishuvim. The voters handed Labor a resounding DEFEAT. So what happened? Sharon betrayed the electorate and set about implementing the very program which his party, and he personally, had so vociferously opposed during the campaign.

5/06/2006 10:54 PM  

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