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The Dog has Returned to its Vomit

Proverbs 26:11  Like a dog that has returned to its vomit, so is a fool who repeats his foolishness.  I have not published for a while.  And many have asked my opinion on the upcoming Presidential election.  Here are some thoughts.  It is pretty clear cut.  Obama is an incredibly evil man, and right now he is tied to win his more flexible and dictatorial 2nd term.  I have a few other thoughts which I will publish frequently, but there are so many twist and turns, that I will not predict any results.  just thoughts.

We live in a culture where the dog has returned to its vomit. This American election is so so close. If times were normal (after Benghazi and various other Obamanations), Romney would be leaving Obama in the dust. Yet, even according to more conservative Rasmussen and Real Clear Politics polls, Obama is slightly leading in most important toss up states. If he wins in either Ohio or Florida, he wins. If Romney wins in both Ohio and Florida, he still needs a boatload of other states to win. So times are not normal. As a matter of fact, I have not seen Mankind as a species so low in my lifetime. And even in the 1930s when dark evil shadows overtook Europe, Father Coughlin even during the Great Depression never garnered more than fifteen or 20% support in the United States. If he had garnered more support, then the political party that he founded in 1936 would have garnered more votes. The vast majority of Americans in the 30s could smell an evil man and opted to distance themselves from him. Yes, 20% can be noisy, but they can't win in a Republic. Now the situation is vastly different. Obama is an overwhelmingly evil man. He started his political career in Chicago fundraising in the home of a well known domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers. And now he abandons his Ambassador in Libya to the Muslim "mob", more like an organized crime mob, who murdered him and three others and then performed unbelievable acts of sexual cruelty on him, all on 9/11. And rather take the mantle in a war against pure evil, for two weeks he blames a video which skewers the Prophet Muhammad. In a world of evil run amok, Obama blames an American exercising his American constitutional rights. He even arrests him and posts what amounts to a Google map to his American home online. So in the war against evil, Obama sides with the barbarians who are at the gates. And he is tied for re-election to the Presidency?? The dog has returned to its vomit, and half of the American public (including most American Jews) seems to find the vomit pleasant to drink. Tell me does the Satmar Rebbe still support Obama for re-election? No, I don't recognize this world at all. In order to understand how evil it is right now, we might have to go back to a time when a "foolish" 480 old man started to build an Ark. 

More stuff about Obama and how he is toiling like a monkey in a few days.  Keep in mind that Amalek is Amal Qof, the one who toils like a monkey.  To be honest I am shocked at how close the world as we know it is precariously on the edge.  I guess that 7 years ago there was no way of gauging how much evil Mankind could quickly embrace.  It is breathtaking, but I will hold my peace until the tally takes place on November 6th.  But if this 11th horny dude is still smiling on November 7th,.....  later


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is supporting Obama?

Details on Obama:

10/22/2012 7:45 AM  
Anonymous Fangyu said...

Thank you very much Rabbi Dov Bar-Leib for the blog posting. Shalom.

10/22/2012 9:02 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

UPDATE: And now there is so much more before the foreign policy debate. 1. Obama is actually leading in foreign policy competence in the "minds" of American voters by a 47 to 46% approval rating. Something is truly wrong with the 47% (did I say that?) who actually think that Obama is competent in foreign policy after Benghazi. I know all the 47% jokes going around right now, but this one is for real. For 47% of Americans at this time to think that Obama is competent in foreign policy should frighten even the most American of American Jews. What the heck is wrong with this country?? They should be thinking about the implications of this, but the implications are way to frightening.

2. There is evidence that what happened in Benghazi was a gun running operation at the behest of the Muslim Brotherhood to arm Jihadists in the Syrian Free Army. Ambassador Stevens was Obama's point man in a very dangerous operation in a place where he was receiving virtually no personal protection. He was at the very dangerous Benghazi US Mission, not in relative safety in Tripoli, and American Drones were capturing what was going down in real time. The Ambassador was murdered and sodomized, and no one went in to protect him to save his life, and the President went to bed. The contact for the Free Syrians was a Turkish middleman approved of by both the Muslim Brotherhood and Erdogan. This is explosive. It is big. It points to how evil Obama is. And yet 47% of Americans think that Obama is doing just fine in foreign policy. Does anyone want to talk about this 47%?? They are just as dangerous as the 47% who do not pay taxes. If Obama wins, America is finished. The last three years will be cataclysmic, but America is finished. Will there be Civil War? How many Americans will head for Canada on November 7th if he actually wins again? Will Stephen Harper close the border?? This is about to get wild really wild. I will watch the debate on tape tomorrow, but with American ignorance on display, does it really matter??

Well it does in one way. It connects the Benghazi debacle with the "War in the North in which two kings will perish." In the end that will be the big news to come out of this.

10/23/2012 12:55 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Obama Wins the Third Presidential Debate 52-48 over Romney


10/23/2012 5:36 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Immediately after it wrapped, 53 percent of the more than 500 voters polled gave the foreign policy-themed debate to Mr. Obama; 23 percent said Romney won, and 24 percent felt the debate was a tie. Uncommitted voters in similar polls gave the first debate to Romney by a large margin, but said Mr. Obama edged the GOP nominee in the second debate

10/23/2012 6:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AMERICA JEWSARE FINISH :), what is that smile for?

10/23/2012 10:08 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

It is unclear who won. Romney realizes that the undecideds, whom he is trying to win over, do not think about morality in foreign policy. America is no longer holding at that level as it was even 30 years ago in 1980 during another hostage crisis with an Islamic regime. American independents are not even dedicated to morality in their own lives, much less morality in foreign policy. So Romney, who has won the Governorship in such a "liberal" state where G-d centered morality does not play a role in one's daily life, knows how to win with such people. Go for style over substance. Look Presidential. Say great things. Still be decent, but don't skewer one's opponent for being Evil Incarnate even if this is the case (and needs to be pointed out). Romney in order to get those immoral or amoral independents to vote for him can not be the one to point it out. It is Glenn Beck's, Ann Coulter's, and Rush Limbaugh's job to point it out. But Romney is a conservative Mormon in an age where most Americans at best are amoral. What a horrible set of circumstances that is! But it is the fact. Yet, it still leaves the Light of Truth from not being shone upon the White House Evilman. So the cockroach has not scattered and is therefore still dangerous in so many ways. So Romney chose to fight the battle against a truly evil man with Beauty, not Truth. So the results so far from the 3rd debate are inconclusive. And the Evil guy will try to find a way to win since his cover has not been blown wide open. Yet, this is a dangerous time for American Jews. If Obama wins Oy vey.

10/23/2012 11:55 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

And I would not be joyful about this path toward Geulah. The previous Shmittah cycle with the kinder and gentler Gog W. Bush would have been more inclusive. I am not about to smile about how an Obama win will crush a lot of good American Jews until Ben David arises. I realize that we cannot ignore that the majority of Jews will vote for Obama. And we cannot ignore that many Orthodox Jews live their lives as if they want the galut to continue, at least as long as they can enjoy the benefit of their 401K. Both are evils of a different sort, but many American Jews do not fall into the above two categories. I pray that category #3 will thrive and remain safe, and that all three categories will live through whatever is to come. And if Romney wins, well they can all let out a sigh of relief, except the ones who voted for Obama. I must admit, I don't feel close to them at all. How can a Jew vote for such a self-evident evil man? and not just about dividing Jerusalem, but about a whole range of evils that this man has engaged in or supports. fund-raising in the home of Bill Ayers? And I have not even talked yet about Hanuman the Monkey god. This evil one is from Amalek.

10/24/2012 12:11 AM  
Blogger Daniela said...

Welcome back to blogging. I had understood you deemed European Union to be the pivot of future events. Do you still expect Euro currency to plunge, or are you now convinced the US$ downfall is imminent?
We will now see Netanyahu's reaction at the events in the south. I wonder if there will be retribution and deterrence establishing, given that any red line has obviously been crossed long since. What is your opinion?

10/24/2012 1:16 PM  
Anonymous Neshama said...

The Brotherhood is taking over every country surrounding Israel. They are in the America and the WH. One can see how everything O did has strengthened the Bros, but he is also working with Russia, and R has confirmed that "those weapons (Benghazi)" are now in the hands of the rebels in Syria. It's truly a sinister world plot toward the Caliphate.

O is using the Bros either to bring about the Caliphate, or is using them to create a marxist America. His policies are very marxist. Collusion. In that case, what will happen to the Bros? Which way will America slide? Can't be both?

10/25/2012 12:03 PM  
Blogger LondonMale said...

Dov bar Leib, a couple of questions please.

1.) If Ambassador Stevens was involved in negotiations, why was he killed?
One would have thought that however much the Jihadists desised him, they would have known his worth to them in terms of supply of arms, logisitics and intelligence?

2.) Any thoughts on European Commission President Jose Barroso's planned proposed European Union integration, whereby it will become a federal state in all but name?
And how the probable British reluctance to be involved might be significant?

10/26/2012 1:48 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

G-d willing I will answer after Shabbat all the questions posed. But going into Shabbat accoding to the three day rolling Rasmussen poll which has been very accurate in the last two elections, Romney lost the foreign policy debate, not in a big way but slightly. So the lead that he was opening up has narrowed again. He chose wrong. You cannot fight evil with beauty,"Acting Presidential". Bnai Shem know this instinctively. Bnai Yafeth often get the two, Truth and Beauty, mixed up. Romney mixed them up, and the Evil One's lies get to fester. Yes, he was a woman's man at the debate so that he closed the gender gap (his only debate accomplishment). Women loved his manly adult like command of a wide range of issues even if he did not answer questions on how royally the Evil One messed up in Benghazi. He did not expose the great evil in Benghazi so that the cockroach did not scatter. If Romney loses Ohio, he loses the election. He cannot win without both Ohio and Florida. There are 2 million dead voters on the rolls in Dade and Broward Counties in South Florida. So Obama has Florida shored up with whatever number of skeletons he needs to come to the polls if the race really tightens in Florida too. If he needs a few thousand dead voters to show up, they will show up. So Obama is quickly figuring out a way to shore up the live Jewish support in South Florida. The dead voters are all in his pocket. We will see if he succeeds. This Presidential election, if Obama wins, will be the last Presidential election in American history. So it needs to be followed closely. We will worry about Israeli elections later. Shabbat Shalom for now.

10/26/2012 2:23 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Yes, there seems to be incontrovertible evidence that Ambassador Stevens had dinner with a Turkish go between who was the Turkish Consul General in Benghazi, the most dangerous place on earth for a non-Muslim, the night of 9/11. The Turkish Consul General left what appears to have been a CIA safe house, not a State Dept. safe house as originally reported. The Ansar Al Sharia terrorist group at the time already was carefully watching the safe house. The Turkish Consul safely was allowed to leave the safe house before Ansar Al Sharia began the attack. There is no doubt that the dinner conversation dealt with arming the Islamicists in the Syrian Free Army. At this point after the Turkish Consul left, the attack began. Ansar Al Sharia took total responsibility for the attack within two hours after the attack had already murdered and sodomized the Ambassador. Yet, for 14 days after the attack the entire administration was obsessed about a Youtube video that defamed the Prophet of Islam. So much so that at the UN the day before Yom Kippur the POTUS said that the future does not belong to those who would defame the Prophet Muhammad. If this were not real, it would be an Ayn Rand novel or a George Orwell novel. This is the scandal of the millennium so far even if this millennium has hardly begun. Hillary even told the grieving father of one of the Navy Seals who was murdered in Libya that the US will get to the bottom of this and will arrest and prosecute the maker of the Youtube video. What??? on what charge??? This is bizarre. This is insane. This is raw evil.

10/26/2012 2:39 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Sorry, quick answer to London Male. I will answer Daniella and Neshama after Shabbat. the hour is late.

1. well this includes Daniella. I still believe very strongly that we are in the Shmittah cycle of the 11th horn. I do not believe that the previous ten horns are historical kingdoms or leaders. The reason is that the 11th horn that arises saying great things, pulls three of the ten horns out by their roots. This can only happen if the ten horns are contemporaries of the 11th horn in Daniel 7. So there will be ten economic superstates including the EU and the Euro will limp along for a while. It will be joined by nine other economic superstates each with their own Governors and currency. For instance the US, Canada, and Mexico will have the amero so on and so forth. This top down system will be an abysmal failure. So the half Muslim half Xtian 11th horn will rise and overthrow 3 of the ten governors. How all this happens I do not know. But it will likely happen soon. So the EU will continue to limp along with its Euro, and other consolidations will take place worldwide. If Obama wins, the world will change drastically after the election. If Romney wins, tremendous Rachamim will be introduced into the process of Geulah. And frankly because it is happening without the suffering of the 11th horn, I can't guess what would happen next if Romney wins. But if Obama wins, Fiscal Armeggeddon is less than two months away. This election will really make a profound difference on how the Geulah unfolds. on the election, I am not prognosticating. just considering both possibilities. To be honest the Zohar seems to favor that the evil despot wins on November 6th and after the completion of the Syrian War in which two kings perish, he will quickly hold an international conference to either destroy Israel by forcing it to absorb 5 million Arabs or will divide Jerusalem. This would only happen under Obama.

The problems in Gaza will only be solved when ben David transfers the entire Gaza population into northern Sinai where most of them historically came from anyway. The most common last name in Gaza is Masri meaning Egyptian. They were trying to flee there in 1948 when Farouk closed the border. So now we need to complete their desire by returning them to Egypt.

10/26/2012 3:25 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

1. In a normal world I can't see how Obama can win after a series of revelations about what happened in Benghazi. It is a mistake to assume that blaming it all on a Youtube video by Susan Rice and Jay Carney was just a screw up. It was the number one goal from day One. The 11th horny dude wants to ban libel against the Muslim Prophet in his 2nd term. He will likely do it by Executive Order in his 2nd term if he is re-elected since Congress will never pass such a law. But as I said, in a normal world he would have no chance at being re-elected. But this is not a normal world anymore. So just like Obama stood down in Benghazi allowing his Ambassador and a another diplomat to be murdered and sodomized, and the two Navy Seals to be killed when they came to the Ambassador's defense, I am standing down from predicting who is going to win this contest in which one of the contestants is pure evil. The other contestant is a sane but average successful businessman from Boston who is good at looking Presidential. He is not St. Iram (Santorum) by any means, but perhaps times are normal enough that he will win anyway....Perhaps.

2. If the 11th horny dude is re-elected, America will fall apart in less than 6 months. Texas will violently try to secede from the United States. Millions of Americans with money will try to leave the U.S. Most of them will try to go to Canada, but many Jews will try to make instant Aliyah with all their wealth before Cass Sunstein writes a regulation that Americans cannot leave with all their wealth. This will cause widespread panic. In such a world, the economic collapse will come quickly. Total chaos tends to do that. Soros and company will set up ten economic superstates each with their own currency and Governor to pick up the pieces. Europe as pointed out by one of the commenters already is ready to go with complete political integration even though the leaders of the E.U. if Nigel Farage is correct aren't even elected!! Van Rompuy seems to be one of those technocrats that has taken over by appointment. So the EU is set, but the NAFTA group will be one of the ten. They will have the Amero as a currency. When this top down situation proves to be a total failure, the 11th horny dude will move into action by eliminating the position of three of the ten economic Governors. Of course this scenario will only unfold if Obama is re-elected, and I am not taking guesses on that one since we supposedly live in a normal world. The only country that will not fit into one of these economic confederations will of course be Israel. It will make us an easy mark to stick out like a sore thumb. Yet, the world will be in such chaos. So how and when the meteorite shower takes place on a Western city when an international conference is being held to wipe us off the map, I don't know, but all of this only makes sense if Obama is re-elected. So I am standing down, until that happens. If not, I will go with the flow and thank G-d for his Mercies that he is choosing to push the process along in a merciful way. Amein.

10/28/2012 1:28 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

3. The British reluctance to be part of Europe is not a Ma'aleh of Great Britain. The British are being separated out for a special judgment. While the rest of the world simply closed their own borders to Jews just before WW2, Britain under Chamberlain, yemach shmo, closed the borders to Eretz Yisrael, and closed them shut. And he knew what Hitler had planned for the Jews in Europe. He sat across from him for months before signing the Munich agreements and declaring Peace in Our Time. Yes, the British are being separated out for special judgment. Churchill only arose when Britain's tail was in a sling. When they had the luxury of a choice to not choose a Chamberlain, they chose him. That makes Britain, the entire electorate that voted for him, accessories to mass murder. Sorry London Male. They are really bad. So now with the new Chamberlain as your PM, a man who has a seething hatred of Israel, PM Cameron, I would leave if I were you. He is not even in the same league as a Churchill or a Thatcher. He is no Obama. He has a stiff British upper lip, but he hates us, just like Chamberlain. Ask the former British Ambassador to Israel what David Cameron thinks of us. You might actually get a straight answer. The days of Winston Churchill and Maggie Thatcher are gone. Here is just one of many examples of Cameron's hatred for us:

It is your choice if you want to fool yourself and consider this man a friend of the Jewish people. In a similar situation the British hypocrite parading as PM would make Northern Ireland a prison camp too. In the previous Shmittah cycle it is the British who were in Batzrah, the place where they would have been slaughtered if we had not treated each other like garbage in Eretz Yisrael. So even there with a kinder and gentler Gog ben Gog and we were in his 7 years of Gog UMagog, the British were in Batzrah set aside for special judgment. But it was not meant to be because we could not be decent to each other. The L-rd has yet to have his sacrifice in Batzrah...Iraq. Yet, I hear that the Persians are taking over all the Shiite areas these days. So we will see what happens next.

10/28/2012 1:45 AM  
Blogger LondonMale said...

Thank you Dov for taking the time and trouble to answer my questions. In 2006 an Australian parliamentary committee recommended currency union with New Zealand, so that is something to keep an eye on. Shavua Tov.

10/28/2012 2:11 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

By the way, the last comment explains the curious Gemorrah in Makot: Eilu Hen HaGolin (These are those that flee into exile). There it says that the Angel of Edom makes three mistakes at the End of Days by fleeing to Batzrah. He confuses Batzrah with an actual city of refuge called Beitzer. And an angel like a man can find refuge there. And number three that one who has murdered b'meizid (intentionally) can find refuge like one who has murdered b'shogeig (negligently). It is the last mistake that is most curious. The Angel of Esau knows the law. He knows that one who has murdered b'meizid cannot find refuge in a city of refuge. The Sam kel is well versed in halakhah even if he does not know how to compassionately apply it based on our extenuating circumstances. So what is up with that third mistake? Well the answer is that he goes before the Heavenly Court and says, "I did not murder the Jews in Europe. Hitler did. Great Britain closed the gates to Eretz Yisrael, and is only shogeig or negligent in trapping Jews in Europe. But the One who knows all has a response. You were not shogeig. You conversed with Hitler for months on end. You knew exactly what the man had planned. You were not shogeig. You were meizid.

10/28/2012 2:30 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

And I should point out that Neville Chamberlain was a distant cousin of Houston Stewart Chamberlain who wrote the Nazi's "Bible", Foundations of the 19th Century, describing the epochal war between the Aryans and the Jews. Now Rav Akiva Tatz points out that the gene for Amalek (the one who toils like a monkey) is patrilinear because of Amalek we say Zachor meaning both Remember and Male. So if Houston Stewart was from Amalek, so was his cousin elected by the British nation, Neville.

10/28/2012 2:42 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Neville and Houston Stewart's relationship as cousins is verified by this source:

But I would be curious to see a patrilinear family tree of the Chamberlain family of Great Britain to see how far back their common ancestor is.

10/28/2012 2:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shekoacho Ugvoruso Malay Olam

Very interesting image rendered on the weather mape, no? It looks like a question mark. As if the One above Hashem Yisboruch is asking us loudly - SO what are “you” going to do now? It’s obvious to anyone on the spiritual wavelength that the Holy One, blessed be He, Hashem our creator is going all out to get people’s attention with this storm.

But, while they recognize the uniqueness of this situation, they still refuse to see in it Yad Hashem - the hand of Hashem. This should be a reminder of the Dor Hamabul. We live in a corrupt society and Hashem is telling us to do Teshuva. If not I can destroy parts of the world again. Some conspiracy web sites are even claiming “Superstorm Sandy” is man-made, a manifestation of weather wars that was created as a weapon to upset the elections or as an excuse to begin filling up FEMA camps Chas VeSholom.

Among all the preparation lists being handed around, I have yet to see one that included an admonition to pray to Hashem to say Tehilim to improve our Tznius give Tzedokah and no Loshon Hora. It’s up to us - the Jews - the servants of God - to proclaim His Mastery over all that He has created and continues to create at every moment. Please don’t make lite of this post, we have to wake up Moshiach is at our doorstep waiting for us to do Teshuva so he can do his job.

It’s not to late yet. Do yourself a favor & hit the road out of the USA & into Israel before you head into the future COMMUNISM of America that’s where we are heading to. It’s not a joke. Please Google “the new world order” then google “FEMA camps” get educated you’ll be shocked and hopefully understand what’s happening “to us” here in the (US) Golden Medinah. Time IS running out for us.

No Rav/Rebbeh will tell you to run from US, use your brains, same thing happened in Nazi Germany, the Rabonim where thinking about their future, the Rabonim with nice incomes were afraid to loose it. Time to think how to save yourself and your family, no matter what, it will always be better and safer in Eretz Yisroel, even though it won’t be easy street any place in the world, but here in the USA we clearly see the handwriting openly, understand that there is very little time left for us to save our future.

The way things have been going, one day we’ll wake up and be stuck here C”V the doors are going to be locked, SHUT DOWN FOR EVER don’t wait for the last moment look and see what happened in Sedom. I beg you to get hold of you friends parents in-laws wife and kids etc. and explain that the US is coming to an END

Open your eyes & watch on a weekly basis as you get watched more & more & all rights & freedoms are removed from all of US in the USA. i.e. see what’s doing with Rabashkin, the US is about to become a full dictatorship like what communist Russia was combined with the “kindness” of Nazi Germany C”V, what’s with the FEMA camps that the US government built throughout America? With the gas chambers and trains etc. NOW we have to do Teshuva must beg Hashem for the Geulah, very hard time are approaching our way C”V lets have lots of Achudas do Teshuva to be Zocha for the Geulah

10/30/2012 1:55 AM  
Blogger in the vanguard said...

Bear in mind, DBL, that Hussein Obama's decisions rest in the hands of Hashem.

His rise to power came at a time when in Israel many have to be weaned from the often-heard myth coming from Israelis, that "we need America!" to survive financially and existentially. This chorus of falsity had to be broken, and thus Hashem placed this Muslim mole into highest office to show Israelis - that they do NOT need America to survive. All they need is trust in Hashem.

Where you and I fail, because we cannot easily let loose of following all the politics from day to exciting dramatic day, is - that just giving any or all of this consideration to these Gentile ongoings actually empowers them. These outside sources of "klipah" get their lifeblood from our consideration to them, thus supplying them from holy Jewish powers to do their own biddings.

So I say, what will be will be, and we'll be better off for it; This - as disastrous as it may actually appear, because Hashem has His own plans that bring us closer to Geula.

Kol tuv!!

10/31/2012 10:46 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Yes, I am wondering if this hurricane called Sandy will get Obamanation that makes desolate re-elected. And it may have been called Sandy because the 600,000 indestructible Jews (grains of sand) at the seashore in the 3 beach counties in South Florida might now pull all of their political pull to vote for Obamanation in the most populous swing state. If the MSM helps this Man of pure Sin get re-elected they will try to make this evil man look Presidential and compassionate. Here is Haley Barbour's view of the Divine Providence to get him re-elected.

I don't know if this will be the case, but this most unusual hurricane, one of the most unusual storms in history, will affect this election. So the Hand of G-d is real, and if He wants Americans to care less about Benghazi and the evil man who was responsible, He will. And He will use the 600,000 indestructible grains of sand in South Florida called American Jews to accomplish His Will.

10/31/2012 11:16 PM  

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