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My Open Letter to the Residents of Red Haifa

Haifa Co-existence Holiday of Holidays This link was originally posted on Tomer Devorah's most recent post. The YouTube video is from the Haifa co-existence festival. Here is my comment:

I guess with all of your Arab Muslim neighbors burning your houses down, you won't be celebrating your co-existence (festival) this year. Perhaps you should learn to love your fellow Jews in Samaria just a few miles away. Stop worshiping your World Public Opinion Popularity god which seems to require that you hate Jewish settlers in Samaria as one of the tenets of your avodah. Intrinsically, it is a good thing to have a day recognizing co-existence between Haifa's monotheistic faiths, but not at the expense of the Jews who live in Samaria just a few miles away from you. And we all know that by the way Red Haifans vote, it has come at the expense of the Jews who are in the vanguard of protecting you rear end between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. Let's not sugar coat that.

Right now I only feel sorry for the Likud, Yisrael Beiteinu, Eli Yishai (including when he was the head of Shas), and Bayit Yehudi voters in your midst. They don't deserve to be suffering right now in order for you to learn some very important lessons on seeking your popularity approval in Europe and abroad. But you are mesirat nefesh for your avodah zarah. I wonder what percentage of you will do teshuvah for worshiping your World Public Opinion Popularity god? Have you taken in a Gush Katif refugee family over he last eleven years after you gleefully served your avodah zarah and shooed them out of their homes in order to be loved by the world at large? that you have been shooed out of your homes too (by the fires)? Hmm.

Sorry, I have been waiting for this day to come for eleven years for the purpose of creating a nation which dwells alone with her G-d, rather than a nation that seeks to be loved by a fallen world. I thought that the 2006 South Lebanon War would do the trick. There was a 5% national shift toward national sanity away from the National Pieces movement after that war. That 5% shift from the Summer of 2006 seems to have held over the years, but still over 1.3 million Jews in this country voted for Tzippy Livni, Buji Herzog, Zehavah GalOn, and Yair Lapid in the last election. So the lesson in 2006 was not strong enough. Will this be strong enough? Are you so mesirat nefest to be loved by Mankind, that you will refuse to change your spots?


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11/24/2016 11:07 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

A kashering of the Left Coast by Libun kal.... It seems so. HaShem wants us to offer up our fires on his holy mizbeach in the Rebuilt Third Temple. He would far more prefer that than this, but in order for that to happen, this seems necessary.

11/24/2016 11:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the world just moved a little further down the canal. There was an earthquake, tsusnami and meteor on the same day in Japan, a hurricane AND an earthquake at the SAME TIME in Costa Rica and a basketball sized meteorite hit a house in Indonesia. The owner of the house was name Wahab...Wahab!

11/24/2016 11:58 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Yishayahu 34: 5777: A Year of Recompense for the Cause of Tzion. It seems to have begun with MarCheshvan with an emphasis on the Mar- an embittered wrath against Avodah Zarah of the liberal Jew needing to be loved by the World. Next month and in early Tevet in the UN Sec Council, Obama will see to it that the entire world is at War with the Ways of G-d when he recognizes Paleostine and divides Yerushalayim, probably by the end of December so that New Zealand can still sponsor the resolution at which time they will probably experience another major earthquake and destructive tsunami if the last one was our guide to Divine cause and effect. And again XChurch will lie in ruins, as the Avodah Zarah of Edom is judged first before any other plague. It seems that this is where it is headed.

Now that Nikki Halley is Trump's new UN Ambassador (the most anti-BDS Governor of the United States from the great state of South Carolina), Obama will be driven to impose Reverend Wright realities on Israel, and G-d's Wrath will be ignited against a fallen world until the end of this year, for He can give a Holy Damn about Popularity and World Public Opinion in a world filled with lies. THAT, it seems, is where this is headed.

11/25/2016 12:05 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Newt Gingrich only won two Republican Primaries in 2012 when Sheldon Adelson sponsored his run for the Presidency. He won these primaries AFTER he answered in the Republican foreign policy debate, that the Paleostinian people were an "invented people". For 1350 years there never was an Arab Muslim people called Palestinian during including the 1300 years of Muslim control of Eretz Yisrael minus the years for the Crusades. Only Western powers and Xtians from the Medieval and post-Hadrian ancient period ever referred to Israel as Palestine. The name Palestine is a post-Hadrian Roman and Western and Roman Catholic vicious lie about the name of the Holy Land, and only under Great Britain did the name Palestine again begin to be reused as the name of the Holy Land. The only Palestinians to exist in ancient times after the crushing of the Bar Kochba revolt were Byzantine Roman Catholics. The Byzantine Catholic Diaspora no longer exists. And the ancient Philistines themselves had been previously wiped out by the Assyrian Empire 700 years before the destruction of the 2nd Temple. It is from that extinct five city state nation that Hadrian renamed Judea after crushing the Bar Kochba revolt around the year 135ce.

Two states had the merit to believe Gingrich: South Carolina and Georgia. Now his winning Georgia was a foregone conclusion since Newt Gingrich represented Georgia in the House of Representatives in the 1990s. So South Carolina gets the merit to trigger the final redemption. If I were in America, I would think seriously about moving to Charleston.

11/25/2016 1:05 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Sorry, Nikki Haley is spelled with one L. She will yet get a gold star on the righteous gentile Hall of Fame as this all plays out. So we need to spell her name correctly. By the way, she is a Xtian, and her parents were monotheistic Sikhs. She was born in South Carolina. Her parents are from Punjab province in India.

11/25/2016 2:05 AM  
Blogger Noise Blockers and Other Remedies said...

The land is being purified by fire, then by water, then by air, then by shaking for the impurities put on her, who by sexual improprieties, who by murder, who by corruption and who by cruelty.

This is midah keneged midah.

11/25/2016 6:50 AM  
Anonymous Meir M. said...

Inherent haters and enemies of Israel

France published an official notification Thursday urging businesses to use labels to identify goods produced in the Israeli settlements.

May the French and and France very soon go down the drain of history.

11/25/2016 7:23 AM  
Anonymous Meir M. said...


In his book EVEN SHELOMO, the Vilna Gaon, ztk’l wrote that the selection and purification of Israel will not be complete until the Erev Rav separates from Israel completely, because they (Erev Rav) are very attached to the Jews and the Jews learn from their actions.


The purpose in our bringing about the ingathering of the exiles is to set up faithful people for the sake of the unification of the two moshiachs (i.e., Moshiach Ben Yosef and Moshiach Ben Dovid) in the gates of Jerusalem. This is in order to return the Divine Presence to bring about the redemption, the true redemption and sanctification of God's Name. According to our teacher, the Vilna Gaon, z"l, we can bring about, with the help of G'd and through these strong people, these two moshiachs, and to learn well all the levels and their purposes in practical terms. The general purpose of the two moshiachs, Moshiach Ben Yosef and Moshiach Ben Dovid, throughout all the generations has been to protect and fight against the three 'heads' of the K'lipos, Eisav, Yishmael, and the Erev Rav. The specific role of Moshiach Ben Yosef is against Eisav who is the k'lipah of the left, the main purpose of Moshiach Ben Dovid is against Yishmael, the k'lipah of the right, and together they go against Eisav and Yishmael who are the ox and the donkey from the side of impurity. The joining of Eisav and Yishmael is the result of Armelius, the sar of the Erev Rav, who are able to destroy Israel and the entire world, may God have mercy. The main drive of the Erev Rav is to unify Eisav and Yishmael and to separate the two moshiachs. Therefore, our main service and battle is to break and to remove the strength of the Erev Rav, the k'lipah of Armelius the Evil, from Israel; the Erev Rav is our greatest enemy, the one who separates the two moshiachs. The k'lipah of the Erev Rav works only through deception and roundabout ways. Therefore, the war against the Erev Rav is the most difficult and bitterest of all. We must strengthen ourselves for this war, and anyone who does not participate in the battle against the Erev Rav becomes, de facto, a partner with the k'lipah of the Erev Rav, and was better off not being born in the first place. (Kol HaTor, Chapter 2, Section 2, Letter 'bais')

11/25/2016 7:39 AM  
Anonymous Meir M. said...

We stand today caught in the midst of a triple war - the spiritual war the Erev Rav and the physical wars of Yishmael (as in the Arab-Israel conflict) and Edom (as in the Holocaust). We have learned that, to the extent we cleanse ourselves of the influence of the culture of the Erev Rav, so will we triumph in the war against Yishmael and Edom.

May HKB"H, the King and Creator of the world, send us the strength and will to overcome all of our enemies from within and without, and merit to greet Moshiach with joy in our days, in our generation!

11/25/2016 8:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two more stories about recent meteors. Maybe this is really going to happen?

11/25/2016 9:18 AM  
Anonymous Meir M. said...

12 arsonists have been arrested and also the son of a senior member of the Islamic movement. The lather, from Rahat, was arrested this morning on suspicion of incitement to arson.

May the inherent haters and enemies of Israel soon rotten and burn in hell!

11/25/2016 10:21 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Meir: Even Shleimah or Honest Weights to measure dry goods.

11/25/2016 10:34 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Because it was South Carolina who chose to believe Newt Gingrich's statement of astonishingly pure Emeth, They the electorate of South Carolina and their chosen Governor Nikki Haley were chosen by Heaven to "Quicken" the process of the Final Redemption. I wish I could say that it came from our Prime Minister who consistently talks out of both sides of his mouth, but it did not. So Nikki Haley's nomination will now trigger Barack Ohalibama's response in the UNSC in order to ensure his demonic legacy.

I will soon be writing a post in time for Parshat VaYishlach on the "Ohalibama effect of Esav's wife who birthed three children" and how the Ohalibama effect profoundly affected the recent US elections for President.

11/25/2016 11:08 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Meir: You wrote above that the Gaon's book is Even Shelomo. So I pointed out that the Vilna Gaon's sefer is "Even Shleimah" whose title comes from the injunction in Devarim to use Honest weights and measures when weighing out dry goods.

11/25/2016 11:22 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

The other side of effect of these arson fires is the Creation of an atmosphere of pure chaos where the Bibi, the impure sparks of Shaul HaMelekh, has finally lost control. The Government will have a very difficult if not an impossible task stopping this. They are the ones trying to push the mantra of co-existence with the sons of Yishmael as equal citizens under the Erev Rav Law. It is through the chaos that Ben David rises during the final Nine Months of Olam HaZeh, most likely AFTER Obama goes to the UNSC to divide Israel by Asarah b'Tevet.

11/25/2016 11:29 AM  
Anonymous Meir M. said...

This comment I wrote on Bennets Facebook posting today

אז מתי יפסקו מנהגות המדינה להיות "פוליטיקלי קורקט"/תקינות פוליטית ולהודות לאמת. אנו מתעסקים עם שונאי ואויבי ישראל - גיסי חמישי. מתי יתחילו לטפל בבעיה על פי הלכות רודף. מדובר ממש ברודפים עם כוונה לרצוח!

11/25/2016 11:41 AM  
Anonymous Meir M. said...

In Israel (a list of them outside Israel will follow, B"N)The evil Erev Rav rulers of Israel hate at least 80% of the Jewish people. The Erev Rav are the self-hating, assimilated Jews who control the Israeli news media, the Supreme Court, the large corporations, the labor unions, the army, the educational institutions and the political parties. The time has come for the Jewish majority to take Israel back from the Erev Rav anti-Semites who want to give the country away and who want to destroy all Jewish values.

The Mess of the Masses by Lazer Beams

The Torah is a timeless template for posterity. Whenever the masses seize power, the result is horrifying. Here in Israel, the rule of the ignorant masses – even those who have kippot on their heads – has led to a statutory and legislative uprooting of Torah values, Heaven forbid. These are the erev rav and those who partner with them. They are easily recognized by their readiness to trample the sanctity of the Sabbath, the institution of marriage, the conversion laws and Torah learning in the Land of Israel. They're willing to import every type of vice and spiritually contaminate our cities as long as it adds gold to their coffers. They scoff at our people's true spiritual leadership. Their real motivation - just like the time of the Golden Calf - is to give a free reign to their base urges and appetites; not only that, but to legitimize them with legislation. As in the time of the Golden Calf, even decent people are afraid of speaking up against what's “politically correct”. “Political correctness” is none other than muscling of the ignorant masses by way of the erev rav's control of media, legislative and judicial organs. It's not truth – Torah is. Read all about it in Mess of the Masses, one of my two feature articles in this week's new issue of Breslev Israel web magazine.

11/25/2016 11:54 AM  
Blogger Noise Blockers and Other Remedies said...

Nobody wants to look at the pathetic tethered white elephant in the salon. It's right there. Staring with half-crazed eyes. The entire issue lies NOT - repeat NOT - with the Arabs, Amalek, Erev Rav - whoever. They are just devices Hashem is using to reign us in and temper us, almost to the point of annihilation. Anyone thinking that this is a Haifa thing is mistaken. It will soon meet the metropolitan areas of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Beer Sheva and further up and down till all tumah is cleansed.

Hashem has our number. We have sinned entirely - with all of our faculties designed for kedusha. We've managed with our yetzer to turn them into weapons of mass destruction. So be it. You want your lashon hara - you've got it in the guise of fire. You want your anger- you've received it on a platter with flames. You want your arayot - you've got that too in total destruction of all that is beautiful.

Shabbat Shalom Yisrael.

11/25/2016 12:04 PM  
Anonymous Meir M. said...

For discussion on this blog if Dov approves: The platform of Jewish survival by "the Jewish fist": A Call to Resurrect the Jewish Scholar-Warrior of Old.

- Faith in THE ALMIGHTY, that only by following the Torah, will we merit the redemption and the coming of the true messiah. A nation that wishes to be "a light unto the nations" must first understand what it means to be Jewish. When Israel returns to Torah, it will be in a position to bring that knowledge to the rest of the world.
- The immediate revision of the Law of Return to ensure that it only grants citizenship to those who are Halachically Jewish, either from birth or through an authentic Halachic conversion.
- An immediate end to all foreign aid from the U.S. Israel will act solely on the basis of self-interest (as all healthy nations do) and not be an indentured servant to the U.S.
- A strong military offensive to ensure that neither Iran nor the rest of the barbarians of the Arab/Muslim world obtain nuclear capability.
- The annihilation of all terrorist groups within Israel. The death penalty for all terrorists.
- A government led transfer of the hostile Arabs and other gentiles from Israel, similar to the expulsion of 12 million ethnic Germans by the Poles and Czechs after WWII. A humane transfer (assuming it is not met with violence) that has nothing to do with "racism" or mindless hatred. A transfer based on survival and necessity, as required by the Halachah. A limited number of gentiles who accept the halachic requirements of "resident stranger" may be granted permission to reside in the land.
- An immediate annexation of the liberated territories, with a declaration to the Arab world that future acts of aggression will result in Israel having larger borders. The creation of enforceable "treason laws" will prohibit members of government from articulating positions of territorial compromise or concession, or engaging in discussion regarding the aforementioned with other countries or terrorist organizations such as the PA.
- There are no synagogues in Mecca. A government led removal of the Al Aqsa Mosque & the Dome of the Rock, from atop Har Habayit. Additionally, a government led removal of all mosques, churches, and other non-Jewish houses of worship in accordance with the Halacha.
- Missionaries & cults will be prohibited from entering the country. Proselytizing will result in long term imprisonment and/or state sanctioned death.
- The creation of an independent government agency to investigate the police precincts throughout the country, with the purpose of rooting out all corruption, inefficiency, and negligence. The agency will be assigned the task of restructuring the force into a moral and effective entity, capable of enforcing the law and combating crime. Total warfare on the criminal organizations who sully the sanctity of the Land through violence, theft, and prostitution.
- The creation of educational institutions within Israel and abroad, committed to teaching the truths of Torah to Jews and inculcating the necessity of mass Aliyah. Specific institutions will also be created to teach the 7 Laws of Noah to gentiles. In this manner, the Jewish people will have a remarkable opportunity to articulate the truths of yahadut to the world.

11/25/2016 12:04 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Meir: I will post your most recent comments, bli neder, on Motzei Shabbat.

11/25/2016 12:08 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Meir: It is not censorship. I do it to prevent Blog Reader Overload. People like to read in small portions about new things. Too much information overload at one time every day on a regular basis simply causes people not to read it especially since other readers comment too with their own new information. We optimally want to channel maximum absorption by readers of all new material. So people might read intently two comment posts per day from each commenter. If there are five or seven new comments, two or three of them will likely be ignored.

11/25/2016 12:38 PM  
Blogger madaral said...

To Noise Blockers and Other Remedies and others:
Midah k'Neged Midah .....
We rejected Zerubavel. We sinned. We went to the other side. Thus said Ramchal (Iggeret 15): "there are many Keitzim to the Geula, as at many Madregot (we) can be redeemed." We have rejected the Geula, time and again, we spurned the Moshiach and spitted on him, and we desecrated the name of Hashem, time and again. It is Midah k'Neged Midah and that is really what it is.

11/25/2016 1:28 PM  
Anonymous Meir M. said...

A leading Erev Rav comments on the fires

Peace Now Co-Founder: Netanyahu Behind Arsons to Divert Attention from his Corruption

11/25/2016 1:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With all due respect Rav Dov, so many of these "predictions" have been wrong. You have no idea why the fires are happening. I almost feel that you are incorrect in your "letter" to Haifa. Only Hashem knows.

Also, are you so sure that Obama will go to the UNSC? I have seen many reports that he has been warned by many not to do just that. These "predictions" have been going on for years. Like others, I rarely read these blogs anymore. I don't mean to be a nay sayer but I think some integrity has been lost after hearing how Moshiach is coming and still nothing has happened.....yet.

We simply have no idea what Ha'KBH has planned and how or when Moshiach will arrive. And it still may be a few years before he actually reveals himself.

Halvai I am wrong and he should come immediately.


11/25/2016 2:09 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

This is not a prediction Mark. It is news. Who warned Obama? Trump? Why would Obama listen to Trump's warnings about going to the UN Sec Council? Trump cannot do diddlysquat to Obama if he goes to the UNSC within the time frame allotted to him as a lame duck Pres. And once the resolutions are passed recognizing Paleostine, dividing the Land, and establishing punitive measures related to non-compliance, the new President cannot do diddlysquat to reverse these decisions made in the "Council of Nations". All Trump can do is defund the UN, but someone else will vow to pick up the tab. He can't stop that either. It really looks like Obama is going to do it. Former UN Ambassador, John Bolton, has said that this is foremost in Obama's mind to cement his deteriorating legacy at least in foreign policy. He said it is a great danger, but neither he nor Trump can stop him from "legally exercising the President's powers in the day to day running of foreign policy defined in the US Constitution." So these powers exercised by Obama are entirely Constitutional. So why should he listen to Trump's idle threats? Obama is simply engaging in his foreign policy powers guaranteed to the Executive Branch of US Govt. The Baal Kerry has already employed the nation of New Zealand to sponsor the resolution recognizing Paleostine at the end of December before their term is up. Less than 6 hours after getting New Zealand on board, NZ was hit with a major earthquake/ tsunami. This is all news. You don't want it to happen? Apparently that is the case because you keep writing me telling me that the news of what is expected to happen won't happen.

11/25/2016 2:30 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

And if and when those resolutions are passed Mark, all hell will break loose all over the Globe. And there will be a maximum of nine months left in Olam HaZeh starting on Asarah b'Tevet. By the way, notice, of course I am not 100% sure, but the probability of him going against us in the UNSC are growing day by day as more evidence keeps coming in.... such as getting New Zealand on board to sponsor the resolution at the end of December. Are we supposed to ignore that that was the principle reason for the Baal Kerry to go to XChurch after going to the South Pole and Antarctica for Election Day? In neither case did he go to the South Pole on Election day and to New Zealand on November 13th for recreation. He was on official business for the US State Dept.

11/25/2016 2:44 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Don't worry. HaShem will annul the Council of Nations and disrupt the Intentions of Peoples. Psalm 33. Our salvation will be miraculous IF he goes.

11/25/2016 2:50 PM  
Blogger Noise Blockers and Other Remedies said...

The male energy of gevurah has run its course. If they couldn't kill it, they'd rape it, if they couldn't rape it, they'd molest it, if they couldn't molest it, they'd stab it, burn it, bomb it, hang it and keep the momentum of fear going, all the while the female energy was keeping the family intact - as best possible - under the circumstances. Under the thumb and fist of the male gone insane we've been crying, praying, drumming, creating life from under worn out hands and souls.

No longer.

Step aside energies of old.

You no longer function well.

You are like an old truck, whose time has come to be retired.

Make way for the Shechinah. She is here in all her glory. You have no more power to subdue her.

We now put out the fires with our cisterns of well-prepared waters.

11/25/2016 3:25 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Fires in Yesha

And as Netanyahu teeters between international acceptance of secular, democratic Israel and the Truth by talking out of both sides of his mouth, it is time to anoint a new king who ONLY cares about the Truth. THAT is the message to us in Yesha. It is almost time to "withdraw" from the political structure of the State of Israel to "temporarily" create the independent country of Judea on our side of the Green Line. Then we anoint our king of Judea. Eventually the spiritually bankrupt nation on the internationally permissible side of the Green Line will come to realize that if they want to live properly and be secure in their existence, they will have to accept our king of Judea.... We do have Biblical precedence for this by the way with Guess Who. That is the message of these fires to us here in Yesha.

11/26/2016 6:15 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

The Guess Who is King David who ruled in Chevron as King of Judea for two years when Ish Boshet ruled in Machanaim over the nation of Israel. Then the other tribes accepted King David as their king for five and 1/2 more years in Chevron. And only then was Yerushalayim captured so that King David could rule from there for 33 more years from which he was only absent primarily during Avshalom's revolt.

11/26/2016 6:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course I want Moshiach to come. Because I don't think and hope every ridiculous event is going to bring him, does that mean I don't want him to come?

And you know what else was news? The Republican convention. Many people said it will be chaos because of protesters. That didn't happen. The election was also supposed to bring about chaos because of protesters, no?

Shall I remind you of some more?

America was supposed to be destroyed already by now? Right? Wasn't it decreed on the USA total destruction because of the supreme Court's ruling on gay marriage? What happened to that? It's possible Hashem's mercy overflowed and made Trump win. Is that Teshuvah? Maybe?

Or wasn't the dollar and stock market supposed to collapse years ago? What about when Rav Berland returned to Eretz Yisrael? Wasn't he supposed to bring Moshiach? When Pollard was released? ( I think he has the greatest chance to actually be MBY, based upon the Yalkut Shimoni which I read inside).

These are important events (maybe), I do not disagree what is disturbing is that everyone keeps saying weeks or months when in fact it seems like we are still a few years away

It's always news until the next news comes.


11/26/2016 6:39 PM  
Anonymous Meir M. said...

Shavoa Tov

The Amona demolition is in the Koran

Israel is getting closer to the time when, if no solution is found, Amona is going to be destroyed - and possibly homes in Ofra and other places in Judea and Samaria demolished - in order to carry out the decisions of the Israeli Supreme Court.

11/26/2016 6:44 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Mark: Did you conveniently forget about what happened on Shavuot in Orlando? What happened there is a much more seminal event than the ones that you outlined. As for this blog, I did discuss the possibility that there would be violence in Kaleivland, and there was some but it was minimal. Others posted on this blog, not me, about the relevance of Rav Berland's return to immediate Geulah. I allow others to have their say here, and to discuss their ideas and wishes. Personally I remained a bit skeptical that his return would IMMEDIATELY lead to Geulah. Yet, I was willing to discuss it. As far as the other things that you mentioned, I did not predict any of them. I only mentioned them as possibilities. But I did predict something for Shavuot, and at the time you agreed that something significant happened. It is a shame that you left it off your list of things at this time. Of the other things that you mentioned, the only strong suggestion that I made was the one about violence in Kaleivland during the Republican Convention. For some reason, the judgement against the nations of the world that began in Nice, France on the 9th of Tamuz and continued in Germany on the day before the 17th of Tamuz was suspended during the 3 Weeks. But it did begin. It is likely suspended until they actually vote to divide Eretz Yisrael because the judgement had to wait until 2/3rds of Mankind was judged to have no merit. That only took place during this past Tishrei

About Trump's win, which I am actually happy about from a comparative perspective, I will be writing a post about the anti O(hali)bama effect over the next two weeks as we deal with the two parshiyot about Esav and his wives in Toldot and VaYishlach. But nowhere did I say that America would be destroyed by such and such date or that the stock market will collapse by such and such date in the last five years at least. So it is important for you to
1. in dealing with your list above to see if it me mentioning a possibility or a commenter mentioning it on which I might also comment on what the commenter wrote.
2. to see if I spoke about something as a possibility with a set date or no set date whatsoever which I have generally done for the last four to five years on this blog.
3. for the possible events that I did stress to note that never did I say that these things have to happen for the last three years on this blog.
4. for the things like this past Shavuot where I hinged the continuation of this blog based on events that did occur. There have been two such pivotal dates where if nothing had happened this blog would have been suspended.
Sukkot 5776. Putin sent massive amounts of Russian troops into Syria's Civil War
Shavuot 5776. The Orlando massacre where 49 homosexuals were murdered and the murderer himself died as the 50th dead person at Alot HaShachar on Tikkun Leil Shavuot. This was the worst terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11.

So now I should announce my next pivotal date. I will simply say that it is January 20th, 2017 when Obama leaves office. (Most likely it will be in the UNSec Council on or before Asarah b'Tevet.) If nothing significant of a Geulah related purpose happens by then, I will suspend my blog until something does happen. So that is it Mark. Because the other two dates passed with a major Geulah event on those two dates actually occurring, this blog has continued. If nothing had happened, I would have suspended after those dates. But things did happen. So I will once again, a third time, stick by the date when Obama leaves office. But until then we (either the commenters or I) will continue to raise the possibilities of other things happening because that is what this blog is all about.

11/26/2016 8:03 PM  
Anonymous Meir M. said...

Wisconsin agrees to statewide recount

11/26/2016 8:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

7:07 PM
Report: Clinton campaign to take part in effort to push for recount in key states (Haaretz)

11/26/2016 8:41 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Ohalibama, Esav's Chivite wife, is the product of not one but two incestuous and adulterous relationships between her immediate ancestors. Tziv'on the Chivite was one horrible sexual predator with two of other people's wives. First he has an adulterous, incestuous relationship with his own mother, the wife of Se'ir the Chorite. He bore Anah the Chivite so that the Torah says that Anah is both his brother and his son. Then much much later in life he had another adulterous, incestuous relationship with his son's (Anah's) wife who gave birth to Ohalibama. So we see that Anah had two fathers, his biological father Tziv'on and the father who may have raised him, Se'ir himself. So he was both Tziv'on's son and his brother. Then Tziv'on outdoes himself and has an adulterous relationship with his son's wife. So Ohalibama then has two fathers, her biological father Tziv'on and her father, for appearance's sake, Anah. No wonder why Esav just simply changed her name and her father's name even the nation that she came from when he told Yitzchak and Rivkah that he was getting married at age 40. The Chivites were known for their sexual perversions, so Esav lied and said she was a Chittite not a Chivite. He then said that her father's name was Be'eri because he knew that his father Yitzchak would love to have another well-digger in the family. Yitzchak was an expert at digging wells and unstopping the wells that his father, Avraham, dug but which the Philistines had stopped up. So he introduces his wife to be as the daughter of Be'eri the well digger. Nice touch, but another lie, lie #2. And then he calls her Yehudit! He claimed that she had converted from being an idolater to being a Jew!! Before the word Jew had even reached common use!! Technically the first use of the word Jew was in reference to the Kingship of Yehudah son of Ya'akov and only after he had himself been renamed Yisrael. So this is a prophetic name, Yehudit. It has three of the letters of Yud Key Vav Key in it, but it refers to his wife and mother of three children to be a Jew. For Esav in one name though, it was lie #3. She was neither Yehudit, nor was she the daughter of the Well Digger the Chittite. She was Ohalibama, the mamzeret twice over, daughter of Tziv'on the Chivite. So Tziv'on's reputation got around. He was truly one of the 2nd Century bce's most prolific sexual predators. And Esav thought he could fool his parents by changing her name!!

Now think hard about how this relates to Donald Trump. Is there a tikkun in Trump's rise to the Presidency? Both he and Esav share something more than just a ruddy complexion. They both had three wives. And with one wife they had three children while with the remaining two wives they had one child each. The wife with three children in ancient times was the two time mamzeret Ohalibamah. His wife with three children in modern times was Ivana Zelníčková from Czechoslovakia. But it was specifically from Ivana that one of his daughters converted to Judaism becoming the actual Yehudit that his wife from ancient times pretended to be but was not. Now very little of this was actually Trump's attempt at teshuvah, but it nicely sets the stage for what comes next.

11/26/2016 9:12 PM  
Blogger HDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

Reb Dov,

Here's my take...I have been thinking about it all of Shabbat...By the Light (and the Heat) of the Fires of Haifa. Your article came just in time!


11/27/2016 12:25 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Oops, Tziv'on was truly one of the 2nd MILLENNIUM bce's most prolific sexual predators.... Sorry about that. We are talking about generations that lived approximately 3800 to 3600 years ago which would take us back to the 2nd Millennium bce. Sorry for confusing people and writing Century.

11/27/2016 1:21 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

This is the beginning of the Last and Final War in human history. The State as we know it likely will not survive this because its principle leader Bibi, the last leader of the secular State of Israel, is so intent on proving that Israel is a democratic state and not G-d's nation of Truth to the world. Bibi has made a career talking out of both sides of his mouth between Israel as a nation of Truth and Israel as a democratic state where those who want to destroy us have a voice in parliament. Sorry that is coming to an end. And now is time to choose. If you want to be mesirat nefesh in order to be loved by World Public Opionion, you will likely make the WRONG choice even at the cost of your own survival... but we are talking about those who are mesirat nefesh for the WPO Avodah Zarah. So of course they would rather die than be hated by most of Mankind. It IS their Avodah Zarah, and some of them would die for it. So Choose correctly. Mashiach is coming. The only thing that will matter to him is the Truth. The WPO Avodah Zarah will go the way of the Generation with a Face of a Dog that incessantly to the point of causing death and destruction in order to be loved by the world worries about such things.

11/27/2016 1:32 AM  
Anonymous Meir M. said...

The implication of Ishmael's banishment for today

Israel, like Abraham and Sarah, also believed in the sons of Ishmael, but they abused our trust

11/27/2016 5:18 AM  
Anonymous Meir M. said...

They Are Trying to Burn Jews and the World is Silent, AGAIN!

11/27/2016 6:43 AM  
Blogger Gavriela Dvorah said...


11/27/2016 9:30 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Now here are two paths to lighten the load of this war in which we see our enemy temporarily backing off from hostilities BECAUSE a bunch of leftists have repented and have given up on the World Public Opinion lovefest:

One possibility is that some in the Israeli govt conclude that Arabs can no longer be given equal citizenship status under the law and the status quo in that area shifts because of repentance of those who would vote for them.

11/27/2016 9:34 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

The second possibility is that G-d gives us a drenching rain because of this same repentance being achieved. With rain it becomes harder to ignite wet wood. So repentance then takes off the load from our backs as we enter the next stage of this war.

11/27/2016 9:40 AM  
Blogger Neshama said...

Al-Qaeda linked Palestinian militant group 'claims responsibility' for devastating Haifa fires which have cost thousands of Israeli families everything. Palestinian Salafist group Ma’sadat al-Mujahideen has claimed that it was behind the blazes. DailyMail

So, now, we know WHO!

11/27/2016 11:27 AM  
Blogger Neshama said...

The “I’m not a robot” is causing problems when trying to post. If one clicks that, then hits Preview, one can read the Preview, but then cannot Publish! What I had to do was erase my post, refresh the page, post the comment again, and then go straight to “robot” and then “publish” with no preview. Otherwise one gets an error notice.

11/27/2016 11:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

11/27/2016 9:04 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Posted this on the Youtube link above.

Simple, Obama had John Kerry ask New Zealand to sponsor the UN Sec. Council resolution dividing the Land of Israel and Jerusalem into Israel and Palestine in the seat of "international law" at the end of December 2016 before New Zealand relinquishes its seat at the end of its two year rotation on the UNSC. New Zealand agreed. Approximately 6 hours later it was hit with a powerful earthquake and tsunami. Divine Wrath for dividing G-d's capital city is building in the world. He wants His earthly home, His Temple for the Divine Presence to be built. It won't be built by a fallen wretched world who wrests His capital city away from Israel His firstborn. You want to play G-d Oh Council of Nations? You think think World Public Opinion dictates to G-d about how to run His world? Perhaps you should reflect and think again....but of course in your arrogance of mass hate against G-d's people, you won't. You are condemned to come against Him as He calls the arrogant nations of the world to battle against Him.

According to the Jewish prophetic tradition based on the Book of Micah chapter 4 in the Bible, the nations of the world come to fight G-d in Jerusalem for 9 months, 271 days, the length of human pregnancy. There is a prophetic tradition that the nations of the world will come to confront G-d and his chosen nation during the Hebrew month of Tevet, which usually falls at the end of December and early to mid January. They will wage war against G-d Himself for 9 months. At the end of 9 months at the beginning of the Feast of Tabernacles in the Fall in the month of Tishrei, the Mt. of Olives will split in two, and the wicked nations of the world will be destroyed into oblivion on the 7th day of that same festival with a massive meteorite shower which sends hot coals onto the wicked of the world while Israel sits in its Sukkot (Tabernacles). Apparently there is a very strong possibility that Obama is desperate for at least one legacy in foreign policy where no one can stop him from achieving it before he leaves office. He sees that a very pro-Israel UN Ambassador has already been appointed by Trump from South Carolina, Gov Nikki Halley, to fill that position. So Barry Soetoro is moving on up to the UN to divide Israel with help from his friends in the Council of Nations.... and G-d is getting angry. "The Lord will annul the Council of Nations, and confound the Designs of Peoples." Psalm 33

11/27/2016 11:58 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Wow, just saw this. Japan is in the first year of its two year term on the UN Sec. Council. I suspect they are getting ready to vote FOR division of Yerushalayim. THAT would be the reason for the earthquake in Japan.

11/28/2016 12:18 AM  
Anonymous Meir M. said...

Israel's MI Chief: 2017 Will Be Unstable for Palestinians, We Should Prepare for Terror Waves - HaAretz

11/28/2016 7:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haifa residents say Arab-Jewish relations remain strong, despite arson accusations

11/28/2016 9:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't there a prophecy about a island nation being washed away, G-d forbid!

11/28/2016 6:39 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Nations on the UNSC. Permanent members with Veto power: United States, Russia, Mainland China, United Kingdom, and France
non-permanent members until the end of 2016: Angola, Egypt, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Senegal, Spain, Ukraine, Uruguay, Venezuela. On January 1st, 2017 Angola, Malaysia, New Zealand, Spain, and Venezuela retire from the Council after having served two years.

They will be replaced by Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Bolivia, Sweden, and Italy.

In order to pass a measure in the UNSC to make it international law, the Ayes or Yeas must win with nine votes FOR the resolution. An 8 vote majority to 7 Nos and abstentions is not enough to pass a resolution. There must be 9 Yeas. If one of the five permanent members vetoes a resolution, the resolution fails. So look at the list. Are there 9 Yeas in both December 2016 or January 2017 to pass a resolution establishing Palestine?? Yes, I believe so. Even look at who replaces whom. Spain who most assuredly wants to establish Palestine will be replaced by Sweden on January 1st who must assuredly wants to establish Palestine.

So count the nine that you think would vote Yea: Start with France, an easy Yea.

11/28/2016 8:26 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...,_2016
This was the election process which replaced the five non-permanent members whose term is up at the end of December 2016 with five more equally Israel hating nations. I am told Italy is not so bad. They like trade with Israel, but they equivocated on the UNESCO vote. So don't trust pigs' feet.

11/28/2016 8:32 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Ohio State University: Around 9:52am male suspect drove a vehicle over the curb mowing down pedestrians. He exits the vehicle and gets his scimitar out of its sheath, .... I mean butcher knife, and starts randomly plunging his knife into more pedestrians! Not a terror attack. Just a random madman cutting up some random folks who got caught in the way of his scimitar....I mean butcher knife. But No NO No No don't call it a Islimic terror attack!!!!

11/28/2016 9:12 PM  
Blogger dmt,texas said...


11/29/2016 5:59 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Dmt: Note to readers. The previous link is a link to a Xtian website whose Xtian material is under a well marked heading. Obviously I linked to the apropriate article not underneath that particular heading.

11/29/2016 7:28 AM  
Blogger Neshama said...

"Just to make sure you get the real story on this instead of the false media narrative, the so-called "mass shooting" today was no such thing. It was a mass stabbing by a radical Muslim terrorist immigrant posing as a student. After pulling the fire alarm at Ohio State, he ran over evacuating students with his car, then leaped out and started stabbing everybody in sight with a butcher knife. He was finally shot dead by a police officer. In other words, the violence was halted by a man with a gun. The media will not report the truth on any of this."
Muslim Somali refugee student unleashes Ohio State attack with a vehicle and a knife... 9 hospitalized... campus was gun-free zone

11/29/2016 9:33 AM  
Anonymous Meir M. said...

Why are Jews hated by so many people?

11/29/2016 11:47 AM  
Blogger Neshama said...

From AbsoluteTruth:
"All of the fires are arson from terrorists, some from gentiles within Israel who are more dangerous than those outside the borders. They are all working together; they have a unit and a head of the unit that is Abu Mazen. Hundreds and thousands of years ago, they use fire as weapons because there are people who don't do anything, they get more and more confident. The Shin Bet and Mossad need to check their phones so that they find their plans. These fires are not from G-d, they are not the forces of nature. G-d is simply not interfering to show the Jews and the world: Look at this evil, look at what the gentiles living within us and around us are doing. We feed them and give them work, let them buy houses, give them social security benefits, service at health clinics and hospitals, and this is what we get from them.”

11/29/2016 2:51 PM  
Anonymous Meir M. said...

Neshama said

Well about talking the truth. The nations of the world aren't interested in the truth. The are just haters and enemies of Israel. So we give the fifth columns, haters and enemies of Israel, more than plenty. That they don't reciprocate is to no surprise but what is for sure is that the nations of the world don't care. We are at fault whatever happens.

11/29/2016 4:14 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Meir: I am watching Dr. Michael Laitman's video. need to take a break. But plan, bli neder, to watch his entire video this evening. At least that is the plan.

Now as far as Jimmy Twit is concerned, if it appears in the NY Times Op-Ed it means that Barack H. Obamanation is seriously considering doing it. He is sending up trial balloons by getting his spiritual allies to get the word out.

11/29/2016 6:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about the fires in Tennessee, Dov? Any implications or connections to fires in Israel?

11/29/2016 6:54 PM  
Anonymous Meir M. said...

Says the Chabbad Rebbe

11/29/2016 7:51 PM  
Anonymous Meir M. said...

The Moral Disintegration of Jimmy Carter By Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

11/29/2016 7:57 PM  
Anonymous Shifra said...

Dov or whomever,

Is Rabbi Laitman a kosher source?

I don't know much at all about him, just know I have a "don't trust this" feeling. But if it's not valid I would like to know. Thanks!

11/29/2016 10:05 PM  
Blogger LondonMale said...

Sigd Sameach Reb Dov and readers.

The worry is that a permanent member of the Security Council will abstain, rather than cast a veto.
I think this may happen with the UK.
The other four members may well vote Yes.

11/29/2016 11:42 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

London: Will Theresa May abstain? or will she veto, thereby stopping Obama's evil scheme? Frankly Olam HaZeh has become one sick place where 2/3rds of Mankind is spiritually dead while they are still alive in Olam HaZeh, and we have been assured by Chaza"l, whom Netanyahu does not trust, that when the nations of the world divide Yerushalayim in the Council of Nations by Asarah B'Tevet, then Olam HaZeh only has a maximum of 9 months to continue to exist. Knowing that, should we not pray that this is the very very End of this decrepit Age? I for one pray that this comes up for a vote, or a quick series of votes, and it passes. There is tremendous light at the end of a short 9 month long tunnel. Netanyahu's brown nosing of the crack between Obama's lower cheeks has to come to an end some time, for once a linguine spined faithless coward, he would do it again and again and again with the next leader.

Actually perhaps deep down Bibi the last lowly king of the secular State of Israel has read his fate in Zecharia 12, and maybe Netanyahu's behavior is a desperate attempt to avoid that fate in Zecharia 12:10. Perhaps he knows that he is that man from the House of Natan who is also a Leivi who has taken on the mantle of the descendants of Shimi ben Geira to destroy Amaleq in the Persian Empire..... Perhaps.

11/30/2016 12:13 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

And Happy Sig'd for our Ethiopian Jewish brethren. I believe it is a celebration of the return to Tzion by Zerubavel who arrived back in Yerushalayim to begin the process of rebuilding Yerushalayim and the Temple on the 29th of Cheshvan 3390 or 3391. So maybe we should call today, the 29th of Cheshvan, the Day of Shivat Tzion and Zerubavel.

Yet, there seem to be other events that occurred on this day according to Ethiopian Jewish tradition, such as surviving pogroms throughout their long exile. Anyway, the traditional mountain in Ehiopia on which Sigd was celebrated to remind them of both Har Sinai and Yerushalayim has been replaced by the Promenade overlooking the Mt. of Olives and the Temple Mount in the Armon HaNatziv neighborhood which has some very awesome views of Har Zeitim, Har Moriah, and Har Tzion.

11/30/2016 12:47 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

As part of celebrating the Return to Tzion at the beginning of the 2nd Temple Period, the highlight of the festivities at the Armon HaNatziv promenade tomorrow will be the re-enactment of Nechemiah chapters 8 - 10 starting with Ezra the Scribe reading the entire Torah on Rosh HaShanah in the year that the 2nd Temple was rededicated with pomp and pageantry actually 8 years after it had been completely rebuilt in the year 3408. So the year of Ezra's dedication was actually in the year 3416. We know this because the Rambam says that the first Yovel of the 2nd Temple period was in the year 3465. So the Yovel Count of 49 years began in the year Ezra rededicated the 2nd Temple in 3416.

I don't know the times that this will begin in at the Armon haNatziv promenade. But it should be colorful and joyous.

11/30/2016 1:00 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Well this is good news for all of those who fast on Yom Kippur Katan which is the day before Rosh Chodesh every month during which you can say tachanun on the 29th of that month at Shacharit. Cheshvan is one of those months. One cannot fast on the 29th of Kislev because of Chanukah, the 29th of Nissan, the 29th of Elul, and the 29th of Tishrei, but on all other days which are the 29th of the month, one can fast. And those days are a miniature Yom Kippur.

So Sig'd is actually a fast day until nightfall even though it is a festive fast day. After nightfall there is a feast, and it is already Rosh Chodesh Kislev. So for those who fast on the day of Erev Rosh Chodesh and feast on Rosh Chodesh, Sig'd works out for you too.

11/30/2016 2:06 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Shifra: First of all Dr. Laitman is not a Rav (never said he was one), but he is a Doctor. But other than that, I don't know much about him.

11/30/2016 2:10 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Dr. Laitman's organization: Bnei Baruch

11/30/2016 2:41 AM  
Anonymous Meir M. said...

Why was Amalek Chosen?

11/30/2016 5:17 AM  
Blogger LondonMale said...

Reb Dov

I wish I knew how May would vote.
On the one hand her Conservative party whilst committed to the existence of the state of Israel is also committed to a "two-state solution."
And she has a growing Muslim electorate to pander to.
On the other hand UK intelligence has ties to Israeli intelligence and the UK military is forging closer ties to the Israeli military. So she will be informed of the "on the ground" implications of the vote in terms of what they predict.
She is also a friend of Chief Rabbi Mirvis who would surely be in favour of avoiding a Palestinian State in Eretz Yisrael.
And with ties with Europe weakening after Brexit, she may also want to align herself with Trump who I believe would be against a Palestinian State at this time.
Not that that would matter to Obama!

I had the privilege of attending a Sig'd celebration at the Talpiot Tayelet a few years ago when I was on vacation in Israel.
I was alone and my Hebrew was limited so I listened without understanding most of Chief Rabbi Lau's Drosha, and to the Kessim's speeches, though I was able to understand he was speaking about the difference between Cheshvan and Marcheshvan.
I was later met by and shown around the area by a friend whose father was one of the main Israeli leaders at the time of Operation Moshe. She showed me a photo of him and other leaders with Prime MInister Shamir, their faces reflecting a serious discussion.
There was a monetary collection to make a Torah scroll dedicated to the Ethiopian Jews who died on the journeys out of Ethiopia, primarily in the Sudanese desert.
They estimated one fifth of those who left perished on the way.
For those who made it, they regarded Sig'd as a day of thanksgiving for reaching Jerusalem.

11/30/2016 6:25 AM  
Anonymous Meir M. said...

Giant Israeli Gas Field Gets $1.75B Green Light

My Comments: Is it any wonder that Vladimir Putin has hosted Israel’s Prime Minister on four occasions in the past year? And is it any wonder why Vladimir Putin is expanding his reach into the oil fields of Syria and Libya?

Putin saw that the US would be restricting oil exploration and development of fossil fuels and decided to take advantage of the sheer lunacy of the Obama/UN/EU climate hoax and related Paris Climate Accords.

Israel is in the process of fulfilling three prophecies found in Genesis 49:25, Deuteronomy 33:9, and Isaiah 45:3. When they are fulfilled Israel will be the economic envy of all her neighbors which would be an obvious motive for a Russian, Turkey, Iranian, North African invasion as described by Ezekiel 36:1-6.

Ezekiel 38:13 clearly describes it as plunder.

11/30/2016 8:38 AM  
Blogger Neshama said...

To Anonymous re Tennessee: Maybe you should read this EMBER BOMBS

11/30/2016 10:19 AM  
Anonymous Meir M. said...

The Holy Temple and the rectification of fire

11/30/2016 11:13 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Senator Bob Corker is from Tennessee and is being considered for Sec. of State by Donald Trump. He is Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Corker though is very pro-Israel and supports our rights to at least part of Judea and Samaria whose borders are to be negotiated with Arab non-citizens of the Land of Israel (if that is even possible). He voted for bills saying that Israel does NOT have to return to the pre-1967 borders if there is to be ad infinitum piece negotiations with the Invented people. He most definitely does not support an imposition of our final borders by the UNSC. He supported fully our right to self-defense in the various Gaza Conflicts including the one in the Summer of 2014. The senior Senator from Tennessee, Lamar Alexander, also has a very pro-Israel voting record. So I can't draw a connection between these fires in Tennessee and the ones here in Israel at this time. This requires more thought.

11/30/2016 11:31 AM  
Blogger HDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

"So for those who fast on the day of Erev Rosh Chodesh and feast on Rosh Chodesh, Sig'd works out for you too."

It so happens that today is my Hebrew birthday, long before Sig'd was established in Israel. I feel strange fasting on my birthday, just as I feel strange calling the month I was born Marcheshvan - which is why I don't.

Many thanks in advance for any clarification.

11/30/2016 3:05 PM  
Blogger HDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

I don't want to forget to bless all the readers of this blog, as well as my own and all others represented here, with wisdom, health, success and above all, the merit to see Mashiach's revelation and crowning.


11/30/2016 3:08 PM  
Blogger Neshama said...

CDG, I accept your blessing and Hashem should Bless you with “All that is Good”. Thank you

11/30/2016 4:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Laitman is NOT Kosher source at all. Once I was living in the US I asked my rabbi if I can purchase his books and he told me that man is burning Jewish souls. So please be aware of that! Also, once I was in Moscow they have big groups of all religions and calling them as "jews"...including intermarriages.


11/30/2016 4:33 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Ok, Moshe. I see that he was a student of Rav Yehudah Ashlag's (aka The Ba'al HaSulam) son Rav Baruch. Now one of the fruits of Rav Baruch is the Kabbalah Center which teaches Kabbalah to non-Jews along with the varied problems that entails. So we will look into this even though Bnei Baruch is not part of the Kabbalah Center itself.

11/30/2016 6:55 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

I hope and pray that Dr. Laitman is not teaching Kabbalah to Madonna and Rosie O'Donnell who are two of the Kabbalah Center's top celebrity graduates.... Oy Vey.

11/30/2016 7:05 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

I had always thought that the problems with the Kabbalah Center stem from the personality cult of Philip Berg who went after the non-Jewish celebrity students thereby perverting Kabbalah's attachment to Emeth giving Kabbalah popular appeal. Anyway, I will get back to you on this.

11/30/2016 7:30 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Dov ber what do you think about chanukka candle lighting for eigth days? Is there any simularity to the fires lasting eight days with gradual increase everyday for the eight days? What caued this stick, and was the same cause an attack on Torah observance like the Maccabees

11/30/2016 8:42 PM  
Anonymous Shifra said...

Dov and Moshe - Thanks for the feedback! I did a little searching online about him and it was clear that he is not a kosher source.

As I understand these things, it's not that we can't teach non-Jews the aspects of Torah that are relevant to them, but rather that "Kabbalah" as taught by the Bergs et al is promoted as something apart from religion/Torah/mesorah, without any idea of mitzvos, and without any distinctions between the roles of Jews and non-Jews. It's a touchy and a tricky subject, but really important for us to clarify in a deeper way (I think) - both because we are so close to Moshiach, and because so much distorted info is floating around.

I teach non-Jews chassidus myself, and I know that the Rebbe was very much in favor of our teaching chassidus as well as the sheva mitzvos to non-Jews because chassidus is essential in the process of learning to know G-d in an authentic way, and learning to know G-d is fundamental to the ability of every human being to do his or her mission. But I do my imperfect best to be very careful about all the above.

11/30/2016 10:52 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Well well well, This one leaves me speechless about the fires in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.
Go Figure even if this charred out Bible is in English

11/30/2016 11:11 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Isn't the Smoky Mountains part of the historic territory of the Cherokee nation from which they were uprooted? just asking

11/30/2016 11:14 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Oh my L-rd. I think I stumbled on the answer. The Territory of the Civlized Cherokee Nation from which they were rudely uprooted

11/30/2016 11:19 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

From Rav Lazer Brody's five part article on the Cherokee nation, part 3 as one of the lost tribes of the Northern Kingdom:

18th Century explorer, trader, and researcher, James Adair from London, author of History of the American Indians who spent 40 years among the Cherokees, wrote a book named Out of the Flame, listing 23 hard proofs why he believed the Cherokees were descended from Israel. Among other things, the Cherokees were fiercely monotheistic who observed the Ten Commandments to the letter. Harvard professor Barry Fell cites an ancient carving of the Ten Commandments in North America as further proof, another subscriber to the lost tribe theory. Rabbi Marvin Tokayer, former USAF Chaplain and prominent Jewish historian, also holds that the Indians of the Americas are descendants of Northern Israel's seafaring tribes, Dan and Zevulun. The additional list is long and exhaustive.

Well, well, well. Anyone know what territory in Eretz Yisrael went to the sea faring merchant tribe of Zevulan??? Try The PORT OF HAIFA!

You wanted a connection between the Haifa fires and the fires in Eastern Tennessee? Look into the sad history of the Cherokee nation.

12/01/2016 12:25 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Sorry, Zevulun. The Cherokee are most likely from the Tribe of Zevulun who was given a bulk of land adjacent to his closest brother Yissasschar, but also a strip of land to the Med. Sea at the Port of Haifa.

12/01/2016 1:08 AM  
Anonymous Meir M. said...

Debkafile: “Arab media carried conflicting reports which described Israeli warplanes striking in and around Damascus overnight Tuesday, Nov. 29, with “four long-range Popeye” missiles fired from Lebanese air space on the government-held town of Al-Saboorah, a western suburb of Damascus, near the highway to Beirut.”

My comments: Israeli war planes striking Damascus is an ominous preview of Yeshayahu’s prophecy, Yeshayahu 17:1: “Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city, And it will be a ruinous heap.”

Yeshayahu does not specifically say it is Israel that destroys Damascus, but most agree that:

Damascus was only partially destroyed in the Assyrian invasion of 732 BC
Syria is one of Israel’s most dangerous enemies
Syrian President Assad has threatened to rain down rockets on Tel Aviv if his nations is attacked by Israel
Since Yeshayahu 17:14 reveals that since the end happens in one night the prophecy could only happen since the advent of nuclear weapons

That Russia, Turkey, Iran, Lebanon (Hezbollah), the US and Israel are all involved in the fighting, and Israel is in the middle of it all, indicates that elements of Tehilim 83:1-8, Yechezkel 38:1-6, and the final Battle of Armageddon (Daniel 11:40) are present in the exact location where each end-time war will take place.

Like every war that involves Israel from the time of Moshe Rabbeinu, G'd uses the destruction of Damascus for His purpose: Yeshayahu 17:7 “In that day a man will look to his Maker, And his eyes will have respect for the Holy One of Israel.”

12/01/2016 8:06 AM  
Blogger Neshama said...

Wow! Terrific Reb Dov, we’re still collection and piecing the pieces together in this Fiery Message Puzzle from Shomayim! Keep digging.

Those Cherokees are Indians the same as the Dakota Indians in No Dakota fighting for Protection of Water from the Black Snake Oil Pipeline No Dakota Pipeline Report 3 Also Reports 1 and 2.

12/01/2016 2:41 PM  
Anonymous Meir M. said...

Report: Obama won't force a peace plan before he leaves

12/01/2016 3:13 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

If that is true, Meir, (and who knows where that "report" came from), and if nothing else shocking happens, I will be suspending my blog on January 20th. Until then and as long as these reports are hearsay, I will continue to write. By the way, it is finally pouring rain on Rosh Chodesh Kislev for the first time since the end of Chodesh Tishrei. MarCheshvan was a totally dry month.

12/01/2016 4:00 PM  
Anonymous Meir M. said...

Dov, we still have the Giant Israeli Gas Field Gets $1.75B Green Light

Israel is in the process of fulfilling three prophecies found in Genesis 49:25, Deuteronomy 33:9, and Isaiah 45:3. When they are fulfilled Israel will be the economic envy of all her neighbors which would be an obvious motive for a Russian, Turkey, Iranian, North African invasion as described by Ezekiel 36:1-6.

12/01/2016 4:24 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

If that is true, Meir, (and who knows where that "report" came from), and if nothing else shocking happens, I will be suspending my blog on January 20th, bli neder. Until then and as long as these reports are hearsay, I will continue to write. By the way, it is finally pouring rain on Rosh Chodesh Kislev for the first time since the end of Chodesh Tishrei. MarCheshvan was a totally dry month.

I have to write bli neder because perhaps I would shift the blog away from End of Days topics and just talk about regular Torah topics. Also I have no idea what might constitute a shocking event that would keep this blog going.

12/01/2016 4:30 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Looking more and more at Obama's statement about not taking an active role to pursue new initiatives against Israel, what sticks out is that he is more than willing to let others, such as New Zealand, France, or in January 2017 Sweden, take the lead. Obama's statement does NOT exclude the US simply NOT VETOING any or several resolutions proposed and voted on by others at the UNSC. This "report" if true (and there is no way of knowing for sure if it is true) specifically seems to indicate that the US would abstain on resolutions proposed by others. So do the Calculation. If the US abstains, does the UNSC still have 9 Yea votes? So we will simply have to wait and see how this plays out, rather than trying to ascertain precisely what will happen in advance even if we should mention all the possibilities that might happen in the next five to six weeks. We already saw that the Ba'al Kerry was in New Zealand actively encouraging them to take the lead in proposing a resolution before their term in the UNSC is up at the end of December. So I would not depend on any "reports" reported on by the heavily biased against Israel Associated Press.

12/01/2016 5:56 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

From the Times of Israel article on the same subject:

But House Foreign Relations Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce, R-Calif., said there’s a problem with Obama’s unpredictability.

“If you are heavily signaling that you’re not going to oppose and veto UN Security Council resolutions that seek to impose one-sided solutions, the consequence is others will take your measure, and the momentum will build, given the natural attitudes at the UN,” Royce said in an interview. Israel’s supporters consider the UN to be strongly anti-Israel given its history of approving resolutions condemning Israel.

So we will wait and see.

12/01/2016 6:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This article suggests the motivation for US liberal Jewish support for the Democarates

Election 2016: The Day the Music Died for American Jews

12/01/2016 11:55 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Did liberal American Jews drive their Chevy Camaro or Caddy to the levee just to find out that the levee was dry? (How many wealthy liberals would ever be caught driving a Camaro? Only poorer liberals would be caught driving a Chevy Camaro? Liberalism amongst many things is a mental disorder. So liberals can be rich or poor.) Were the good ole' boys drinking whiskey and rye singing this will be the day that I die??

12/02/2016 1:42 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Yes Liberalism is a mental disorder (along with it being a personal popularity seeking Avodah Zarah): The writer of that article, Ron Jager, is a 25-year veteran of the IDF, served as a field mental health officer. Prior to retiring in 2005, he served as the commander of the Central Psychiatric Military Clinic for Reserve Soldiers at Tel-Hashomer. Since retiring from active duty, he provides consultancy services to NGOs implementing psycho-trauma and psycho-education programs to communities in the North and South of Israel. Today, Ron is a strategic adviser at the Office of the Chief Foreign Envoy of Judea and Samaria To contact:

12/02/2016 1:51 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Ron though seems to think that our Areivut with these liberal Jews is reconcilable when he says that we rise or fall together. What happens though if our differences are so stark that they are not reconcilable?? Then we file for divorce rather than having to suffer for their vicious sins,.... the ones that they show their liberal friends in order to ingratiate themselves to them..... those ones.

12/02/2016 2:07 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

By the way, Ron, perhaps having to ingratiate themselves with the likes of Keith Ellison in order to be loved by his anti-Semitic followers is what they deserve??

12/02/2016 2:19 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

I am waiting for one of these liberal Jews to show up at my house apologizing for the harm that they wished on me and my neighbors with tears in their eyes...... I have not seen nary one of them yet.

12/02/2016 2:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The first Jew to teach kabbalah to goys (as far as I know) is Saul of Tarsus

In the xians book 2Thessalonians 2,15 translated ' the traditions' בַקַּבָּלוֹת

And I don't think the traditions were xmas and the like. I've expressed my opinion about Shaul/Paul/Pauline before so I see no need to repeat.

As for Damascus

Yeshayah 17

3 The fortified city also shall cease from Ephrayim, and the mamlechah from Damascus, and the remnant of Aram they shall be like the kavod Bnei Yisroel, saith Hashem Tzva’os.


Ephrayim "Nevertheless, his younger brother will be greater than he, and his descendants will become a group of nations."

And Ephrayim camped to the west

Looks to me like the end of Damascus coincides with the end of Aram/America

Don't take my word for it...

Chabakuk 1

6 For, hineni, I raise up the Kasdim (Chaldeans), that Goy bitter and impetuous, which shall march far and wide over the earth, to confiscate the mishkanot (dwelling places) that are not their own.
7 They are terrible and dreadful; their mishpat and their dignity shall proceed from themselves.

8 Their susim also are swifter than the leopards, keener than the evening wolves; and their parash (cavalry) shall charge ahead, and their parash shall come from afar; they shall fly as the nesher (eagle), swooping to devour.
9 They shall come all for chamas; the swarm of their faces is directed forward, and they shall gather the captivity as the sand.

10 And they shall scoff at the melachim, and the roznim (dignitaries) shall be a scorn unto them; they shall laugh at every stronghold; for they shall heap dirt (earthen ramps), and take it.
11 Then they sweep on like the ruach (wind), guilty men whose g-d is his own koach.

Have you noticed that Chanukah xmas and Kwanzaa collide this year?

Yirmeyah 51:39 In their excitement I will prepare their mishtim (feasts), and I will make them shikkor, that they may rejoice, and sleep shenat olam (a perpetual sleep), and never awake, saith Hashem.

Their feasts!

Party City has Chanukah candles...

12/02/2016 3:44 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

It has been raining all night really hard, and the wind has been blowing about as hard as I have ever seen it here in Kochav Yaakov. I had to lay our stand up basketball hoop on its side because the wind has blown it into the bushes already twice tonight. I need to fill the base with sand. Just changing the subject to a lighter matter.

12/02/2016 4:09 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Party City has Chanukah candles. nice. Yes, and December and Kislev correspond precisely with each other until Rosh Chodesh Tevet on December 30th. Kislev only has 29 days this year.

12/02/2016 4:14 AM  
Anonymous Sharbano said...

Did liberal American Jews drive their Chevy Camaro or Caddy to the levee just to find out that the levee was dry? (How many wealthy liberals would ever be caught driving a Camaro? Only poorer liberals would be caught driving a Chevy Camaro? Liberalism amongst many things is a mental disorder. So liberals can be rich or poor.) Were the good ole' boys drinking whiskey and rye singing this will be the day that I die??

THIS makes absolutely NO sense.

12/02/2016 4:42 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Sharbano: The Day the Music Died is from the lyrics of Bye Bye Miss American Pie. Ron Jager was referencing that as being the end of the road of American liberal Jewry. Listen to the words of that song, and perhaps it will make sense.

12/02/2016 5:41 AM  
Anonymous Sharbano said...

Well, I'm not at all interested in that culture. It does remind me of the time I was in the military in San Diego during the "hippie" movement. I went on a visit to the city and encountered these people with their drug culture. I immediately realized these people under the influence has a distorted view of reality and were incapable of coherent thinking. They sounded sober but their thought process was bizarre to say the least. It was at that point that I decided never to involve myself with drugs and much of that culture.
As far as music is concerned much of it is intolerable. I've pretty much quit listening to talk radio as a result. Not only because of individual shows, but even commercials have music that is unbearable to listen to. What they've done is take amplifiers and driven the circuits until the audio has been completely distorted. When I hear that it's as if something inside is literally tearing itself apart. That's about the best I can describe it. I have wondered for quite some time if that hasn't contributed a great deal to the way relationships have deteriorated over the years. It is interesting that rock and roll had been considered by some as detrimental to society.

12/02/2016 6:26 AM  
Blogger Neshama said...

I agree Sharbano. I stopped listening to talk radio back in 2010, and now to talk-internet. What Devash wrote is so very wise.

BTW Reb Dov, I was listening to a video yesterday about the Lakota Indians and the history of the Native Americans and what the good ole America did and has continued to do to them - Genocide. If one looks up the definition, it fits to what is happening. What I want to ask you is they speak of their “Wise Elders” but also say that they are a matrilineal people and do not marry out. What is your impression of the matrilineal vs the patrilineal lines. I know Torah follows both, patrilineal for tribal association, and matrilineal for genealogy. I very much liked your bringing up the Cherokee Nation’s resemblance to Jewish ancestry. I wonder when in history they diverged.

PS Your idea of continuing the blog with the emphasis on Torah (and maybe the Tribes and the ingathering).

Good Erev Shabbat

12/02/2016 11:56 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

So just to let everyone know. Zevulun lived in Haifa at the seashore because they were the merchant marine of ancient Israel and because Haifa is one of the most ideal natural ports in the world. Yet, the territorial inheritance of Asher meets that of Menashe in Haifa in the Carmel range in the southern part of the city according to Yehoshua 17. So Zevulun likely needed to rent with a longterm lease port facilities in what was Haifa in ancient time. Asher had no interest in engaging in international commerce. Asher was an expert at growing olives and processing olive oil and birthing beautiful daughters. So a deal was struck with the merchants in Zevulun to lease seafront property in Haifa Bay. more after Shabbat. Shabbat Shalom.

12/02/2016 1:50 PM  
Blogger davidtre said...

For those who have not heard American pie here is link to song and its meaning:
original and meaning
Meaning update 60's

Shabbat Shalom

12/02/2016 5:45 PM  
Anonymous Meir M. said...

“The Fifth Corps is an important turning-point for the ties between allied forces within the same axis – Syria, Iran, Russia and Hizballah.”

Our enemies are uniting and coming closer to us

12/04/2016 6:02 PM  
Anonymous Meir M. said...

Haters and enemies of Israel. The King and Creator of the world, HKB"H, is purging the world

John Key has announced that he will resign as prime minister of New Zealand, after eight years in the job.

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has resigned after suffering a heavy defeat in a referendum over his plan to reform the constitution.

Austria far-right candidate Norbert Hofer defeated in presidential poll

12/05/2016 5:53 AM  
Anonymous Meir M. said...

Erev Rav in action

יהודים שהתאסלמו בצרפת מתכוונים לבצע פיגועים

Jews who converted to Islam in France intend to carry out attacks against Jews

12/05/2016 7:35 AM  
Blogger Leah said...

Amazing insights regarding the Cheroke Nation, Haifa snd the fires. The bible article is mind blowing.

12/05/2016 4:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have to reply on M.Meir's 7:35 am comment. Obviously, these 'Jews' were never Jews, but Erev Rav amaleikim and by converting and threatening to murder Jews, their true evil neshamas are exposed!

12/05/2016 9:57 PM  
Anonymous Meir M. said...

Says R' Nir ben Artzi on parashas Toldos:

All of the fires are arson from terrorists, some from gentiles within Israel who are more dangerous that those outside the borders. They are all working together, they have a unit and a head of the unit that is Abu Mazen. Hundreds and thousands of years ago, they use fire as weapons because there are people who don't do anything, they get more and more confident. The Shin Bet and Mossad need to check their phones so that they find their plans. These fires are not from God, they are not the forces of nature. God is simply not interfering to show the Jews and the world: Look at this evil, look at what the gentiles living within us and around us are doing. We feed them and give them work, let them buy houses, give them social security benefits, service at health clinics and hospitals, and this is what we get from them.

12/06/2016 7:27 AM  
Anonymous Meir M. said...

Turkey's Desperate President. Erdogan, an inherent hater and enemy of Israel!

Front Page Mag: Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a desperate man. He is faced with turmoil at home and abroad, the Turkish lira is crashing and internationally he is in the doghouse.

My comments: The wanna-be Sultan of Turkey is a dangerous man. His desire for unbridled power is obvious in his $615 million palace and recent disruption of a coup that may or may not have been a false flag.

Turkey, prior to 2010, was a mostly secular nation with a European feel. Turkey was also a staunch ally; trading with Israel abruptly ended with the Mavi Marmara Flotilla incident on May 31, 2010.

It has been downhill from there.

Erdogan’s Islamic roots and support for Hamas was out in the open. The flotilla that was meant to end the Israeli blockade of Gaza was instead a blatant act of aggression on the part of Erdogan against the Jewish state.

The Israeli embargo was/is for the sole purpose of preventing weapons, missiles, and tunnel-building materials from entering Gaza. No humanitarian aid has ever been blocked.

In 2013, President Obama got into the act and coerced Netanyahu into making an apology for Turkey’s act of aggression and pay reparations of $20 million in a move that emboldened PM Erdogan. With the president of the US involved, Israel acquiesced.

Since then, Turkey has reestablished relations with Israel but Erdogan makes no secret of his support for Hamas – whose only reason for existence is the total destruction of Israel.

Since we know from Yechezel 38:1-6 that Turkey will one day join in an invasion force led by Russia, we can conclude that Erdogan’s hand of reconciliation from Turkey is a fist.

12/06/2016 4:22 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Baruch HaShem! The Final Nine Months of the 271 day pregnancy to end Olam HaZeh will likely commence on the 8th, 9th, and 10th of Tevet 5777 (January 6, 7, and 8th, 2017) after all. The Palestine vote to divide the Land will likely happen in the two weeks leading up to those dates, and the US will abstain so that the resolution(s) will pass. And this blog will then continue after January 20th, 2017. Sorry Mark.....

And after the US abstains, I will have to think about whether or not to file a tax return with the United States this summer since we will be getting a few 1099s in January/February. Trump will not be able to reverse this in the UNSC even if he wants to actively try to do so. Americans voted for the slithering snake twice. They, the ones who voted for Obama twice, are no better than he is, to be honest. They are the same slithering lowlife that he is, both Obama and his voters in 2012. all 52% of them. He still enjoys a 52% job approval rating by American voters. Even with Trump's win, America as a whole is done for. That will be stressed in my new post about the anti-O (holi) bamah Effect.

12/06/2016 10:37 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

The only thing that gave Trump the Presidency is the Wisdom of the Founding Fathers who enshrined the Electoral College in the US Constitution. As far as Rov (The Majority) is concerned, the majority of Americans now suck eggs.

12/06/2016 10:45 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

New post has been posted on this blog. Part One of the Anti-Oholibamah Effect.

12/07/2016 2:06 AM  

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