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Is Assad Dead?

This post is really a request for information.  This past Motzei Shabbat a "rumor" has been reported all over the Internet that Assad was shot and killed at point blank range by a Persian bodyguard.  The country is in chaos, and frankly the MSM could care less about reporting this.  Has Assad been seen in public since Saturday night?  Is it possible that he is dead and that we don't really have a clue about it because the MSM for whatever reason is conveniently covering up a news item that might lead to WW3?

Also King Shaul's craven apology to the Turks for the shootings on-board the flotilla 2 1/2 years ago is bringing his regime to a new low.  His Erev Rav Justice Minister, the Witch of EinDor Tzippy Livni, announced yesterday that because of Shaul's apology to the Turks, Israel will be obligated to pay tens of millions of dollars in compensatory damages to the families of those who were justly killed on the Mavi Marmara.  The main reason that I have seen for the apology is in order to cooperate with the Turks over cleansing Syria of all its stockpiles of chemical weapons if Assad's regime were to collapse.  It seems that if Assad is dead that there would be more chaos on the ground than anyone is even reporting at this time.  Until we know if Assad is actually dead, this apology just makes the matzah from the Seder hard to digest.  If Assad is actually dead, then we have actually reached a very intriguing phase of chaos, convergence, and yes Geulah.

Also if anyone wants to know who spiked Arafat's Pepsi with Radium Chloride at his compound in Ramallah, I would like to claim full responsibility for putting the mass murderer out of his misery.  And I wish I could take full responsibility for the slaying of those Turks aboard the Mavi Marmara, but there there were actually pictures of the Israeli soldiers putting the terrorists out of their misery so that I cannot take responsibility for that one.  But for all legitimate executions of all mass murderers and terrorists  if anyone is afraid to take responsibility for those acts, I will gladly do so.  Heck, I will even take responsibility for killing Assad if that will help matters.   So does anyone know what is going on?  Is Assad dead?

Here is an article mentioning that Assad sent a letter to the BRICS nations meeting in South Africa to support his legitimacy, but again there is no proof that he wrote the letter.  So the questions is still valid.  The picture of Assad in this article did not accompany the letter.


Blogger ariela said...

Reuters says it is not so. I have read several articles saying it is. The world may never know... Except one thing. If it is so, the world will be scrambling to fill the power vacuum,we may see the U.S. jumping in the mix sooner. Russia may too.

3/27/2013 5:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are we to have Turkey(are they Gomer, Meshec, or Tuval?) on the Golani border? I could see them being given a UN peacekeeping/nation building mandate in their former colony not unlike the UK in what was called Syria Palestina. Makes sense as they just have to cross the border and help their brother muslims.
I would not want a NATO country on our border that could claim some infraction and we could not just retaliate as was the case in the past.

3/27/2013 5:38 PM  
Blogger Neshama said...

Have you seen this:

3/27/2013 6:28 PM  
Blogger Neshama said...

FROM THE SAME REPORT: The Israeli analyst said that the Israeli army is on heightened alert in the North and the US is moving a battle carrier group off the Syrian coast. That the US would not tolerate any further action by Iran inside Syria and has warned Iranians to leave the country.

"Assad had complete and total support from both Iran and Russia. They backed Assad in his bloody campaign which resulted in the loss of over 70,000 Syrian civilians. No one helped those Syrians except for one country - Israel. They have taken in dozens of wounded Syrians across the border who are now being cared for in Israeli hospitals."

"We can expect to see a photo of a dead Assad within 48 hours. There are many phone cameras in the pockets of those guarding his body. One of those photos would be worth almost a million dollars to the one getting that photo out to the Western media."

3/27/2013 6:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now we can see the microwave echos of masei breshis easy with this tool.

3/27/2013 6:40 PM  
Blogger Neshama said...

Another crucial matter:
Firm Is Accused of Sending Spam, and Fight Jams Internet. Basic services, banking et al might be disrupted.

3/27/2013 6:58 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

The apology to Erdogan is because of Bila'am's last prophesy. According to Bila'am this apology to the Bnai Kittim in Constantinople is our last gasp of pain before giving birth in the ninth month. Read the Targum Yonatan on the Flotilla that comes forth from Kittim. Even though the flotilla itself was 2 1/2 years ago, the event has not reached its final conclusion....until now.

3/27/2013 11:18 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Carefully read the Targum Yonatan on Bila'am's last prophesy about the flotilla. "A Navy of ships will go forth from the coast of Kittim will afflict Ashur and will afflict Eiver, but it too will be destroyed forever." I will fully translate the Targum Yonatan on that again soon, but he points out that the starting point for that flotilla was Constantinople 300 years before Constantine even lived. This pain has been brought back upon us again for the ninth month of the pregnancy. And now the other shoe is dropping:

3/27/2013 11:32 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

We know from the Talmud that Yonatan ben Uziel did not write a commentary on the Holy Writings, the 3rd part of Tanakh and that he wrote an official Targum into Aramaic for Chazal of the Prophets. His Targum on Nevi'im is terse and a direct translation. His so called Targum on the Torah is not an official Targum at all, and it is often a lengthy commentary on the Torah and not a simple translation at all. The fact that he wrote an official Targum on Nevi'im did not prevent him from writing a peirush on the Torah too even if he did not live to write a Targum or peirush on Ketuvim. Some say that this was a different Targum which was called the Targum Yerushalmi, but I spoke to one of the experts on Yonatan ben Uziel in Tel Tzion, and he informed me that the Targum Yonatan on the Torah was composed by R. Yonatan ben Uziel even if there are similarities between it and the Targum Yerushalmi.

3/28/2013 12:10 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Here is a Yeranen Ya'akov post with the variant translations of the Targum Yonatan on this last prophesy of Bila'am at the time of the flotilla over 2 1/2 years ago:

The translation of the word Lombarnya in the Targum presents difficulty. He tackles it in that post. busy now. more later.

3/28/2013 12:26 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Netanyahu is one sick leader on a spiritual level now. He stoops to new lows each time he acts now. I pray that we get rid of him sooner than later. This whole apology thing should destroy him. Only a spiritual menuval would hold him blameless this time. G-d willing we will know sooner rather than later.

3/28/2013 1:01 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

I am just observing, but it seems the Korean Peninsula is quickly spinning out of control at the same time of this final assault on Damascus and as the Sunni Jihadis take over places in the Syrian Golan from UN peacekeeping forces. And Shaul HaMelekh for some bizarre reason thought that this was a good time to apologize for our imaginary sins when we executed 9 or 11 terrorists from Turkey. I pray that we have reached the last straw, you know the one that breaks the camel's back.

American Jews: You have now had 5 full months to get out of the world's new hellhole, the United States of America since Hurricane Sandy. There really can't be much time left. A well planned Aliyah could have been executed by Pesach after that most improbable storm. My sense is once the Syrian War/ Korean War spin out of control, it will be impossible to leave. It is likely the one reason why you were given an additional 5 months to hightail it out of there. Consider yourself on borrowed time right now. I notice that the dollar seems to be plummeting too. Maybe this is all my imagination.

3/28/2013 2:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about all the Jews who are living in America?

3/28/2013 6:32 AM  
Blogger Neshama said...

Before I'm out the door I wanted to share a thought that came to me during the Seder. When reading each of the Makkos, slowly, when we came to the Arbeh ...

I thought about the locusts that recently swarmed over Mitzrayim and Eretz Yisrael. What follows this? Hosheckh! A 'darkness' will come over the world, maybe not thick blackness, but a darkness of mind and vision greatly affecting the evil in the world, the way of life until now, (food, money, relations, communications) people and countries. That this darkness will be the prelude to our Geulah.

3/28/2013 8:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Coming year is a shmita, last two shmita 2001 and 2008 29th of Elul were the second and first largest NYSE crashes. This time will we see such a dive, can the west ever recover?

3/28/2013 11:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Anon 11:15 AM:

Moadim l'simcha!

The next Shmitta year will be 5775 - 7 years after the last one - the coming year will be 5774.

Many of our greatest disappointments are due to miscalculated times...may it not happen now, be"H.

CDG, Yerushalayim

3/28/2013 3:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dov, my husband and myself are American yehudim both in our 60's. Neither of us in the physical condition we were when younger. The years since the banking collapse scandals have reduced us to a mere subsistence. Our children are grown, on their own, and want nothing to do with their Jewish heritage or anyone like us. Our attempts since 2004 to make "well planned aliyah", which began when we contacted Nefesh B'Nefresh, have been met with requests for statements proving our financial solvency, proving we have current employment or jobs in Israel awaiting us, and proving we have a prearranged place to stay on arrival, for Israel's new laws prohibit those of our age group from staying either in orientation/ulpan centers or on kibbutzim. We've been told repeatedly even by Israelis who now live in the U.S. that it's now "Show your credit cards, savings, investments, etc. and the address of the apartment you own or rent,or you might be deported immediately upon arrival in Israel." Everyone's warned us "The Israel of your youth no longer exists - no one there will help you, no one will talk to you, no one wants you there - two more poor old religious Jews vying for non-existent jobs and living quarters"... "if you're over 50 you're unemployable" .."you'll both be lucky to find a soup kitchen!" Sad to say the two of us have been unable to gain any other information but this, and we've about given up trying. We both have yearned to make the last move of our lives but it would seem that"The Ingathering of the Exiles" is no longer of any interest to the Jewish State. Yes, we truly long for coming home, but I ask you "How can you reconcile ongoing pleas for American Jews to return with the ugly realities my husband and I have encountered each and every time we've tried to comply? We, like the Yehudim living in the Reich, must now it seems resign ourselves to accept what's so obviously coming. - Rhona

3/28/2013 8:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you are in America they can stall you forever, and you probably wont get the Nefesh bNefesh grant, the big money grants are for well off families.
If you can't get a free ticket or free money show up at Ben Gurion passport control with several letters from prominent rabbis, ketubot, pictures of parents Jewish headstones, etc.
The law requires you be given entry and citizenship, but the Israeli way is to make it difficult to get your rights.
You are Jews, don't be tricked into even taking a hotel, sit down right there in the airport and demand a merkaz klitah dorm until you can settle somewhere, they wont chuck you on the street, the shliach alliyah is also allowed to lie to people he imagines to be non productive olim. You might have to go to a less desirable merkaz klitah but all rules can be negotiated, dont believe the lies of the lazy.
Israel 101, you only have rights if you are not afraid to demand them. Same with social help, dont let anyone talk you in to leaving merkaz klitah until they have provided you with a place to live. You have a right to Israeli citizenship and cant be denied, once you have activated the citizenship you have a right to the shabby welfare state. Not a life of wealth, you probably will need to move to the north or south but you will be in your land. Have emuna and do what you need to do, don't be afraid, force you foot into the door, never admit you have anywhere else to go.

3/28/2013 8:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it breaks my heart to read the comment by Rhona ... I fully concur. I am in the same shoes, about to turn 60.

my trust is in Moshiach to pay the way?

3/28/2013 9:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some yeshuvim have caravans(mobile homes) free for people who are learning in kollel, most have them for very cheap and not connected to the beit midrash. What a great way to retire in a simple home learning Torah for the rest of your lives and bringing a great zechus to the nation.
Don't wait for moshiach when you can already go now.
There is no promise of a big house in the old city, but email Arutz SHeva or other settlement orgs and find a small yeshuv where rent is still very cheap.
At this point it will not be easy to get things given to you without effort, but if you work to uncover the way aliyah is still very possible, if you want it enough to do the work.

3/28/2013 9:45 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

I will respond in greater depth on Motzei Shabbat bli neder. In Eretz Yisrael tonight we spring ahead one hour, and I have been busy during Chol HaMoed. I believe in the Zohar HaKodesh's dating system that we have been following since the solar eclipse for the molad for Siwan 5772. Really I have been following it since the 2nd Lebanon War began on the 17th of Tamuz 5766 with the missile pummeling of the Galil. There are really two options in this process. Either it begin with Rachamim in 5773, or it be prolonged until the Shmittah year 5775 with a year long war between the West and Persia in which billions with a B might die. I personally spoke to a mekubal in Beit Shemesh about this years ago when we discussed options that this would be delayed from the 7 years of Gog UMagog during the last 7 years of the presidency of Gog W. Bush, Jr (5762-5768). We discussed the two possibilities for the final Shmittah cycle which we are in. Option A is that the Midat HaRachamim would be "born" in 5773. Option B is that the Midat HaDin would be "born" in 5775 or the beginning of 5776.

If it all happens Midat HaDin starting in 5775, billions could die, G-d forbid. Who wants to see an all out nuclear war between the West and Persia when the West finally realizes that we, the miner's canary, are only the first to suffer because of noxious moral fumes of Persia. The wicked Haman in Iran will only bring destruction on the entire world. How much do we all daven that this Geulah come with Rachamim in the merit of the 6 million even if we don't deserve it because of our deeds?

3/28/2013 10:18 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

I am well aware of the wealth loss at the end of the two previous Shmittah cycles, the last week in Elul 5761 and then the financial crash at the end of Elul 5768. These two events starting with 9/11/01 (23rd Elul 5761) and ending with the 777 pt drop in the DJIA of the Stock Market on Erev Rosh HaShana 5769 (29th of Elul 5768) marked the beginning and the end of the 7 years of Gog UMagog. We are really in uncharted territory since Gog did not die by Hoshana Rabba 5769. It is not necessary that we have to wait another 7 full years until the end of Elul 5775 to witness the same level of wealth destruction. Look what is happening in Cyprus right now. What is happening there is a hopeful sign that we can avoid the death of billions. In short we don't have to add another full 7 years after the Dow crashed 777 points that Erev Rosh HaShana for it to happen again at the end of 5775 and this time for good. Better it come with Rachamim starting in 5773. Whatever judgement that comes on the nations now will be peanuts to what it will be like if we wait until 5775 to begin.

3/28/2013 10:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just turned sixty and my husband is fast approaching it. We converted together for love of Hashem - a proper Orthodox conversion 7 years ago. We bought a little house 1,080 sq feet for just over $380,000 so we could live in the community. We put $80,000 down. Now our house is worth less than half of what we bought it for. My husband is making less money and our savings? We don't have any. I filled out an application for NBN. A few weeks later a nice young man called and asked some questions about our finances. At the end of our conversation he stated: "call us when things are looking better for you" I also have been told by Israelis that I am not employable due to my age. My husband is afraid to go because he doesn't want to go and not have any means of support. This is the situation we are in. I keep hearing about how Jews in America are wealthy and how we just don't want to make aliyah but it just isn't true. I have to have faith in Hashem because He gives us everything we need. We are at His mercy. I have to believe He knows what he's doing.

3/28/2013 11:08 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

I really wish the Torah world had seen this coming. Rav Yehudah HaChassid from Germany in the 12th and 13th centuries had outlined out this entire process. He predicted that for exactly 400 years the Ottoman Turks would rule over Yerushalayim. This happened between 1517 (5277) and 1917 (5677). Then he said for one Yovel, Yerushalayim would be in No Man's Land, between 5677 and 5727 (1967). The conqueror of Yerushalayim in WW1 was PM Lloyd George (that would be Lloyd Gog). He was really the first Gog. During the Mandate period Yerushalayim was really under the dominion of no nation, and at the San Remo Conference it was supposed to be set aside for Klal Yisrael. Well in 5708 (1948), it was divided with a Big Strip called No Man's Land separating the New City from the Old City. In 5727, Yerushalayim was finally united. Then Rav Yehudah HaChassid said that there would be one more Yovel in which Mashiach would come by the end of that Yovel (5727- 5776). 5776 happens to be a year which is also Motzei Shmittah, but our problem is with what happens before that year in the last great war. We had a Gog Bush Sr. at the outskirts of Batzrah in Iraq in the year 5751 (1991) when 2 Bavelonian tank divisions hightailed it back to Baghdad on Ta'anit Esther 5751. And then his son, Gog Jr., actually entered into Batzrah and had British troops stationed there. We really have no excuses collectively. We should have been far more prepared for this when the 3rd Gog, Gog W. Bush Jr., wanted to uproot Gush Katif. We have no one to blame but ourselves that we were not paying attention in 5765 (2005). The wealthy could have made provisions for the poor to make Aliyah with them. With the aerial bombing of Afghanistan beginning on Hoshana Rabba 5762, the 1st year of a Shmittah cycle, we have to ask ourselves, "Why were we not more aware of the times that we were in when we could have made a difference?" If it is still possible, and I know how difficult this might be, just leave it all behind now including those homes that are completely under water, financially and in reality. I will speak to Rav Brody about this within the week, and let you know what he is thinking. Shabbat Shalom and Moadim LeSimcha.

3/28/2013 11:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Population of Israel reaches symbolic 6 million:

3/29/2013 12:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the couples and individuals in their 60's trying to make aliyah, i would say 3 things as i was 61 when i made aliyah 8 years ago.

1.What you have heard is pretty true, except it is Nefesh b'Nefesh NOT the Jewish Agency that puts the financial constraints on potential olim. DO NOT GO THROUGH THEM. They are acting on their own, and give horribly false information about many many issues. They have an agenda. Go straight to the Sochnut. In my case NbN literally screamed at me in a public place that i couldn't make aliyah because xyz and because i didn't have enough money to make aliyah - that Israel wouldn't let me into the country. I knew my rights and knew they were dead wrong. The Jewish Agency came to my rescue at that moment and i had a wonderful helpful shaliach.

That said, the 2nd hurdle is the Ministry of the Interior. Don't know where to start with that one. But again, you MUST research and ask questions and know your rights. Go the head. I did, and he cut right through all the mess, and secured my rightful aliyah. Now with the new govt there is new hope for fairness.

2. Almost all the benefits for new olim are NOT available to people over 60 and jobs very difficult to get or even non existent to people even over 40. There is terrible age discrimination here, a shocking thing to me. Before aliyah you are told you can get grants for re-training. but you cannot get them if you are over 50 or 60. The ministry of absorption blocks that one. It is completely in their hands and they are unbendable.

But just last month a new 10 week program was announced for retraining 50 and 60 year old Israelis for the Israeli market place. (in Talpiot) Because it said, "Israel has made a mistake in rejecting its older workers. They have much to offer" I remember when America had age discrimination they soon changed their mind as it didn't work. Now we can learn. Israel is a young country. We make a lot of mistakes, but we do try to correct them.

3. Why make aliyah then? Sounds terrible, right? And i will tell is extremely hard and frustrating and heart breaking. BUT, BUT...if you are like me, and your neshama is married to this Land, if your longing wont' go away, there is no other choice. There is only one way to be in the midst of our People and it is not in America or the UK or anywhere else. It is only here in eretz yisrael. Only. You have to be strong, and want to be here. G-d will see you through BUT Israel IS test. A constant test.

But one that is worth it.

When i go to America to see my children and grandchildren.. none of them are here in Israel...I miss them terribly and long for them to be here. I am soo grateful to see them and be with them.

But when I return home to Israel, and I see those Israeli faces and hear that hebrew being spoken around heart calms down when i didn't even know it was agitated. I see those Israeli faces and suddenly, I feel safe and know that achshav, kol beseder. (Now, everything is ok)

Please come. Know that it is not easy, but know, as a Jew, there is no other choice.

3/29/2013 12:46 AM  
Blogger ariela said...

For all of you who want to do Aliyah, Truth is Truth, We went had to pay for our own way, lost everything and was harassed not given our benefits such as health care and had to leave, we lost everything. Do not just just jump on a plain. When your poor its too hard especially when you have no support. Those who can not get out to Israel you need to come and live in the country and get out of the cities, if you want to talk seriously about this contact me. Ariela.

3/29/2013 12:51 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

So it is now official. In 1918 there were approximately 100,000 Jews in Eretz Yisrael. Now there are 6 million Jews, including those who are here in long term or permanent study programs. The Russian goyim have been excluded from these figures.

At the first redemption from Mitzraim there were 600,000 Jews minimum, karpas or Samech Revavot (600,000) be'Perech (in hard labor). At that time the Levi'im were excluded from the count since they were excluded from the hard labor. Now we have 6 million, ten times that amount in less than 100 years. Nothing happening here say some in the Chareidi world. If they can't see what is happening now and act on it, then it is they who will miss the opportunity this Shmittah cycle. Find a Rav who can see it. Stay far away from those Rabbeim who can't.

At the turn of the 19th Century, the students of the Vilna Gaon thought that they could arrive two generations before the Erev Rav would arrive in force to build the Yishuv. But then they stopped coming, and for 80 years the Torah observant world lay dormant in Europe waiting for who knows what when they should have been following the example of the students of the Gaon and other Chassidic Rabbeim. Then the Erev Rav began to show up here in large numbers, particularly in the 2nd Aliyah when the Bolshevicks started showing up. We seem to miss our best and easiest opportunities regularly. But now we have simply reached an End, a brick wall for the end of galut. 5775-5776 is that brick wall. Whatever starts in 5773 will make it easier (like padding) on those of us who are anticipating Geulah....even if so many of us are not. Don't expect padding if you are not at least somewhat aware that we are reaching a brick wall! Let us help each other leave the lands of our dispersion. We can't really wait for another Gog who will try to conquer Yerushalayim. The anti-Gog Sheiketz/ 11th horn guy will try. But now that his entire country is on the verge of granting ketubot to homosexuals, I am not sure that he will even make a dent. Pope Bergoglio is not leading an Army of conquerors. He is just a siman. Don't wait for a 4th Gog. He might not show up.

I will speak to Rav Lazer Brody as soon as I can, bli neder.

3/29/2013 12:58 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Yes, if for whatever reason you can't get here, speak with those who have communal Jewish living in the country amongst righteous gentiles. Ariela has left her email, and then there is Rav Ariel Bar Tzaddok's community in Eastern Tennessee. If there are other communities, feel free to post them here. Homeland Security in the US has purchased 1.6 billion bullets. That is five bullets for every American. It is for crowd control in the event of economic chaos. Be AWAY FROM THOSE CROWDS if you can. Oy, we always do it the hard way.

3/29/2013 1:11 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

The Saudis and the Qataris are brawling in the conference rooms of the Arab Summit over heavy weapons transfers to the Syrian rebels. What is next? Who knows for sure.

The Russians sensing that they may lose their port in the Mediterranean Sea have plans of their own in the Black Sea:

Now everyone raise your hands. If Putin risks losing his port in Tartus, Syria, which direction will those Russian ships flow toward to in order to protect that port from being taken over by the Syrian rebels??

3/29/2013 1:26 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

When you see the Russian fleet burst through the Bosporus, what are we to do next??

3/29/2013 1:32 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

I think that this year we should have Shmurah matzah for Seudat haMashiach on Acharon shel Pesach. Normally 18 minute (Chai Rega'im) matzah would do. But I am not paskening!!

3/29/2013 1:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With North Korean rockets "ready to hit US bases," it sure seems like this is one big distraction... we know of North Korean ships transporting weapons to Syria/Iran and the alliance between the three... it really looks like this is some kind of attempt at diverting the world's attention from Assad and the Syrian civil war....

3/29/2013 1:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"If Putin risks losing his port in Tartus, Syria, which direction will those Russian ships flow toward to in order to protect that port from being taken over by the Syrian rebels?? "

China? Not the ships but the SOS...

3/29/2013 3:01 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Just sent out this advice for those who are stuck in the US or other places of our dispersion. There is no need for panic.

Then find a safe place in a country location amongst righteous gentiles to set up or be part of a kosher community of Jews and righteous gentiles to be safe from those 1.6 billion bullets that Homeland Security has readied for crowd control when the shebang collapses. Just be ready. Yes, Ben David will come to scoop you up when he finally shows up. But be prepared for the interim period of time. Please be in a safe place. There are a lot of good people in America, but sadly most of those places which have not lost their goodness tend to be in places where Jews aren't. Stay away from states that have passed laws granting ketubot and Civil Union contracts to homosexuals. Such places are already in the spiritual garbage pail. If this means calling Rav Ariel Bar Tzaddok in Eastern Tennessee or some group of Jews who have bought a ranch in Texas, at least take steps to stay alive and safe until Ben David comes to fetch you. He could show up as early as this year, but the Talmud says that he will likely show up in the year after a Shmittah year. So if it hits the fan this year, you need a good holy place to be outside of the large city in which you most likely live in order to wait for him. Reread my post on the attributes of righteous gentiles in order to be amongst good people who may not necessarily be Jewish. Or make Aliyah now if you can. Either way, be safe, and take steps to be safe.

I will repost the attributes of a righteous gentile which I have posted before.

3/29/2013 4:01 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Attributes of a righteous gentile:

1. Above all things he/ she fears the L-rd G-d of Israel.

2. His/ her thoughts control his/ her feelings. A righteous gentile is a person who thinks first before acting or deciding between right and wrong. Feelings may be a guide toward understanding if one is hurting someone else, but they are never a guide toward making a final decision before acting. That must be done with the mind.

3. humility: A righteous human being always judges others by the extenuating circumstances that those other people have. He/ she never judges another by his/ her own extenuating circumstances. He/ she understands that G-d takes into acct. all of our extenuating circumstances. A righteous person always understands that his own extenuating circumstances may not allow him /her to behave in a certain way, but that someone else may have no other option so that that person might have a heter to behave in that way.

4. The purpose of doing the right thing is lishma, for its own sake. It is not for any benefit that might be accrued by behaving justly, for if the benefit runs contrary to doing the right thing, then that person will choose the benefit of sin over human decency.

Any human being who has all four attributes above will very likely be a decent human being who will not betray you even if the govt. bribes him/ her to do so. I find such people as described above to invariably be pro- Israel too. It is best to be around these type of people with all four attributes when "it hits the fan."

3/29/2013 4:20 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Again the first option is Aliyah. but if Aliyah is not possible because of your own extenuating circumstances, then choose option B as described above. Again most places where there are a large group of righteous gentiles tend to be places where most Jews are not. The entire NE corridor has now gone down the road to granting marriage contracts or Civil Union contracts to the abomination. It is no longer a matter of turning the other way when consenting adults do what they do. They have now gone out of the way to "sanctify" it and to make it a respectable part of society. These places in general no longer have a fear of G-d. plain and simple. Moving within the US, out of the large northeastern cities to one of these agrarian places for Jews and righteous gentiles is a 2nd best option to Aliyah to be prepared for the storm that is almost upon us. And this storm is much bigger than Hurricane Sandy.

3/29/2013 4:37 AM  
Blogger LondonMale said...

Aliyah is made through the Jewish Agency, who act on behalf of the Israeli government.
Nefesh B Nefesh is an extra organisation set up to faciliatate Aliyah for people from the USA, Canada and the UK. it is not essential to have any contact with Nefesh B Nefesh.
I advise contact with the UJIA who provide good advice and help to English speaking immigrants.
Before you leave your country of exile, get a police certificate showing that you have no criminal record. If you can find no other job in Israel, you can always try to be a cab driver, and you will need this certificate for that.

3/29/2013 7:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure about ministry of absorption but the large offices for all services in cities will at least 50% lie to avoid providing service due I assume to activist or lazy employees. Come to Israel with a non-return plan in place and do the work out in smaller yeshuvim in Yesha, the north, or the Negev.
Americans assume no means no, in truth it most often just means you have encountered an employee who is an 8 hour coffee breaker annoyed you are trying to dump your problems on their all day break. If you cant get what you need go to another office, bring a pushy Israeli with you. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, the friar who is a shmata gets walked on 100x worse than in America. Be humble but remember you are a zechut for the am, you must stand up and get in many faces to collect what is yours. Insist on your rights for help from other religious Jews as a ger tzedek, they know the halacha and if they fear G-d they will help.
If you get a social security check you will have enough for food, a caravan, and electricity in a small yeshuv, on the ther hand you probably will only have Israeli neighbors and your hebrew will progress as long as you dont bunker down with your spouse.
I understand the social stigma of a mobile home is not a level of living possible for most American Jews but it is not considered shameful here especially in Yesha.
As gerim you have already made so many changes and difficult accomidations, why be stuck with the American goyim after all that effort.

3/29/2013 10:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are right Dov, i know there are circumstances that don't allow an aliyah. I made my comments only because it IS extremely difficult here with little or no money, but still, for me at least, is where i want to be in spite of it. And i want to encourage people, that if they really yearn to be here, they shouldn't get discouraged. I have learned here in Israel, that if you don't get the answer you want or need, or know is right, the first time you try, you have to keep going, keep asking, try a different person, until you get the answer you need or know is right.
That said, i understand for many, this is not a viable option and they shouldn't feel guilty. Giving a righteous gentile the opportunity to bless Am Yisrael must be a mitzvah of some kind . :) In time, all things will be good.

3/29/2013 12:45 PM  
Anonymous mkf said...

What do you think? Is this something legit? Or bogus? It is dated today March 30.

3/30/2013 11:18 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Don't know MKF. Add into the mix Russian fears that their Mediterranean port will fall to the rebels and the drumbeat of world war coming from North Korea. And add that Al Qaeda seems to control most of the border between Syria and Jordan and part of the border between Israel and Syria in the Golan. And add into the mix that Al Qaeda in Syria has fresh heavy weaponry, along with the other rebels, from the Saudis that was transported from Moslem countries in the Balkans. The Qataris, who are more interested in PR than the Saudis, are taking a fit over that one.

3/31/2013 2:34 AM  

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