Friday, August 19, 2005

Nachamu, Klal Yisrael. We are in pain.

This has been one brutal week. Perhaps next week will bring a clearer perspective of events of this past week. I must request though that all remarks about who is Mashiach dead or alive be kept to oneself. G-d will reveal who is Mashiach ben Yosef and ben David in His time.
Secondly, I am in full agreement with Yehudit Yerushalmi. Any Jew who willingly joined this evil government over the past year since disengagement was announced, and especially after Peres the Vulture joined the team, will need to give a full accounting one day. Any Rabbinic leader who tried to ignore or abstain from the horrible events of this past week has permitted a great evil to occur. This is the 111th generation after the giving of the Torah. We are all gilgulim of the generation in the desert. The principle perpetrators of that horrible event in Jewish history were Torah Scholars, for every one of them was a prince. Yet they failed us miserably. By the way, how this accounting will take place, for joining the Erev Rav, is not for me or any other commenter to this blog to speculate on. Maybe if it is just for the indiscretion of not learning Sod ( the inner depths of the Torah), teshuva is still possible even for participating in this horrible crime which took place last week. Remember that participation in this event revolves around either perpetuating the survival of this government or just abstaining when your gadol sees the light a month before the expulsion. I tremble at the number of Mitzvot observing Jews who washed their hands of this tragedy. Yet there are so many honorable mentions of Jews, observant or not, who tried to stop this insanity that I try not to dwell on the smaller men who did nothing.

Finally for Eldad who has passionately shared his heart with us all, I can say nothing except that I am in equal pain about this matter. Yet, the issue is not just about learning "sod". For the past year a simple investigation into the matter would reveal that withdrawing from Gaza was not just an endangerment to Gazans, but a massive endangerment to all towns in the Western Negev and Ashkelon which will be bombed into oblivion by Iranian advanced missile technology. I do hope and pray that the IDF will not be able to leave, and I also hope and pray that the homes, schools, schules and businesses will remain standing for a post Tu B'Av miracle. If not, terrorism will increase here where I live, 6 miles north of Yerushalayim, and it will surely increase throughout Israel.

Getting back to the point, though, this Post-Holocaust generation is a generation of children who have been captured by idolators. We are far more accountable for our acts of common indecency (and decency) than we are for are skill at understanding the laws of Shabbat. Don't get me wrong! Shabbat is important, but Menschlichkeit is primary!! You cannot rebuild yeshivot and schools ravaged by Tommy Lapid on the potential spilling of the blood of thousands in the Western Negev, Ashkelon, or for that matter any place else. And believe me I fully understand that those yeshivot needed rebuilding, and that Melamdim were hungry. Waiting three months for new elections last January to clear the air would have been the right decision considering what we all witnessed this past week.

Nachamu, Klal Yisrael, Nachamu


Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...


I published the following on Rebbitzen Toby Katz's website in response to the Aharon Ungar article on the Kotel (Western Wall) rally with more than 600,000 Jews on the 6th and 7th of Av:

I was there too. I arrived with my wife and children at 5:20 pm. The plaza was empty. By 7pm there were 250,000 soul- baring daveners in the Plaza itself. I have no idea how many were clogging the streets of the Old City and beyond. It was one of the most moving and gut-wrenching days of my life. Everything that Aharon wrote about the rally is 100% true.

I am in such pain now that the evacuation has proceeded so smoothly. As moving and inspiring as that rally was, I am saddened that only a minimal number of American Jews even knew to participate in this moment. One should look into the matter why whatever national organization that most represents them did not coordinate a national day of prayer to coincide with this rally. You might be saddened to find out why. Perhaps Gog W. son of Gog Bush has hoodwinked you all into being your friend. Or perhaps communally you are frightened of his intentions for the world and what he might do if you opposed him. There is a tremendous evil threatening our existence here in Israel. I do not believe for one minute that the pressure for this atrocity came from the Prime Minister's office. The real pressure came from Gog W. at the behest of the Saudis to help him keep the world price of oil below $100 per barrel. True, G-d is orchestrating this process from above. Yet, our responses below are the key to how smoothly this redemption process unfolds. The silence from organized American Jewry is frightening and deafening.

8/20/2005 11:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dov, I'd like to express my opinion on several issues with your permission.

Regarding some people who are saying that Gush Katif evacuation came as a punishment [for whatever or whosever sins]...Nahafokh-hu! Gaza settlers had to go through these tribulation because they are finest of Klal-Yisrael and Hashem afflicted them with those sufferings in order to bring them to complete faith in Him [Emunah Shleimah]...after all, Mashiach cannot come on an empty ground - he needs people who have complete devotion and trust in Heavens: the people who are ready to serve Hashem "Be'khol Meodecha";
May Hashem bless Gaza settlers that they merited to become heralds of redemption and suffer humiliation and loss on behalf of all of us;

All territories that are lost (and I'm afraid there is more to come) will be very soon regained and every Ben Yisrael will merit to have eternal portion in the Land of Israel according to his/her spiritual root and we'll be walking by the banks of Euphrates very soon...

Regarding status of 'Tinokot She'nishbu' applied to secular population according by all great Poskim since WW1 - it certainly grants them privelege of not being Chayav Mita, like other Kofrim, Apikorusim, Minim etc would have, but it doesn't save them when they engage in ACTIVE war against Torat Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael...if we consider Cossacks, Nazis and Palestinians (yimach shmam) live embodiments of Amalek for torturing Jews, Kal Va'Khomer - if these Goyim are to be held accountable for causing distress to Jewish people - how much MORE Jewish skinheads who demolished and raped Gush Katif should be accountable for their actions?!

Regarding those having accusations against Tsadik and G'dol Hador, Rav Mordechai Eliyahu shlit"a...I beleive that this Tsadik, like Rabbi Akiva in his generation, tried to gain merit for Israel and bring Geulah closer; But, if the greatest Tanna, Rabbi Akiva, worthy sitting in Moshe Rabbenu's throne, couldn't gain merit for his generation and erred regarding Bar Kochba, what kind of right has any 'little man' to speak maliciously against G'dol such as Rabbi Eliyahu?

It is said that in our generation there will be similar showdown as with Prophet Eliyahu and Priests of Ba'al on mount Carmel, but this time fire will descend on the altar of Ba'al, and it will take great effort to retain the faith in Divine Providence...
Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, like Eliyahu Ha'Navi, wanted to make Kiddush Hashem by assuring us that K'firah of destruction of all purpose of our returning to the land of Israel [manifested in Gush Katif more than any other Yishuv] will NOT take place...but, this time the fire consumed the sacrifice of Priests of Ba'al (Edom, Ishmael and Erev Rav), who had the short joy of mocking G-d of Israel and His hand in establishment of Gush Katif...

These last day tribulations do not come as a punishment, but as necessary preparations, so that we can gain necessary Keilim for receiving all the rewards and eternal pleasure that Creator has prepared for His servants...We, like King David, have to go through all conditions within Malchut, described by King David in Sefer Tehilim, including "Eli, Eli lama azavtani", that's why it is very necessary to read Tehilim at this time (especially chapters instructed by Rav Eliyahu)...not a single effort that we are doing at this time will be lost...

Dov, regarding study of Sod...I wouldn't like to go very deep into this...Not even in the era of Mashiach everyone will be studying Sod, and I'm not among those proponing "turning the meeting place of the Sages into public house" i.e. widespread study of Sod. But, I will only mention Rav Chaim Vital and Baal Hasulam, who said that rejection of Sod by G'dolim [in Nigleh] is the reason for all world's sufferings...but, Baruch Hashem, Pnimiyut Ha'Torah is being more and more studied in Orthodox circles, but ignorance of [at least] basics of Sod (Gra's, Ramchal's or Baal Ha'Sulam's introductory articles) in leading Yeshivas of Israel is still damaging...but, again - BLI AYIN HA'RA!!!

8/21/2005 4:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In this generation, that of "the Heels of Mashiach", the Arizal and the Baal Shem Tov have said that it is a mitzva to reveal hidden aspects of the Torah and supernal secrets in order to burn the "thorns from vineyard". - Notzar Chesed 84:6

The redemption of Israel and all the worth of Israel is dependent on the learning of the Zohar...

The Baal Shem Tov, of blessed memory, used to encourage those serious about serving G-d to learn every day from the Tikunei Zohar (a primary source text of Kabbala). -
Derech Emunah in the introduction to the commentary on Psalms

8/21/2005 5:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dov, your disappointment is shared by many... i just need to express the sadness we feel about the situation... not just in Israel, but here in australia! majority of the jewish community here are totally in the dark, they treat crises in Israel as "not their problem". rabbis and community leaders are keeping a low profile, if not worse, supporting the disengagement!!! they are all worried about their image and money. their silence is deafening!!! they pretend not to understand that when a heart gets ripped out all parts of the body, no matter how far from the heart they are, go with it soon after. (being in australia i feel that we are in a large behind). it seems that these people are not ready for the miracle we are all waiting for. they don't see the urgency. but you should continue to do your work bringing people hope and truth!!! may we all merit the immediate redemption!!!


8/21/2005 7:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At the height of the controversy of the Rambam, his books were burned by fellow Jews in France.

Jew vs. Jew?

A Jew is able to burn his brothers books...? Shortly thereafter the goyim of France proceeded to burn thousands of Jewish books in the public square.

This event leading to Rav Yona's writing Sha'are Tshuva.

Jew evicting Jew from Eretz Yisrael? Has Veshalom, this should follow events in the time of the Rambam.

8/21/2005 8:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Devarim 34:1/3
"Moses went up from the valley of Moav to the mount of Nevo...which is facing Jericho, and [Hashem] showed him [everything that would transpire until the end of days, including]...The King of the South [Yishmael] united with the King of the North [Edom] to destroy those dwelling in the land. And [he saw] the Ammonite and the Moabite, who dwell in the lowland and cause troubles for Israel. And [he saw] the exile of the students of Eliyahu who were exiled from the Jericho Valley and the exile of the students of Elisha who were exiled from the city of Palm Trees ["Kirvas Diklaya" -- Neve Dekalim(?)] by their brothers the house of Israel -- 200,000 mighty men [soldiers] -- and [he saw] troubles in every generation as well as the punishment of the wicked Armilus and the military structure of Gog. At the time of that great suffering, Michoel [the angel who governs Israel] will arise with his right hand to save [Israel]."

8/21/2005 10:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blog said "This is the 111th generation after the giving of the Torah."

WOuld be interested to know are you uding 40 years as ageneration??

FYI Aleph has a Gematira of 111.

The 111th Prime is 613.

9/19/2006 4:27 PM  

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