Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Let the Skies Roll Up

After the “Travail of the Shepherd” it became more and more obvious that other end time prophesies would begin to fall like dominoes. One is about to fall, or is falling as I write this. We are smack in the middle of the “Year of Yitzkhak”. Yitzkhak Avinu is set to be “born a second time” this Pesach. Surely events that have led up until now will climax at that time.

First of all of note the Israeli elections are two days before Rosh Chodesh Nissan. I believe that this choice is so critical that anyone who chooses Kadima, Meretz, or Labour after the exposure of the Palestinian Authority for what it is, is putting their eternal soul into grave danger. This could really well be one facet of the final test of where every Jew is holding before the Wars of Gog and Magog get very bloody. The Zohar is very clear. After 6 ½ years after the year 5760, there is supposed to be a full remembrance of G-d’s covenant with Ya’akov. I have been debating in my mind whether that full remembrance is this year Nissan 5766 or next year Nissan 5767. See my article on the “Secret of the Vav in HaShem’s Name. In that article I assume the first possibility for the sake of argument, but to be honest the second opinion is just as valid since the Third year of Sukkot is the Year of Yaakov (See the Cosmic Clock in the sidebar). The difference of one year is crucial, but Kol HaTor comes to the rescue when it says that Edom rules here for nine months. If Armilus’s government is to be considered Edom’s government, where Armilus is Gog and Co Rice’s (Koresh’s[1]) Hakhshara[2] (see Sefer Eliyahu[3]), then his government began on the Fifth of Teves and will end just before Yom Kippur 5767. If on the other hand Edom’s rule has a different meaning, then the full remembrance is next Nissan 5767, for it was Erev Pesach when Ya’akov Avinu “stole” Esau’s blessing for leadership in the World to Come. Of course he was meant to get it, for one cannot steal a blessing unless the recipient is really “zoche” to receive it. G-d willing it is not next year, for if it is I may be writing this blog from a sukkah by Pesach of next year.

Having said all this, if the full remembrance is this Rosh Hodesh Nissan, then the Erev Rav and hedonistic “left” coast Jews are falling into a major trap. If G-d remembers Ya’akov this New Moon of Nissan, those who are not from Ya’akov loins are signing away their Olam Haba two days later. I figure that a vote for Netanyahu might at least guarantee a possibility that the voter, though not a tzaddik, can at least repent until Yom Kippur.

This would all just be speculative if it were not for the event that is set to occur between the day of the vote and The New Moon. The intervening day is not your normal Molad where the moon passes the plane between the sun and the earth so that it can be spotted that evening a few hours later. No, that molad is scheduled to be, since the time of The Creation, an 80% solar eclipse. That’s right there will be an 80% symbolic diminution of the power of the Nations of the World vis-à-vis Yisrael. The 80% can be understood from the Zohar which says that four of the five evil husks of the mixed multitude are set to be destroyed at the End of Days. 4/5 is 80%. To understand who really gets whacked spiritually by this eclipse it is instructional to follow the path of totality. From a quick perusal, Muslim North Africa takes the brunt of this spiritual reckoning. It just makes sense that when Yitzkhak is about to be born, Yishmael's power is about to take a severe beating, along with 80% of the mixed multitude that seems to control so much of what goes on in the Holy Land these days. In addition, though, a major reduction of Yishmael's power in the world this year must be followed next year with a major reduciton of Edom's power in the world, for after all it is the Third Year of Sukkot. Remember from my article, Heavenly Court Cases Continue, Esau is judged during the Third year of Sukkot. This, of course makes sense for just like Yishmael should be judged in the Year of Yitzkhak, Esau should be judged during the Year of Ya'akov. The question of when during that year comes up, though, from Sukkot at the beginning of that year until the end of that year. Sukkot would seem to be an appropriate time because Yom Kippur 5767 will be the Seventh Yom Kippur of the Al Aksa Intafada which followed on the heels of the year of Yom Kippur (see again The Cosmic Clock and "Secret of the Vav…"). At this juncture the Jewish people here will have bowed down before Amalek seven consecutive Yom Kippur's in a row. That is the amount of times that Ya'akov bowed down before Esau over 3500 years ago when traveling back from Uncle Lavan's house in Charan. According to Me'am Loez it was Yom Kippur. He then agrees to accompany Esau to Mt. Seir, but he decides to only go part way, to build a home in Sukkot, and to build sukkot for the following summer for his animals. Only at the end of days will Ya'akov actually make it to Har Seir to be in on Esau's final judgment, when the He goat that has lead Mankind for so long is thrown over a cliff to Azazel . Then Ya'akov will travel on to Sukkot.

In order to tie these pieces together it is appropriate to introduce to you the appropriate parsha amongst our Holy Prophets who speak about this. Let me re-introduce you to Isaiah 34:

Come close, O Nations, to hear, and regimes be attentive; let the earth and its fullness hear, the world and all its offspring. For HaShem has a fury against all the nations and a wrath against all their legions; He has destroyed them; He has delivered them to the slaughter. Their slain will be thrown aside and their corpses will bring up stench; the mountains will melt from their blood. Yes, this definitely something that has not fully happened yet. It is an end times prophesy.

Verse four, though, is definitely worth commenting on, but I will let Rashi do it.

All the Hosts of the heavens will dissolve and the heavens will be rolled up like a scroll; all their hosts will shrivel as a leaf of a grapevine shrivels and like a shriveled leaf of a fig tree.

Rashi's comment: The Targum Yonatan comments this fairly literally, but my explanation is according to the matter that now the good and the light is given to the Yishmaelim. (The world's oil reserves by and large sit underneath their soil.) However when they will be erased and destroyed, the world will be as darkness upon it as if the sun and the light were rolled away like a bookscroll. Wow, Rashi is describing a solar eclipse! Not just a normal solar eclipse but one whose totality rolls through North Africa, cutting the Northern part of the African continent it two. See the clip again.

Rashi continues: (The Yishmaelim) will wilt like the fruit of a tree. It will be ripened in a state of kumra defined as fruit that has been picked, collected together, warmed up, and stuck in storage so that it can be ripened. Here I am not sure if Rashi is referring to these fruits being ripened because of darkness or because of excess heat from the sun after the eclipse. As it is he is describing a spiritual state of the Arab world in which it is withering and dying.

The fifth verse explains why Rashi seems to think that only the Yishmaelim are sent withering from the heavens being rolled up like a scroll.

For my sword has been sated in the heavens; Behold it whall descend upon Edom and for judgment upon the people of My destruction.

From here we see that the angel of Esau was not involved in the War in Heaven in verse four, but as it says in Makkot, Eilu Hen HaGolin: The angel of Rome will flee to Batzrah[4] and think it to be a city of refuge. Therefore we can understand why Rashi excluded Edom (Rome) from the heavenly judgment of verse four, for by verse five we see that the angel of Edom is on earth when the heavens are rolled up like a scroll. And in verse six, as if it comes to mirror the Talmud in Makkot:

The sword of HaShem is full of blood, greased with fat, with the blood of fatted sheep and he-goats, with the fat of the kidneys of rams; for HaShem is making a sacrifice in Batzrah and great slaughter in the land of Edom.

For the sake of Your Holy Community here in the Land of Israel who serve you lishma, not for the bucks, but for the pleasure of being in Your Presence, may it be Sukkot 5767 and not Sukkot 5768 or G-d forbid as late as Sukkot 5769.

[1] Koresh is another name that Sefer Eliyahu gives to the end times Armilus. Condy Rice is Co Resh.

[2] Hakhshara means to make the vile behaviour of the governing authority “kosher” by giving it a legal basis. Sefer Eliyahu says that Shimon bar Yochai refers to Armilus as Hakhshara as his defining personality trait.

[3] The English Tranliteration of the name Cyrus should be Koresh, and Khusrau with the Hebrew letters should be Hakhshara (Hey Khaf Shin Resh Aleph) in the original Hebrew script.

[4] Batzrah is the Shiite stronghold in Iraq which will rebel against its Western handlers when Gog goes go war against Persia. It is a British troop enclave. See article Six Million for Machzit HaShekel for clarification about why the British are there.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who appointed you chief harasser? Get a different life!


2/14/2006 10:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who appointed you chief harasser? Get a different life!

Well said.
Rabbi Yess, if we want to read your writings, we can go to your blog. Get off Dov Bar Leib's.

2/14/2006 10:56 PM  
Blogger STANTON L BOWMAN JR said...

Well I got a prediction that might happen on March 20,2006.

A lot of Muslim countries including Venezuala, Syria and Iran are changing there oil currency from Dollars to Euros. If all the countries would switch to the Euros on march 20, the Usa would have a stock market crash and Ezekiel 7:19 says their throwing their silver in the streets and their gold is taken away. And the Bible also says that in 1 hour all riches of USA will come to nought. So get ready Israel if this happens, the greatest migration to Israel will occur. Get ready if the stock market crashes like I think it will on march 20,2006.

2/14/2006 11:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rabbi Yess said: What is not fine IMHO is declaring this Emunah to be factually based..because as of yet it certainly isn't.

I'm under the impression that Dov does not do this.... it is you who are implying that he does.
How can anyone PROVE that George Bush is Gog? Either the evidence stacks up, or it doesn't.
A lot of us believe that it stacks up.
You don't.
PS I'm not angry.
Look, smiling. :)))
so rant and rave on your site and leave us alone.

2/15/2006 1:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sry if I intruded on anything, I wasn't trying to be rude or anything. I was just putting my thoughts out there. How else can I say it? Look, I'm a christian, and I live in the U.S. Bush is a christian, he is not this bad guy you guys are looking at him as. Now, plz, dont take anything offensively, it's just, have you ever read the New Testiment of the Bible? Just for kicks, go ahead and read it. It has a lot to say. Anyway, look, I dont really know what to say, but....Christ is the way.

In the name and love of Christ--


2/15/2006 6:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Stan Bowman character is another xian. He was sending me garbage in the mail. Lifts email addresses off of Jewish sites. Seems there's no place to go that you aren't harassed by the two sides of the same coin...the Yoshke freaks and the Rebbe freaks.

Whether Bush is THE Gog or not, he is most certainly A Gog which lives in every generation, just like Hitler, y"sh. Bush is the head of the world power that has set the stage for Israel's destruction. Bush is the one who is guaranteeing the Pals a state on our backs and on our blood. It is Bush that is enforcing the Road Map to hell. MR. Yess (without smicha by the Sanhedrin, "Rabbi" is a courtesy title that must be earned) is freaking out because he's sitting over there right under King George's nose. What kind of panic must be setting in among all those Jews who are afraid to come to Israel and afraid to stay in America? There's no pity here.

2/15/2006 8:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi all,

i feel sad for Dov who is sharing his time and his thoughts with us and in return some people decided to trash this blog with whole lot of nonsense. people don't you have better things to do???

re: Torah being wasted on a Jew.... this is where logic takes you. and it fails you big time. G-d is above logic, so as His Torah. very imortant point to keep in mind.

2/15/2006 10:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're a very rude man Mr Yess. I would like to call you Rabbi, but your language and bitter attacks on posters at this site is not appropriate for a "Rabbi".
I am surprised that you would respond to an anonymous posting in the first place.
While you are hurling insults around, you should remember that whatever you notice in another person, is part of YOU too.
Have some more ahavas Yisroel and you will be rewarded with more ahavas Yisroel coming your way.

Calm down and take hold of your middos.

Yours sincerely,
Anonymous II

2/15/2006 10:20 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

2/15/2006 12:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dov, you are most welcome to erase my previous comments (and include this one as well). I apologize for any pain I have caused you. For several posts now, I have tried to refrain from complaining about the long, rambling and arrogant comments of the Yess-man. I come looking for real give and take exchange and instead am treated to a reprimand by a holier-than-thou, self-appointed keeper of the "reality-contact store."

It was just one too many times.


2/15/2006 3:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rav Dov,
I am amazed by your insight and knowledge, however, I have trouble seeing Bush as gog. Bush has a friendly personality,

2/15/2006 3:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Simple Jew said it well:

“Dov ... is sharing his time and his thoughts with us and in return some people decided to … blog a whole lot of nonsense – … find something better to do!”
Please, everyone, ettiquete and ahavas yisroel are paramount in these coming days. Think before you write. Such attitudes enbolden the samech mem.


Dov, I hope you don't mind. It so distasteful for people to behave in such an unbecoming manor. They should have more respect for you, and everyone else in general.

Please keep up the wonderful thinking and delving that you. Kol Tuv

2/15/2006 6:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am one of the anonymous bloggers who became aggravated with Rabbi Yess.
I apologise profusely for provoking a situation.
I am an avid reader of Dov's Blogs.
Rabbi Yess - I offer you a white flag of SHALOM.
May we all merit to see Moshiach speedily in our days.

2/15/2006 8:29 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

I was simply going to take a few minutes and respond to Jordan, the fundamentalist Christian above, and lo and behold in the last few hours a war has just taken place on my blog. I was not expecting this at all, and I am deeply ashamed that these things were published for public consumption.

1. To All Who Participate in Comments: I respectfully ask that you ask mechilah from each other so that those who participate in this forum will not be intimidated. I fully realize that many of the problems that were raised in a comment which has been deleted exist in the Orthodox World, but there is no reason to raise these issues in a way that paints with so broad of a brush. For every scummy so-called Shomer Mitzvot, there are a dozen true Chasidim trying to do what is best in the eyes of HaShem. Yes, we have our Abramoffs, but we have far more who follow in the footsteps of Ya'akov Yosef Herman than follow in the footsteps of dreck with a capota. Please on this site give most shomer mitzvot Jews the benefit of the doubt. Judge them all on the side of merit, unless they are true convicts with witnesses and the entire bit. It is too much to bear.

Secondly, here are the ground rules for discussing who is Mashiach ben David.

1. He must be alive at this time.

2. He must reach a state of Chezkat Mashiach as defined by Maimonides in Mishna Torah.

This about excludes everybody right now, whether they died 2000 years ago or two weeks ago. The true Mashiach will be known soon enough. Jordan, the above message includes you.

I am leaving your post up because I want to respond to one thing.

It is specifically because Gog is a Christian that he thinks he can justify his pressure to divide Jerusalem in two. He like you believes that your World to Come has been signed, sealed, and delivered to him by the sacrifice and resurrection of a Jew who lived 2000 years ago. Through faith he and you believe that you have your World to Come locked away for safe keeping. Therefore, as President of the U.S., when doing the right thing conflicts with national prosperity, the nation's prosperity will always win out. The right thing will take a hike. Forcing Israel to share Jerusalem with a nation of suicide bombers is the wrong thing, but it keeps the Saudis producing so much oil. Yet, for Gog it is a no-brainer. Keeping the price of oil trumps the peril that he wants to place on the Jews of Israel. His World to Come is still in tact, divorced from the difficult choice of shoving a Pal. State down our throats.

By the way, we probably are already enmeshed in at least three seven year cycles that began in the years 5760 or 5761, 5761 or 5762, and 5765. They are all part of our "Tribulation" as you call it. You have not felt it yet because G-d for His own reasons wants you and others to enjoy the fruits now of your President's foreign policy which along with Israel's rank Bolshevism makes life here into a tribulation. Your reward is now for the taking. (And may you observe the seven laws of Noach unlike your President is doing. Those laws will insure your place in the World to Come.) At the end of each of those seven year cylces there will be miracles brought by G-d.

1. Destruction of the Erev Rav

2. Destruction of Gog and his armies

3. Building of the Third Temple

Not one of these cycles began with your rapture. I realize that Hal Lindsey, one of the 20th century's true Mentsches, believes with all of his heart that there will be a rapture of true Christians, but please talk about this and other issues relating to your faith on a site more suitable for this claim. Discussions of your Christian faith are not appropriate here. In short, please observe rule number one as outlined above.

2/15/2006 9:23 PM  
Blogger CharlesR said...


Rabbi Bar-Lieb, I'm still curious to hear who what/who is the Bartieh d'Yaakov mentioned in Zohar 119a? (see my previous comment on your previous post)


2/16/2006 12:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Dov. Thank you for responding to my comment earlier. I do appreciate that. Although, a lot of these people and things you talk about, I am afraid I do not know what they are. For example, who is gog? And many other things. In your reply, you were talking about the true Meshiach. I have no idea what or who that is. I just had to interpret that as meaning to me, as messiah. Now, I dont think you quite understand me when I was talking about the rapture. Once that rapture happens, thats it. THE tribulation, in which you quoted, is not just a bad time period for somewhere like Israel. It is a national thing. Tell me, have you ever read Revolation? The whole book is on the end days, which I believe are soon at hand. When the tribulation comes, and ends, those who survive it, die. The Lord will destroy our earth. Nothing will be left. I do believe you are a jew, now, if I am right, the anti christ will be the one that you will believe to be the messiah, or what we believe was Jesus 2000 years ago. He will decieve you. I also am afraid that you have completely misunderstood what I was talking about also. I was talking about a lot of stuff, which, it is obviouse, that you dont understand more then I understand any of this gog thing, and meshiach or what ever it is. So, you are simply replying to something that is completely beyond your comprehension. I would love to explain more, but I am afraid I must go. Please, reply to what I have written, and later, I will tell you more of what I mean when I say all of this. Thank you for your time and consideration.

With love in christ again--


2/16/2006 12:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jordan, Dov politely asked you to please talk about issues relating to your faith on another blog. Do you not understand that this blog is specifically meant to discuss Jewish traditions and scriptures? I am sure you're welcome to learn but please don't turn this into a Jewish/Christian debate,

2/16/2006 2:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh! Please, I did not mean it to be taken that way! I am not trying to make it that. If that is what you were thinking, please, dont. What I was doing in the first comment was just putting my thoughts on. In the second comment, I was just doing the same. But, in the third, I was just doing much different. Instead I was doing 1) replying on what dov said, 2) asking what a lot of what he was saying was, bucause i dont now understand 90% of it all. This is no kind of Debate at all, and dont take it that way! Dov, if this is what you thought, please dont. I didn't post comments on this blog to annoy anyone, to debate over religion, or anything, but more as to 1) imput my thoughts on the matter and 2) to understand what a lot of this was that you were talking about. Although the first reason why I even found you and wanted to come was because of prophesy. I love it and study it all the time, I like learning about the end of days. But, anyway, dov, if you would just please simply reply about what I was talking about in my last comment, thank you.

without trying to cause a debate--


2/16/2006 5:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


According Baal HaSulam, the Vav of the sixth millenium is "Sod Hachochma". Yaacov is Tiferet de Atzilut, "Sod Kav Emtzai" meaning the spiritual state of "Ratzon Lehashpiah" That is the meaning of the unification of the Vav and the Kei (Malchut).
The VaV (two Vavs) is 66, meaning Yaacov and Yosef (Tiferet and Yesod), and that is why Yaacov is written with a Vav in Vayera.
That is for the spiritual part of it.
In Holam Haze, calculations could be right or not, but the important thing is that we are in a process were as we speak the Ohr HaTorah is becoming more and more visible.
There is Ohr Nukva and Ohr Zajar, down-up, and up-down.
That is the meaning of Six seconds 1/2 , meaning six sefirot of Tiferet and Half of Malchut.
The Melech HaMoshiach that will appear on year 66th (5766?) is Moshiach Ben Yosef. He will be one of the 2 kings that shall perish.

Kabbalah is something very high and at the same time simple.

All you have to do is restrict your ego, fight Yetzer Harah, have Emunah Shlemah and return light to Creator. Do whatever is in your power with Kavanah, just to give pleasure to Hashem.

2/16/2006 5:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dov you said "I believe that this choice is so critical that anyone who chooses Kadima, Meretz, or Labour after the exposure of the Palestinian Authority for what it is, is putting their eternal soul into grave danger....that a vote for Netanyahu might at least guarantee a possibility that the voter, though not a tzaddik, can at least repent until Yom Kippur."

to me it sounds like the choice Jews had before leaving egypt - they had an option of smearing the blood of a lamb on their doors and saving themselves from the tenth plague... it's not like G-d didn't know which were the Jewish homes. He wanted Jews to make that choice.

so my question is: what role do Jews outside Eretz Israel play in this event? they obviously can't vote. Dov, what do you think???

2/16/2006 5:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks Dov, wonderfull blog.

2/16/2006 8:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Rabbi Yess:

I don't know about the halacha, but I can tell you that a member of my family was named Masha, after her grandfather Moshe.
Mashe is the feminine of the name, same spelling.

2/16/2006 10:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I believe that this choice is so critical that anyone who chooses Kadima, Meretz, or Labour after the exposure of the Palestinian Authority for what it is, is putting their eternal soul into grave danger....that a vote for Netanyahu might at least guarantee a possibility that the voter, though not a tzaddik, can at least repent until Yom Kippur."

Why is Netanyahu going to do tshuva? The rest of his team sat on the cabinet to approve the expulsion, so did he. Don't trust him. We gave the Likud a chance last time, no reason to be gullible again.

Frankly, the choice is not critical at all. The knesset has proven that it will not redeem us, and will not even make an effort to defend us.

I cannot emphasize why ALL the current parties looking for reelection do not deserve to be supported and why new blood is needed. Yes, Labour, Kadima, Likud, Meretz, are openly saying they will give away more land and keep seperating Israel state from 'church' - so they are definitely pasul.

Shas and UJ don't seem to care about the simple 'land' issue even as the 30 000 person Modiin Ilit settlement goes through hell while trying to expand exponentially and just to warn you, the corruption or politicization of these two parties just doesn't seem 'leshem shamayim'.

I could bash the new 'mafdal' (ichud leumi) but will leave it at that.

Does the torah teach us to vote for the 'lesser evil'? This is not America/Canada/England where we vote for the person 'most' supportive of our opinions and least offensive.

So this coming elections, and since we don't believe in staying at home to protest, we will, bli neder, be voting Marzel, an apparently god-fearing Jew, a proven true ish chesed, and a proven man of action. In the last elections he (under the secular Kleiner) received over 30 000 votes, but below the 45 000 needed. The bar on this elections has been raised slightly to about 60 000, but it is very, very realistic this time for several reasons: not hindered by 'secular' party so religious Jews can vote for him, many more eretz israel lovers are disenchanted with the current 'orange' leadership, people want a change, and above all, the old 'throw your vote away' scare tactic just does not work anymore because it was proven that the right-wing knesset behaviour in the last knesset was dismal (save Aryeh Eldad who was the only tzaddik who left his home to do something) and anyone who voted for one of the right-wing parties who sat in that knesset - threw their vote away.

I do have one request though. Please don't sit at home and not vote. Not voting is not a protest, it is lazy. At least go to the polling station and take a blank slip and right mashiach ben david or something to show the current evil regime that they will not break our resolve. It is always warned that spoiled ballots are not counted, but in reality they are and this information is not hard to find, it's just not emphasized by the ruling elitists.

sorry for the long thought.
Shabbat shalom.

2/16/2006 12:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Several things came together for me the previous evening, and of course I must include a disclaimer, believing and knowing the Abishter is in charge of everything. However the timing of the eclipse is a pivotal opportunity:

*Our Purim experience is altogether March 13, 14 and 15.
*Israeli elections are March 28 (but I don’t think they will happen).
*The TOTAL eclipse (darkening NE Africa, as in Libya, Morocco and Egypt), and into the Mediterranean extending further NE (perhaps affecting Turkey, Syria) is scheduled for March 29.
*Rosh Chodesh is Evening of 29 and Day 30th of March.
*US Battleships are poised in the ocean not far from Persia and according to a document, the US, Israel and Turkey are/have practicing maneuvers to attack Persia -http://paris.indymedia.org/article.php3?id_article=49266.
*Consider the ‘nuclear bunker bombers’ going deep underground to the up&coming nuclear facilities, together with all that oil they are sitting on merging into one super marshmallow roast.
*Russia is planning to further provide arms/materials to Persia which would greatly increase the area’s tension.
*John Batchelor (of johnbatchelorshow.com) in the intro to his on-air program, indicated that Persia is NOT GOING TO WAIT TO BE ATTACKED [they may preempt the US, Israel & Turkey].
*U.S. ports being MANAGED by the U.A.E. (as in Yemen & Alqaida), such as NY, Phila, Jersey, DC. Yes, this is presently being worked out on the Hill. Is this not insane?!
*Icing on the cake: Found – 15,000 tapes of Saddam’s rantings about how he is going to handle and where he is going to hide the WMD to avert UN scrutiny. One of these tapes, translated, made public on the U.S. airwaves Wed night (courtesy of John Loftus, who is now under hot fire from persons we will not name).
*And somewhere in this chulent is China, who is aiming to rule the U.S. and has quite a foothold in our economy, and is amassing GOLD, which is fast becoming the champagne of currencies.

So, with a far stretch of the mind, an attack on March 29 would pre-empt the Russian delivery BUT considering the type of arsenal and location, maybe we would find ourselves in 15 days of darkness (and the skies really rolling up), leading to redemption by/on/near Pesach. Maybe this will be the sword of Hashem. The scenario of Purim into Pesach would be magnificent indeed.

What do you think?

2/17/2006 3:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Moshiach's waiting has become to bored, not for the fact that people wait for him, but that he wait for the people.
The big and long Talking for the Moshiach has become bored too.
Those who are blind talk for samething they can not see, which it is already there.
If no one can see the Sun rising than who will understand that the Morning started?
With all 6000,4000 or 2000 years old writting and waiting , there is nothing to understand in the End, because they who can't listen and think, will never understand.
The blind is not just deaf but stupid too. There is just a total dead brain.

2/17/2006 2:35 PM  
Blogger CharlesR said...

Aharon Benjamin wrote:

"After the Jews will leave, Hakadosh-Baruch-Hu will shake the sea and will make an earthquake in the sea near Gaza, and will come a very great wave that will wash the whole are that will become islands."

Do you think that means a literal wave, or perhaps the tidal wave of the Hamas election which, it seems to me, while it appears to be a reflection of some unity in the PA community also has the potential to fragment them into a politically unworkable archepelago. If he means a literal wave then that's (to me at least) a pretty bold statement. Time will of course tell.

2/17/2006 3:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iran Demands British Troops Quit Basra

2/18/2006 12:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it has been 2 days sinse i last commented, and no one -including dov- has even made it an effort to give me the time of day (in your case night where i am) and i would really appreciatte it if someone did -especially dov- because i get on this website everyday, but i cant make a bit of sinse of it. I would like to know what all of this is.

Asking for Dov specifically--


2/18/2006 12:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jordan, why do you expect to understand heavy Torah concepts? You have not studied Torah.
You cannot expect to have an understanding unless you have studied this for a long time.
That's the thing about kabbalah... you can read it, but if you are not ready, you will not understand.

You probably need to read a more-easy-going version of this... because Dov's explanations are way over your head.
Maybe you would like to visit www.gogumogog.com and read the stuff there.
Have a nice day (or night)

2/18/2006 11:54 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Yes, Reb Moshe, usually full solar eclipses come and go without much discernable effect on the Creation. Israel remains in its same embittered galus. The point is that this time, I believe, the situation will be different. Chazal tell us that a solar eclipse is a sign of the diminuition of the Nations. Historically it is hard to find examples where this applies. In the Year 5766 on erev Rosh Chodesh Nissan, the Year of Yitzkhak, I believe that this will apply. Most if not all of the other factors on which this redemption depends are already in place. Never has there been a time in history where so much is in place to fulfill prophesies for the End of Days. The Solar Eclipse, G-d willing is the final trigger.

Shavua Tov

More later, Jordan

2/19/2006 2:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Dov probably didn't respond to you because Jews who follow G-d's Torah and true words are Sabbath observant. During the 25 hours from sunset friday until sunset Saturday night, we don't use electronics.

Many people don't even use the computer at all on Friday because they either go away for shabbat or are to busy preparing it.

2/19/2006 2:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Unordained and proud of it" Moshe Yess has a quite unique and fascinating ability to speak out of both sides of his mouth at one and the same time. (Like a snake!)First, he makes a snide, underhanded accusation and then takes half of it back as if he's only interested in our own welfare. The other "half" is left to fester into doubts and undermine the value and power of what has been said.

What kind of ego must one have to continue to publish long diatribes after several people have asked him both politely and impolitely to cease and desist? No doubt one with the chutspah to award himself the august title of "rabbi" despite a lack of credentials.


2/19/2006 9:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Moshe, you wrote (in part):

... were there a child in my car asking me “Are we there, yet?” I would be forced to say “no.” Then, if asked, “Are we close?” I would respond “possibly.”

If I got an answer like that from someone who was driving me somewhere, I'd get myself another driver. Obviously, you don't know where you're headed or how to get there.

2/19/2006 9:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like some people need to take a break from the internet or at least roam around it a bit more.

Whenever certain individuals take over a forum (not their's and especially if they have their own), I know that it's a sign to move on. Life is just too short and easy to waste and struggle. Another sign is that comments are left by anonymous users without bothering to show respect to others by choosing a 'nick'. My name might be josh or not, but at least it's the same nick I use everywhere.

I know Dov will keep posting. I'm sorry to say that I couldn't care too much for the comments anymore.

I'm certainly not the moderator, just calling it the way I see it.

2/19/2006 2:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well now, I am very sorry, I did not notice it was the sabbath in Israel. After all, I seem to think that you have forgotton the fact that I live on the other side of the world. I live in just a small town in Iowa, U.S.A. Therefore, it is probobly Monday whereever any of you are, but here, it is only Sunday Evening.

still waiting for a reply from Dov--


2/20/2006 3:50 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Dear Jordan:

Believe it or not I read the book of Revelation in your Testament almost 20 years ago. I found it to be a confusing mishmash of Kabbala and Christian eschatology. The two do not fit well together. I do respect that John must have spent a lot of time around First Century Kabbalists, but I believe that by mixing the Jewish views of the End of Days with Christian eschatology, he was trying to fit a square peg in in round hole. Like so much about Christianity whatever was true is not new, and whatever was new was not true.

The biggest conceptual problem that I have with Christianity is an idea that simply does not exist in Judaism, for it makes absolutely no sense. In our holy sources it is accepted that a truly righteous person can suffer for the sins of others. Moshe C. Luzzato writes about this in his Way of HaShem. Yet, the repair that is done to the Creation through that suffering is for the sustenance of the Creation. The eternal reward for the suffering goes squarely to the one that suffered. Only his soul and perhaps the soul of his/her spouse is tied squarely to that suffering. True a rectification for sin takdes place in the physical world, but one cannot give the eternal reward for that suffering to another soul. Universal moral responsibility is lost when the eternal reward goes to another when the recipient does not take ownership of his own sins. In Judaism the penitent has a responsibility to make the the best effor that he can to rectify the the damage of his sins to others and the Creation itself. For a good judgement of his own soul, he cannot pass the buck to another to repair that damage. True our saints do pick up the slack, but the person who shirks his responsibility to repair the damage of his own actions gets no reward by passing the buck. By passing the buck, others suffer. Only the innocent among them get an eternal reward.

I believe the desire for another to suffer and die for the sins of Mankind emanates from a major false premise in Christianity, that our deeds are dirty rags in G-d's sight. I challenge any Christian to find a source in Jewish texts which says this. Judaism is very clear as is the Hebrew bible. G-d only holds us accountable for making the best possible choice that is available at any particular time. He does not hold us accountable for choosing a choice that is not available to us. A deaf man cannot listen to the blast of the shofar, and a quadraplegic cannot put on tefillin. Neither is damned to Hell for his handicap. A person acting in self-defense is commanded to kill, and such an act is not murder. G-d's Law is accessible to all with all the extenuating circustances taken into account. For every negative commandment there may be a dozen legitimate reasons for not observing it. A sick man can eat on Yom Kippur. For every positive commandment there might be a thousand reasons why someone is legitimately exempt. There are only three cardinal sins where there are no extenuating circumstances for committing them in accordance to their definition (murder, idolatry, and Immorality as defined as incest, adultery, homosexuality, and bestiality) For the above one must be willing to fofeit one's life rather than commit them. In Christianity, stealing a morsel of bread when one is starving to death is a cardinal sin. In Judaism under certain circumstances the thief can steal to survive. In short one can drive 60 mph in a 40 mph zone to get to the hospital in an emergency. G-d will not even give you a speeding ticket. I realize these are tough concepts for those who have bought Christian doctrine hook, line, and sinker. Now that we are at the end of the four earthly kingdoms we will soon find out who was right all along.

2/20/2006 9:37 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Oh, one last thing, the criteria for extenuating circumstances for every "Thou Shalt" and "Thou shalt not" is specifically defined within the context of the law itself. In order to know when and if an extenuating circumstance applies, one should contact the appropriate "Jewish legal authority" to see if and when a leniency applies.

2/20/2006 10:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dov, if you still have a moment, could you please answer my question...

Dov you said "I believe that this choice is so critical that anyone who chooses Kadima, Meretz, or Labour after the exposure of the Palestinian Authority for what it is, is putting their eternal soul into grave danger....that a vote for Netanyahu might at least guarantee a possibility that the voter, though not a tzaddik, can at least repent until Yom Kippur."

to me it sounds like the choice Jews had before leaving egypt - they had an option of smearing the blood of a lamb on their doors and saving themselves from the tenth plague... it's not like G-d didn't know which were the Jewish homes. He wanted Jews to make that choice.

so my question is: what role do Jews outside Eretz Israel play in this event? they obviously can't vote. Dov, what do you think???

2/20/2006 11:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dov, I am unbelievably grateful that you have at once, replied to me once again. And first of all, I would like to start commenting right away on what you have said. I am glad that you have, in fact, read the book Revolation. Although, because you think it is just a bunch of 'mishmash', as you put it, I can only say one and simple thing, that surely you should understand. As you (or someone else that you know) commented before this quite a while ago, I can not possobly understand the Torah, because it is beyond my head, and I have not studdied it. Now, I completely think different on that, because even though I may have of not studdied it, does not mean that I have not been able to understand it, for example, if you see a tree, and it is growing pears, you would conclude that it is a pear tree. Now, the owner of the tree comes over, and you say "what a lovely tree" but the owner says "what can you say bout it? You dont even know what the kind is!" You insist that it is a pear tree because it is producing pears. Although, he still will disagree with you. This is true with what you say about me not understanding the Torah. It does not take years and years of study to comprehend a book. This is also true with Revolation. You say, I have read the book about 20 years ago. I too have read the book Dov. In fact I have read it many times, within the last year. There is a difference here. I have read it many times within the last year, when comparing that to you reading it 20 years ago. Also, I am feeling as if you have only read it once. And I can understand that, because you are jewish, and not christian. But as from me saying I have read it many more times then once. Now it doesnt have to take years of studdies to understand Revolation either. Instead, if you were to look at each part of it with thought, trying to understand it, you just might be able to know what it means. I believe that it was not written to be the clearest thing written, but I believe God was trying to warn us of what will happen. So, I ask you a different question. Have you ever read the Left Behink series. This on the other hand is not from the bible. It is a set of 12 books to interpret the book of Revolation though fiction. I have read them, and think that they are fascinating, because it is described in such great detail, you can actually get a grip of what it says more clearly. I am sorry to report that I do not quite understand where you are comming from when you say that Revolation is a book that mixes Christianity and Khabala (I probobly mis-spelled it, but oh well). I read it, and do not see any kind of connection between the two. I also do not see where you stand in all of this when you say that it is a great sin to take a piece of bread from a poor man in Christianity. Because it does not say it is. God will forgive you of anything that you do at any given time. I believe that no matter what you may have of done, even if it may seem like something that is beyond help, he will forgive you, if you ask him to. You have to repent, and that is all that he asks. I understand that you say God holds us accountable for what we may have of done, but that is why as I have said before, God forgives. If you make a wrong choice, he forgives. It is only so simple. Yes, I agree that we shall soon find out who is right, and who is wrong. I may not see the day myself when this comes, but when it does, I hope for only the best of you and your friends. It is the end days, and when the last day comes, I will not be there, I believe that. Also, I greatly encourage you to read these Left Behind books, because they do help, and if you think that Revolation is just mishmash, you would soon understant that that is not true.

again, posting to the reply of dov--


2/21/2006 12:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh, and by the way, I have another simple question. Why, when saying God, you instead say G-d? I do not believe I quite understand this.

asking a very simple question--


2/21/2006 12:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said, Jew from BP.

I think you are speaking for all of us (Jews) who read Dov's work.

Jordan, no-one here wants to read the New Testament.


2/21/2006 5:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


If you didn't before, now you know the reason we are called stiff-necked people. When those of other faiths attmept to convert us or attempt to show us the error of our teachings we find it offensive at a minimum and even potentially dangerous. The inquisition comes to mind.

Please understand that Torah is more complex than you suggest, as there are many levels to Torah. Studying Torah is a daily undertaking and lasts a lifetime. Studying is not just reading. If you remain interested, consider studying Torah on line, as Dov's site is the equivalent of a graduate level seminar and without taking the prerequisites it will be very difficult to understand.

Peace be upon you and yours.

2/21/2006 7:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I appreciatte your concern that you all are giving me. And honestly, if you do not like to read what i have to say, then by all means, DONT READ MY COMMENTS. It is really that simple. I am not trying to make anyone mad, or feel offended, because in fact, I am talking to Dov, not anyone else. Also, I am not trying to 'convert' any one, I am merely trying to tell people about what I am and what I stand up for. No, you dont need to stand up for Dov, so why are you? I do not need your comments, just Dov's, because he seems to know what he's talking about. Also, before I forget, jewfromgp, i am not quite understanding what you are talking about when you are talking about the one girl's mother who you argued with for 3 hours, please explain more 'in depth'. Although, you do not have to, because if you are being affended by my comments, you can just ignore me if you want.

Anyway, trying not to offend anyone--


2/22/2006 6:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Yours is not the first "if-you don't-like-what-I-write-then-don't-read-my-posts" message that I read. In order to help those who may actually want to do that, you may want to make sure you enter your comments not under Anonymous, but with your name (you can do that by selecting "Other" prior to entering your text).

While it's true that "The bashful person cannot learn" (Avot 5,6) and what Ben Zoma said : "Who is wise? He who learns from every person" (Avot 4,1) truth is that in this case I would propose for many of us, to follow the teching of Rabbi Shimon ben Gamliel, who "...did not find anything better for one's person than silence.." (Avot 1,17).

Certainly I'm nobody to say what can or not be posted in a forum for which I'm not the moderator, or even a valuable contributor. What I can tell you, though, is that before posting something (a comment, or a question), it's worthwhile asking which direction will this comment take the discussion.

The subject matter of this forum has been very clearly established, and it is my impression, given rab Dov Bar Leib's posts, that there's, so far, no intention to change it, EVEN when he ranges from issues that go from the mystical to politics, and from geography to Scripture.

You see? While internet connectivity is today somewhat widely accessible , time is still a very limited resource.

Yes... Rabbi Dob bar Leib can answer your question..and from his answer I also learned (as I would imagine probably others did, and hopefully that will include you as well)


How much this comment adds to this forum will depend really on the "listening" ability of those reading it....

If you feel absolutely compelled to ask a question that is not necessarily in the context of this forum, or drive, once again, a point which has already been driven multiple times, then... what can I do? The question is...
Is it even stronger than yourself?

In my case, and just as Hillel used to say "..He who doesn't increase (his knowledge of Torah) decreases it.." (Avot 1, 13) I know that I can do my part (if necessary through silence) by not distracting this conversation from the Torah discussion it is supposed to be, in the hopes that rab Dob bar Leib has time to focus on sharing his insights with us, and that those, in this forum, that can actually ask the intelligent questions that will help him dig even deeper and return with us with even greater findings, do so without distractions or delay.



2/22/2006 7:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think your analysis is correct. By and large, the Messianic groups are Christians on their way to Judaism, and very often they become very good Jews. Their is no need for this extreme fear for "missionaries".

2/22/2006 5:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My, Oh My, What is happening here.?
I don't recognize anyone!
Please change the subject matter!

2/22/2006 6:49 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Dear Group:

I requested that people observe the basic rule that we do not speculate on who the Messiah is on this blog whether he died 2 weeks ago or 2000 years ago. If this rule is not followed, I will need to start monitoring every comment rather than allowing the free for all that this blog has allowed until now. At this time I can only edit comments out once a day. I am far too busy to spend the hours necessary for keeping those off this blog who want to pollute it with posts which I have expressly said are off limits.

The fact that such dead person or another is the Messiah, is a pointless discussion, which neither helps one to see the Hand of G-d in current events nor helps a person along in making him a better human being. From the Jewish perspective, which is the perspective of this blog, becoming a better human being counts more than any other speculation about whether this or that person is the Messiah. Seeing G-d's Hand in history does bring one to Fear of Heaven, and therefore will remain the primary focus of this blog. For it is from Fear of Heaven that we seek to cleave to our Creator. From now on any reference to this Messiah or that one will be deleted and may bring about a change in policy about posting a comment.

2/22/2006 8:11 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

In addition to the above, any doctrine which propagates the belief that such person must be the Messiah, and those who do not believe in him have no eternal reward, definitely takes one far from the task of every human being on planet earth which is to be the best human being that G-d wants him/her to be. For a Jew this involves our Mitzvot and our Chukim (Laws of Sanctity) which draw us even closer to G-d, for these are what sanctify us over even the most righteous amongst the nations although they too have a place in the World to Come.

Besides, if you were an Algonquin Indian living in the 9th century and were pondering the Creation and what the Creator desires of you, you could logically be bound by His laws of common decency which are derivable from studying Nature and understanding Nature's G-d as T. Jefferson once put it. It is these laws which bind all Mankind, for G-d will ultimately only expect Man to live by a system that can either be logically derived through studying nature or that was given supernaturally and witnessed by the 3 million ancestors of a modern nation. Only Israel has the priveledge of having 3 million ancestors that witnessed the revelation of G-d's blueprint for the Creation. The rest of Mankind has nature to study and Nature's G-d to contemplate. From that study Noachide laws of common decency are derivable. Our ninth century Algonquin Indian is therefore bound only by what is logically available for him to study, the Creation itself. It is a form of insanity to impose upon him a belief system that such and such died for his sins in a place that he never heard of and never knew even existed. It is the ultimate conceit to condemn him to the fiery furnace of eternal damnation for not having the priveledge of hearing some evangelist's voice about a belief system which cannot be derived by the rational mind that sees the Creation and understands that it has a Creator who requests moral obedience from all who have free will to choose it.

2/22/2006 8:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

MenachemZ says,

To Jordan and to anyone else interested in why Jews don't beleive in Hesus please read the following article on Aish.com http://www.aish.com/jewishissues/jewishsociety/Why_Jews_Dont_Believe_In_Jesus.asp

2/23/2006 2:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Firstly, Dov thank you for your incredibly insighful and amazingly poingant articles. For those of us without the time or capacity to do our own research you allow to us be on top of these events. I personally thank you deeply for that.
I have a question. What I've read about the avian flu is potentially very scary and as one that hopes that Moshiach comes in peace, but of course knows that great calamity and horror are also possible, I can't help but have a touch of fear. Do you have any thoughts or ideas you can share with us on this?

Thank You

2/23/2006 4:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello to you once again Rabbi Dov Bar-leib, our greatest contemporary internet teacher. (Rabeinu, i love you. hahaha)
Everybody wants to put his or her name down on the scoreboard and be part of history it is understandble - be part of youre bloq that is - irony and parodox is that i am now doing the same by commenting on this. Well, that is what it is for i supose.
You are well above the arguments some people make and stupid questions some X-tians ask. Don't worry, just be proud. Modest Noachide that i am i do not understand it all. But maybe one day i will. Reading youre work gives me great joy and strength though and i haven't heard of any other mekubaliem disagreeing with you so chances are you are really on to something.
looking forward reading more and awaiting the Mosiach sooner or later while improving my live. I wish you well. thanks
Vincent meijer.

And please believe me when i say that if i had the money i would sponsor you generously.
People, stop making a name for yourselves and send some money instead!

2/23/2006 7:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I might get in trouble for commenting this but, for the last comment, I just wanted to say, if you are going to insult me, please, the least you can do is call me by what i am and who i am. I am Jordan, and I am a Christian, not an X-tian.


2/23/2006 11:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Once again, you are jumping to conclusions. Don't you know by now that you shouldn't do this ;)

Jews (and perhaps Noahides too) will write x-tian or je*us because we are not only not supposed to mention idolotrous words or representations but we also should avoid from writing them.

Others who may not follow that minhag may write 'x-tian' because it is quicker than spelling it out.

2/24/2006 5:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm confused! I am a Christian who loves Israel and have totally supported the right of Jews to the Land. I have brought groups of Christians to Israel on six occasions and travelled extensively throughout the area of Judea and Samaria, taking folks to Hebron, Shiloh, Bethel (including stops at Israel National Radio), Elon Morea etc. Everywhere I have travelled Orthodox Jews have hugged me and thanked us for coming to support them. They know we are Christians who love them.
Now I feel like I have just been subjected to being defecated upon by "Rabbi" Yess, reading his comments above. tell me please- are all these other Jews feeling the same way? if so I guess they privately despise us, yet gladly accept our phony prayers and even money. What a bunch of hypocrits you people must be! Why not have the guts to simply tell me to my face that I am an idiot and please leave the country alone! otherwise simply say you disagree- that I can easily accept. Please avoid the insults! Hal

2/24/2006 9:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, anominous X-tians
take it easy !
The Jewish people are having the Sabbath now, so let me who's
( feel a bit scilly now, am overdoing it, am i the Shabbos internet goy who has to defend the jewish nation ? hahaha )mother isn't jewish tell you that;
Surely "even Rabbi Yess" would know that there are many X-tians who might be better people than many Jews or Buddhists or whatever.
That is just not the point.
Fact is that this is a Jewish bloq about Jewish subjects primarely for Jewish people and others who are intersted. ( excuse my English i am Dutch and when tired and in a hurry i make mistakes) The bloqowner started by asking and explaining politely if you people could be so kind to respect that. This happens a lot you know. What gives you the right to take over the bloq ? Why are you here in the first place? Find a X-tian with knowledge like this, you will have a hard time finding it! You think it is eassy for me? If give money to good causes in Israel too, so what? If the blogowner wants to delete my comments than that is his right. Do some studying yourselves before asking all these questions that's reasonable isn't it? Don't start playing cry baby because one person might be not so nice to you and doesn't like X-tians. Not all Jewish people are like that just like not all X-tians are like you! Nobody likes invaders on the forum though! Lets be honest: we do not like X-tianity you are right! Leave the people alone! This is such a waste of my internettime.

2/24/2006 10:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Please don't take one Jew's word as the collective opinion of every Jew.

This is how predjudice thinking begins. One man is not the voice for all.

Your friends in Israel expressed their warmth to you with deep sincerity.

My sabbath begins soon.

Shabbat Shalom

2/24/2006 11:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


One more thing to say is that yes, we do believe that xtianity is idolotry and you should learn the ways of Noahides.

But Jews are a loving group of people and I am sure there are several folks on this board that can assist you in the right direction.

2/24/2006 11:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You REFUSE to remove your blinders.

I think you need to go back and reread some of the comments.

Have you even read what Dov has posted to you?

Have you ever wondered why Jews are the only civilization to have survive as long as we have? By all logic we should have been banished a long time ago. But Hashem is with us.
And it is NOT to accept your idol. It is to be a light unto the natins and teach them the true ways of Hashem.

Unless you decide that you are really interestd in what Dov has to say, I think you need to stop posting. I ahd patience for you until this last post of yours. You don't get it, it's not penetrating, and you continue in your nonsensical ways to try to proudly display that your way is the only way.

2/24/2006 11:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


First of all, sure, I have failed to get the blinders, but I really dont care. Also, May I ask, who is Hashem, or however you spell it? Yes, I have thought of why the Jews have lasted as long as they have, and there are a couple of reasons. First of all, The Jews are God's chosen people. He will not just let them go and die. Also, the Jews are to play an important role in the tribulation to come. If they were to die off now, then the prophesy isnt true, and Jesus was nothing, not even a 'good man' as jews refer to them as.

What do you mean have I even read what Dov has posted? Of course I have, thats the main reson I remain on this blog. I am really not as interested to talking to you as I am talking to him (no offence, I enjoy talking to all of you).

Honestly, as I said before, I am not about to quit commenting. I would remain commenting even if they were deleted, because at least I am giving a try at it, and trust me, you wont admit it, but i think that you would do the same. So, I am not going to take your suggestion.

Finally, I have not said anything on the matter that 'my way' (christianity) is the only way. I never had said that. Although I do believe that is true, I have not posted it here. I do respect you and am not about to go and 'ruin', as you say, this blog.

Oh, and one last thing, I would also really appreciate it if you would just let Dov reply. Not that I dont enjoy reading all of your comments on me as well, but I am really asking for Dov. Thanks. But, if you must, go ahead and comment to me.

With more accusations comming for sure--


2/25/2006 7:05 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

A change in commemting policy is in order. This is not what I intended when I set up this free response policy.

2/25/2006 8:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dov, please dont blame me for setting up this contraversey, I never intended it that others would get involved in our conversations. I just wanted to talk to you. Other then that, I am NOT trying to cause a disruption here.

Knew it was coming--


2/25/2006 9:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jordan said
"Finally, I have not said anything on the matter that 'my way' (christianity) is the only way. I never had said that. Although I do believe that is true, I have not posted it here."

Jordan... if you truly believe that Xtianity is the only way, then why are you wasting your time (and ours) by writings comments here?
We Jews truly believe that Torah is the ONLY way, but we would not waste one second of our time reading different religions' opinions, because they do not come anywhere near to the truth.
So my question to you is.... why are you wanting a dialogue with Dov in the first place?
Maybe you are having some doubts about your only way?

Just curious.

2/26/2006 5:53 AM  
Blogger STANTON L BOWMAN JR said...


Lets take for example Zechariah 14:12-13
This says
12 And this shall be the plague wherewith the LORD will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth.
13 And it shall come to pass in that day, that a great tumult from the LORD shall be among them; and they shall lay hold every one on the hand of his neighbour, and his hand shall rise up against the hand of his neighbour.

This clearly says all Nations come against Jerusalem in the future, but God will destroy them with Nuclear bombs.

Why do no Israelis quote what God says but can quote every human Israeli in History is my Question?

3/03/2006 8:38 PM  

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