Saturday, February 25, 2006

New Policy on Decorum

Dear Readers:

As of today I am taking a week off of writing new articles for this blog. I will still allow comments to this post and any other post. It is just from now on I will approve or disapprove of new comments. This I will continue to do this week even though I am not writing new posts.

I did not want to resort to comment moderation. It is just that some commenters went overboard in expressing their opinions. I had no problem with reasoned discussions about the subject matter of this blog. The use of vulgar language while trying to make a point is totally unacceptable. In addition to this any attacks against Christianity or Islam should be limited to why Judaism finds their arguments unacceptable when these monotheistic religions try to convert Jews to their way of looking at the world. Nowhere in this forum will attacks against these religions by attacking those who adhere to them be accepted. I am sorry that this has taken place. Ultimately the Truth of Torah and the Noahide way of life will outlast these other great religions, for Torah and Noahide revelation are true at their core. Torah is the essence behind Creation itself. It is far more than just a moral code which removed Israel from the muck of abject Paganism over 3300 years ago. Therefore, Torah stands on its own. There is no need to trash other systems where the adherents are genuinely more moral than they would have been if they had as Disraeli put it "continued to paint themselves blue in the swamp while my ancestors were writing the Bible." By and large, neither Christians nor Muslims are painting themselves blue in the swamp. And the legal code that Christianity has embraced is rooted in the Jewish view of the dignity and the sanctity of Man. Christian Europe banned the sacrifice of virgins to help the crops grow eons ago, probably at the point that Europe became Christian.

Having said all this, the behavior of large groups of people vis-a-vis others is still a viable point of discussion on this site, and when Evil is spurred on by a gaping flaw in the doctrine of one of these religions, it should be pointed out without resorting to vulgarity. After all, Israel's G-d is most concerned about Mentschlichkeit, human decency. Both the indecency of those who behave badly and the vulgarity of those who point it out must be changed.

At the end of this week I will try to publish, G-d willing, a compilation of all my responses answering why Jews do not make good Christians and why good Christians should try to knock on someone else's door if they want to spread their good news. Included in my responses is the Jewish view of how to be a righteous gentile, and why we believe that the Noahide way of life for non-Jews is built on a more solid foundation than any other religion adhered to by millions. Until then look for my comments in the last two blog entries prior to this one. I will be compiling those responses.

Everyone take a deep breath, and avoid hurting another unnecessarily who has within him the "breath of G-d." Shavua Tov (Good Week) and good night!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry about what happend, I feel like being in a schoolclass with pupils who smash eachothers brains in as soon as the teacher isn't looking.
I have read the whole thing again and I still think I didn't insult anyone, all I did was saying that some people were making stupid comments, wich I think they were since youre post was about the Muslim world more than anything else and not about Christianity at all. Didn't call them or there religion stupid. Well still, is not up to me to tell people what to write or not to write let alone tell the blogowner how to run his blog.
I am sorry, supose I will not be posting in future. I will be reading! especially end of March!

2/26/2006 10:55 PM  
Blogger AharonBenjamin said...

...With regards to the essential matter of the Mitvoths - as is alluded to in their name: seven Mitvoths Bnai Noach, from the lashon of "naicha de'rucha" (pleasantness of spirit), pleasantness below and pleasantness Above[1], that is, thay by means of the fulfillment of these Seven Mitvoths there becomes pleasantness in the World - "that was fashioned to be settled"(Isaiah 45:18). And so too the title of those who fulfill the Seven Noachide Laws is - "Chassidei Umos HaOlam" (Chassidim of the Nations of the World), a title which depicts the qualities of kindness and love. And in this spirit needs to be the influence upon the Nations of the World - to show them the goodness and the pleasantness etc. in the fulfillment of these Mitvoths.

To illustrate the concept - with regards to the Bnai Israel: the conduct in a manner of that "the name of Heaven becomes beloved through you"[2], and exerting influence on another in a manner of Ahavas Israel (love of Israel).

So too in the manner of education (of the Bnai Noach) - as it needs to be in a manner of love and closeness, and in the language of Our Sages[3]: "(with regards to) a baby - the left hand should reject and the right hand should draw near", that is, that the main thing is the action of bringing near which needs to be with the right hand, "the right draws near", and further more, that even when there is need for movement of rejection - this is only with the left hand. "The left rejects" (the weaker hand, in other words, gently etc.).

And another matter in this - that in order for the education to have its effect with success etc., the involvement in this needs to be in a manner of words that emerge from the heart[4], and furthermore and this is also essential - to present (one's self as) a living example in all these matters, several times over.

(Hisvaduos 5746:3:64,65 - unedited)

1) Bereshis Rabbah 30:5. Yalkut Shimoni, Noach, remez 48. Torah Ohr, beginning of parshas Noach.
2) Yoma 86a
3) Sotah 47a. And see Likutei Sichos - vol.17:37 etc. and there it is explained.
4) Sefer HaYashar by Rabbeinu Tam, 313 - brought in the Shlah 69a.

2/28/2006 11:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A little mussar and your dear readers can't be found?

Wishing you a Gutten Chodesh Adar

Mishenichnas Adar
Marbim B'Simcha ...

Mishenichnas Adar

Mi SheNiknas Adar
Marbim B'Simcha ...
Venahafoch hu! . . . to all our enemies!

3/01/2006 2:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been visiting your site for the last couple of months and find it both interesting and inspirational. I eargerly look forward to your upcoming posts.
As the pace of events picks up and we move ever closer to what we all know is fast approaching, it is important that readers avoid allowing themselves to be sidetracked by personality conflicts and petty squabbles ...Time is too precious and the stakes are too great.

Congratulations on a fantastic site and keep up the good work!

3/02/2006 9:17 PM  

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