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Did Mashiach Come in 5766?

Apparently I am getting requests to explain how Mashiach came in 5766. He has not come and introduced himself as such, and maybe the only one who knows who he is one of Rav Kaduri's most trusted students. Other than that his presence was made last year nevertheless. A more extensive article is necessary to discuss 5766 in total as the Year of Yitzkhak, but I just want to make the following note.

It says in the Medrash Sefer Eliyahu the following: There is a very large nation extending from the great plain to Yaffo (a.k.a. Tel Aviv) and on to Ashkelon. On the 20th of Sh'vat, Mashiach will come. Angels of destruction will descend and destroy the whole of that multitude, and they will not leave a single soul. Thank G-d the second part of this has not happened. The bird flu came and gave out 1.2 million kapporot when that many domestic birds were culled. Yet, true to the medrash's word, Hamas installed its government on the 20th of Shvat. They were elected earlier, but their government was officially installed on that day. A few months later Israel had a war with the another Iranian supported group of thugs in Lebanon, Hezbullah. A million or more Israelis were in bomb shelters or other temporary housing for over a month. All of Armilus's (Olmert's) plans are in ruins except for a regurgitated form of Gog W.'s and Tony Blair's Road Map to Hell. Red Haifa is not as red as it has been for the last fifty years or so. Valuable lessons have been learned by the populace that was affected that another ten year Intafada would not teach. Mashiach made a small appearance in the Gallilee after all in the 66th year just as the Holy Zohar said he would. Perhaps we were looking for something more spectacular, but in the Year of Yitzkhak, the Second Year of Sukkot, when the Divine attribute of Strict Justice is in effect, it was a good start. The Armilus government is in disarray. G-d has placed his hand on Sharon's underlings, just as promised in "The Travail of the Shepherd". I firmly believe that as the Melitzer Rebbe said that the Redemption has begun.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't stop now.... get back to the keyboard and keep typing.

A fan from Down Under

9/28/2006 12:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By what evidence is the assertion that Moshiach made an appearance last year?

9/28/2006 8:32 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

If your asking me "Did he leave his coat and tie at the artist colony in Tsfat?", I have no such evidence. Yet, if you follow the logic presented in the article, the evidence is convincing. Armilus's evil program as presented to the voters last March is dead in less than six months. His corrupt administration is eating itself alive with one provoked attack after another against each other. No Israeli soldier is going to evict a fellow Jew from his home without intense international pressure, something which may yet happen. It definitely will not happen with the acquiescience of the IDF to the Armilus government. All of this is brought about by Angels of Destruction ascending on the 20th of Shvat as a direct result of "Mashiach's coming" in accordance with a prophesy from 2700 years ago. You can choose to accept or reject the evidence. It all occurred within a natural framewark of the rise of Hamas and the War which began on the day that Moshe sent the spies who delivered back a bad report about the Land of Israel. The hand of G-d must remain hidden at this time in the process so that free will is maintained. You can choose to see it or not.

9/28/2006 4:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Connecting one item of current news or another to an ancient nevuah does not make this the year 66 spoken of in the Zohar. That is why I asked the above question.

9/28/2006 8:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard it on one of IRN program's said that when he appears we will all know it,not just a couple people, then he will go back into hiding for a while? I hope you will go inter greater detail in your next article.

9/28/2006 11:39 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

I plan to go into much detail during Chol HaMoed Sukkot (the intermediate days of Sukkot). I am hard pressed to do so before Sukkot. The week of Yom Kippur and the days leading up to Sukkot are the busiest days of the year for me. I build my Sukkah every year according to a set plan but with boards, screws and beams, and of course s'chach. Next year maybe I will have a pergola (a pre-set frame to attach the walls to). But I have already started work on my Chol HaMoed blog entry. I promise you that it will be worth reading. Bli neder it will be published during Chol HaMoed.

As far as whether or not this is the 66th year spoken of in the Zohar, please reread from the sidebar, "The Secret of the Vav in HaShem's Name" on why this is likely the 66th year spoken of in the Zohar. I present the case that the same page of the Zohar explicityly says that Mashiach cannot come B'itah (whether or not we deserve it) until 5666. The LeShem puts an upper limit of 5790 on his coming, saying that he must come no later than 210 years before the year 6000. Rav Matityahu Glazierson in shiurim that I had with him during the 80s, specifically said that the 60th year spoken of by the same page of the Zohar in which there is a "peqidah" of the daughter of Ya'akov would be the year 5760. He did not speak of 5766 specifically, but it is easily extrapolated from the same page of the Zohar (VaYera 119a).

9/29/2006 12:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least for me, the question is not when mashiach will 'come', but actually when will Eliyahu Hanavi and/or his current reincarnation publicly declare who's our mashiach? We definitely know that no true mashiach is going to announce himself.

9/30/2006 10:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



10/01/2006 1:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trying to wait patiently for the new post, but it's getting harder and harder. Watching for it everyday.

Moadim l'simcha!!

10/09/2006 7:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, im glad to hear that im not the only only one obsessivly checking everyday for updates. Dov take your time we will be waiting!
-Yosef, NY

10/11/2006 8:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Yom Kipur red becomes white...

Jupiter tiny spot goes from white to red

By SETH BORENSTEIN, AP Science WriterWed Oct 11, 9:47 PM ET

Just a little more than a year ago, the small spot on Jupiter was a pale white; now it matches the reddish hue of its bigger sibling, the Great Red Spot, and boasts 400 mph winds, according to new data from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Both spots are actually fierce storms in Jupiter's atmosphere. While the red spot — at three times the size of Earth — is much more noticeable, strange things are happening to the smaller spot.

Scientists aren't quite sure what's happening to the smaller storm, nicknamed the Little Red Spot or Red Spot Jr. but officially called "Oval BA." It probably gained strength as it shrunk slightly, the same way spinning ice skaters go faster when they move their arms closer, said NASA planetary scientist Amy Simon-Miller. Her findings from the Hubble data were published in the astronomical journal Icarus.

As the storm has grown stronger it's probably picked up red material from lower in the Jupiter atmosphere, most likely some form of sulfur which turns red as part of a chemical reaction, she said.

The color change took astronomers by surprise. And now they figure more surprises are in store as the solar system's largest planet goes into hiding from Earth's prying eyes until January, moving behind the sun.

"We found that Jupiter tends to do interesting things behind the sun and we can't see it," Simon-Miller said.

10/12/2006 5:54 PM  

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