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Agitated in Accord with the Medrash Sefer Eliyahu

I quote for your perusal from the oft-quoted and very accurate portrayal of events in our generataion, the Medrash "Sefer Eliyahu". Way too much of it is starkly self-explanatory. Here it is:

Then Michael, The Archangel, said to me, 'The appointed time for the End of Days will occur during the reign of a king who will be named HRMLT. There are those that say that TRMLO will be his name.' (Following this is a list of other names given by Later Tannaim from the first and second centuries c.e. describing the foreign handlers of TRMLO and/or foreign rulers of Yerushalayim after he caves in over everything.) Continuing: Rav Shimon bar Yochai says HaChShaRaH will be his name. The halachah in this dipute amongst later Tannaim follows Rav Shimon who said HaChShaRaH will be his name. (This name sounds peculiarly like Jacques Chirac, the President of France until the end of this coming April 2007 when Nicholas Sarkozy is likely to be elected by picking up over 95% of every non-Muslim voter. Yet, Chirac who seems to dislike Sarkozy intensely may decide to run again just to spite him, but Chirac is 73 years old.)

Continuing in the very next paragraph: The last king of Persia will come up against the Romans for three successive years until he expands (his gains) against them (in battle) over a period of twelve months. (Achmadinejad came to power in the summer of 5765. Part of a year of a king is counted as a full year of his reign, and the rule of gentile kings is counted from Rosh HaShanah unlike Jewish kings whose rule is counted from Pesach. Achi is in the third year of his reign starting this Rosh HaShana 5767. He has been a handful for Edom (Rome) from the moment that he ascended his throne. He has outwitted them with every move. According to Eliyahu HaNavi, expect war this year. And with whom you may ask?) Three mighty warrior kings (Gog W., Tony Blair, and maybe Jacques Chirac: All three are elected lame ducks with nothing to lose but their legacies.) will come up to oppose him from the West, but they will be handed over into his control. Then the lowliest of the kings (The French king?), the son (or grandson) of a 'shifchah' named 'Gigit' (Gigi in French?) will confront him from the West. (For over 150 years slavery has been banned if every Western country. The only possible shifchah is a non-Jewish woman married to a Jewish man. Since such a marriage is impossible, it is as if the relationship between a Jewish man and a non-Jewish woman is a relationship between a Jewish man and his slave. Only one Western leader or potential leader is the son or grandson on his mother's side of a Jewish man and a non-Jewish woman. That man is Nicholas Sarkozy whose maternal grandfather was a Jew from Salonika named Benedict Mallah and his mother's mother was a French Catholic. I cannot find her name yet. Maybe it was Gigi. Please help if you can.)

Now back to Armilus or TRMLO: These will be his signs, for Daniel has already foreseen him: His face will be long, there will be a bald patch between his eyes, he will be very tall, the soles of his feet will be high, and his thighs will be thin. Maybe this is his mugshot:

At that time he will attack the faithful people, and he will provoke at that time three agitations. All the constellations will be gathered together and move to one place. They will plunder houses and rob fields and strike the orphan and the widow in in the shuk, but if they (soldiers or police) perform penitence they will be forgiven.

If Armona was agitation number one, this Gayvah (Proud or Gay) Parade is agitation number two. If Gush Katif was number one, this is agitation number three. With a wife who is an open supporter of same sex marriage and with a lesbian daughter who would be proud to be be Grand Marshall of a parade which forces society to accept her lifestyle as an equal, any attempt to mollify his Chareidi coalition partners by recognizing their right to protest is a feigned attempt. He has supported this parade from the start.

Now the parade has been confined to the citadels and the cathedrals of the Erev Rav. The Mazuz compromise route will offer participants views of the Knesset, the Supreme NarishCourt, the Museum District, and the Givat Ram Campus of Hebrew Univ. If this were a normal group of marchers, one might agree with Snake Mazuz's compromise. If anything he has quickened the pace the destruction of the secular state in the hands of G-d. But these marchers will be looking for trouble after the March. The same group of thugs that French kissed in front of the Great Synagogue last year when the local gays had their march will be back in force to welcome congregants leaving shule on Friday night. I have no idea how the police plan to control the Friday night party after the march.

There are three groups of Chareidi Jews that have vehemently protested to keep this garbage out of their neighborhoods. The followers of the Admor of Sadigura and the Erloier Rebbe who valiantly tried to stop orthodox Jews from participating in a government that impoverished 10,000 Jews from Gush Katif and the Shomron are one group. The followers of those who joined Sharon's government make up a larger group. They now ask what have they done to bring on this tragedy. The answer for those in the second group who understand that Mentchlichkeit is kadma to the Torah is a simple one. Hugging a Caravilla refugee or at least paying his phone bill might be a good step toward teshuva.

There is a third group, though, which is probably the largest group of vehement protesters. Their leaders many of them from Satmar have never joined any government. They take no govenment money for anything and have refrained since 1948 from receiving benefits from the secular state. I do not know how they avoid National Insurance since anyone who owns a business here has to give ma'aser (10%) to those folks, but somehow they have insulated themselves from the secular state. They are like tzaddikim with pelts (fur coats) who pray for redemption in general but withdraw completely from those who participate in the state's history. They, in general, did nothing to stop disengagement, but they did nothing to cause it either. Measure for measure, in their merit, this ugly affair has been removed by G-d (Mazuz has no real power.) from their neighborhood into the places that they abhor and ignore as much as possible, the Institutions of the State. If we could only lock up the parade goers in the Knesset and the Supreme NarishCourt overnight after their pitiful little event, we could all breathe a sigh of relief.

Since I first wrote this blog entry, one of the many readers has informed me that Nicholas Sarkozy's maternal grandmother did not have the legal name Gigi when she married Benedict Mallah. There is no way I could have found this out by ordinary means since her name does not appear in any articles in English or Hebrew. Googling it in English and Hebrew therefore came up with nothing which is why I posed it as a question. Thanks to the French readers of this blog, one of whom spent several hours investigating the geneology of his mother's family. In short, in this case I needed to publish the possibility in order to find out the facts from someone who could do the research in French. Only in the worldwide blogosphere is this possible. His response is in the comments to this blog entry. Thanks, Ben.


Blogger Reb Nesanel Levi said...

Maybe Dov the plundering of houses is gush katif, and the robing of feilds atomnah. since they removed people from their homes in the gush and they fought us in the fields at atmonah. in'st atmonah the burial place of GoG?

11/08/2006 7:05 AM  
Blogger Rabbi Moshe Yess said...


From a military logistics point of view the vast majority of America's strongest and best forces are now within missile range of Iran's weaponry.

An Iranian, someone called Chalabi, was responsible for providing the USA and others with all the "intelligence" about Iraq's WMD which prompted the USA to commit its troops to Iraq.

Bush just lost the Congress...possibly the Senate too. America is war weary and looking for a breather. Bush is now a lame duck. His error was in conducting a 3 sided war instead of waging a 4 sided war where no opponent escapes. He went to war to establish Democracy in the Middle East. He should have gone to war to win instead. Iran won the Iraqi war. Iran also won the latest war in S. Lebanon.

The Talmud in Yoma page 10a

"Rebbi states that Rome is destined to fall at the hands of Persia. Rav states that Persia is destined to fall at the hands of Rome. Question: Can the builders (Paras, who permitted the rebuilding of the Holy Temple) fall before the destroyers (Rome, who destroyed the Temple)? The sages answer: If the King (Hashem) so decrees."

So far Iran is doing all the winning.

The last Israeli warrior is now brain dead. What is urgently needed is someone who knows how to win at all costs with no regard for public opinion. A true brutal military man who goes to war to win.

But the left in America and Israel will never support that. And that fact is the coffin preparation for Zionism and possibly the USA.

Perhaps someone, a patriot, in the Israeli military will push some buttons and nuke Teheran and Damascus. Short of that the stinkng parade in Jerusalem is the least of any Jews worries at this moment.

Doom looms!

Rabbi Moshe Yess

11/08/2006 10:23 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

If Gog loses the Senate, there is at least a 50% chance that Gog will attack within the next couple weeks. He knows that if he waits, a difficult war might become almost impossible as the price of oil zooms past $100 per barrel. On the other hand if he balks, the price of oil will zoom, the US economy will freefall and then he and his two allies will attack. At this stage it is hard to guess which path he will choose. Either way a Democratic Senate will easily acquiesce and demand that Yerushalayim be internationalized. Gog W. will happily go along with this. Armilus will then comply. Happily too of course.

The important thing to remember is this is precisely the scenario from which we are redeemed. Baruch HaShem. To Reb Nati, I thought that Hamongog was in a valley. Armonah is in Ofrah, not in a valley. I will look into this.

To Dev77: There is one more issue that makes this parade worse than desecrating Shabbat. This sad event commemerates and celebrates the willfull breaking of Noahide Law, the Code of common decency for Mankind. In this day and age, those Jews who know no better who break Shabbat do not bring down the wrath of heaven on the Holy City. Those Jews who break HaShem's basic code of Holiness and Mentschlichkeit do precisely that. No matter where this parade is held in the Holy City, there will be temporary negative consequences for all the Jewish people which might be painful. May G-d punish those who bring pain upon all of us before we suffer collectively.

11/08/2006 11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Rav Great post as usual.
Just a precision about Nicolas Sarkozy. Since I'm french it has been easy to find inforlations about him and his family.
His father real name is Sarközy de Nagy-Bocsa, and his mother's name is Andrée Mallah.
Hope it will help.

11/08/2006 11:59 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Yes, but who was Andree's mother's name? Andree's mother, Benedict's gentile "wife", would be the shifchah if Sarkozy is the man in the medrash. Was his maternal grandmother named or even nicknamed Gigi?

11/08/2006 12:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know if this means anything or not but Germany is set to take over the EU presidency in Jan 2007. They'll hold it for six months.

Thought this was of great interest...

Excerpt from Kristallnacht 5767, Part 3

"...when the moment demands it, God will send additional energy into the world, either to affect a meaningful change in a person’s life, or to alter the direction of the world, or to bolster history’s attempt to accomplish certain goals by certain fixed dates. Such additional energy in the world can have many results, even the miraculous and (often simultaneous) discovery of important cures, but its main purpose is to help the Jewish people fulfill their role as partners with God in bringing Creation to fulfillment.

..., if God puts an energy of mesirat-Nefesh — self-sacrifice — into the world to help the Jewish people bring history to an appropriate close, and we don’t channel the energy to accomplish this purpose, then terrorists can take it and use it to kill themselves while blowing up innocent people. Then we are forced to battle the forces of impurity for that energy as we cope with the crisis they have created."

Amazing connection between Kristallnacht and the pride parade. Read about it in the essay excerpted above. You can fnd it at

11/08/2006 1:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please edit my previous post and add in this further bit at the end of my quote from Rav Winston's essay, thank you!

"..., if this parade is using up so much energy to take place, and demanding so much energy from us to stop it, it is a signal that there is some spiritual “force” in the world that we are meant to use to bring the redemption faster, but which we are failing to use sufficiently. As a result, instead of receiving it favorably we are being forced to fight for it in another spiritual tug-of-war with the Klipot."

11/08/2006 1:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Wikipedia (can't guarantee its accuracy)

Paul Sarkozy moved to Paris where he used his artistic skills to enter the advertising industry. He met Andrée Mallah, Nicolas Sarkozy's mother, in 1949. Andrée Mallah, then a law student, was the daughter of Benoît Mallah, a wealthy doctor (or surgeon) with a well-established reputation in the very bourgeois 17th arrondissement of Paris. Benoît Mallah was originally a Sephardic Ottoman Jew from Salonica, (Ottoman Greece). According to Jewish genealogical societies, the Mallah family of Salonica anciently came from Provence in southern France, which they had probably left at the time of the Jewish expulsions in the Middle Ages.

11/08/2006 6:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Rav
I've spent a few hours but I finally found out the name of Sarkozy's grandmother : Adèle Bouvier (5 march 1891, Lyon; 24 feb 1956, Paris)

I didn't find any mention about a possible nickname.

Keep posting great articles with Hashem's helm

11/08/2006 6:50 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Thank you Ben for the effort. It was a reasonable hypothesis to be checked out. It would have been an amazing find if the piece had fit. I am not one to stick a square peg in a round hole, though. Thank you for your hard work.

11/08/2006 8:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting number..."10" in the article below. HaShem was willing to spare Sodom for the sake of ten righteous individuals, but couldn't find that many. It's another link between the parsha and current events.

Extremist Homosexual Elements Threaten to Rape Religious Girls
19:20 Nov 08, '06 / 17 Cheshvan 5767

( Chairman of the National Religious Party faction in the Knesset, MK Zevulun Orlev, turned over to the parliamentary security officer a threatening letter he received regarding his opposition to the Gay Pride Parade planned for this Friday in Jerusalem.

The letter, signed by "Proud Homosexuals," includes the following: "If your threats to disrupt and harm our pride parade come true, we hereby warn that for every marcher who is injured by you, 10 religious girls will be raped, and we swear to take full measure of vengeance against you. Be warned, your day is near."

11/08/2006 10:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure this can help, but ....

1. Could Bashar Al Assad be the HaChShaRaH described, as the destruction ascribed to him seems like it could result from an attack from Syria. He has an unusual physique, as noted by Wikipedia. (He conforms to the "very tall, soles of feet high, thighs will be thin?).

2. HaChShaRah backwards could be HaRashCha.

3. About the name Gigi. I found that Sarkozy's wife's name is Cecilia Ciganer-albeniz (whose grandfather was Russian - Jewish?), of which Gigi could be a nickname. Also I did a google search on both names and they both come from the same area of France. It also indicated that she

"acting as a sort of chief aide for her husband. This was fairly unusual: in general, French politicians seek to separate their public lives from their personal and family lives."

4. Re Penitence, the soldiers in the Lebanon war actually did behave like baalei teshuva, asking for siddurim, arba kanfot, tehillim, writing letters in sifre torah.

Just a few of my observations. Kol Tuv,
and thank you immensely for the wonderful posts.

11/09/2006 1:40 AM  
Blogger Joseph HAZAN said...

If someone comes to kill you it is then permited to kill him first...
I cannot emphasize about the need for the forces loyal to Mashiah ben yossef to reveal themselves and take over the power in Israel and start getting rid of the left and their followers. I would do such a cleaning and start throwing olmert and his gangs to Thora rehab centers but I am not even sure they diserve it let's just get rid of them. As for the sodomits beast through them in the fire that is their only salvation possible.

11/09/2006 4:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I think all of us have paid at least a little more attention to the French elections than we otherwise would have. Below is some additional information about Nicolas Sarkozny.

Shabbat shalom,


Nicolas Sarkozy's mother was born to the Mallah family, one of the oldest Jewish families of Salonika, Greece.
Additionally, many may be surprised to learn that his yet-to-be-revealed family history involves a true and fascinating story
of leadership, heroism and survival.

In the 15th century, the Mallah family (in Hebrew: messenger or angel)
escaped the Spanish Inquisition to Provence, France and moved about one
hundred years later to Salonika. In Greece, several family members
became prominent Zionist leaders, active in the local and national
political, economic, social and cultural life. To this day many Mallahs
are still active Zionists around the world.

Sarkozy's grandfather, Aron Mallah, nicknamed Benkio, was born in 1890.
Beniko's uncle Moshe was a well-known Rabbi and a devoted Zionist who,
in 1898 published and edited "El Avenir", the leading paper of the
Zionist national movement in Greece at the time. His cousin, Asher, was
a Senator in the Greek Senate and in 1912 he helped guarantee the
establishment of the Technion - the elite technological university in
Haifa, Israel. In 1919 he was elected as the first President of the
Zionist Federation of Greece and he headed the Zionist Council for
several years. In the 1930's he helped Jews flee to Israel, to which he
himself immigrated in 1934. Another of Beniko's cousins, Peppo Mallah,
was a philanthropist for Jewish causes who served in the Greek
Parliament, and in 1920 he was offered, but declined, the position of
Greece's Minister of Finance. After the establishment of the State of
Israel he became the country's first diplomatic envoy to Greece.

In 1917 a great fire destroyed parts of Salonika and damaged the family estate. Many Jewish-owned properties,including the Mallah's, were expropriated by the Greek government. Jewish population emigrated from
Greece and much of the Mallah family left Salonika to France, America
and Israel. Sarkozy's grandfather, Beniko, immigrated to France with
his mother. When in France Beniko converted to Catholicism and changed
his name to Benedict in order to marry a French Christian girl named
Adèle Bouvier.

Adèle and Benedict had two daughters, Susanne and Andrée. Although
Benedict integrated fully into French society, he remained close to his
Jewish family, origin and culture. Knowing he was still considered
Jewish by blood, during World War II he and his family hid in Marcillac
la Croisille in the Corrèze region, western France.

During the Holocaust, many of the Mallahs who stayed in Salonika or moved to France were deported to concentration and extermination camps.
In total, fifty-seven family members were murdered by the Nazis.
Testimonies reveal that several revolted against the Nazis and one,
Buena Mallah, was the subject of Nazis medical experiments in the
Birkenau concentration camp.

In 1950 Benedict's daughter, Andrée Mallah, married Pal Nagy Bosca y
Sarkozy, a descendent of a Hungarian aristocratic family. The couple
had three sons - Guillaume, Nicolas and François. The marriage failed and they divorced in 1960, so Andrée raised her three boys close to
their grandfather, Benedict. Nicolas was especially close to Benedict, who was like a father to him. In his biography Sarkozy tells he admired his grandfather, and through hours spent of listening to his stories of
the Nazi occupation, the "Maquis" (French resistance), De Gaulle and
the D-day, Benedict bequeathed to Nicolas his political convictions.

Sarkozy's family lived in Paris until Benedict's death in 1972, at
which point they moved to Neuilly-sur-Seine to be closer to the boys'
father, Pal (who changed his name to Paul) Sarkozy. Various memoirs
accounted Paul as a father who did not spend much time with the kids or
help the family monetarily. Nicolas had to sell flowers and ice cream
in order to pay for his studies. However, his fascination with politics
led him to become the city's youngest mayor and to rise to the top of
French and world politics. The rest is history.

Raanan Eliaz

Raanan Eliaz is a former Director at the Israeli National Security
Council and the Hudson Institute, Washington D.C. He is currently a
Ph.D. candidate at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, and a
consultant on European-Israeli Affairs. He wrote this column for
European Jewish Press, a Brussels-based pan-European news agency.

5/11/2007 11:32 PM  

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