Thursday, November 08, 2012

Build Up to a Much Larger War in the North

In keeping with our attempt to keep ourselves appraised of the progress on the Zohar VaYeira 119 for 5772 and 5773, immediately after the re-election of the 11th horn from the Book of Daniel as the renewed and perpetual President of the United States (until Texas secedes from the Union), the War in the North (in which two king will perish) is expanding into a larger war.  I have no idea what will be the event that will cause this to blow up even more.  As said before since Tisha B'Av, 60 days after the Flame virus appeared in the cyber-rakia on the 8th of Siwan, the Syrian Civil War has quintupled in its scale and death toll.

So this is what is happening now:   The entire world is relieved that NATO can now get about its business of ridding the world of Assad (and a second king that they don't know about yet).  Never mind that the Islamicists that they will be aiding are from Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and from other murderous unsavory organizations that may be too numerous to count.  They also hate each other which is another story for another time.  And the American Ambassador, Mr. Stevens, who was sodomized and murdered in Benghazi on 9/11 was there to talk to the Turkish Consul in Benghazi in order to supply arms to the Syrian rebels.  Otherwise it makes no sense why he would be in the most dangerous city in North Africa for an American Ambassador on 9/11 since the Libyan capital is in Tripoli not  Benghazi.  So all that secret gunrunning has yet to bear fruit and more "aggressive" tactics are needed.  And here we go.  We are now off to the races to expel the evil Assad to replace him with the evil whoever comes next.

I am not sure what will bring on a much larger conflict.  The Persians love Assad so that they can arm Hezbollah through Syrian territory.  And the Russians have that base in the Mediterranean at Tartus, Syria, their only Mediterranean naval base.  But if the Russians and the Persians in any way feel threatened by provocative behavior by NATO, a blow up here or an inspection of Russian aircraft there or an inspection of a Russian ship going through the Bosporus finding arms for Assad aboard the ship, that could lead to an invasion of Turkey by both Persia and Russia.  The Turks and NATO will then close off the Bosporus to the Russian Navy so that they cannot get to their Syrian port and so that their Navy is boxed into the Black Sea.  And when the full blown Russian Navy forces its way through the Bosporus, what are we here in Eretz Yisrael supposed to do??

Of course, we really don't know the scenario, but thinking about it can lead to startling conclusions.

Update:  I forgot to mention.  As of this hour far more than 36 hours after the polls closed in Florida, they are still counting ballot in Miami/ Dade County in South Florida, and they still cannot figure out who won the slate of Florida's 29 electoral college votes!!!  Unbelievable!  Was America a great country or what?  Today it resembles the 6th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt with the Paro who reigned for 94 years.


Blogger Moriah said...

Testifying or a class in "how to"

11/08/2012 6:09 PM  
Blogger LondonMale said...

The other King may be King Abdullah II of Jordan? The Arab Spring has yet to occur there, though protests have been simmering. With it's East Bank Palestinian vs Hejaz Arab tensions there is potential for civil war.

11/09/2012 2:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This per R Pinchus Winston:
Even if you feel unable to make the move to E"Y one of our main tests in the time right before the geula is to yearn to be in E"Y, even this will give some protection.
He says that it is also incumbent to NOT! speak lashon hara against the land, the chet of the meraglim who were too frum to give up life in the midbar is a strike that rebounds and hurts the speaker, their community, and the whole am.
Part of shmirat halashon is to also not believe the L"H that others say about E"Y, there are many great frum communities here.
There are communities with Jewish schools for whatever your hashkafa, there are jobs, plenty of oppertunity for learning, welcoming communities, and many other olim willing to help.

11/11/2012 10:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The body of Yemach Shmo has been dug up in Ramala Ariel Sharon still lies between life and death all these years later.
Is Sharon Dead but not breaking down because of his defense of the Am or is he alive because the land wont accept his body for Gush Katif?

11/13/2012 9:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Muslims want to raze the Sphinx and Pyramids to destroy all avoda zora in Egypt.
I have wondered if the destruction of the two great Buddas in Afganistan was enough zcheut to bring off 9-11 much as the king of Moav sacrificing his sons to defeat us, but what seems to be actually kosher in the footsteps of Avraham Avinu and against the nations of Eisav who are burning the last of their zechut like old reichmarks.
Will they attempt this and end up with a plus in their national account, it seems that while they have a bent understanding they are doing this lishma.
Yishmael=Hashem will listen, I tremble like Yonah knowing what the teshuva of Ninveh would mean for Israel.

11/13/2012 10:56 AM  

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