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Maos Chitim - Passover Charity 100% Direct

Passover is ALMOST HERE.  With Passover comes the obligation of Maos Chitim or Kimcha D’Pischa, supporting the needy for Passover.

This year End of Days is happy to join the 100% Charity Direct campaign of Mystical Paths.

You can support the needy of Israel for Passover – right here, right now, 100% charity with NO overhead…

This is a particularly tough you. One of our neighbors is literally homeless, another says "I have wine and matzah, and literally nothing else."  One can't afford her medicine, another can't afford shoes for his children.  The stories are heartbreaking, but you can help...

Right here, right now...

100% charity direct!  The Mystical Paths Jewish holy day charity campaigns raise money to support the poor and needy in Israel, which we are obligated to treat as members of our local community.  They do so via a registered Israeli charity and with the rabbinical supervision of Rabbi Chaim Faro.  They also do so with NO office expenses, NO advertising expenses, NO salaries, NO overhead of ANY kind (except for credit card processing fees of ~3.5% and currency conversion fees of ~1%).  100% tzedakah (charity) direct to those in need.

This Passover, lets help make sure our brethren in Israel are able to celebrate the holiday!  If you can help, please do - now.  If not, you have our blessings that Hashem should help you and all the needy of Klal Yisroel!

Thank you.  And may Hashem provide you with abundant blessings and simcha for this Passover.  And may we all merit the ultimate blessing, the ultimate exodus with the coming of Moshiach Tzidkaynu for Passover this year!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kol hakavod to everyone who gives. Especially anglos, especially-especially gerim, widows, or orphans I know are too proud to ask for help so this pesach offer you dont want wasted, or lie about a closeout deal that you can cut them in on to those you suspect.
With our healthcare and chessed there are American Jews who made aliyah partly for survival reasons as recommended by the Chazon Ish but are still unable to work yet are programmed to be proud by an America or UK who outlaws and persecutes the poor and homeless. Hiding their situation is a leftover survival skill so they need not hide their face in shame at schule even as they secretly eat pita and tuna or less on shabbos because they can't ask. You can possibly save a life, and not from starvation, by finding a non-embarrassing way to fill your neighbours cupboard or keep their lights on, or keep renters from being evicted.

As for stuff to bring from previous post forget regular alkaline batteries except for long life low draw applications, instead the Sanyo Enloop low discharge batteries far surpass cheap rechargeable cells and take about a year to self discharge. If you want some standby batteries for emergencies that you can just hord lithium disposables will last over ten years on the shelf.
With 110 to 220 either buy electronics with dual voltage or find electronicw that charge form USB.
FInally buy kerosene burning lanter and stove, both for camping and power out emergencies, they are also cool for the sukkah. Coleman fuel is nearly impossible to find in E"Y but neft(kerosene) is available at gas stations in winter by the liter or if you house has neft heat have the truck fill an extra container for you. I recommend a kerosene rated Coleman or better yet Petromax with plenty of extra mantles as they are not popular here. For stoves I like the MSR XGK which is a modernized mountaineers version of your alter zeidies primus kerosene stove in Poland.

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