Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The End of Repentence (B'Ahavah) for the Lack of Common Decency is Now!

Yes, this is it folks. We have finally arrived. The Cosmic Clock says that we are ending the Year of Hoshana Rabbah. The end of repenting out of love for our lack of human decency is very, very near. Technically and maybe even in action the last time that one can repent for one's lack of human decency out of love will likely be this coming Yom Kippur 5772. And the last time that one can repent for this through joy is likely this coming Hoshana Rabbah 5772. After that the Cosmic Clock predicts that the only way that one will be able to repent for one's lack of human decency will be out of reverence for G-d or sheer terror from his Wrath. This is not just for this year or for this generation. This is for all generations since the Great Flood that ended 4115 years ago for the bulk of human history for all of our incarnations. Do not worry about this though. Always if one is having a problem with a certain mitzvah in previous incarnations, one regularly encounters problems with that mitzvah in one's present incarnation. So just work on your failures in human decency in your present life. You do not have to be like Shirley Maclaine, lehavdil, to find out what you did wrong in a previous lifetime. G-d has given you the facilities to figure out what you need to work on at this time in this lifetime. But work on it you should because the opportunity to do teshuvah b'ahavah for your lack of common decency very likely will not be an option next year. Now because all Mankind is obligated in human decency via the Noachide legal system, we are all obligated Jew and gentile. The non-Jew is obligated because of Noach's Covenant with G-d, and we Jews are obligated because the Covenant of common decency is kadmah (precedes) the Torah. It actually preceded the giving of the Torah by 2447 years because even though we say that this is a covenant with Noach, it is really a Covenant with Adam after the Sin of eating of the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good vs. Evil. Plus all of the provisions of the original covenants with Adam and Noach were reaffirmed in the Holy Torah which only Israel has to keep. Yes, we should do teshuvah this year as in all years for our lack of Torah observance. Yet, because it is human decency that G-d demands before He demands Torah observance, and that a full teshuvah for not being decent is about to become much harder, I would sincerely reccommend that everyone put emphasis on repenting in this area this year more than one did in any previous year. For the Jewish People, the Targum Yonatan, seems to say that the quitessential test of our human decency in our generation was how did we respond to the unilateral evacuations of Gush Katif, Netzarim, Northern Gaza, and the Northern Shomron. This unilateral evacuation did nothing for Israel's security (this was obvious at the time), and it put at least a quarter of a million people in the direct fire of more accurate and longer range missiles (this was also obvious at the time). The residents also were not compensated right away, but on average it took three years for evacuees to be compensated. This is out right genaivah (stealing) and a disgusting reminder of the cruelty of those who were responsible. The point that over a quarter of a million people were put into imminent danger ranges to being careless about other peoples' lives (a form of murder) to devaluing other peoples' property (a form of stealing). Now this lack of decency apparently was committed by a wide variety of people. Some of them were directly responsible for carrying it out. Others are directly responsible for enabling it by enabling the government that carried it out. When Tommy Lapid left Sharon's government in a huff in December of 2004, Sharon was desperate for a coalition partner to prevent him from declaring new elections. Yet, sadly true to form he found the coalition partner he needed with a 300 million shekel bribe. And the destruction of Jewish Gaza proceeded as planned. Well this coalition partner has to repent as much as anyone else, for the evacuations would have unlikely happened if this coalition partner had not joined in.
I am writing frantically about a whole bunch of things tonight and tomorrow, but I want to post this now so that people can think about this. I will post more later.


Anonymous neshama said...

B"H It's good to 'hear' you again.

9/13/2011 10:51 PM  
Blogger Devorah said...

Common Decency..... I remember that !
It was back in the old days, before Iphones and Gmail....

9/14/2011 1:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't done so much since the gerush but I did go to Neve Dekalim to stand and fight along side them for more than 3 weeks leading up to 8/16 when I was forced on a bus and taken to Jerusalem. Will this help me? I need all the help I can get...

9/14/2011 1:44 AM  
Blogger Moriah said...

If there is one gaping hole in human interaction today it is human decency. It's what makes reading the news so difficult. Pride and cruelty have taken it's place.

9/14/2011 3:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What of Reb Arush's warning that around the 21st of Elul Israel will be occupied by millions of unarmed Arabs who will break into homes and loot or worse and the army will do nothing to stop the huge numbers.

9/14/2011 5:41 PM  
Anonymous tzvi bar lieb said...

now more people say war on rosh hashana rav ovady yosef said war day after rosh hashana look what lazer brody saying
more nistarim say war 5772

9/14/2011 6:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what is teshuva for our indecency?
What special chessed can a dweller in Yehuda do?
We made aliyah in late 2004 specificly to interfere with the gerush of Aza and Shomron yeshuvim.
What concerns me is that I think I am good on this mitzvah, which is how we often slip it all up.
It makes me concerned as I don't think I have ever quite been able to do a mitzvah bahava and now my opportunity may quickly be going away.

9/16/2011 12:32 PM  
Anonymous Y. Golani said...

Derekh eretz kadma l'Torah. Hmm, tell that to the creeps tossing dooty, rocks, verbal insults and other intimidation at little girls in Bet Shemesh.


9/21/2011 1:34 AM  

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