Sunday, March 31, 2013

Korean Peninsula Inching Closer to World War

As Seoul approaches the Tzeit Kochavim line by leaving the Twilight Zone by 5775, the entire Korean Peninsula is threatening to go up in flames any hour, day, or week now.  See my post Koreas in the Twilight Zone for more exact details.  Seoul is slightly less than 10 degrees from the Tzeit Kochavim line when the line (101.5 degrees east of Yerushalayim) began to move in 5751 at a pace of 2.5 years per degree.  So to reach the point when Seoul enters Yom SheKulo Shabbat it takes slightly less than 25 years.  That would bring us until 5775.  Yet, the uproar seems to have begun already as if it could blow any day.  It would be Rachmanut if a world war would blow up this year rather than two years from now when Persia will have a full array of nuclear weapons.  Fewer people will die in a war that blows up now rather than in 5775..  If it is delayed until the Shmittah year, over one billion people would die.  And make no mistake without Rachmanut from HaShem, that is where we are headed.  Of course any war involving the Korean Peninsula will quickly bring in Persia and Assad in Syria who are close allies with the nutcase in North Korea.

Also I noticed in Shir HaShirim (Song of Songs) today the following allegorical interpretation of verse 1:5.  Just a few days ago the Qataris, at the Arab Summit, offered to spend a few billion dollars on Public Relations and other tricks to deJudaize the eastern part of Yerushalayaim.  Al Jazeera is headquartered there in Qatar.  So they have a few PR tricks at their disposal.

I am black and beautiful, daughters of Yerushalayim, like the tents of Qeidar, like the draperies of Shlomo.

Make no mistake about it.  Qeidar is Qatar.  So the allegorical interpretation is as follows:

Although I am as black as sin, I am as comely as virtue, oh nations that are destined to come against Yerushalayim.  Although sullied like the (tents of) nation of Qatar, I will be cleansed as the draperies to Whom peace belongs.  

Meaning that at the End of Days, the nations of the world (through the Qataris) will claim that we have no merit to rebuild the Temple of Shlomo, but HaShem will find virtue in us and will dispute their claim.  What is that virtue?  The 6 million who were slaughtered who have now been transformed into the 6 million Jews who are here in Eretz Yisrael today.  Enjoy the rest of the Chag Pesach.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Is Assad Dead?

This post is really a request for information.  This past Motzei Shabbat a "rumor" has been reported all over the Internet that Assad was shot and killed at point blank range by a Persian bodyguard.  The country is in chaos, and frankly the MSM could care less about reporting this.  Has Assad been seen in public since Saturday night?  Is it possible that he is dead and that we don't really have a clue about it because the MSM for whatever reason is conveniently covering up a news item that might lead to WW3?

Also King Shaul's craven apology to the Turks for the shootings on-board the flotilla 2 1/2 years ago is bringing his regime to a new low.  His Erev Rav Justice Minister, the Witch of EinDor Tzippy Livni, announced yesterday that because of Shaul's apology to the Turks, Israel will be obligated to pay tens of millions of dollars in compensatory damages to the families of those who were justly killed on the Mavi Marmara.  The main reason that I have seen for the apology is in order to cooperate with the Turks over cleansing Syria of all its stockpiles of chemical weapons if Assad's regime were to collapse.  It seems that if Assad is dead that there would be more chaos on the ground than anyone is even reporting at this time.  Until we know if Assad is actually dead, this apology just makes the matzah from the Seder hard to digest.  If Assad is actually dead, then we have actually reached a very intriguing phase of chaos, convergence, and yes Geulah.

Also if anyone wants to know who spiked Arafat's Pepsi with Radium Chloride at his compound in Ramallah, I would like to claim full responsibility for putting the mass murderer out of his misery.  And I wish I could take full responsibility for the slaying of those Turks aboard the Mavi Marmara, but there there were actually pictures of the Israeli soldiers putting the terrorists out of their misery so that I cannot take responsibility for that one.  But for all legitimate executions of all mass murderers and terrorists  if anyone is afraid to take responsibility for those acts, I will gladly do so.  Heck, I will even take responsibility for killing Assad if that will help matters.   So does anyone know what is going on?  Is Assad dead?

Here is an article mentioning that Assad sent a letter to the BRICS nations meeting in South Africa to support his legitimacy, but again there is no proof that he wrote the letter.  So the questions is still valid.  The picture of Assad in this article did not accompany the letter.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

I Can't Make Up Stuff Like This: Presenting..THE BEAST!

I was not planning on really writing anymore until Obamanation that makes Desolate, the half-Muslim and half Xtian 11th horn dude from the Book of Daniel chapters 2 and 7 actually showed up here.  But this is too much as Bizarre World continues to get even more bizarre.  It is not enough that Mr. half iron and half clay is showing up at the beginning of month number 9 since Tisha B'Av 5772.  He is driving around Yerushalayim and then to Ramallah in a make-shift limousine// tank called "The Beast".,7340,L-4356663,00.html   This is what Sefer Daniel says about the horrible beast at the end of the 4th kingdom of Rome... or Obama's new car to drive around Yerushalayim.  Take your pick:

After this I was watching in night visions, and behold! a fourth beast! exceedingly terrifying, awesome, and strong!  It had immense iron teeth, and it was devouring and crumbling, and trampling with its feet what remained.  It was different from all the beasts that had preceded it, and it had ten horns....

Now, take a look at the YNet article.  Some info should stick out as your read it.

The car is sealed and protected from chemical and biological weapons. The windows are bullet-proof, and its doors are an alloy of steel (an alloy of iron), aluminum, titanium and porcelain – proof against roadside-charges and rocket fire.

In addition, the gas tank is armored; the bumpers are equipped with night-vision sensors, cameras and devices to launch tear-gas.  

Now they need to decorate the front bumper of the limo/ tank with a row of teeth as it guzzles its way down the roads of Eretz Yisrael.

What the heck!!  Perhaps the Secret Service should put a post it note on his head to identify him as the 11th horn dude after all!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

And David slew a Bear and a Lion

Do not panic.  The new Pope is Jorge Mario Bergoglio.  So from Jorge we have a Spanish George or Gog where the J is pronounced like an H.  Now we have a third Mario in Europe.  Mario Monti who was or still is the current PM of a mess called Italy.  Then there is Mario Draghi, the Head of the European Central Bank.  And now we have Mario the Pope.  And then we have his last name Ber-Gog-lio.  So HT: Daisy Stern.  She noticed that the prefix of Gog in the last name is Bear, and that the suffix is Leo the Lion.

So then I told her as follows.  David slew a bear and a lion to protect his sheep.  And that we should be calm about this.

So we have in Shmuel Aleph 17: 33- 37 after Shaul has been dethroned by G-d for not utterly destroying Amalek.  Those who follow this blog know that we have traveled from Chapter 13 of Shmuel Aleph where Shaul lost his Dynasty in the Gaza War on the 8th of Kislev to his alliance with the Amalekite in the Erev Rav, Tsippi Livni in Chapter 15.  So by natural progression we have reached chapter 17:

King Shaul complains to David that he is just a lad, and should not be the one to take on Goliath the Philistine.

But Shaul said to David, "You cannot go forth to this Pelishti to fight with him, for you are a lad while he is a warrior from his youth."   David said to Shaul, "Your servant was a shepherd for his father among the flocks; The lion or the bear would come and carry off a sheep from the flock, and I would go after it, strike it down, and rescue (the sheep) from its mouth.  If it would attack me I would grab onto its beard and strike it and kill it.  Your servant has slain even lion and bear;  and this uncircumcised Pelishti shall be like one of them, for he has disgraced the battalions of the Living G-d!"  Then David said, "HaShem Who rescued me from the hand of the lion and from the hand of the bear, He will rescue me from the Pelishti!"

Do not fret.  Everything is under Divine Providence.  On the 10th of Nisan 5773, month number 9 since Tisha B'Av 5772 will be upon us.  King Shaul has "apparently" formed a government at the last minute...maybe to greet the Obamanation the makes Desolate when he arrives on the 9th of Nisan and then will close all roads to Ramallah for Obama to greet the modern Pelishtim on the 10th of Nisan.  The Pey Lamed Shin root in all Semitic tongues means "invader".  So G-d has this under control.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bizarre World- Episode One

Back in the Gog ben Gog Shmittah cycle the world made sense.  America under Gog W. simply was acting in its own interest to preserve and to increase its national prosperity....even if it cost a few Jewish lives here in the Holy Land.  For a 20 or 30 cent savings in the cost of gasoline with promise of a glut of oil from the Saudis, Jews here could be moved at a moments notice from here to there and places in between.  This may be evil, but at least it made sense.  Edom has behaved like this since Pompeii ruled the triumvirate in Rome 21 centuries ago.  So Gog W. was simply more of the same, but apparently the last of his kind.

Yet, for the final Shmittah cycle, the anti-Gog half- Muslim half- Xtian (clay mixed with iron) 11th horn dude from the Book of Daniel chapters 2 and 7 has taken over where Gog ben Gog left off when he retired to his ranch in Crawford, Texas.  Unlike his immediate predecessor, Obamanation that makes Desolate would like to destroy his own country from within and distribute its wealth amongst the 3rd World.  Rather than preserving the prosperity of his habitat nation, this force for internal self- destruction is intent on morphing America into one of the regional centers of the Global Caliphate.  His new choice for Head of the CIA, John Brennan, is case in point a chosen representative of the massive internal disintegration of what was the greatest gentile nation of all time.  Just 12 years after 9/11 America is now an official member of the Global Caliphate.

This world is now becoming so bizarre that it no longer operates in the Edom framework of self- preservation.  So in keeping with the rapid pace of self- annihilation, I am inaugurating a new series on this blog called Bizarre World to chronicle the rapid march toward oblivion of Malkhut Edom as it morphs into Malkhut Yishmael.  In an age where the US Navy is mothballing part of its fleet because of sequestrated budget cuts since Harry Reid's US Senate still refuses to pass a budget for the 5th year in a row, we have this.  You can read it.  It is just plain bizarre.  HT: Akiva of MPaths.  I won't even comment except to point the reader to the 3rd article on this page entitled 

Why Is The US Building A Secret $100 Million Underground Facility Outside Tel Aviv?

with a detailed description of the various kosher mezuzot to adorn the right doorpost of every room in this massive underground complex.  It seems like a bunker in the case of nuclear war, and I am sure that Ehud Barak has an underground retirement condo somewhere in this complex to save his sorry (fill in the blank).  We here above ground will simply watch the Hand of G-d grab those Persian missiles and fling them back at the enemy.

UPDATE:  Episode Two:  Immediately after posting episode one, episode two popped up.  Apparently Ya'ir Lapid is being too demanding as time runs out for King Shaul to form his next government.  Lapid wants his number 2, Rabbi Shai Piron, who wears pebbles in his shoes to remind himself of his humble beginnings, to be the next Minister of Education.  Shaul is insisting on Gideon Sa'ar, whom he believes will protect Chareidi interests in the next government from being raided by Lapid's goal of forcing Chareidim to teach math and hard science in their curricula.  Lapid believes that learning math and hard science from an early age will help enhance Chareidi employment prospects as adults.  Learning math for the first time as an adult often results in failure.  So he is not willing to budge on this point.  So just a few days before political Armeggeddon for Shaul, coalition talks are about to go over a cliff. 

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The 8th Plague; The Plague of Locusts

Well not much time.  We have a simcha this weekend.  Yet, we all know that the the 8th plague struck Mitzraim on the 21st of Adar, this past Sunday.  We also know that the 8th plague in the Torah also took place in Adar.  The ninth plague followed quickly also in Adar without warning, 3 days of intense darkness in which no light could be seen even if someone tried to light a candle.  Some say that the darkness was so intense that the Egyptians could not even move because the darkness locked them in place for three days.  Now in the previous comment section I noted that this year the calendar of Hillel HaSheini is one day early in order that this coming Yom Kippur should fall out on Shabbat and not on Motzei Shabbat.  He specifically designed the calendar so that after this past Kislev would only have 29 days that all of the moladim for the Roshei Chodesh (New Moons) with 30 days would fall on Rosh Chodesh itself.  Therefore he set it up that the New Moons would occur before the new moons could even be seen!  So this year even if we keep the holy days one day early because we are following the calendar which we must continue to do, then in Shamayim the actual days might be one day later.  I realize that Beit Din in ancient times could extend a month by one day from 29 days to 30 days if non-kosher witnesses showed up on the 30th day.  So Beit Din had it within its power to set the holy days one day later than they would have been if the witnesses had been kosher witnesses to the New Moon.  Yet with our calendar something really peculiar is happening in this 11 month stretch.  We are celebrating Rosh Chodesh before the New Moon can even be seen!!  Halakhically Hillel HaSheini had the power to set it up that way in order to avoid other halakhic problems such as beginning the fast of Yom Kippur over 18 minutes before sunset on Shabbat afternoon since the fast of Yom Kippur begins at least 18 minutes before sundown based on the pasukim which describe it in the Torah.  This is not a problem for Tisha B'Av where the fast begins at sundown and not before sundown.  So having Tisha B'Av fall on Motzei Shabbat is less of a problem.  I am not advising here to start commemorating our festivals coming up one day later than scheduled, but I am noting that there is no precedent in ancient times where Rosh Chodesh would have been declared before the New Moons could even be seen at sunset at least four to six hours after the molad itself.  So we have an important question.  Was this past Sunday the 20th of Adar or the 21st of Adar, my son's 13th birthday?  Here is the reason why I ask the question.

It says in Medrash Sefer Eliyahu that there are three dates when a Messianic process will begin.  The first date which we discussed back in 5766 was the 20th day of Shevat.  On that day angels of destruction were set up to destroy the whole vast multitude dwelling from the great "plain" down to Yaffo (aka Tel Aviv) and all the way down to Ashkelon.  At the time this described the Left Coast of the State of Israel that was about to elect Ehud ARMiLuT (TRMLO) by about 40 seats in the Knesset.  On the 20th of Shevat in 5766, Hamas installed its government in the Yehudah and Shomron and scared at least 300,000 Left Coast Israelis away from voting for Armilut.  Later that summer, all of Armilut's plans to destroy Yesha unilaterally fell apart when the 2nd Lebanon War began with the pummeling of the Galilee on the 17th of Tamuz 5766.  And according to the Zohar Mashiach appeared in the Galil in year 66 that year in 5766.  Yet, the process started on the 20th of Shevat 5766 when Hamas installed their government of our annihilation on that very day.

So here we go again.  Another time where it says that Mashiach will appear and a process will therefore start is the 20th of Adar.  It says on that very day (the 20th of Adar) Mashiach will come, and with him will be 30,000 tzaddikim, as it says in Yishaiyahu 11:5, Righteousness will gird his waist, and Faith will gird his loins!  This verse specifically refers to Mashiach ben David because the entire paragraph speaks about a Staff shooting forth from Yishai (Jesse).  The medrash continues:  When the nations of the world behold this happening, immediately each one of them will putrefy, both it and its calvary, as Scripture says in Zecharia 14:12-15: "And this will be the affliction with which the L-rd will strike all the nations which with armies come against Yerushalayim.  Each one's flesh will melt away while he is standing on his feet; each one's eyes will melt away in their sockets; and each one's tongues will melt away in their mouths.  It shall be on tha day that there will be a great panic of HaShem among them; each one will grab the hand of his fellow, and his hand will be raised up against of his fellow.  And Yehudah will wage war against Yerushalayim; and the welath of the nations all around will be gathered - gold, silver, and garments in great abundance.  And similarly will be the plague of the horse, the mule, the camel, and the donkey, and all the animals that will be in those camps where the plague hit (the humans)."  At that time the Holy One, Blessed be He, will address the nations of the world: 'Woe to you, oh wicked ones, who are alive at the cessation of the Four Kingdoms (that conquered Eretz Yisrael)!  All of you are to be expelled from the world, one wherein one kor of wheat will yield about nine hundred kors, and there will be analogous (fantastic yields) for wine and oil.  Every tree will bear choice produce and fruits, as Scripture says (Yechezkel 36:8):  "And you, Oh mountains of Yisrael, will make your branches yeild, etc."  And Israel will eat (these fruits from this bountiful harvest) and will rejoice for forty years.    

And it continues:  After this the Holy One, blessed be He, will bring up Gog and Magog 'and their associates' and then all the peoples of the earth will assemble together and surround Yerushalayim in order to make war.  the Holy One, blessed be He, will come up and do battle with them.  Mashiach will arrive, and with the help of HKBH, he will wage war on them, etc.  

From this we see that a process of judgement on the nations of the world has now begun with the Plague of Locusts against Mitzraim.  From this particular medrash, there is no way of knowing the total length of time all the events of this Medrash will take place, but it has begun with the 8th plague against Mitzraim on the 20th or the 21st of Adar 5773.  And we are in the middle of the 8th month of pregnancy which began on Tisha B'Av 5772.  The ninth month will begin on the 10th of Nisan 5773. 

So who are the 30,000 righteous ones you might ask?  Well the verse uses a military expression for girding both the waist and the loins.  The word Aleph, Zayin, Reish is usually used when referring to soldiers preparing themselves for battle.   In the last election about 31,500 votes corresponded to one seat in the Knesset.  Before the soldier votes were counted after the election Bayit Yehudi only had 11 seats.  After the soldier votes were counted, BY had an additional seat.  There were therefore an additional 30,000 soldier votes at least which wanted to tell King Shaul that we are sick and tired of going to war in accordance with the rules of the nations of the world.  The ground invasion during the Gaza War never took place because it required bombing all the buildings at the border with Israel where men with RPGs were stationed on the third floor of those buildings which were apartment buildings where civilians lived.  King Shaul was scared of incurring the wrath of Obama by bombing those buildings and and therefore allowing the ground invasion to win the war.  According to G-d's law, halakhah, those buildings were military targets because military Hamas personnel were stationed there on top of civilians in order to shoot at tanks and other ground vehicles once the ground invasion had occurred.   In honor of the righteousness of those soldiers who want to tell Mankind to Go to H-ll and to stick their rules in a very dark place, a Messianic process began on the 20th of Adar 5773.