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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The Heavenly Court is in Session!

Note before the post: Please forgive me for the length of time between posts, but I am back at school with a bigger work load than ever, and my wife, Baruch HaShem, has a new job where she is always on the computer and on the internet. Until I get my new Ethernet network PCMIA card for my aging laptop and a LAN setup between our computers, I will need to share the internet time with my wife who is now working full time. As I am in school now, my wife's income and my time with my studies takes precedence over making full and lengthy posts. I am in school until the end of June. I fully realize that these precious months are are crucial for understanding and preparation for what is to come. If someone wants to help me arrange an American and other Anglo countries speaking tour about these issues, I would seriously consider dropping my courses. Better yet, if something could be arranged this summer for after my finals, I would be glad to go anywhere for as long as is needed to speak about these issues. I would also consider publishing a book at that time if someone would like to sponsor that. I will probably publish anyway, but I will be constrained by time to do so immediately, for I will need to work unless someone is willing to sponsor me in an effort to rush the matter. We are truly living in very crucial times. I have given lectures about much of the material on this blog before, but now is more timely than any other time in history. I really believe that that time is now! I also should acknowledge that I do have a paypal on the sidebar. I appreciate those who have made a contribution to this site.

Given the above constraints, I have decided to make posts anyway because of the crucial nature of the time in which we live. I will write to give over information and advice on how to respond. Because of the strictures on my time, if I cannot find the source, I will mention so, and I hope that others who have some spare time to investigate the matter will then find the full source.
Now the post:

We have now fully entered the 2nd year of Sukkot, the year of Yitzkhak. As of Rosh HaShanah this year the Akeidah(the binding of Yitzkhak by his father, Avraham) which took place on Rosh HaShanah about 3681 years ago now, when Yitzkhak was 37 years old, has been remembered by G-d in a way that it has never been remembered before. Until this year we, the Jewish people have referred to it in our davening century after century every day before Shacharit (morning prayers) and once a year with special emphasis on Rosh HaShanah, the annual anniversary of the event. It has been our most important plea before G-d on Rosh HaShanah that in the merit of the full self-sacrifice (literally in this case), we as a nation and as individual members of that nation should be "judged on the side of the merit of our most prestigious ancestors." It is the Akeidah that that is the crowning remembrance of the section of our Rosh HaShanah prayers know as Zichronot (remembrances). It is worth noting that Yitzkhak was also conceived on Rosh HaShanah in the merit of Avraham's praying for Avimelech of Gerar/Gaza that he and his household be healed of their blocked orifices which were inflicted upon them when Avimelech took Sarah into his harem, not knowing that she was Avraham's wife. In exchange for Avraham's davening to open up the "orifices" of Avimelech's household, the Creator of the Universe opened up Sarah's womb when she was going on ninety years old. These two world changing awesome events, the Akeidah and the conception of Yitzkhak, I believe, have now been remembered by G-d in a way that they have never been remembered before. For 3680 years these two world changing events have affected the Jewish future in one way or another for each particular year. Now, only now, have they been remembered in a way which will G-d willing usher in the Messianic Era.

The connection between the events of this summer and the conception of Yitzkhak and his Akeidah have been covered in various other posts that have been written since Pesach in particular the "Secret of the Vav in HaShem's Name" in the sidebar. A couple things should be noted. When Avimelech sent Avraham on his way, he gave him 1000 pieces of silver as an "eye-covering" so that people would not think that he had relations with Sarah. It apparently had the opposite effect. Since the events of that summer over 3700 years ago took place exactly nine months before Yitzkhak was born on Pesach, many looked at Avimelech's gift as payment for services since large numbers of his contemporaries thought that Avimelech was Yitzkhak's father after Yitzkhak was born. If it were not for the fact that Yitzkhak's face was the exact physical replica of Avraham, they would still be making this claim until this day. The important fact to remember about this peculiar way of averting the eyes of others away from thinking that Avimelech was the father is that Avimelech really meant it as a curse upon Sarah's son that he would go blind. This actually occurred. Yitzkhak Avinu went blind by the time it came to bless his two sons when he was over 120 years old. Of course, the good L-rd then used this curse as a blessing so that Yitzkhak would end up blessing Ya'akov instead of Esau, to be discussed in another future post about the 3rd year of Sukkot, the year of Yakov. It is also because of this silver that the descendents of those buried in the Cave of Machpelah would then be priveleged to lead the world in the period of time between our present age and the World to Come, for it was with this silver that Avraham purchased the Cave of Machpelah from Ephron the Hittite. The cave is the vestibule between this world and the World to Come just as the Messianic Era is the vestibule in terms of time. This is also why in the song Yedid Nefesh in the third verse, the verse associated with the Vav in Hashem's name we see the words "Nikhsof Nikhsafti", (I have intensely yearned to see the charisma of your strength.) The root of these two words is kessef which means silver in Hebrew. I believe that this is the silver with which Avimelech successfully bribed and cursed Avraham Avinu but which was in part used by Avraham to purchase the portal to the World to Come. Is it any wonder that the junction to Gush Katif is called Tsomet Kissufim? (By the way for anyone who is interested, the word Kissufim has in it a Khaf and a Pey the remaining two letters in HaShem's name that still need to be sweetened. The Mem is made final because it stands for the verse Atzamta mimenu me'od the verse that Avimelech used to kick Yitzkhak out of Gaza. The mem from the tsunami will need to be sweetened some more since it was used to kick Klal Yisrael out of Gaza for what apparently is a higher purpose. See the article about the Five Sweet Letters of Judgement in the sidebar for a further explanation. Just like the word tsunami, Kissufim also has in it a Yud and a Vav from HaShem's name which Rav Kaduri says are crucial for the redemption. The extra letter Samech I believe is the 60 year cycle from the end of WW2 until Hurricane Katrina.) I must admit there are two more withdrawals that Yitzkhak Avinu had to make even after Yakov was born. The first withdrawal was from a well called Esek and second was from a well called Sitnah. These wells were in the Western Negev, east of Tsomet Kissufim. How these withdrawals will play out over the next two years does concern me, but I do not want to speak about bad segulahs (signs from heaven) until they occur. I keep reminding myself after Katif and Katrina that everything is for the good of G-dly people everywhere.

To be continued after Shabbat....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"How these withdrawals will play out over the next two years does concern me, but I do not want to speak about bad segulahs (signs from heaven) until they occur."

"Something big" is about to happen, which is related to Israel's Geulah soon:

1. Sharp Test of Redemtion in Geulah.
2. Silence - confusion of belief and disbelief.

Nissan to Nissan is the time of the Silver(Moon's Light?) Miracle.

What are we talking about?!!!!

Is there an answer?

11/10/2005 6:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The midrash relates to us that in fact Avraham killed Yitzhak and blood was spilt (Hashem subsequently revived Yitzhak). That is why the torah refers to Yitzhak before the akedah and afterwards very differently.

As for two more withdrawals, only two days ago, if I remember correctly, there was a headline in the Israeli media reporting about a conference of strategists (leftists?) getting together to yap about their vision of Israel (as if chopping up the country is a matter of strategy). Anyway, they concluded that two more withdrawals are needed.

11/10/2005 11:39 AM  

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