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The Filling of Four Universes

The following is a presentation of a very possible scenario for the unfolding of the acceleration of the Gog UMagog seven year cycle now that we have entered the seventh full year of the Al Aksa Intafada. It is based on a commentary that in the year 5760 the entire world was immersed in a mikvah. 5767 is the eighth year including the year that we were immersed. Since in Kinot, our lament during our Jewish day of national mourning, Tisha B'Av, Israel is compared to a woman in niddah (a state of physical/ spiritual impurity), the waters of a kosher mikvah can erase that impurity on the eighth clean day of a woman's menstrual cycle. 5767 is the eighth year of that cleansing process. In actuality the Al Aksa Intafada began a day and a half before the year 5761 in the year 5760 so that although we are in the seventh full year of the Al Aksa intafada, we are really in the eighth year of both the cleansing process and the Al Aksa Intafada. According to most opinions Israel is supposed to suffer deeply during the bulk of the seven year period known as Gog and Magog. I believe that we have suffered enough. HaKodesh Baruch Hu may disagree. In the end it is His opinion that counts.

One thing for sure. There are two possibilities on how to count the the seven years. One is from the beginning of the shmittah cycle which began in 5762 (Fall of 2001) when Gog W. invaded Afghanistan on Hoshana Rabba, the last day of the Feast of Booths. The other is from the beginning of our final sorrow. This as pointed out above began the day before Rosh HaShana 5761 on the 28th or 29th of Elul 5760. Ariel Sharon ascended the Temple Mount on the 28th of Elul. The rioting which had been planned for months started almost immediately. According to opinion number two, we have had our seven years of misery here in the Holy Land. Several thing buttress opinion number two. For one, the Targum Yonatan on the last thing Moshe Rabbeinu saw at the end of his life describes events that will occur in the last year before the Redemption commences, including the evacuation of Gush Katif, the City of the Date Palms a.k.a. Newe Dekalim. As pointed out just recently on this blog I believe that Mashiach made his presence known last year, 5766.

Another event that can very possibly be happening right now is the filling of the four universes. This is a silent process until the very end. Atzilut the highest of the universes is first filled with the gematriah 72 letter name for G-d. (See the chart below as provided by Rabbi Pinchus Winston on the sefer, HaLeshem.) HaShem's Name in this universe is spelled as follows: The Yud is spelled Yud- Vav- Dalet. The Heys are spelled Hey- Yud. And the Vav is spelled Vav- Yud- Vav. All together the numerical value of Yud Key Vav Key is 72. (The letter Key is to be understood as Hey.) Note that Yud is 10. Vav is 6. Dalet is four. Hey is five. And for reference below Aleph is one. According to the Arizal HaKodesh (Rav Yitzkhak Luria from the fifteenth century), this process of filling the four universes began before the creation of the universe on the 25th of Adar. Do not ask me to explain this, for time itself is a creation, and it was created on the 25th of Elul, six months later!! We can assume a perfect thirty day cycle for the moon at this point because before Adam sinned the lunar cycles in concept and later in actuallity were perfect. From and including the 25th of Adar, there are six days in Adar, thirty days in Nissan, thirty days in Iyar, and six more in Sivan until the Sixth of Sivan which is Shavuot. This totals 72 days. During this period when HaShem is coming to judge His world, He fills the universe of Atzilut, a universe which in a sense has always existed and contains only HaShem and His ten emanations of Elokut. For a further explanation, plan to study Kabbalah with a proper Rav for several years.

The universe of Bri'ah (ex-nihilo creation where HaShem's words become conceptions of reality, existence from non-existence. Think Abrah Kedabra or "I will create in accordance to My Word.") is then filled for the next 63 days by the gematriah 63 Name of HaShem. In this universe everything is the same as Atzilut except the that Vav is spelled Vav- Aleph- Vav instead of Vav- Yud- Vav. Aleph is nine less than Yud leaving us with a gematriah of 63 in the complete spelling of the letters in HaShem's Name. There are exactly 63 days from and including the Seventh of Sivan until the Ninth of Av otherwise known as Tisha B'Av. Again assume thirty days in Tamuz, 24 days remaining in Sivan and nine days in Av.

The universe of Yetzirah (In this universe the concepts created in bri'ah take shape and are defined by form and function. The creations themselves do not yet exist in space and time.) is then filled with the gematriah 45 Name of HaShem. In this universe both Heys are spelled Hey- Aleph instead of Hey- Yud. Both Heys lose nine each for a total gematriah reduction of 18. 63 minus 18 is 45. This Name fills the universe of Yetzirah between and including the tenth of Av through the 24th of Elul. Finally the final Name of HaShem has a gemtriah of 52. In this universe of Asi'ah( the work of Creation within space and time) HaShem's Name is spelled Yud-Vav- Dalet, Hey- Hey, Vav- Vav, and then Hey- Hey. Because Adam sinned during this process, Elul only has five remaining days from the 25th of Elul until the 29th; Tishrei still has thirty days, followed by 17 days in Cheshvan. From this we see that the world should be prepared for judgement on the the 17th of Cheshvan. We know from the Torah that this was the case in the year of the Flood when the Deluge started on the 17th of Cheshvan, 1656 after the Sin of Adam. There is a good chance that it is happening as I write this explanation.

Gog W. is stuck. He cannot attack Persia until he has secured his Republican majority in the U.S. Senate. He hopes to do that on November seventh in order to prevent the Democrats from coming after him for an official declaration of war within 60 days of any "police action" that he starts in the Persian Gulf. The evening of the seventh of November when the election results come in begins a new day on the calendar of G-d. That night is the 17th of Cheshvan. In the year of Gog UMagog we can expect that the world will enter its "chaos" phase on the 17th of Cheshvan. Gog will think that he is running the show, but events will quickly spiral out of his control. Is this the year? No matter what, you should prepare for the Pilot of spaceship earth to make His presence known.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you count 40 years of 360 days each from June 6/7, 1967 I think you end up somewhere near November 10th of this fall. Jerusalem was given by G-d to the Jews for a special holy place on this earth. Forty years for reflection and repentance should be enough. The road ahead leads not to a Y but a T intersection. I fear the nation is about to take the wrong turn and bring down the wrath of G-d Himself. Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem! Hal

10/20/2006 5:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post. My question is: A woman cannot go to the Mikva until After the 'clean' days are over-not before...
Shabbat Shalom

10/20/2006 1:44 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

To the above Anon. commenter:

You are 100% correct if we are looking at a pure b'itah scenario. The Zohar HaKodesh even says that a full remberance of the daughter of Yakov will come 6 1/2 years after a partial one that occurred in the 60th year after crossing the threshold of the sixth millenium. In the "Secret of the the Vav in HaShem's Name" I explained why the 60th year was 5760. B'itah if we count 6 1/2 years of the Al Aksa Intafada as being the 6 1/2 years mentioned in the Zohar, we don't get this difficult situation to turn around until Pesach 5767. B'itah, we could then say that Yerushalayim, the City that is in Nidah according to the Book of Lamentations, began its seven clean years on Rosh HaShana 5761. (Each clean 24 day is like each year. The 6 months of winter are the "night" months and the 6 months of summer are the "day" months.) The earliest that It, Yerushalayim, can enter the Mikvah or emerge from the Mikvah in purity is the New Moon of Nissan 5767, dawn in the year 5767, the seventh clean year. The nightime of this year, 5767, is of course during the winter months which correspond to the seventh clean night after the hefsek taharah.

Since the Al Aksa Intafada began before the year 5761 even began, I wrote this post hoping that HaShem might consider the last day of 5760 as an entire year since the Intafada began right before that last day. If He did that then Yerushalayim would have already completed its seven clean years. My hope is really a prayer. Midas HaEmes, based on Lamentations and the Zohar on VaYera, HaShem may have decided already to disregard this hope. In Emes, we have only passed through six years of sorrow, and we still have six months to go. Of course, by putting on the November 10th party for the world's abomination seekers, Armilus who I believe is strongly connected to the soul of Bilaam is seeking to prolong his reign past the 1st of Nissan, 5767 deadline when the Zohar says that his time is up. By the way the Erev Rav's 40 year generation long rule of Yerushalayim is also up this coming spring. Armilus will either be forced to hand the keys to the City to Mashiach ben Yosef, whom he wants to kill at all costs, or to the Nations of the World. We will probably see him invite them in by Spring to stall his and the Erev Rav's total destruction.

More about this in my next post...

10/21/2006 11:58 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Also Shoshana:

I will answer you in the same next post. I am sorry that I was delayed this past summer with certain pressing matters, such as completing school. Bli neder, I will be posting more frequently and answering more e-mail much more quickly. I have been looking forward to this two year period (5767 and 5768) for such a very long time. The complete redemption of Israel and the righteous gentiles of the world only happens once in a Creation. I am not about to miss it if HaShem so wills it.

Hodesh Tov. It is the New Moon of MarCheshvan. May G-d grant that the next five months set up the final redemption in a discernable way that we will weather whatever the yetzer hara (the evil inclination) hurls in our direction.

10/22/2006 12:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the last blog entry, you said you would explain more about Moshiach and his appearance. You kind of left us hanging there. Are you going to explain that as well in your next entry as well?

10/22/2006 10:05 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

I will cover this again if necessary. I am sorry that I did not make this completely clear. The Medrash Eliyahu says that in the year when Mashiach comes "Angels of Destruction will be set up by Mashiach on the 20th of Shvat to destroy the entire great nation stretching from the (coastal) plain to Yafo (Tel Aviv) down to Ashkelon" This happened with Hamas's election when they installed their government on the 20th of Shvat, 5766 this past February. The culling of 1.2 million chickens because of the avian flu right before 25 to 30% of Israeli Jews voted to install the evil Armilus as PM seems to have symbolically prevented the carnage against 1.2 million coastal plain Jews, Barush HaShem, Chasdei HaShem. Yet, there would have been no War in Gaza followed by a War in Lebanon and the Gallilee if Hamas had not installed a new government on the 20th of Shvat. The war started in Gaza against Hamas but spread to Lebanon against Hezbollah. And it is precisely because of his controlled failure during the War in Lebanon and the Gallilee that Armilus cannot go through with his evil plan to unilaterally destroy most of Jewish Judea and Samaria. (His failed war effort was directed by Co. Rice and the US State Dept. with Gog W.'s approval.) Within six months of his "election" his evil plan with Gog W. pulling the strings needed reevaluation. This was Mashiach's appearance in the Gallilee in the 66th year in accordance with the Zohar on VaYera. Gog W. and his hordes will need to come out of the closet. They can no longer prop up a Erev Rav puppet to execute their plans unilaterally.

In short, G-d has provided them no other avenue to put into effect their evil plans other than to come to Yerushalayim themselves to try to destroy Jewish Yesha and to internationalize half of the Holy City. Mashiach's action, on the 20th of Shvat in February and again in the Gallilee during the summer of 5766 on the anniversary of Moshe's sending the spies to spy out the Land, is forcing the Nations of the World to come to Yerushalayim for battle against the Almighty this year possibly stretching into Sukkot 5768. Clueless leftist and Erev Rav voters who have lapped up a bunch of garbage from the media were forced by this act of Mashiach to smell the coffee of what it would be like to have missile emplacements in Judea and Samaria mirroring what existed in Southern Lebanon and what now exists there again and also now exists in Gaza. These clueless leftists and Erev Rav Kadima and Meretz voters are being forced to swallow their rejection of parts of Eretz Yisrael even though it will now make them unpopular at European and American cocktail parties where they have been lavished with praise since they destroyed Jewish life in Gaza and placed so many Gush Katif refugees into poverty. They have wised up at least for their own benefit if not for the benefit of their fellow Jews living in Yesha protecting their behinds by their presence there. No Skhar (reward) for coming to this realization to save their own skins, but at least G-d has stopped another self-imposed churban (destruction). More importantly Gog and company can no longer rely upon placing large sums of money into Swiss Bank Accts. of choice Israeli PMs or threatening them with prosecution of themselves and their children in order to enact their Road Maps to Hell. For the first six years of the Al Aksa Intafada, this is how Gog and the Europeans controlled Sharon and Armilus. It looks like these monsters have to show up and try to do it themselves now. And the L-rd will gather the nations of the world against Yerushalayim for battle. (Zecharia) I hope this makes everyting clear. Gut Hodesh to all. What a year we have ahead of us!

10/22/2006 2:11 PM  

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