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Vendyl Jones is Very Sick

He has the jener Machalah (Cancer). He has been suffering for several months. He is a very good friend of this blog and a devout Noahide. He is the archaeologist who discovered the shemen hamishchah, the aromatic anointing oil, in 1988 near Qumran which was used to anoint the vessels for the tabernacle, kings, priests and prophets (Exodus 30::22-33). Four years later in 1992 he discovered 600 kilograms of the 11 spiced incense (Qetoret) probably from the 2nd Temple period (Exodus 30:34-38, Talmud Kereisos 6a) along with karshina lye and Sodom Salt which were lying right next to it, ready to be mixed with the incense. In between these momentous discoveries he demarcated the ancient site of the tabernacle resting place of Gilgal near the Jordan River and discovered the ancient site of the threshing floor of Nachon where Uzza was smitten by G-d when he touched the Ark of the Covenant (II Samuel 6:6). He has lead a colorful life, and now he is very, very sick. Here is the copy of an e-mail that I received:

Shalom everyone,

A request has been made to Noahide Nations that I feel is a worthy cause and is an opportunity to do a mitzvot for a family that has worked tirelessly for 20 years on behalf of the Noahide Movement. Many people on this discussion group know Vendyl and Anita and the difficulties they are going through. The request was made this week and is below. I can also confirm the reports in this request.

"Ray, Can you distribute this to the people of Noahide Nations?

To the friends of Vendyl Jones,

I am seeking the help of the thousands of people,Christian,Noahide or Jew that Vendyl has had an effect upon. Those of us to whom Vendyl has given freely of his knowledge of God's word. Those who finally knew how to understand the Torah, how to study, what God expected of us and even those of us who started a ministry from the knowledge that Vendyl shared with us.
I first started studying with Vendyl in 1978 and took a wonderful trip to Israel with him as the guide in 1982. As many of his friends found out the knowledge gained from that trip was incredible, the understanding that we suddenly had of the Bible was profound as he guided us with the scripture in his hand.

In April of 1990 Vendyl's organization funded and arranged the founding Noahide conference at the Fort Worth Convention Center, resulting in the recognition of B'nai No'ach by the chief Rabbinate of Israel.

Many of us have been on digs to Israel and have joined in the thrill of discovery at the Cave of the Column. Many have been to weekly, monthly or yearly studies of Torah at Vendyl's home or at some camp he arranged so that we could relax, learn and talk with friends.

All this was financed with supporters' donations. Those donations were used wisely.

No Mercedes, no planes, no Rolexes and no weekends in Vegas. Vendyl put our money into research, a big house that would support a conference of 100 or more, digs that uncovered 900 lbs of the Temple incense and numerous Researchers that I read--we all read--with great anticipation.

The problem with this was that all the funds raised went into the Institute, none was set aside for personal use other than day to day living costs. Now Vendyl at 80 needs some of that funding he so selflessly spent only for Hashem's work .

You may or may not know that Vendyl was diagnosed with a rather aggressive form of cancer in his throat this last spring. It was too large and intertwined for surgery and the prognosis is not good. At 120 lbs and unable to swallow, he is fighting for his life. He is taking chemotherapy weekly and radiation. The radiation has burned his neck, mouth and lips to the point that he cannot swallow or even sip water. Anita has been feeding him through a stomach tube. The pain meds are keeping him semi napping and of course his throat is too sore to talk.

Now let's get to the point, Vendyl who has given so much, needs our help. We are not talking about tax deductible, not so we can get a new researcher to hear about the new finds on a dig, we are talking about a good deed for a friend who will not be able to return our favor in money, excitement or knowledge, even a conversation is not possible at this time.

What are we talking about? The institute has about $30,000 in debt from past meetings, past Researchers, past digs and now 6 months of living with cancer. Ongoing expenses are $35 copays to 2 to 4 doctors a day, prescription co-pays and travel and food expenses for up to 5 trips weekly to the hospital. The credit cards are maxed out but current for now. Anita has been paying off some bills and keeping everything current, even no AC to reduce the electric bill, but she is close to the end of her rope. She needs to focus on Vendyl's care and needs to keep herself strong so that she will be there.

I am asking you, the friends of Vendyl Jones for help. Can you make an offering of $10, $20 or even $100 or more? Now we can show a friend what he means to us."

Noahide Nations will participate in this effort and I hope that all who can will join in.

Please make check out to and send check to:

Noahide Nations
2435 N. Central Expressway
Suite 1200
Richardson, TX. 75080

or you can use PayPal or Credit Card. Go to and on the right hand side you will see a 'Donate' box.

In either case please designate that the donation is for Vendyl Jones. NOTE: If you choose PayPal or Credit Card please send me an email about the donation because there is no longer a comment box to identify the project being donated to. Go ahead and make your donation and then send me an email that this is what the donations is for. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Send e-mail to

Shalom and be well,

Ray Pettersen
Executive Director
Noahide Nations

Noahide Nations is a registered 501(c)3.

In short everyone please donate whatever you can to nurse back to health this great lover of Israel.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Refua shlema to our friend Vendyl. Perhaps a powerful refua would be to finally take the full weight of the Torah, I imagine this would be a bigger change in mazel and reversal of din than just changing ones name, it would have drastic positive impact in olam haba. Of course he should follow the advice of his rav.

Could you also comment and clarify on the importance of the story of Rabbi Kaduri where he receives a robe, a watch, and a staff when he is told he will live to see the Moshiach.

11/08/2010 1:12 PM  
Blogger shimonmatisyahu said...

Has anyone suggested to Vendyl Jones' family about what is called alternative cures for cancer? He has nothing to loose at this point,
especially after what the radiation did to his mouth. I have special information that may be helpful in bringing him to better health if not cure him as well as bring more quantity and quality time to his life. If he, his family, or his friends are interested in helping him out in this fashion, then please write to me at

My heartfelt prayers for a Refuah Shleima for someone who is unquestionably considered among the Chasidei Umot Haolam.

11/08/2010 1:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We all wish and bless Vendyl Jones with a speedy recovery and a full life until 120. I do not think that he necessarily needs or imagines to convert -- that was discussed years ago and dismissed. He is a holy righteous person and is entitled to the next world without any conversion.

11/08/2010 2:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is a sure sign from Heaven that righteous "christians" who have kept the entire Torah by loving Hashem with all their hearts and souls and strength and their neighbor as him or her self should not embark upon the path of the 'noahide'when they finally realize that jman is not the messiah and that the "religion of christianity" is based on lies and unholy anti-semitic teachings but take on the mitzvot of the Torah as they apply to am israel may vendyl be comforted in his time of distress

11/08/2010 8:21 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

I am not sure why you think that this is a sign from Heaven not to be a Noahide if one is already a righteous Christian. Vendyl is 80 years old. He has already lead a long and productive life. People at his age often become victims of the big "C". It is not uncommon for the righteous and unrighteous amongst us to suffer from the big "C". All we can do is pray for him and send him money to relieve his suffering. Lo aleynu.

11/08/2010 11:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

in the Torah it says "I will not put upon you the diseases that I put upon Egypt" if you keep my commandments and you will eat and you will be satisfied. This poor soul is unable to eat or speak and if one as "righteous" as he is suffering such agony that truly doesn't say much for Hashem now does it. Anyway, 80 is a very young age these days and many are living past 100 and 110. I only wish the gentiles who come to a knowlegde of Hashem as Creator, the Almighty One of Israel, who come out of idolatry and give up their pagan christian beliefs would realize there is no easy "noahide" way to serve Him. Noahidism isn't for this world but is for the world to come

11/09/2010 12:07 AM  
Blogger Jewish Odysseus said...

"Anyway, 80 is a very young age these days and many are living past 100 and 110."

Yes, if by "many" living past 110 you mean "1 in 50 million." Do you even read the words you are writing?

11/09/2010 3:36 AM  

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