Monday, September 17, 2007

North Korea is Emerging from the Twilight Zone

Over the last few days it has become known what really happened on the 23rd of Elul 5767 (Sept. 6th, 2007), the Hebrew anniversary of Sept. 11th, 2001 (9/11). When the news first came out, we read information that the Israeli Air Force had invaded Syrian air space and had dropped a few bombs in the the deserted area of Northern Syria. Debka seemed to think that the real reason for the thrust into Northern Syria was at least in part to see if newly installed Syrian anti-aircraft batteries were up to snuff. This may have been part of the reason for the raid, but just before Rosh HaShanah the plot began to thicken.

Apparently the North Koreans were getting into the act by supplying nuclear material to Syria for Iranian built missiles with nuclear warheads. North Korea is therefore emerging from the twilight zone. They have been in the twilight zone since 5750 (1990), three quarters of the way through the Sixth Millennium (corresponding to high noon on Friday). Apparently as they enter Yom She'Kulo Shabbat heaven and hell will break loose at the same time. I previously back during Chanukah of 5766 discussed this extensively. So now another piece in the upcoming War of Redemption is sliding into place. Baruch HaShem that the IAF was successful at this time in destroying that cache of Korean supplied nuclear material. As Rav Levi Saadia Nachmani, ztl. over ten years ago described this exact situation, may we very soon see miracles of G-d's deliverance.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Therefore we must be strict in assuming that when the Koreas cross into Yom She'kulo Shabbat, all of Heaven and Hell will break loose at the same time. Perhaps this is why with regards to the Korban Olah (fully burnt offering) which will be sacrificed in Batzrah, according to Leviticus, the "Koraim" will be placed on the altar. The word Koraim is itself peculiar in that while a sheep or goat may have four legs, the word literally means "two limbs" or for our purpose, "two Koreas." What the Koreas have to do with Batzrah, the capital of Shiite Southern Iraq, time will tell. Given that Gog W. has identified North Korea and Shiite Iran as part of his "Axis of Evil" perhaps provides us with a key into understanding what the nuclear program in both countries means to the economic survival of Edom's empire."


You asked about what Korea has to do with Batzrah? The same week Israel took out the NK nuclear facility, just a few days earlier in the same week British troops pulled out of Batzrah, Iraq

9/18/2007 6:59 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

No one should think we are out of the woods yet, even if the Erev Rav controlled regime here hit what they thought was a nuclear cache. NK and Syria aren't stupid countries. We need to doven with more and more vigor.

9/18/2007 9:27 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

David, you make a salient point. Perhaps the two are related. It must be noted, though, that while the British have withdrawn from their fort in downtown Batzrah, they still have 5000 troops at the Batzrah airport. All this maneuvering is in part to ready the British for any Shiite backlash to a bombing raid on Iran by Western forces. What will happen to those forces at the Batzrah airport when the Americans begin to bomb with nuclear tipped warheads is an open question.

9/18/2007 9:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dov, please if you or anyone has info on the condition of sharon please post it. Didn't rav kaduri of holy and blessed memory say that sharons government would be the last before moshiach? why hasnt the media said anything about sharons condition. technically he is still alive, what is the deeper meaning of this? please answer if you can, i thought they said sharon would be kept on a respirator for only one year, yet it has been almost two?

9/19/2007 12:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sharon Condition Unchanged After 2 Years

Aug 26, 2007

JERUSALEM (AP) — Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon remains comatose and attached to a respirator nearly two years after a devastating stroke, a spokesman for Sheba Medical Center near Tel Aviv said Sunday.

"There is no change in his condition," hospital spokesman David Weinberg said. Sharon, 79, was transferred to Sheba's long-term respiratory rehabilitation unit in July 2006 from Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, which treated him after his stroke in January of that year.

Since Sharon's stroke, he has undergone three brain operations, abdominal surgery and three minor surgical procedures.

Under established Jewish legal codes, it is forbidden to do anything to hasten death. But other teachings say it is permissible to remove an "impediment" standing in the way of the natural end of life, such as a feeding tube or respirator. Rabbis remain deeply divided over what constitutes an unreasonable obstacle to death.

According to Israeli medical law expert Yonatan Davies, Sharon "will only be considered dead when his heart stops beating."

Raanan Gissin, Sharon's former adviser and a close family friend, said Sharon exhibits no brain wave activity, but the family objects to disconnecting the respirator.

"Everyone in the family believes he will recover," Gissin said.

9/20/2007 7:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was told on the weekend that (one of the reasons) why Sharon is still on a life-support machine is because his family collect his salary as long as he is breathing. So they don't give the hospital permission to turn off the machines.

9/20/2007 9:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ymtotbowI think we should always take any news and news analysis printed in the mass-market media and internet with a grain of salt. It lulls us into thinking we know what happened (as if this is really important news for our individual lives).

We know only that Israel attacked something in Syria last week. There is much hype because of the secrecy. Part of this secrecy has improved Olmert's tiny popularity rations (something like from 23 to 37% now).

We also know that there is no other than Hashem.

9/21/2007 2:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The dollar breaks and stays below 80 on the dollar index for the first time in 30 years days befor Yom Kippur. The day before it sits at 78.5

9/21/2007 9:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

G'mar Chatima Tov to all and may Avinu Sh'bashamaim Grant us a year where we experience the ent of our Galut. May we be zoche to see Moshiach and our geula. Hashem Yishmar aleinu.

9/21/2007 3:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI_he terror-sponsoring Arab state of Qatar and UAE capital Dubai have now gained control of the London Stock Exchange.

QATAR has upped its share in London’s Stock Exchange to nearly 24 per cent, giving the gulf state and neighbour Dubai a controlling stake of nearly 52 per cent.

Quoting LSE sources, a Qatari newspaper reported the gas-rich Gulf state bought an additional 3 per cent of shares on Friday, a day after it bought a 20 per cent slice of Europe’s oldest stock exchange.

The Qatar Investment Authority (QIA), the investment unit of the Qatar government, initially bought a 20.8 per cent stake off two hedge funds.

This would put the QIA’s overall share in the LSE at nearly 24 per cent.

The United Arab Emirates’ group Borse Dubai meanwhile agreed to buy a 28 per cent LSE holding from Nasdaq, meaning the two now hold nearly 52 per cent of the stock exchange.

UPDATE at 9/23/07 10:12:42 pm:

As if this weren’t troubling enough, Persian Gulf states are also staging a takeover of the Nordic Exchange: Bidding war expected as Qatar buys into OMX.

Nordic market operator OMX looked set Thursday to become the centre of takeover bidding battle between Gulf rivals Dubai and Qatar.

In a deal announced early Thursday, Dubai market operator Borse Dubai and US group Nasdaq said they had joined forces to acquire OMX together in a deal that would give Borse Dubai 19.99 percent of US-based Nasdaq and 28 percent of the London Stock Exchange.

The companies had previously been competing to buy OMX.

But just when OMX’s fate appeared to be sealed, a state-owned Qatari investment fund jumped into the fray and bought 9.98 percent of OMX shares and urged OMX shareholders “to take no action with respect to the revised conditional offer by Nasdaq/Borse Dubai.”

Dubai and its neighbour Qatar are both seeking to become the Middle East’s centre of global trading. Both emirates have an independent market regulator.

Shares in OMX closed up by almost 7.69 percent at 269 kronor following speculation that Qatar’s interest in OMX could lead to a bidding war.

“Who knows how far the bidding could go, just like Dubai, they’ve (Qatar) got more money than God,” Thomas Johansson, an analyst at Kaupthing Bank, told financial newswire Thomson Financial News.

WEll, other htan the fact that Ishmael is gaining strength- what do you think?

9/24/2007 9:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So is this a wildlife management issue or has Hashem removed the fear of humans from the beasts of N America.

9/25/2007 7:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rare year 5768
Rare Year 5768 = 26 !!!

HaRav HaGaon Mordechai Ganut, author of the sefer "Calendar
in its time", explains that this year, 5768, is the most
complex year ever in Jewish history. He counts 28 rare
things that will occur this year, some of them are:

1. Year of Shmittoh;
2. Leap year of 13 months (2 Adarim);
3. End of Rosh HaShonoh starts at beginning of Shabbos;
4. Yom Kippur on Shabbat; (The 1973 Yom Kippur War and 1967
Six Day War was also Yom Kippur Shabbat)
5. Purim Godol (Purim on Friday and Shushan Purim on
6. Pesach begins on Motzoei Shabbos;
7. No Chol HaMoed Pesach on Shabbos;
8. A fast day on Pesach Sheni;
9. Lag Ba'Omer Erev Shabbos;
10. Fast of 9 Av on Motzei Shabbos Chazon;
11. All weekly Sedros will be read separately;
12. Rare reading of the Haftoro of Sedras Pinchas;
13. February will have 29 days;

14. This year is also the shortest possible length for a
leap year. Since both Cheshvon and Kislev are chossair --
each 29 days (rare). So this year has 383 days in it.
(instead of the more usual 384, or 385).

15. This year is the 28th and final year of the 28 year
cycle (of the Sun), the last year of the
current "Machzor HaGodol" a Next year, 5769, will ,
I"Y"Hashem, be the first year of the new cycle. In Nisson of
THAT year , we will do 'Birchas HaChamoh'.... blessing over
the Sun. It will take place on April 8, 2009 . This will be
on Erev Pesach ! ...Nissan 14... ( And, of course , on a
Wednesday, the day that the Sun was created). A very busy
day. Bless Sun, burn chometz....( or...maybe , just maybe,
burn chometz first and THEN bless the Sun. After all : "
Soor May-Rah", and only THEN: " Ah-Say Tov" ) No doubt
Artscroll will soon re-release their book "Birchas HaChamoh"
etc. The last Birchas HaChamoh was in 1981. Remember? It
was on Nisson 4 . So , next year's Birchas HaChamoh on Erev
Pesach is rare and to be enjoyed. Live and be well, we
will , I"Y"Hashem get there.

16. "Hay Iyar "--- the actual date of Israeli Independence (
60th year! ) will be on a Shabbos. Question: Will some
shuls/people be saying Hallel on THAT day.?? ( ie., similar
to this past year when some said Hallel on Hay Iyar , even
though the 'official Yom Ha-atzmaut celebration' took place
on a different day.). This question WILL come up.

(Source: Dreaming of Moshiach and Rabbi William Kanter)

Also, the last time Shmitta and a
leap year (2 Adars) came out together was 96 years ago, and
the next time is in another...600 (!) years!! SO RARE!

10/07/2007 3:13 AM  

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