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Is it Pope Francis or Francis Pope?

It is a matter of now you see it and now you don't.  Wikipedia is getting ready to delete its post on Rome, Maryland a.k.a. Washington DC.  They can't take the "conspiracy theory" that Washington D.C. was at one time known as Washington D.C, I mean Rome, Maryland.  Here is their post on Rome, Maryland:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rome,_Maryland  Here is another article about Tiber Creek on Wikipedia where Francis Pope, who named the creek, the Tiber, is conveniently not mentioned in the article.  Ah, but he is in the footnotes in this article.  I am sure that that footnote will be "discussed for deletion" on Wikipedia in the near future.  All those editors at Wiki, are busy busy covering up The Truth.  Looking at the Obama Administration, he likely has at least 12 full time White House employees busy doing just the same (editors on websites where People of Interest have a 212 3B terrorist designation).  More on that below.

In their mind, if you look at the discussion page for deletion discussion, here, there are simply too many conspiracy theorists talking about the historic site of the US Capitol Bldg. on the National Mall, that it was owned by a man named Francis Pope who lived next to the Tiber, Creek.  And yes, it is all reasonable, given that Maryland was a colony originally set aside for Roman Catholics.  Yet, with a new pope named Francis, someone wants this Wiki post to go away.  I guess it is because of all of us anti-Catholic and anti-Masonic conspiracy theorists according to the discussion page, that this post on Wikipedia must go bye bye.

UPDATE:  Apparently Pope Francis the First had a meeting today with Armolgus II (Shimon Peres) where Peres promised to work hard on the 2 State Solution and the division of Yerushalayim.

Armolgus II meets with Pope Francis the First

Remember Peres's first courageous decision was to give the previous pope, the keys to the famous Upper Room of what was supposedly the Last Supper, but this Upper Room is located in an 800 year old Crusader fortress sitting on top of King David's tomb.  I guess the Crusaders found the rubble for the Upper Room in the rubble somewhere on Har Tzion (Mt. Zion) and reconstructed it over King David's tomb....yea really.

Note Armilus the first was Ehud Olmert as discussed previously on this blog.  Yet, he has always had a partner in criminality against the Jewish people.  His partner is the Israeli President today.

I should point out that Francis Pope of Rome, Maryland did precede Pope Francis by about 350 years, but I am sure Mr. Francis Pope only claimed to be a Pope in name only.  End of Update.

In other "unrelated" conspiracy news, Moshe Feiglin has been banned from the Temple Mount for "causing trouble".  Occasionally, Moshe will start to move his lips in the direction of the Holy of Holies, and that was just too much for our King Shaul here who wants to jump start unilateral concession talks with the Obama Administration and UNESCO over who should be in control of the holiest site on earth.  And the meeting in Rome, Maryland.  Excuse me: Rome, Maryland, Washington DC is still on for June.  I don't know what date in June, but it is still on.  I wonder is this going to be a big international conference to which "all the kings of the earth" are invited?  We will soon see.  On the agenda will be attempts to build Palestinian industrial construction in Area C, (60% of Yesha), where Arab population is almost nil.  But the beat goes on.

On another "unrelated" note or conspiracy, the price of copper is plummeting on world markets.  In early April it was threatening to go below $3 per pound.  Suddenly to the rescue, someone started to warehouse the metal which is only used for industrial purposes (it is not a precious metal) by the tons.  Here are the charts at Kitco:   http://www.kitcometals.com/charts/copper_historical_large.html 
Scroll down to both the 6 month spot price chart and the 60 day copper warehouse stock level chart.  Someone is playing footsie with the price of copper.  Sticking it in a warehouse is a good way to take it off the market and to artificially raise the price.  Until early April the warehoused copper line was level.  Suddenly as the price of copper began to plummet close to $3 per pound, someone started to warehouse the metal.  Suddenly between 9000 and 10,000 tons of copper were simply taken off the market so that the price could level off.  Keep in mind for people in the know, the price of copper is one of the best economic indicators of industrial production.  The "psychological" effect of copper falling below $3 per pound would be enough to reach for the Valium bottle. So Walla, it did not happen.

In "unrelated" conspiracy news, Israel is now going to accept the Saudi plan for WORLD Peace in Eretz Yisrael as their little mass murderer Abdul Rachman Al Harbi simply disappears off the face of the planet with his 212 3B terrorist designation which disappeared right after a "chance" or "happenstance" encounter first with the Saudi FM and the Ba'al Kerry, on Tuesday after the Boston Marathon bombing, and then on Wednesday, of the same week, with Obamanation himself.  In both occasions, it was all so happenstance that the Saudi FM happened to be in the company of the Ba'al Kerry on Tuesday (within 24 hours of the Boston bombing) and then with Obamanation that makes Desolate on Wednesday afternoon.  By Wednesday evening the 212-3B terrorist designation had been removed or scratched off his Event file, and he seems to have disappeared.  He was supposed to show up according to his Visa at university in Findley, Ohio, but he rented an apartment outside of Boston instead.  And the poor 20 or 22 year old just so happened to be standing at the Finish line of the Boston Marathon when two pressure cooker bombs went BooM!  And you all thought that it was just the work of two Chechen separatists.  Hah!

In "unrelated" conspiracy news, the US GDP numbers for the Friday just before Lag B'Omer were horrible. The US economy is barely growing at a 2.5% annual clip.  On that day at noon, Israel time which is 5am New York time, the shekel/ dollar ration closed just above 3.6 at 3.604.  On Monday, the 34th day of the Omer, the dollar plummeted as the running exchange rate (sha'ar ratzuf) fell to 3.575 IS/ dollar.  Stanley "I a on top of it" Fischer of the Bank of Israel then decided to massively buy untold number of growing more worthless by the day greenbacks, and he pushed the dollar back above 3.59 for the day.  Well his massive buy yesterday, Monday, did not work out quite as planned.  And today he announced "major measures" if or when the dollar plummets to 3.5 shekels per dollar.

Where we go from here?  I don't know.


Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Ok my favorite Erev Rav Mayor Hizputz Michael Bloomberg on his website has now told us that business activity in America has unexpectedly dropped!! couldn't see that one coming, could we? Hizputz article One

And in Hizputz article Two he tells us that Obama is still looking for more data on all the nerve damaged Syrians who have been exposed to sarin gas. Obama recently changed his original red line from Assad using outlawed chemical weapons to Assad "systematically" using outlawed chemical weapons. I am waiting for Obama's definition of the word systematic. Once or Twice or Thrice in an upcoming World War, I guess, is not systematic enough to get involved in a World War.

The news keeps pouring in. Israeli Shekel to the dollar continuous rate or Midrate is now...3.5878. Come on Mr. Fischer, let's invest in some more worthless paper and invest it in the American Stock Market which seems to be rising at the same rate that the dollar is plummeting. At least if we invest in US stocks, the currency might tread water....for a while. I always choose billionaires like Micky Bloomberg to know exactly when the house of cards will come crashing down.

4/30/2013 6:48 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

For those who want to follow the Sha'ar Yatzig (the weighted average rate for the day) and the Sha'ar Ratzuf or Sha'ar Mischar (the continuous or the commercial rate or the Midrate), you can follow it here:

exchange rates in English

or exchange rates in Hebrew

4/30/2013 7:09 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

The Midrate or the Sha'ar Mischar on the Bank Le'umi website only updates until 7:30pm or 8pm in the evening. It might disappear for a few hours in the middle of the night, but it will be back around 8am the following morning. The Sha'ar Yatzig is always there. One can also click on USDollar to see a graph of the Midrate for the day as it varied throughout the day, and one can also get the graph for the week, for the month, and for the year with the Sha'ar Yatzig (representative rate) exchange rate plotted as points on the graph.

4/30/2013 8:11 PM  
Anonymous mkf said...

Explain to me why the Dow Jones is at an all time high and booming as the dollar is plummeting. I frankly don't understand how or why that is happening.

As to the shekel, for me it's a mixed bag. I want our shekel to be strong and it's being strong because of our new found gas reserves et.al. and global investors are coming here. BUT this raises terrible probs for our exporters (and for me as half of my rent money comes from dollars !!)

How should it be managed at the national level. I am not economically astute !

4/30/2013 10:32 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

The Federal Reserve is expanding the money supply at a record rate. Yet, the economy is so horrible that the velocity of money has been plummeting for the last five years. The low interest "printed money" is then made available to investment houses at record low interest rates for the purpose of investing in the Stock Market. In short the Market is a zombie institution to create the appearance that everything is ok. The rising market therefore gives the appearance to the economically illiterate American that all is fine in Mudville...when the country is really in a Depression. This helps to spur on consumer confidence in a way that a depressed market would not. When does this house of cards collapse? That one I have given up guessing. At the right moment, HaShem will pull out one of the cards that Bernanke and Mario Draghi have tried to build. Much of the created money is a form of hot air called derivatives. It is a non-money form of money that when people finally call in their chips, there is nothing there to cover the chips. It will make the fall that much more catastrophic.

There were 2 previous wealth extinctions at the end of the last two Shmittah cycles 5761 (Fall 2001 because of 9/11) and 5768 (Fall of 2008 because of the financial crisis, Lehman Bros., etc.) The one that we are about to have could be a 2 1/2 year drop until the Fall of 2015 (5775), or it might happen much more quickly.

4/30/2013 10:54 PM  
Blogger Neshama said...

Mkf, neither am I.
I don't understand the different rates and when they apply ... To the day to day living of an Israeli surviving on usd's. B"H

Otherwise very interesting about 'Pope 'Francis' Pope', the meeting in June (hurricane weather :-) ), and the Tiber (Tigris) tributary!! WOW how do you ever find all these fascinating bits of history? And I thought Rabbi Barl Wein was the greatest contemporary historian (but then, he is not a scientist). :-)

4/30/2013 11:05 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

What makes this even more interesting is that while there have been many Catholic saints named Francis, this is the first pope named Francis!

4/30/2013 11:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I don't know what date in June, but it is still on."

The week of Parsha Balak

5/01/2013 12:27 AM  
Anonymous mkf said...

Am i missing something here? The current DM doesn't know about a massive IDF drill taking place because it was planned by his predecessor?

Ya'alon didn't get a handoff from the former DM? He wasn't informed of any of the Army plans put in motion once he took office, he was supposed to know by osmosis? This is the stupidest thing i have read about in a looong time.

"Ya'alon was Unaware of Massive IDF Drill in North"

The IDF launched a massive drill in northern Israel Tuesday. 2,000 reservists and an entire IDF division are participating. The drill is in advance of a possible Israeli or US strike on Syrian chemical weapon stockpiles. The soldiers are also training to accomplish a rapid transition from call-up to fully combat-operational status in only 48 hours.

Defense Minister Ya'alon was not informed of the drill in advance, as the drill was scheduled by the IDF before 2013, during the tenure of former Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

5/01/2013 12:29 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Holy Moshe, you are right.

Massive New World Order Military Drill D.M. Moshe Boogie Ya'alon was unaware of a massive call up to the Lebanese border. The NWO had ordered it under our D.M. Barak, bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton's State Dept. The day Barak loses his pension and is sitting at Kfar Shaul Mental Hospital drooling into a Styrofoam cup will be the Day after Mashiach sends our NWO loons to the nuthouse.

5/01/2013 12:50 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

There is a basic equation of economics from Milton Friedman, the great economist from Chicago, as opposed to the community organizer piled higher and deeper POTUS who originated from the same city.

MV = PT. The supply of money x the velocity of money = the Price of a market basket of goods and services x the annual Gross Domestic Product. The money supply is going through the roof. About 70% of the 1.2 trillion dollar annual US Federal deficit is now financed by the Fed's printing press. Because of the economic depression which the zombie economy is actually in, the velocity of money in the US is close to zero. The Fed depends upon that convenient fact of V near 0 in order to stave off hyperinflation, the P variable, as it wildly expands the money supply (M). So at a slow growth in GDP and so called moderate P increases, money can be funneled with low interest rates to Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase to invest in the stock market. This helps the economy "look" good enough so that the American service sector expands because of consumer confidence. It really is a nice gig as long as it lasts. M explodes as V contracts so that P increase is relatively moderate compared to hyper-inflation as T creeps along like a cockroach. The gig will likely end when the American public figures out that they are being taken for a ride (even with record low participation in the labor market with record amounts of Americans on welfare and food stamps). There are other ways to throw a wrench into the works. One of those ways might be in Syria with China and the US on opposite sides of the conflict. We shall see. What would happen if the US suddenly plunged into the Syrian conflict on the side of the rebels. How would China react with regards to its holdings in the US? just thinking out loud.

5/01/2013 1:44 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

It is good that HaShem knows how to stir the pot in Syria. The nutjob in Hezbollah is pre-occupied with Shi'ite shrines in Syria. nutjob Nasrallah It is my fervent wish that we can stay out of this cauldron until they have eliminated each other. We shall see. I have lost track of the death count. There were 70,000 dead as of mid-February. The count is likely close to 90,000 by now.

5/01/2013 2:13 AM  
Anonymous talmid said...

Whatever the outcome of the war is the chemical weapons will fall either: into the hands of Hezbollah (already has some) or AL Qaeda.
Israel is the big loser here,no matter what happens.

5/01/2013 5:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reb Dov
In business school the ideal condition, is eternal dot-com hyperactive growth but that doesnt exist in rational space so we hope for nice predictable linear growth. Truly though what is desired is just to create a situation where all markets and currencies move in easily predictable patterns. If economic patterns are predictable there is supposed to be minimal unexpected wealth transfer.
Unfortunately we are living in a world where Keynsian manipulation is beginning to sputter and the stimulus must go somewhere. The providing more heroin(stimulus) to an addict coming down is an apt comparison.

5/01/2013 9:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did not completely understand the economic equations in Dov's post but I think I get the gist. It made me think of something I've read which I believe comes from the Talmud: that in the end Assav will be like a merchant driving a wagon load of dry hay through the town and unexpectedly a little bit of fire comes in contact with the hay and the whole thing burns down uncontrollably.

5/01/2013 9:40 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

The fire on that hay would most likely be war.

Talmid: Right now the interesting outcome at this stage is that no one is winning. The tide of this war swings back and forth with many gyrations. The Saudis who now are in charge of America want the US to jump in with both feet, but the cost of jumping in is war with Russia and ECONOMIC DISENFRANCHISEMENT WITH CHINA. The Chinese may very well divest of their investments in the US. In the meantime, the war becomes bloodier and bloodier each passing month. Aleppo is a dead city. It has been depopulated. And I must say that according to Kaftor veFerach, Aleppo is part of Eretz Yisrael. It is the northern tip of a long stringbean. Yo'av, King David's General, built an ancient synagogue there since traveling to the mishkan at the time was such a long trek from Aleppo, known in Hebrew as Chalavi or Chalab. It would be called that because it is part of the Land flowing with milk and honey. So we can now see why it is being depopulated if Kaftor veFerach is correct. These conspiracies are from Heaven.

As for us, this balance is already a miracle. Nasrallah is pre-occupied with Shi'ite shrines in Syria which Al Qaeda sees as pagan. NATO and the Turks already have Patriot batteries which can instantly become offensive missile launchers, but the cost of Turkish involvement is that both Persia and Russia will then attack Turkey on two separate fronts. It seems like the load of hay is already passing through town.

5/01/2013 12:07 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

I just had a thought. I remember that the value of T in the equation MV = PT is in units of "units sold". PT as a whole is the GDP in dollars. What is likely happening is that there really is large scale inflation in America so that P is skyrocketing, especially on food items that are not considered in the CPI. This would mean that PT or GDP is creeping along like a cockroach, but raw production of units sold is declining. That is, the American economy is likely shrinking in real terms since the GDP is in nominal terms, not adjusted for inflation. Because of smoke and mirrors, this would be hard to track. Most private companies want to show positive balance sheets. So they report results in dollars, not in units sold. Yet, I am sure that someone has done this research already.

5/01/2013 1:39 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

So again the CPI (Consumer Price Index) excludes "highly volatile" food and energy prices. That is part of the smoke and mirrors because food is the staff of our physical lives, and therefore should be part of the CPI. So if one adjusts nominal GDP by dividing it by the CPI, one gets a false value for real GDP. If food and energy were included in the CPI, real GDP (the actual production of goods and services - the trade deficit) would likely be in contraction...for the last 5 years. Y'all are being lied to. You should know this by now for Obama is the author of lies. Like Pharaoh, he really is the Primordial Snake.

5/01/2013 2:02 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Finally here is an explanation from Zero-Hedge about how the velocity of money is STILL plummeting toward Zero even with ZIRP (zero % interest rate policy). This means the Fed is printing, and the economy is dead, but the new money is going into the stock market. Yet the M supply is not bringing about renewed economic activity where money is changing hands more often (increasing V). This is a Zombie economy. As a previous commenter said on the last post, "You can't perform CPR on a corpse." Only HaShem can resurrect the dead.

Performing CPR on a corpse

5/01/2013 2:21 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Well the banks on the East Coast of the US just opened up, and the shekel/ dollar Midrate just plunged to 3.5778. So now the BOI is holding a whole lot of more worthless greenback paper at the same price that they bought it two days ago. Congrats. nice move. BOI buys, and then New Yorkers sell and buy shekels.

5/01/2013 3:33 PM  
Blogger Channa said...

Rav Dov
Until you mentioned it, I never realized the connection between the end-of-shemittah-cycle / Dot Com and Sub-Prime crashes.

Very interesting.

5/01/2013 5:10 PM  
Blogger Neshama said...

What 'should' bank of Israel do? Not what they will do.

5/01/2013 5:26 PM  
Blogger Neshama said...

OMGosh, A Jew has really hit bottom: "Two Arrested in Jerusalem Woman’s Murder. A husband and wife from Neve Yaakov are arrested for allegedly murdering his ex-wife."

I'm sick over this. Arabs we know live to kill, but a Jew? Maybe he's not Jewish?

5/01/2013 5:38 PM  
Blogger Neshama said...

Op-ed: Lapid's core curriculum demand will force ultra-Orthodox sector to seek support from hasidic sects such as Satmar. read it here? This would make Satmar extremely strong and powerful.

5/01/2013 5:54 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

As the dollar heads south of IS 3.5 per dollar, that money from all those real estate transactions over which Satmar got wealthy, will peddle much less weight and influence. American pressure in general and American Jewish pressure and influence will continue to wane as the dollar becomes more and more worthless.

5/01/2013 6:27 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

I will agree on one thing. Satmar, believe it or not, has less demerit from the previous Shmittah cycle because of one thing. They were not in the government with Sharon to disengage from Gaza. So that part of the Erev Ze'ir, the Satmar part, has enough merit in this Shmittah cycle to cause trouble. I also agree with the writer on YNet about one thing. No one can demand of Chareidi schools that they devote 55% of study time to core curriculum studies. Adding math, English, and a science course should not take up 55% of one's studies. I was not aware of other Education Dept. demands. I had only heard about math and English and possibly a hard science course. Those three courses hardly take up 55% of a student's day. Unless he can point to other course demands, please give me a break and learn math, science, and English for a couple of hours in the afternoon. My son is at Choreiv all day long with a full range of both religious and secular studies. He starts his school day at 8:30am and concludes at 5:30 pm. And he takes Geography, Hebrew literature, and other subjects that I don't believe Shai Piron has added to the core list.

5/01/2013 6:41 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Well, the Midrate closed tonight at 3.5747. As it sinks, all those Satmar real estate investments valued in dollars will be worth less and less. For Heaven's Sake, let's not be ignorant in science and math anymore. Do a Kiddush HaShem. Show them, your kids, that Torah and science are not at odds with each other. Let your child become a scientist or an engineer or a computer scientist if that is where his/her talents lie. Can we have a "Return to Normalcy" movement here in Eretz Yisrael? No one is asking the Chareidi world to learn about the anthropological nonsense of Margaret Mead and other collectivist sociologists or anthropologists. One can learn what a proton, electron, and a neutron are without exposing oneself to narishkeit.

5/01/2013 7:40 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

It would be poetic justice. The present Satmar Rebbe strongly endorsed Obama before the election. I can understand praying for the fearless POTUS after the election. There is what to rely on there. But he relished in Obama being re-elected. So let his loyal followers be plagued with the results of Obama's economic policies. He endorsed Obama because of his hatred for Zionism. So let it consume him and the lemmings who agree with him. sorry for being so blunt. but both Erevim are a pox on our House, the budding House of Israel in Eretz Yisrael. Both are klipot that must be shed.

5/01/2013 8:25 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

This is the WORST CASE SCENARIO which may very well occur, when Satmar Chassidim were told by their Rebbe to vote for Obama a 2nd time. The request by Satmar Rebbe to vote for Obama was not for his stand on homosexual unions or even food stamps. It was because of real hatred for the Zionist state which trumped voting for a menuval a 2nd time.

I know this guy has a product to sell (for a minimal price), but at least he will shake you up. You saw in the wake of the Boston Marathon, on the real Patriots' Day, Friday, April 19th, how the citizens of Boston accepted martial law for 24 hours to catch the terrorists. Think of that martial law as a "trial run":

Survival in event of societal collapse

Besides if you buy this guy's advice, it is only $39. This link is not for children, but for adult realists. I am not recommending that you spend the $39 either even if the price is minimal. The promo should shake you up.

5/01/2013 11:00 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

In short, it is your decision if you want to purchase this guy's portfolio for survival.

5/01/2013 11:02 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

The best one word definition of the word "menuval" in Hebrew is reprobate. Let us at least agree that Obama is a reprobate.

Reprobate: morally reprehensible, someone below the 49th level of impurity.

5/01/2013 11:22 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

The Chief Reprobate of the United States sits in the Oval Office. He is smiling as America falls to his level, below the 49th level of impurity. Beyond that point, a nation cannot be redeemed from below that level. Anyone who voted for this Reprobate, will have to account to their Heavenly Judge with a full accounting on how they allowed themselves to re-appoint him as your leader. I would say this to a family member as much as I say it to you or to myself. To actually campaign for this man or to speak publicly for his re-election is beyond a point where only G-d Himself can pull one out.

5/02/2013 12:19 AM  
Anonymous Mochin Rechavim said...


With all due respect it is disgusting to compare Samtar with your Erev Ze'ir theory. Satmar like any group is by no means perfect (this is galus after all). While Satmar is 100% against the State of Israel or receiving any funding from it, they uphold the Torah and donate Millions upon Millions to institutions outside of their group. Almost every mikveh in the world receives 50-100K from a Satmar Run Mikveh Fund.Their Rebbeim are Tzaddikim. Before 1948 EVERY respected Rabbi in both Chassidic and Litvish circles held the same exact position as Reb Yoel did. You will see how much of his vision was Emes. The Rebbe differed on his stance in two main differences. The first is that all Halacha even Shabbos goes out the window to save a life and all Jews in E.Y. are constantly in danger. Second is that once Jews purchase land in E.Y. they are FORBIDDEN from selling it to a non Jew. With that said, there are recorded and published Sichos from the Rebbe that make Reb Yoel sound like Rav Kook! the Rebbe and Lubavitch are NOT Zionist and are against many of their edicts, but V'Ahavta L'Riecha Kamocha trumps all when trying to unite the Jewish people, increase Torah and Mitzvos, and Moshiach Now!

5/02/2013 12:47 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

The Satmar Rebbe who endorsed Obama for re-election was not Rav Yo'el Teitelbaum zt"l. I doubt very much that Rav Yo'el would have said anything in support of a known menuval, known as Barack Hussein Obama. Yet, the present Rebbe (who is not Rav Yo'el's son) has done just that. I am sorry, but it is despicable...the language that you are applying to me. I watched 8 years ago as other rabbis joined Sharon to obliterate Jewish Gaza. I vowed that I could never sit idly by again. Satmar's followers in America are being misled. By telling them to stay in America in galut right now is placing them in horrendous danger. Rav Yo'el like any survivor suffered unspeakable horrors and would never ever have expressed gratitude for the malkhut of Obama, knowing full well what this menuval is capable of.

During an election campaign in the United States, one is allowed to speak one's mind and to oppose a great evil that asserted itself in all kinds of ways in the previous four years. Obama's hatred for Israel was notorious. Prior to Obama, no American President including Gog W. Bush opposed Jewish building in Yerushalayim. The present POTUS considers it the moral equivalence of terrorist murder. He harangues about Jews building in Yerushalayim, but while he is in Israel, Hamas shoots off rockets at southern Israel, and Obama is silent. Silence is easy when one does not have to live with the results of murder and bloodshed. His VP in 2010 expressed pure condemnation of Jewish building in Ramat Shlomo. And the present Satmar Rebbe has the audacity to condemn our contempt for a known menuval who tells us that we can't build in the Holy City?? Again, he is not even your tzaddik. The previous Lubavitcher Rebbe would have blessed the plans to build in Ramat Shlomo and not the man who condemned it.

5/02/2013 1:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To add to the conspiracy.
The U.S. is a republic of 50 states which equals the 50 levels of impurity. Currently 17 states allow Gay Marriage/Unions in some fashion.

5/02/2013 1:30 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

If your Rebbe was such a non-Zionist, why did he bless the plans of Ron Nachman zt"l the founding father and former mayor of Ariel that his "yishuv" should double and triple in size?? Nachman was building on so called disputed land where the ownership of the land had not been fully established. He was not building on "Jewish land" where the previous owner had a deed from the previous generation. In Gush Etzion, there were such owners who lost their plots in 1948. In the middle of the Shomron, there were no such Jewish owners that could be ascertained. It was just empty land promised by G-d to Israel at Mt. Sinai. Yes at one time in history, someone had stolen that land from its Jewish owners. Yet, based on that alone, your former Rebbe blessed Ron Nachman's plans.

5/02/2013 1:37 AM  
Anonymous Mochin Rechavim said...


Satmar is far from perfect. The current Satmar Rebbe's are nephews of R' Yoel and descendants of the Alter Rebbe of Lubavitch. While I have a Rebbe and he is the Nosi HaDor, there is still 70 elders of the Sanhedrim who the Satmar Rebbeim are most certainly apart of. Satmar's outlook represents an old model and even though the Medina is still very evil, it has done teshuva compared to the early years. With that said, the Satmar Chassidim are not concerned with foreign policy, they are concerned that the Government will pay for their low income houses, school projects, food stamps, and other programs. Most Satmar Chassidim live in abject poverty while others experience unprecedented wealth. There are plenty of Anti Zionist non Satmars in E.Y. The Rebbe said that redemption will come through deeds of love and kindness so with Hashem's help the tzedakah that Satmar gives will offset other choices they make.

5/02/2013 1:42 AM  
Anonymous Mochin Rechavim said...


The Lubavitcher Rebbe was NOT, I repeat NOT Zionist. He was a fierce opponent of Land for Peace, Who is a Jew, as well as any government push to pull Jews away from Torah.

The Rebbe said once the state is established we must adapt just like the Chassidim and Misnagdim made peace to battle the Haskalah Movement.

I reiterate that the Rebbe was adamant that Jews be kept safe by any means as well.

Do not confuse the many halachas of purchasing the land of Israel, making sure the borders are secured, and keeping Jews safe with supporting the Government of Israel's actions that run against Halachah and Torah.

I dont see how this is contradicted by a blessing you claim Ron Nachman received was on land the government seized. I am not sure how this blessing makes the Rebbe a "Zionist"

5/02/2013 2:06 AM  
Anonymous Mochin Rechavim said...

Here are a few stories and quotes from the Rebbe's letters and writtings clarifying his view. I do not need to speak on behalf of the Rebbe cause he speaks for himself and as he famously said, "I say what I mean, and I mean what I say."

The Rebbe & Zionsim

5/02/2013 2:08 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

I was just thinking about Ramat Shlomo, the Jewish neighborhood that Biden and Obama condemned. I am there frequently, and I know a lot of precious souls who live there. One of them is the oft-quoted author and Aish HaTorah lecturer on this blog, Dr. Gerald Schroeder. I went to the Wikipedia entry for Dr. Schroeder which is easily found. And alas Wikipedia says that he lives in Yerushalayim!!! I wonder what type of discussion I could get started on the Wiki discussion page if they found out that Dr. Schroeder lives in Occupied East Jerusalem. I have seen how the Wikipedia editors twist the founding of the State of Israel to make it seem like a criminal enterprise. I am sure there would be some editors who would suggest that Dr. Schroeder's entry should be DELETED!! hah

5/02/2013 2:10 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Mochin: Then love begets love. And contempt begets contempt. When someone loves for the desire for Achdut, he becomes a leader of Klal Yisrael. He saw Jews doing things to save their lives and to build Eretz Yisrael, as imperfect as the builders were. Yes, it was done under the cover of the World pleasing Erev Rav, but it was still building. So the Rebbe endorsed it.

By the way, obviously seizing of lands after the 6 Day War were lands where there was no private owner with a valid deed or even existing olive groves from BEFORE the 6 Day War. This would be the case even if, as was the case for the most part, the Arab who worked the land was a tenant farmer or a serf. The only land seized were therefore hefker. No one would approve of geneivah, even less the Rebbe.

In December of 2011 when the present Satmar Rebbe endorsed Obama as his "king", he condemned "self-appointed" leaders of the Jewish people. This included Netanyahu who was not self-appointed (as far as I can tell) who bitterly complained to Obama that in trying to kick off "negotiations" with the invented people, one does not give away negotiating positions before the negotiations begin. We see from history, how listening to a sweet-talking President like Clinton vis-a-vis our negotiations with murderers like Arafat to simply make concessions, how many Jewish lives must be lost as we experiment with cutting off pieces of our string bean shaped land near the middle of the string bean, only 60 miles wide in the Shomron, for instance. We simply cannot afford any more blood in order to keep Jews who have a hashkafah to live in galut from being hated by their gentile neighbors. If the Satmar Rebbe believes that our survival here makes his Chassidim poorer or unsafe, by all means, change his hashkafah if you can. We would love it if he traded in his community in Kiryat Yo'el for a K'far Yo'el in the Galil, or someplace similar. The previous Lubavitcher Rebbe's brachot and love, in contrast, were very much appreciated.

5/02/2013 2:18 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Wow, I just measured the width of our "wide" land in the northern Shomron. In some places Eretz Yisrael between the Mediterranean and the Yarden River is only about 42 miles wide! That is about as far as a short train ride between Downtown Manhattan and some place on Long Island Sound. And the hills overlooking the coastal plain are much much closer, less than 30 miles away between Beit El and downtown Tel Aviv!! There really is nothing to negotiate here. We may as well be up front and tell the world to Go to H-ll before it actually arrives there. Yet, Netanyahu is far more diplomatic and adroit about how to do it than I would ever be. He often out flanks himself when he plays Chess with this wicked world. Please tell the Satmar Rebbe, not to lecture us on how we can kill ourselves here so that his Chassidim will be safe and sound. Or tell him to abandon his outpost in Kiryat Yo'el and get real. If there are wealthy Satmars as you say there are, they can help transport the entire kehillah here before the dollar is worth (much)-less. Right now, the dollar exchanges for..let me see...3.568 shekels and slowly plopping.

5/02/2013 2:39 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Yes, it is less than 30 miles as the crow flies between Ulpana Hill in Beit El, where Ya'akov Avinu dreamed of angels and ladders, to downtown Tel Aviv. So deep in the Shomron is a one and a half day hike walking 20 miles per day from downtown T.Aviv. Missiles tend to fly like crows. They don't meander like cars. By car, Beit El is over 50 miles away, but the route is circuitous.

5/02/2013 3:03 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

So why does HaShem in Exodus 3 call our Land flowing with milk and honey a "wide" land? because of all the mitzvot that we can do here as opposed to outside the Land and because of our sanity not to shrink 42 miles down to 20 miles in width just because the entire world will love us if we commit suicide. So if your non-Jewish neighbors in Brooklyn find this explanation to be a problem and they hate you even more after explaining this to them, then find new neighbors. gesund on finding new neighbors.

5/02/2013 3:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Step by step bringing punishment on the land

Historic snowfall on "the heartland"


5/02/2013 4:04 PM  
Blogger Moriah said...

Let's hope those who oppose the state of Israel don't have to find out the way HaRav Yisachar Shlomo Teichtal zt"l did, that Israel is the only place for a Jew..

His book: Eim HaBanim Semeichah:


5/02/2013 4:13 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

It is snowing in Nebraska and Iowa in the lusty month of May. (see lyrics for song, Lusty Month of May, from Camelot, Alan Jay Lerner). It would be best if America just minded its own business when dealing with our borders here. Concentrate on your own serious problems. May 1st is not just Spring. It is the birth of Communism. It can easily change Spring into Winter.

Yes, Rav Teichtal zt"l stands as a testament against Tomfoolery in hashkafah....and he exposes where it could lead. Waiting for G-d to do it was not the way of the Gaon of Vilna. He had his students bring the Shekhinah with them back to Tzion. And it was also the way of some of the great Chassidic masters, too. Frankly I don't know what happened between 1810 and 1880 which seem to have ended the efforts of the Torah world to flood Eretz Yisrael with immigrants before the Erev Rav and the Bolshevicks showed up between 1880 and 1910. Why did the 19th Century start off with a bang and then end with a whimper as the Torah world abandoned its return to Tzion? I will have to study this in greater depth.

5/02/2013 4:31 PM  
Blogger Neshama said...

I don't understand Netanyahu's "Bi-National" statements. Bi-national means two states. Why is he using that term? OR Why does that bother him?

Isn't bi-national the same as two-state-solution?

5/02/2013 4:46 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Ah, so this is how Netanyahu plays Chess. Sadly he often moves some of us around as pawns too, like the residents of Migron from the top of the hill to the bottom of the same hill. He mutters the words "2 State Solution", but he is quick to remind the world that one state must be a Jewish state that cannot be flooded with a horde of 5 to 7 million Arabs who claim to be refugees. He knows ahead of time that the Arabs will never accept that deal because he knows they only desire our destruction. He sees the same Pal. Media Watch videos that we all see. He knows how they educate their children with hate. He knows that, but rather than taking on the entire world directly, he plays Chess knowing full well that they will never agree to the final terms of the agreement 1. no so called refugees into Israel and 2. no division of Yerushalayim. What this move does is expose lies without him having to call them lies. He offers them everything that the world says that they want, but in the end they want us dead. So they never accept the deal. It is a DANGEROUS Chess game because now they will try to outwit the Chess master. The Ba'al Kerry will propose the next move. Now the entire Arab World will make peace with us in exchange for some concession in Advance of talks. But this is B'itah. All of our Achishena moments have passed. King Bibi is likely the king that rules in Yerushalayim when the entire world gathers against it.

I am of the school. Be direct. Tell them to Go to H-ll, and let G-d destroy those who hate us anyway. We are right. They are wrong. End of discussion. But Bibi lacks the faith to take on Evil head on. This fact alone does not make him an evil man. He is just not fit to be Mashiach. That, we knew already. I at one time thought that he could be Mashiach ben Ephraim. I have since concluded that Mashiach ben Ephraim is still sitting in an American prison in his 28th year. Pollard is really the gilgul of King Shaul's long lost son, Yehonatan. So Bibi (Shaul) does have a special connection with him, and when he was previously PM, he fought hard for Pollard's release. I pray Yehonatan makes it out alive....over Joe Biden's dead body if need be. just repeating Sleeping Joe's prayer. Amein.

5/02/2013 5:30 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Finally, the 40 weeks since Tisha B'Av are about to conclude this coming Sunday. The main event seems to have been that Galut Edom is now completely subservient to Galut Yishmael. The Pope was tired, and Edom as a world power is dead. This is actually a very good sign. The pregnancy was supposed to have birthpangs. We have seen the same Sinat Chinam that has afflicted us over the last 2000 years. And what is Chinam?? It means "causeless" hatred. The entire Chareidi draft issue was deftly delayed for another 4 years for implementation. That should have reduced the Angst. Instead we have seen a pulsa d'Nura against Bennett on one side, from the Erev Ze'ir, and venom against him from the Erev Rav leader Tzippy Livni on the left. Yet, rather than responding with hatred. He responds with love. My respect for Naftali Bennett has tripled. He truly has been hated. So hatred coming from him in response would NOT be "causeless". He is a better man than I. Personally I could never have dealt the same way with the abuse that he has suffered. The only request so far of the Chareidi world specifically is that they include 2 courses in teaching their kids next year, one Math and one English course. That is it. Yes, a course in hard science will likely be added later, but these core requirements are really minimal. Math, Science, and English will not destroy their civilization. It should not be the cause of so much hatred. This seems to have been the worst of the birthpangs. So now whatever the world has planned should bounce off us and slap on them. No one can be 100% sure of what happens next. The Syrian War now really looms since the West has finally admitted with a little push from their Saudi handlers that Assad has used chemical weapons. The dollar is sliding, and as it slides it matters less and less what America tells us to do. As the events come, I will try to analyze. One thing for sure, whatever happens after these 40 weeks of pregnancy have concluded will be less painful than whatever would have and did happen during these 40 weeks. We actually need the Lubavitcher Rebbe's way here in Eretz Yisrael. Can't we try and get along? We live on the same sliver of land between the Med. and the Dead Seas. As wide as the Torah tells us this holy place is, there is not much room to wiggle. I have seen the skyline for Tel Aviv in Beit El on top of Ulpana Hill. From that hill I have also seen the plains of Moav. I have seen the holy spot where Ya'akov our father lay his head down and dreamed of ladders and angels, and I have seen Erev Rav justice handiwork as five apartment buildings 300 meters from the site of Ya'akov's dream just disappeared. signing out for now.

5/02/2013 6:19 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Even within Shas, Yishai and Deri can't get along with each other, and they need Rav Atias to referee the fight. HELP!!


5/02/2013 7:01 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Ah, now I see. Michael ben-Ari is preparing signs. Aryeh Deri will divide Yerushalayim while Ben Ari will protect it. This is what it is all about. Yerushalayim. At times of Birur, there are no fence-sitters. Shas must now decide which side it is on. This is final Birur.

5/02/2013 7:35 PM  
Anonymous Shiloh said...

Now check this out from Toronto Canada. It's getting bad even there.


5/02/2013 8:07 PM  
Anonymous Mochin Rechavim said...


A Rabbi was brutally torutured and murdered by the Nazi YMS, and you "hope" that such a fate does not await those who do not hold of the same Hashkafas as you? This poisonous mentality that is bred in those living in Eretz Yisroel is case in point why we are still in Galus.

The Alter Rebbe was imprisoned on the 19th of Kislev 1798 with a death sentence decree. Why? Because he founded the Colel Chabad Meir Baal HaNess fund which helped build a community in Chevron and support needy Jews. The Misnagdim informed on him that he was supporting the Turkish Government which was an act of treason. Chabad has always supported settling in Eretz Yisroel and the anniversary of the founding of Kfar Chabad this week is a testament to that. What ALL the Rebbeim were against was setteling the land by force though a secular government that removes Hashem and his Torah from their foundation.

Rebbitzen Menucha Rochel Slonim who was the daughter of the Mitteler Rebbe immigrated to Chevron in 1845 and was a foundation of that community along with her husband the Slonimer Rebbe.

It is a mitzvah to settle the land and every orthodox Rabbi supports that. They dont support the abandonment of Torah and Hashem to set up a secular state which is less free now visavi the goyim's influence than a Jew in poland in 1930.

5/02/2013 8:07 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Like everywhere else in the Western World, there are major budget cuts going on right now here. They are all across the board, but those dependent on public assistance will be affected. Shas is a major defender of the poor here. I can't dispute their case, but in the end it will be better if it comes from individuals doing mitzvot called tzedakah rather than from the public till. Both Deri and Yishai are the same on that issue. What is even more important though in terms of the final birur, Yiahai knows that his Sephardi support has no interest in territorial compromise with murderers and thugs. So Yishai is strong on Eretz Yisrael while Deri in the past has been weak. You will have to ask Deri himself what he would do these days. I am like Moshe Ya'alon. I am suspicious of someone who took a bribe and was convicted. He is suspicious too, and he has suggested that no matter what the felony, ex-cons (felony convictions) should not be serving in the Knesset. Yishai can help Shas help the poor without the stigma.

5/02/2013 8:08 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

The difference Mochin is that we are here for the final birur, and we should all know that the birur is here not there. And part of the birur is to choose being here rather than being there. The other part is to find a pleasant way to say yes to HaShem and to tell the rest of the world to go to H-ll over splitting Yerushalayim in particular and splitting Eretz Yisrael in general. The Erev Rav will fall because it is time. I did not make Aliyah to live the rest of my life under their dominion. I know who founded this State, but that was predicted in Kol HaTor too. And to be at war with the Erev Rav, the war is HERE! not there. You can't defeat the Erev Rav in Chu"l. Mayor Bloomberg and Mayor Rahm Emmanuel will laugh in your face.

5/02/2013 8:18 PM  
Blogger Neshama said...


Fischer ... has demonstrated that Einstein's definition of insanity is alive and well when it comes to central-planners, has just decided to double down on stocks." (more where this came from)

Daisy has intimated strongly that he belongs to the NWO guys and will drag Israel into their hands. Just do a search for 'Stanley Fischer' and it all pops up.

Does this mean the shekel will remain low vis-a-vis the USD? What would happen if Israel UNLINKS from the USD? Must they link to another currency?

And if "currency" becomes null and void, will we be using NWO food stamps to live on? Will we go back to the "bartering" era?

[Bartering is a no-money approach to acquiring good or services. Bartering is simply trading your services or goods for another type of service or goods that you might need.]

So, everyone, hang onto those unimportant not necessary chotchkes/tchotchkes lying around your home. :-)

5/02/2013 9:09 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

So for Fischer who retires this summer, as the dollar goes down, Israel's official stock portfolio will go up....in dollars or Euros, take your pick. This should keep us on an even keel....until "the final bubble bursts".

This and an ex-felon becoming the head of Shas along with snow in Iowa in May point to the topsy turvy world that we live in. A Communist party thug who doubles as a Muslim is POTUS. I can't keep track anymore. The grime has truly risen to the top. Just pray that the final bubble bursts in 5773 and not in 5775 at the end of the final galut Shmittah cycle. If this is a two year gig, we will go nuts.

5/02/2013 9:32 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

And Pope Benedikt and Pope Francis (or is it Francis Pope from Rome, Maryland?) are sharing an apartment at the Vatican. I don't know if they are splitting the rent.


5/02/2013 9:41 PM  
Blogger Tishbi said...

Dov -
I think you give Bibi WAY too much credit. I don't believe he is a chess player nor even a principled person. He always takes the path of least resistance and ALWAYS capitulates. He evidences no sign of a backbone. He merely tries to curry favor with the leftist powers that be and maintain his power. He is neither a king nor a prince. Calling him a King insults the term. He doesn't possess even the smallest percentage of courage the Arab leaders display when they stand up to and defy the U.S. and the whole western world (can you imagine him telling the US. and NATO they cannot use our airspace or bases ? – as the Turkish leader did). He's just a cowardly politician who clings to his power of office. It's a sad commentary on us that he's our ruler.

It is only the Grand Chess Master, who orchestrates world events, Who in His mercy, has has repeatedly saved us from the machinations and capitulations of our pathetic leaders. May He continue to do so and install real leadership as soon as possible. It's like a child learning to ride a bike and keeps steering into traffic, but the unseen hand of his dad on the back of the seat saves him. Let's not give that child too much credit for not being run down, but rather acknowledge that unseen hand on the back of the seat.

5/02/2013 9:48 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...


5/02/2013 9:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of the USA...

Midwest hit by snowstorm as California battles wildfires


...The weather patterns offered a contrast that would have appealed to poet Robert Frost, whose famed poem “Fire and Ice” compares the contradictions of the two forms of natural power to the dichotomy between love and hate, concluding that both are equally up to the task of destruction.


Noah warned the people of his generation, but they did not heed him until the Creator brought the punishment of Gehenom upon them. What is the punishment of Gehenom? It is ice and fire. The first is cold, the other boiling. And all of that generation were sentenced to punishment in Gehenom and were lost from the world.

Chapter 14 The Generation of the Flood

The Essential Zohar: The Source of Kabbalistic Wisdom

By Rav P.S. Berg

And I remember...

The 2002 Winter Olympics torch relay was a 65 day run, from December 4, 2001 to February 8, 2002, prior to the 2002 Winter Olympics. The runners carried the Olympic Flame throughout the United States - following its lighting in Olympia, Greece to the opening ceremony of the 2002 games at Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City, Utah. The 2002 torch relay was also the 50th anniversary of the Winter Olympic torch relay, which was first run during the 1952 Winter Olympics...

...Later plans for special commemorations of September 11, 2001, along the relay route in Washington, D.C. and New York City, would be added to the route plan. The torch and all relay marketing would be designed to closely follow the 2002 Olympic theme Light the Fire Within and the look of the games theme Land of Contrast - Fire and Ice.

Fire and Ice across America, not to mention Mitt Romney.


Buckle up, cause the ride just gets wilder!

John Lennon

5/03/2013 1:05 AM  
Blogger Arsenio A. Lembert Jr. said...


I just saw the play on words; or, is it a play on names? I feature the Rome, Maryland - wikipedia article on my blog EndrTimes 11/18/2007; Today I saw someone on my Feedjit ap on the Blog looking at this article, so I went to my article and then to the Wiki article when much to my SURPRISE it was DELETED. Now as I looked for corraborating info on the web to back up the Francis Pope - Pope Francis coincidence, I have found that you already got it. Eureka! Thanks for being the first to get it. Yes, this is the image of Rome. One Rome on the Tiber, and one Rome on the Potomac.

5/21/2013 10:20 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

All of the Rome, Maryland material on Wikipedia has been fused with their post on Tiber Creek:


You can find the Francis Pope references right there now. The article on Rome, Maryland has been deleted.

5/21/2013 11:44 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Here is a link to the Wikipedia "deletion page" for Rome, Maryland. It is a wild and woolly discussion about why their page on Rome, Maryland was deleted. No one is doubting that such a place existed, and that part of Francis Pope's property included the US Capitol Bldg. on the Potomac and on the Tiber Creek. The US Capitol Bldg. is there where the creek and the Potomac meet. Yet, in order to not be fodder for conspiracy theorists, the article was "officially" deleted by Wikipedia while the footnoted veracity about Francis Pope and the Tiber Creek was merged into an article about Tiber Creek. Such is life in this world of smoke and mirrors.


And just in case you think that if Wiki deletes it, it must be a fraud, there is this:


You see. You can't erase the Truth by deleting it!! Francis Pope was the original owner of Capitol Hill before there was even a Capitol Bldg. The Capitol Bldg. sits near the confluence of the Potomac and the newly named Tiber Creek...named precisely after the Tyber River in Rome, Italy by Pope Francis, I mean, Francis Pope in the 1660s.

5/22/2013 12:22 AM  
Blogger Tishbi said...

Moore,Oklahoma was at the epicenter of this tornado. It is said to have released more energy than the atom bomb dropped on Japan. My heart goes out to the good people and innocent children who lost their lives and possessions. I do not profess to understand or explain. But just can't help noticing how MOORE = O ROME. Coincidence?

5/22/2013 2:27 PM  

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