Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Coming Financial Mabul (Flood)

I posted this to a friend just a few minutes ago: Please get ready outside of Eretz Yisrael. This is not a test for all your lives, but it is a test of all your possessions. So there are rational steps that you can take to protect yourself from what might be coming within the next two weeks. Non-perishable Food storage in a small town or a country location away from roving gangs of hungry people looking for food is a good place to start. About a third to one half of these roving gangs will likely be anti-Semitic. So you will have to leave large and medium-sized cities as soon as possible. Also if you are in a country where this is possible, get away from states that grant marriage contracts or civil unions to male homosexuals. The punishment on such medinot (states) will be particularly harsh. If you are in Illinois, go to Missouri or Texas. Ha, weren't they just in the World Series? Leave the Northeast US completely if you can. If the weather systems don't convince you to leave, the financial collapse will. I recently posted a list of preparatory things people can do on Mystical Path's blog here. I will edit this post and add to it in the next day or two. I will include the previous post on Mystical Paths along with four tips on how to know that a non-Jew is a righteous gentile. This is important because the food storage should be done with a group of families with weapons that you should be ready to use if necessary to protect your storage of food. About 25% of American gentiles are preparing for Financial Armegeddon in one way are another. About 1% of American Jews are preparing. So you will need to group up with some righteous gentiles who are already preparing. Here is a website representing the 1% of Jews who are preparing: http://www.jewishpreppers.com/ Quickly get in contact with these folks. They seem to know about everything that must be done. Here is the letter:

Yes, J. you have, it seems, about 7 to 14 days to either make Aliyah, or have your food storage in the country all prepared with a group of people and guns to protect it. Please be prepared. This is only stage three. Stage four will be financial Armageddon. The St. Louis Cardinals victory was the final sign. In 1946 as the memorable hit of Harry "the Hat" Walker to drive in Enos Slaughter in his mad dash occurred in the 7th game against the Boston Red Sox, at that very moment 10 Nazis were marched to the gallows at Nuremberg, all on Hoshana Rabba 5707. It was the beginning of America as the singular economic power in the world. St. Louis, both the city and the Talmud burner, represents Sheker haChen (the falsehood of charm or grace), the feminine personality of the yetzer hara (evil inclination) whose goddess is popularity. Since America is not Amalek, one has to look at WW2 as a war between the masculine and feminine personalities of the Yetzer Hara. America, France, England were married in with the masculine Russia, who actually did have an Amalek leader at the time, Josef Stalin, (This is true even though Russia is known as Mother Russia.) And the opposition was The Fatherland (Germany) and Japan, married into the more feminine Italy and of course the Roman Catholic Church, and their titular head was Amalek who is masculine (as in zachor which means both male and remember). Well thank G-d, the feminine side of the evil inclination won the war. The feminine side only shmads (destroys) us because we, the Jewish people, are not popular because popularity is the goddess of Sheker HaChen. The masculine side murdered 6 million Jews. So the Sheker HaChen club has now ruled the world since 1946, but it is now coming to an end. So like bookends, the Sheker HaChen baseball team, the Cardinals, had one last hurrah. Yes, I saw the 6th game after the fact. I stayed up until 5 am until the Rangers went ahead 6 -4 in the 7th inning, and I was so dead tired that I went to bed. At 8am the following morning Lisa woke me up, and told me that the Cardinals had won with ten runs. So for $25 I bought a subscription to the entire 2011 season from www.mlb.com . That was on the first day of Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan, 30th of Tishrei, the last day that Western Civilization (Edom) will ever prosper from Heaven's dew in the history of the world. From now on Edom only has the Oil of the earth (shmanei ha'aretz), something that it has even without merits. This of course includes Libya, Venezuela, and the banks of the Hiddekel (Tigris) and the Prat (Euphrates) Rivers in northern and central Iraq, the confluence at the delta of these two rivers in Batzrah (where Edom will ultimately be destroyed), and of course the shores of the Persian Gulf. Over 55% of the world's sweet oil reserves lie along the banks and at the mouth of two of the four rivers that come out of the Garden of Eden. In short, it seems to be quickly coming to a close. Without the bracha for dew from the mouth of G-d, Europe will likely collapse within the next two weeks. And the international banking system is so intertwined that this will necessarily take the rest of the Western World down with it. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-10-30/credit-default-swap-risk-bomb-is-wired-to-explode-mark-buchanan.html Bloomberg actually reported the news this time. It must be serious. Usually Mayor Bloomberg of NYC, America's investment consultant, is a hack for Obama.

Am I 100% sure that this will occur. No I am not, but unlike in 5765, the First Year of Sukkot, there are no tests in basic human decency for the Posek HaDor to fail again this time. There is no evil government for him to enable for a 300 million shekel bribe. It is all b'itah. Welcome to 5772, the Year of Shmini Atzereth. The Final Redeption begins now. It actually picks up steam, for it really began last Lag B'Omer. Next post: Mashiach ben Yosef by zayin Adar. But for now be ready for a hit any time from the tenth to the 17th of Cheshvan (the day that the Great Flood (Mabul) came upon the world in Genesis). Really be prepared for a financial Mabul.


Anonymous michael said...

Sure looks like an economic collapse will happen, but I think its gonna happen little by little.

11/01/2011 2:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't understand, you are seeing signs from events of a sports game? Please explain further.


11/01/2011 3:21 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

I used to give tours of St. Louis to Jewish groups visiting the city. Therefore I have known about the confluence of the event of the winning run in the 7th game of the 1946 World Series and the hanging of the ten gilgulim of Haman's sons at Nuremberg for years. Anyone who has attended an Aish HaTorah Discovery weekend knows that the year of the hanging of the ten Nazis at Nuremberg is predicted in the Book of Esther. It is written as three letters that are reduced in size in the listing of the ten sons of Haman. And the request by Queen Esther to hang the ten sons on the gallows the day after they were killed is incredibly unusual, for by Jewish Law a body of someone put to death must be buried on the day that the person was executed. For 2300 years her request to hang the ten sons of Haman on the gallows on the 14th of Adar when they were killed on the 13th of Adar has remained one of the great mysteries in all of Tanakh. Now we know after the fact that she knew from the three letters reduced in size (tav= 400 , shin= 300, and zayin= 7) and the one enlarged letter (a vav= 6) that the hanging of the dead bodies was a prayer that sometime in the distant future, gilgulim of these same ten sons would also be hung on the gallows in the 707th year of the 6th millennium, the year 5707. Also that G-d Himself would execute these ten murderers of millions of Jews. The day dedicated for G-d Himself to execute reshayim is Hoshana Rabba when the Malach HaMavet, the Angel of Death, has no power on that day to execute people. Such an important date in Jewish history this was that Hoshana Rabba in 5707. And the accompanying event, 7 time zones earlier, happened to be the seventh game of the World Series. It is just the way it is. As Enos Slaughter rounded the bases to the cheers of thousands of Cardinal fans, the ten sons of Haman were once again sent to the gallows.

11/01/2011 3:46 AM  
Blogger Daniela said...

For my life I can't figure out this business of the Cardinals, can you please explain in more detail? I am not mothertongue english, but I can't understand what is this all about. Is the comment of Kalman (anonymous) about a sports game, the correct explanation?

I am not terribly worried about food shortage, a human being does not need very many calories, grass will likely keep growing, and even without any calories at all, it takes months to starve (unfortunately, we have scientific data). Clean water is better and in most areas of the planet can be obtained at ease, but if worst comes to worst, dirty water will do. And if I did have food storage and a weapon, would I want to shoot and kill hungry people (remember: no hospitals, no electricity, no water, so even non-lethal fire is deadly), as opposed to giving them whatever food there is? Personally, I will rather die (which, eventually, we all do) like a full-fledged human being, than behave like an animal guarding a carcass. Human beings, gentiles and jews, shared morsels of food on their way to auschwitz. Sure it doesn't get any worse than that, so, perhaps we can strive to be decent even in the face of food shortage.

In regards to the upcoming financial collapse, it's always possible to short those debts; it's risky and most analysts don't agree with the collapse scenario, however, that would make for some fat earnings if it should happen. I am not betting my investments on that, but it's an opportunity.

11/01/2011 5:46 AM  
Anonymous tzvi yossie said...

so what will happen the next 7 days in america and how do we get jews here come together//??

11/01/2011 7:04 AM  
Anonymous tzvi yossie said...

its 99% percect IMPOSSIBLE to tell a Righteous gentile!!!
hard to tell who is Righteous

even telling us cant help us

11/01/2011 7:08 AM  
Blogger Israel Rising said...

Looks like Dov is spot on with this one. The timing is no coincidence as we seem to be moving towards a Euro crash!

11/01/2011 6:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The world - land, nature, weather all seems to be in sync with the change that is coming. Everything is changing in a very evident way. Even in the faithless gentile world people are going ballistic, going nuts, are living in despair because they know something is happening. But they aren't reaching for G-d they are reaching down into the physical for solace. All their idols are crumbling..

11/02/2011 12:33 AM  
Anonymous Michael said...

"Also if you are in a country where this is possible, get away from states that grant marriage contracts or civil unions to male homosexuals. The punishment on such medinot (states) will be particularly harsh."
Does this mean that people like Westboro Baptist are correct to do such things like protesting at funerals and saying that G-d is destroying America because of homosexuals?

11/02/2011 1:39 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

No, the homosexual's sin is primarily between him and G-d. The punishment of death at the hands of Beit Din for homosexuality can only occur if there are two witnesses to the dirty deed. It is an abomination in G-d's eyes, but if it is done behind closed doors, this crime against sanctity between consenting adults will and should only come at the Hands of G-d. The place where the Talmud in Chullin takes special notice is how far can a civilization deteriorate before G-d no longer grants blessings to a society for the decency of previous generations. There seem to be two things that cauise G-d to have such seething rage that societies that publicly accept these two things remove themselves from G-d's perpetual blessings. 1. Selling human flesh in the market place as "kosher" food. This actually happened in 2006 after the 2nd Lebanon War and the War with Gaza when Hamas sold the body parts of Israeli soldiers in the open market.

Now comes the doozy. On a equal plain with the above according to the Talmud is not another crime of free hate as above but a crime of unrestricted free love: 2. a country or jurisdiction which grants ketubot (Marriage contracts) to male homosexuals

According to the Talmud in Chullin a country or legal jurisdiction which grants marriage contracts to male homosexuals will incur just as much of G-d's Wrath as a country that permits the sale of human flesh and body parts in the open market. So you see it is not simply the abominable act itself which causes G-d to "boil". It is the public acceptance of this lifestyle as being just as kosher as marital relations between a man and a woman that brings upon that society sudden destruction.

11/02/2011 2:05 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

So look at the states in the USA which give marriage contracts or civil union contracts to male homosexuals, and you will find those states which are in the greatest amount of spriritual danger from being cut off from G-d's blessings for the righteousness of previous generations. From New Jersey to New York to Massachusettes up to Vermont and a bunch of other states in between, all of them now grant either marriage contracts or civil union contracts (with the same rights as married couples) to homosexuals. Illinois recently added itself along with New York State to this "prestigious" list this year. It is so bad in Illinois that the Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emmanuel, has performed at least one of these civil union ceremonies himself. giving the happy couple all the rights and priveledges under Illinois law of a married couple. They don't call it marriage in Illinois or New Jersey for that matter, but you can't fool G-d. It is the same thing. In New York State itself, what the heck, they simply call it marriage and now they are on to the next abomination. Mayor Bloomberg may lie through his teeth about the perpetual recovery of the American economy on his website, but unlike Rahm, Mayor Bloomberg has yet to personally send off one of these homosexual couples to wedded bliss by pronouncing them man and husband.

11/02/2011 2:24 AM  
Anonymous Michael said...

I see. Is it just as dangerous to allow men who are openly gay to serve in the military? Unfortunately, so many people are being fooled and brainwashed on this issue. If you're against gay "rights", then you're evil and homophobic and on an on. One very big argument people make is how will legalizing gay marriage affect them and everyone else? If only they knew. It's all evil deception.

11/02/2011 4:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11/03/2011 9:48 AM  

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