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777 Ticks Into History

On Erev Rosh HaShanah in New York while we entered Rosh HaShanah here in Yerushalayim, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell exactly 777 points, the largest point drop in its history. On the Day of Judgement for humanity, the world's second greatest country in human history has lost its Divine blessing for prosperity. The greatest country in human history was the Nation of Israel under David and Solomon and the Nation of Judea under Chizkiyahu (Hezekiah). The Shekhinah a.k.a. the Divine Presence, whose number is seven, placed her mark on this auspicious date, announcing to humanity that She was leaving America. Any Jew who wants to get out and has a way and the wherewithal to leave should now leave or yearn to leave. The entire sorted process of our redemption is now reaching a climax. How fast America collapses is in G-d's left hand, His hand of judgement. I am writing this post and coming out of hibernation, for I now fear for the safety of Jews in America. Come now to Eretz Yisrael if you can and if Providence has provided you with the opportunity.

It is now seven full years since 9/11/2001 and almost seven full years since President Bush started bombing Afghanistan. The Sabbatical cycle in now complete. How G-d advances the Redemption this year, only He knows.

We still do not know if George W. is Gog. We will definitely know by mid-January. Until then I will write sparingly. If he turns out not to be Gog, and the Redemption comes anyway, I will gladly herald the good tidings along with many other bloggers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Dear Dov,

I trust you are fully rested now from your 7 month vacation. (That was a friendly joke).

Let's first of all be accurate. The DOW fell a little more than "exactly" 777. It was closer to 777.62 points for the day as I recall.

Nonetheless we have seen the Finger of Hashem at work collapsing the global markets... not just America. Europe is also in dire trouble with its banks. So is Iceland.. and Russia's markets had to shut down. The full story is not yet known. It appears to be the collapse of materialism. I also liken it to the First Plague that befell Egypt which saw the Nile as its source of life. The modern world has made the same idol out of money.

Surely you do not possibly believe that the State of Israel is so economically isolated and fortified with unlimited monetary assets as to not to be affected by all this collapsing. You cannot be that naive.

The full global economic reality has not been made public yet but I believe that this American bailout will not save anything as we are dealing with a Divinely driven Event...i.e. the unfolding Geula. On this point we agree. The Rebbe gave this "Moshiach Now" message out back in 1990 as a clear and certain Prophecy so it's old news now coming front and center for those who mocked. A huge awakening has just occurred.

Believing that this Geula will be bestowed only upon those Jews living in Israel is just delusional. Wherever a minyan of Jews pray there resides the Divine Presence. Hashem is everywhere.

Whereas Divine Providence is unknown to any Jew not demonstrated to be a Proven Prophet (for aside from such a Prophet who can know Hashem's Plan for any of us?)to make such statements as you have just done and posing them as being Providential facts certain to occur...well, that is simply absurdly arrogant. You are not a Prophet in possession of a clear and certain Prophecy. You are fear mongering from your own fear-driven emotions, apparently.

Jews live or die solely by Hashem's Word. Neither location, wealth, status or even Torah knowledge will save one from whatever Hashem chooses to do. Great Sages and the wicked die as Hashem so chooses.

I am wondering if you have not made some sort of idolatry out of making alleged "Aliya". Aliya to what? To a crooked bannana republic government run by crooks who could care less about their fellow Jews. Have you forgotten Gush Katif? For certain the Land is Holy as its people are. But it's a far cry from being anything even close to the Holy Land.

This blog has gone rapidly downhill. At first it was cutting edge with Torah-based teachings. Then it devolved into a "make alia or die" propaganda device.

Some Jews survived the Holocaust. Others not in Europe at that same time died from car accidents or whatever. Why don't you leave Divine Providence to Hashem and stop pretending that you are in possession of priviledged information about It.

This Geula will unfold exactly as Hashem so chooses it to occur. Neither you nor I have a clue how this will manifest. So states Rambam. You are no "safer" than any other Jew living anywhere else on planet Earth.

So far no Basra "slaughter" and no multi-national boots on the ground in Jerusalem. Oil has fallen below $100 again. Nothing in your prior posts referenced a global economic collapse on Eruv Rosh Hashanna 5769.

Next year is 5770. Notice the last three digits.

What would be better appreciated by myself and possibly others are some Mokoros that foretold this economic collapse and what follows prior to Moshiach's full revelation to humanity.

Shanna Tova to all.

Rabbi Moshe Yess

10/06/2008 1:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why scare jews? what you write about the stockmarket may be true, but Hashmem will provide for us wherever we are. Where ever a jew is it is his or her job to do the will of the Almighty. But to scare jews that G-d forbid they won't be provided for, this is not the job of talmidei chochamim!

10/06/2008 2:42 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Welcome back. Write as much as you like. The very act of writing about redemption will push it faster. I believe you are right about George being Gog, but we have to wait and see. We must also see that the war could have been spiritual and took place in the seventh as is stated in Gemora. The nations gathered against us in Annapolis and it failed. Armilus is on his way out and HaShem is now clearing the decks of the world in the 8th, the year Moshiach is supposed to come. The next year is 5770...

10/06/2008 10:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bravo! Thank you for your insight and your willingness to share.

Now, to get our Jewish nation to Israel...

10/06/2008 10:19 AM  
Blogger Devorah Chayah said...

So very happy to see you back, Reb Dov!! Please do not listen to the arrogant mutterings of the complainers and critics. Stay your course.

As anyone can see from the screenshot featured on my blog ( ), 777 was prominently displayed in the media and even a stp further. it shwos that the total volume lost for the day was 7 % of the total, just in case anyone would be crass enough to doubt the intended message.

For the record, those who sit in the poisoned lands of dispersion and cast stones at the Good Land that Hashem gave to us, are not worthy of a response or a yeshua.

Yasher koach, Reb Dov. Please keep blogging!!

10/06/2008 12:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Reb. Dov,

Many thanks for the post.

It is very clear that something big is happening and that H' is sending very kind messages to those still in Galus. The feeling I get from speaking to many people in Galus (and I am speaking about good, frum, honest Jews) is that they are very comfortable and many are using the "when moshiach comes" argument as an excuse not to make Aliya. However, there are exceptions of people who are yearning to be in E"Y, but for good reasons cannot make the move at present.

Not everything is perfect in E"Y, but one can live a very religious life with modern conveniences. Perfection is for when Moshiach comes.

By the way, the Israeli economy is structured very differently from US and Europe. Lending is generally very tight and credit cards are normally automatically paid each month so the credit crunch is not a great problem.

H' Wants us to live in his palace and if we can't be enticed by financial incentives (Nefesh B' Nefesh for example) we will be enticed by financial decentives as we see now and if not.... one just needs to look at what happens to Jews when a country has severe financial problems..C'Vsh. I daven that it should not come to that.

For those who cannot leave Chutz L'Aretz for a valid reason I am sure have nothing to worry about, H' takes care of all of us. However, those just using the "when Moshiach comes" excuse should do some serious soul searching.

I also suggest that some of those leaving comments work on their middos - there are some very good books out there.

10/06/2008 1:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

kind of off topic but remember the tsunami and how it was related to the sofit letters, tzadik nun mem? (and to Succot) So what about the KAF PEI? wHEN WILL THAT FACTOR IN i WONDER?

and what about Sharon?

also I would warn Jews in the US not to vote Republican since the GOP platform does not allow abortion even to save the woman's life-this is CLEARLY against Halacha it is Esau/xtianity beware of it- what happens to THE FEMALE of the species does matter to the Jewish people and Jerusalem.

10/06/2008 7:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dropped 777.68

.68 was interesting as to point out it occurred on the last day of the 68th year 5768 .

I thought Seven was about Judgement, Rosh Hashanna is about Judgements. This was like a trumpet Shofar blast for the second largest Jewish population in the world to wake up!!!!!

it dropped to 10,365 . the 365 screams we have been seeking the worldly instead of the complete spirituality 365 days a year. We need to do an about-face.

btw- it dropped 6.98 % in anyones book that means 7%.

It was not just the number but the date also. last day of 5768 , last part of the 777 ....... .68

10/06/2008 7:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome Back Dov! Yes it's true that we dont know what is happening. That is in Hashem's hands. But - everything that happens is a message from Hashem. You dont have to be a prophet to see that the whole Western Civilization is being slammed financially by Hashem. The message is clear. Get to Israel now while you still can. It is not out of the realm of possibility to see a financial crisis so great that people wont be able to move. Thanks for alerting the Jews of Chutz La'Aretz. We need you here in Israel! Come Now!

10/06/2008 9:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the market had closed down 777.68 .68 i think refers to the last day of the year 5768. so happens this fall happened on the last day of 5768

7's were referring to the judgments. like shofars blasting a warning to the American Jewish community (the largest jewish community in exile) appropriately immediately before Rosh Hashona to make aliyah.

Rosh Hashona the shofar blast!!!!

closed at 10365 365 screams "for 365 days a year we have been chasing the worldly and not the spirituality. That needs to change NOW!!!

the market fell 6.98% that is in anybody's book 7%

American Jews let's wake up. for whoever ignores the trumpet (shofar) but did not take warning the blood be on his own head.

10/06/2008 10:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back Dov, Keep them coming.
To the negative people, yes Hashem can protect you anywhere. BUT, G-d helps those who help themselves.

Don't invest your future in the US or Chutz Laaretetz anymore. See the handwriting on the wall. Even if your not a prophet.

10/07/2008 12:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back Rabbi Dov:

We are all entitled to our opinion. I enjoy reading yours. I thank you for this blog. The one who mocks you has his own website and he also sites catastrophies in the West as proof of the coming of Mashiach. He simply has his own version of the end and becomes frustrated to hear another version. Kudos to you for taking the high road.

10/07/2008 3:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to have you back, R' Dov!

Anonymous at 10/06, 9:13 PM mentioned the possibility of "a financial crisis so great that people won't be able to move."

That remark immediately brought to my mind the plague of darkness in Mitzrayim -- the darkness was so thick that the Egyptians couldn't move! (Not even to change from a sitting to a standing position or vice-versa.)

What makes an allusion to the Plague of Darkness so scary, of course, is that it was during that Plague that all the Jews who rejected the idea of Geulah -- who were comfortable enough in Egypt and didn't want to go up to Eretz Yisrael -- died.


10/07/2008 8:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to hear you back at it sir.

Keep your voice loud. It is better to serve HaShem in the gathering of His own to Himself, than it is to encourage them to drown in the sea like so many seem to want to do.

It is incredible how anyone could voice opposition to "going home"! And insult the land of promise while doing it?! OI!

Be well and keep at it.

10/08/2008 12:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

since when are jews told to move back to Eretz Israel? this is a zionist idea. a jew has to perform torah and mizvos and influence others where he is. if all frum jews move to Eretz Israel all the jews all over the world will have no shuls, etc. when Moshiach comes, may it be today, then we'll all go back home.

10/10/2008 3:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rabbi Dov:

I always enjoy reading your blog and I will probably always continue to do so. However, I do have questions with the premise that it will be safer in Israel during the redemption. Unlike your viciferous detractor, I respect what you are doing even if I don't necessarily know if you are correct or not. I do understand why those religious Jews in Israel have a stake in your being correct - it benefits their commitment.

I have written these questions long ago, but I only received answers from your bloggers. I am more interested in hearing from you.

If you are correct, my questions are:
1) Why do many non-Orthodox Jews (who are not Zionisit) tend to think that the State of Israel was a mistake?

2) Why is the Lubbuvitcher Rebbi consistently quoted by religious Zionists as saying not to give up an inch of territory when he also advised that we should not have settled Israel yet because the time was not right, but now that we have we should not give up any land? Notice that he kept his movement headquarters in Brooklyn.

3) Why is the sin of the spies always brought up against those who DO NOT BELIEVE ENOUGH TO MAKE ALIYAH when the second half of the story indicates that the Jews returned to conquer the land without Hashem's blessing and were slaughtered? Which currently living prophet advised that now is the time to settle the land?

4) We were not supposed to settle the land before Mashiach because it would stir up the nations. Why do we continue to utilize the U.N. vote for Israel as an indication that the nations agreed to a Jewish State when the nations are so stirred up that we are on the verge of nuclear war?

5)The original Zionists were secular AND WORSE! They wanted to throw Judaism into the garbage can and make a new Jew. They succeeded in changing the attitude of, even many diaspora Jews, away from Judaism. They are still sinning in the Land and the Land does not seem to be pacified by us. Why is this not taken into consideration? According to the Torah, the Land should now spit us out.

6)The miracles of Jewish success in the Middle Eastern Wars are focused upon. What about the fact that a bunch of rag tag fake nationalists (so called Palestinians) are able to hold the mighty Israel at bay?

I am actually a Zionist, but I tend to agree with the Lubuvitcher Rebbe. We Jews probably jumped the gun, but now that we are in the land, peace agreements are dangerous. But how can you be so sure that Hashem wants us all in the Land now?? After all, if we all came tomorrow, how would we recognize Maschiach? Wasn't one of his tests to bring the Jews to Israel? How can he do so if we are already there?

The go to Israel or die tomorrow scenario does not seem to fit into a religious context.

10/10/2008 3:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to see you back R. Dov.

You are saying good when you urge Jews to return to Eretz Yisrael, or, at a minimum, yearn to do so.

My wife and I are diligently working on a plan to get back there, al pi derech ha teva. At the very least, we've got passports for us and the kids ready.

10/10/2008 8:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


To All,

The Yeshivas of Shammai and Hillel did not agree. That does not mean that there was no respect between the two. Please do not repackage my strong disagreements with Dov as being any form of antagonism or disrespect towards him personally. Such was never in my heart. I just vehemently disagree with Dov's interpretations which, to date, have not been born out by corroborating events. For example: the British getting their comeuppance in Basra and G. W. Bush not yet coming out of the closet for who Dov believes Bush is, namely, Gog. Dov, you are a great Scholar. You are not a Prophet.

The Torah prohibits us from making any form of divination...such as seeing "signs" or "messages from Hashem" in the shapes of clouds or flocks of birds etc. How much more so the Dow figures for one day!!!

What occurred on Eruv Rosh Hashanna with the Dow falling around 777 points means one thing only: i.e. the Dow fell around 777points. The temperature in Phoenix may have been 83 degrees that same day. Are we to see a "sign" in that number too?

I took issue with 3 matters stated by Dov: 1) That there was an irrefutable Bas Kol "Message from Hashem" in the number 777. 2)That we could therefore accurately extrapolate that a Divine Blessing had departed "only" from America. A corrupt and illusion-based economic structure has collapsed GLOBALLY...not just in America. 3) To spin this global event as a "Message from Hashem" to make aliya or else die by not doing so is open and shut, self serving, Zionist propaganda wrapped up in Dov's Kaballistic divination of what occurred.

The fact remains that we are facing a global event that of itself is not new in human history. Around the 14th century there was an old world economic collapse born from the tricky practices of some Venice banks. This affected all of Europe and any country which had ties to that regional economy. Then there was the 1929 crash we all have heard about. Were those "make aliaya or die" Messages as well?

In summary what we have before us is a global economic crisis born of greed and Wall Street fraud. This became global because the global economy is inter-connected as never before in human history. A second shadow (and unregulated) banking system was established via the free market policies that got put into place these past 2 decades by special USA interest lobbyists.

The inherent Jewish desire for Moshiach and Geula has spawned many false announcements and incorrect interpretations in past Jewish history. Such were based upon Torah calculations of the End by emminent Sages which later proved wrong.

I have zero doubt that Moshiach is on his way and that his arrival is imminent and that it will change the world forever. But so far the "rule of evil" has not been lifted from the world. Jerusalem is in as much golus as NYC. And the State of Israel will not be immune from all this global financial chaos. Israel needs European markets and American annual charity just to survive according to the laws of nature. Can Hashem send manna from Heaven? No question. Will such happen now? I don't know. Possibly or possibly not.

Dov, as your long time friend, I am asking you to stop yelling "fire" in a crowded theater and creating a stampede of fear to promote "aliya". Moshiach indeed is on his way. Rambam's Laws of Kings Chapter 12 states that no one knows how this will manifest. That includes yourself. This collapse affects way more than just interpretations of America being Edom. No continent will be spared the coming financial troubles. I believe you need some stone sober reality contact before using personal Torah insights for Zionist propaganda purposes. Leave Divine Providence to Hashem. If but one Jew takes your "warnings" as valid and thereafter moves to Israel and, Heaven forefend, should any misfortune befall that will be responsible for putting a stumbling block before the blind...or worse, Heaven forefend.

Let Hashem run the world as He sees fit. No one, especially Heaven, appointed you to tell world Jewry to make aliya.

Good Yontiff to all.

Rabbi Moshe Yess

10/12/2008 6:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its wonderful to hear your 'voice' again, Dov. Chizzuk and Emunah at this frightening stage of history is so welcome. Please continue to believe in yourself and your ability to give Chizzuk to the masses. It is a great service to Am Yisrael.

I wanted to add a few thoughts in to the debate about why Eretz Yisrael, and why now?

It is clear that none of us knows anything "100%". However, Hashem gave us all amazing intellects (relatively speaking) and even more amazing neshamot (souls) which it seems reasonable to assume He wants us to use to try to understand the world we live in and what is expected from us.

Golus was never intended to be a permanent home for Jews, I think we all agree that. All our sources make it clear that living in Chutz La'aretz is definately "second best" (and much worse - see Sifrei, for example, (frequently cited by Rashi as an authoritive commentator) who says that doing Mitzvot outside Eretz Yisrael are basically meaningless and are only practice for when we do those Mitzvot inside the Land). Anyway, I digress.

I hope all Jews agree that the main deal is to live in the Land promised to Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov, the question is only a matter of when. (If you're not up to this stage in your belief yet, then there's a bit of work still left to do).

So, if we're only dealing with the fairly simple question of when, then there are only (as far as I can see, 2 choices). Either, not until after Moschiach is revealed, or some time before then (eg now).

There is one argument, as referred to in one of the earlier posts, that we are not meant to enter the Land early so as not to anger the other nations, and if we do so we risk being annihalated by Hashem (Chas ve'Shalom). Its clear, for example, that this is what happened following Chet HaMeraglim to those that wanted to try to go anyway.

Now, as we dont know the mind of Hashem, we need to look and see what happened. Did Hashem wipe out those who tried to enter the Land 'prematurely'? In 1948, 1967, 1973 and countless times in between Hashem could 'easily' - so to speak - have allowed the marauding hords of Jew haters to overwhelm the few largely secular zionists who had the temerity to re-settle His Land. However, we saw just the opposite, Hashem's Hand everywhere in granting those that sacrificed much to come to Eretz Yisrael miraculous victories. That doesn't sound, look or feel like Hashem suggesting we had done the wrong thing.

Now, of course, we have B'Chasdei Hashem, over 6 million Jews living in Eretz Yisrael from all corners of the world, representing the largest gathering of Jews in any country in the world, now in the Land. The land is flourishing economically, culturally, socially, and the country is green again after 2 thousand years of being barren. (anyone doubting the miraculous transformation of the Land should take a look at what Mark Twain wrote about the Land merely 140 years ago "an inhospitable dessert" etc..)

Does that sound perhaps a little bit exactly like several of Hashem's prophecies about our return to the Land??

And lets look at the alternative. Maybe staying in the good ole US of A is the thing for Jews to be doing right now. I mean, with the cost of Jewish education, the rampant materialism, the crime, filth and depravity on every street corner, maybe that is the place where Hashem wants his children to be right now...? Maybe Hashem does want his precious sons and daughters to grow up thinking that Pesach is the time when we lock the front door of our mansion and go to a Hotel in the mountains for a week. Who needs to clean out our homes. Nah, thats for the "olden days". We can dress as fancy as the goyim and watch all their TV programs, and it wont affect us at all! We're the new type of Jew, who can easily mix [up] his practice of Jewish stuff with his practice of law, accountancy, medicine. Hashem doesnt really mind. Hashem wants me to have a good job, right, He wants me to earn a 6 figure salary and have a 7 room mansion, in some goyish land, its obvious, no? I mean its not as if he has told me I cant do that, right? Its not as if He's upset with my rejection of Eretz Yisrael because I cant get a decent sized flat screen TV over there. Hashem wants me to have that, right. Its important.

Oi, Oi, Oi. Oy, Oy, Oy.

Open up your eyes. Then close them. Real tight. That's how it will be when you reach the end of your 120 here. Just you and Hashem. What are you going to tell Him, hmmm? Oy, oy, oy. That you were going to come, really, you just needed that extra 100,000 dollars (or so), because, well, er you didnt really trust in Hashem that He er had the power to look after you properly in Eretz Yisrael, that He er maybe didnt know what was best for you, and maybe you thought you knew better. Oy, Oy, Oy.

Am Yisrael. As we read in this week's parashah. Hashem is so kind and merciful to us. He beat his wings like an eagle hovering over his offspring to try to arouse them from their sleep. Please, please look up and see your Father in Heaven calling to you to awaken. The facade of lies is starting to crumble massively. The false god of wealth and materialism is being destroyed before our eyes. Those in the once prosperous diasporah communities may soon have nothing left worth basing an excuse on.

Where would you rather be when the walls come tumbling down. Maybe home, with your Abba.

I'd start making plans now. Whilst you still can.

May we all merit to live in the Palace of the King under His loving gaze from the begining of the year to the end.

10/12/2008 1:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Israel the stock market took a 7% drop and over a 700 point loss. What is the message here for Israel?

"Israel's main stock index dived 7.68 percent on Sunday when the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange opened after a four-day holiday weekend and a 45-minute delay enforced after a sharp drop in preliminary trading.

The TA-25 index, which includes the 25 largest Israeli companies by market capitalisation, dropped to 736.66 points while the Tel-Tech index, tied to the booming hi-tech industry, plunged 15.98 percent to 142.81 points."cc

10/12/2008 6:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is interesting about iran attacking the UK
perhaps they will meet in basrsa

10/26/2008 2:05 AM  
Blogger Dovid Chaim said...

if you wait too long Moshiach will come and we won't know what you have to say.

12/23/2008 7:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A new US president a son of both Cham and Yafes replaces the once potential Gog Bush, there are questions if this new leader is still a Muslim, and if he is even a legal US citizen much less born on US soil. We will say the fifth Birkas Hachoma on erev Pesach since Maseh Bresheis two of which were Yetsias Mitzryam and the events of Moredchai and Ester in Shushan. The year after Shmita. The new president first call in office is to our enemy Abbas, and the first interview is to an Arab TV station. The Pope of Edom is a Hitler youth who rehabilitates holocaust denier bishops. There is a worldwide economic depression, and Eretz Yisrael has record lack of rain.
We are surrounded, I am sure the world stands as confident in our demise as the Mitzrim did as they chased us to the yam tzuf.

2/02/2009 7:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really now, Dov.

This long absence from your blog is quite uncalled for. You've left a great many saddened people in your wake.

In the word's of the famous movie title: "Lassie, come home.."!

4/01/2009 11:20 PM  
Blogger aaron.nanach said...


Shalom, I am wondering how Dov understands the apparent contradiction between what the autistics are saying - - and on the other hand what Rebbe Nachman obm and the Lubavitcher Rebbe obm and other chassidic teachers say about the geulah shleima? Thanks.

5/03/2009 8:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come back. You already know that Gog *is* the US nasi. Gog's identity was slowly spelled out from the beginning of the "peace process" (Madrid).

Nasi 41: gimel = George
Nasi 42: vav = William
Nasi 43: gimel = George

Obamagog is now nasi r'osh, the chief nasi, nasi "501".

ברק חוסיין אובאמה = 501

Meanwhile, Pharaoh Obama's census is going about marking every front door in America (GPS-tagging).

5/30/2009 4:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks sharing this much.

6/17/2010 6:27 PM  
Blogger anton said...

770 was the address of the Rebbe in New York and 772 is now the year and the time between these years 770-772 or 5770-5772 is the Moshiach time but yet not shown there because of the pains of the new time or kingdom is happening in front of everyone s eye.
29.09.2011=11.11.11 and that is the year of the birth of the new world...

10/08/2011 1:18 AM  

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