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Get Out the Bubbly Champagne

As of this morning the 12th of Cheshvan, the day following the Yahrzeit of Rachel Immeinu (our Mother), the Din for the new Era is now clear. See the Mystical Paths blog for my post on Rachel Immeinu. We have fully entered Stage Four of the economic collapse of Western Civilization which will be replaced over the next few months by the "economics" of the Era of Mashiach ben Yosef (hopefully by Zayin Adar) for Yosef is like Fish, the mazal for the month of Adar, and is impervious to the Evil Eye. After establishing truly just courts here in Eretz Yisrael from the perspective of common decency which for Jews includes laws against Gossip not just slander, he will go forth and lead us in battle to obliterate Amalek from the world. All soldiers in this war will be required to have a proper Brit Milah (Circumcision) which is part of the secret in the War against Amalek. Whoever it turns out being, he will likely have a Yud Key Vav in his name to signify that MBY begins the process of unifying the Name of HaShem under Heaven. Human decency will be for its own sake not with any other ulterior motives, and for that reason alone MB Yosef will be blessed with material blessings that will spread out to the entire world in the 5th year of the Sabbatical cycle. Of course the Western leaders will hate his guts because his ascendancy spells their doom as leaders of Mankind. He will be called liar even if the microphone is on or off, and a segment of the Xtian world that does not serve G-d for its own sake but only for the eschatological reasons will likely declare him to be the Anti-X. So who cares. Is the Man who stands by the Truth in the area of human decency necessarily supposed to be popular too? Of course not! Let his existence offend the sensibilities of a certain percentage (But not all) of the world's 2 billion Xtians and 1.3 billion Muslims. Yet, it is important to remember MBYosef will be more successful in subduing Edom than Yishmael. And ultimately a Man who is part Yishmael might be his Achilles heel. We shall see how that plays out later when we talk about the 11th horn in Daniel's vision.

But now the contagion that started in Athens has spread to Rome (both literally and spiritually). Italian interest rates have climbed above the magic 7% as of this morning. See here: . 7% is the point of no return. Interest rates will skyrocket from here, and no one knows what to do. I really hope that all of you outside of EY have prepared your food storage with a group of other Jews or with righteous gentiles in a small town or country location. Sorry for the short warning over the last couple of weeks, but if 25% of American gentiles are preparing in sensible ways for Financial Ameggedon, why did it not occur to you to take sensible precautions? Learn how to shoot to protect your storage of food from roving gangs of whom about 1/3 to 1/2 half of them will likely be Anti-Semitic. But be prepared to leave large cities outside of EY because the roving gang problem will be much worse in cities than in the country. Also get as far away from states and countries that grant marriage and civil union contracts to male homosexuals. If you cannot make Aliyah, head for Texas or Missouri. The northeastern seaboard in the US where millions of Jews live is filled with states that cause G-d to boil with His Wrath. How can an Orthodox Jew in NY remain in NY knowing what the Talmud in Chullin says about legal jurisdictions that give official sanction and sanctity to male homosexuality? I mention Texas and Missouri not because they were in the World Series, but because neither of those states will ever grant official sanction to male homosexuals with a marriage contract or a Civil Union contract. Has anyone thought about the tragic murder of Leiby Kletzky just a couple of weeks after New York sanctioned homosexual marriage contracts? Or all of the crazy weather and why a Tropical Storm named Irene could cause so much damage in the Catskills and in Vermont? Really think about why am I still here in New York or Massachusetts or New Jersey or Illinois and on and on and on. Apparently California has not officially joined the growing list of states that are giving G-d a reason to be angry, but the San Francisco Bay area is on the list. If you happen to be there, move away from all the deadbeat deadheads in Marin County. Bad neighbors can have an effect on your soul too especially in the San Francisco Bay area.

Finally come to realize why it must collapse now and not several months or years from now. This is the Year of Shmini Atzereth. The nations of the world were judged for their behavior for all of human history this past Tishrei on the tail end of the Year of Hoshana Rabbah. Also Shmini Atzereth is all about the singular nation that is supposed to dwell alone in the Holy Land. There is only one bull offered up on Shmini Atzereth, and it is for Israel. Also parnassah for Eretz Yisrael is judged on Shmini Atzereth since it comes from the upper waters while the rest of the world gets its parnassah from the lower waters which are judged on Hoshana Rabba. So when Western countries have agents here in the Land of Israel that want to destroy homes in Givat Assaf, Migron, and the Ulpana neighborhood in Beit El, the sources of Ehud Barak's and Dorit Beinisch's second paycheck from the US State Dept. or the EU have to dry up pre-emptively. Right now Netanyahu is cowering before Obuzzard and Nicholas Sarkozy (Hachsharo from Medrash Sefer Eliyahu according to a previous post on this blog) because he has no emunah or bitachon to tell them to stick it where the sun does not shine. So here comes the Divine freight train that will make the big bad Western World not look so frightening anymore. So everyone lift up your glasses of champagne as interest rates in Rome necessarily skyrocket, thank G-d, and say L'Chaim!


Blogger Daniela said...

yes italian default has been expected since the summer, because there are too many "put" options against italy, which is because many analysts believe that breaking italy is the right way to break the euro, since PIGS didnt work out. In fact many reputable sources (eg Il sole 24 ore) gave a date of 11/11; however, there will be some weeks' delay, greece has to default first. Analysts expect Russia and China to bring cash and use the very important EU market, and also get know-how from whatever little manufacture exists in europe, which is generally bleeding-edge. Many believe that Europe will keep a low profile in the upcoming Iran distruction and that Russia and China will stay out of it: what is your opinion?

There will certainly be roving gangs, in fact there are already (not just in Europe); but there will be also assembly lines and workers and businessmen and investors (you know, those people that allow all of us to work, and who don't deserve to be loathed - btw, there are disproportionately many jews among them). Economy will be less artificial and a reasonable euro exchange will benefit everybody. I don't believe your predictions about a predation-based "economy". Yes we all might be forced to steal or rob, in order to survive, and that includes *us* the good guys; if so, we will do, and pay when possible.

As for speculations about what caused Leiby Kletzky's murder, tradition gives loads of possible reasons for such events, and I don't think anyone is privy to which one is the case.

11/09/2011 3:48 PM  
Blogger Peace, Quiet, Joy said...

You rock dude. Awesome post and majorly awesome message. Looking forward to hearing good news and a heart-y L'Chaim mamash now.

11/09/2011 5:28 PM  
Blogger Moriah said...

"And ultimately a Man who is part Yishmael might be his Achilles heel."

Are you referring to BHO? There was a definite very public chillul Hashem in New York last week. Two Jewish homosexuals got publicly married on the Conan O'brien show. They stated it was ' according to Jewish tradition." They had a chuppa and the music was one of the melodies we sing the Kedusha to. They professed their love for each other, kissed then each stomped on a glass:

11/09/2011 5:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stay away from Gentiles unless referred to by another Jew, consider going to the country Reform Synagogues, they actually are inviting and look up to Orthodox Jews...start making plans with them about survival some wont listen because they are very liberal it will be the ones sitting quit off to themselves who are listening and have already planned in most cases. Remember Missouri has a huge Madrid fault line which is expected to pop any day now, The Appalachian mountains are a safe bet if you stick close to the sparse reform communities. Texas is being infiltrated by AL-quidia and Muslim converts. Do now go to even smaller cities go only to small towns and suburbs of them, Look to the north Midwest Michigan's Upper Peninsula has exceptional people, Minnisota is not good unless you go north, Wisconsin is the same. The reason I know these things is we have been researching for a long time and have actually visited these places. North Dakota is good but little housing, Also you could possibly go to the Indian Reservations they know and understand more than you realize as they have been persecuted as bad as we have. Canada is a good option to. Remember the further north it is cold however the class of people is better, as they are forced to get along and depend on each other due to the brutal winters. Which we lived 4 years in and can tell you is very much survivable and livable with common sense and planning. Go to dollar stores and stock up on can food there are kosher can foods widely available also many needed survival Items can be bought there cheap.
Things you will need:\
Water bottled.
toilet products, paper, soap, ect...
can foods.
blankets for extra warmth.
Ice coolers
over the counter meds, asprin, pepto ect...alcohol, bandages,ect...
tin pots for cooking outside if needed.
You can buy up and store 25-50lbs of carrots, beets, potato's. Ask local grocers to order them.
start reading sites on survival and prepping NOW.
It will be over very soon just hang on.
Remember brotherly love and kindness,Shma, even in our darkest hour and we will survive.
Store in cool dark place

11/09/2011 8:04 PM  
Blogger Devorah said...

Can you believe it's really happening???? Finally...... I just hope it's not a false alarm this time.

11/10/2011 12:06 AM  
Blogger Daniela said...

I am not sure I would advise stowing toilet paper and bottled water. Any water is fine for healthy people, and if someone had chemoterapy or the like, one can easily arrange distilled water (if you have salt or salty water, that's great; otherwise, you have to do what you have to do, and it will do, it has been life for countless people before you) or, if you have fuel, boiled water. As for TP, under those circumstances, that's a guarantee for getting sick. Choose one hand for this job and use the other one for eating. Clean your dirty hand with water (and soap if you have the luxury) or sand. If you have neither, just let it be for the time being. Always be careful using separate hands. Remember corpses cause no disease (contrary to popular misconceptions), sewers do but not very efficiently (especially on someone who has been well-fed along their life), and being in a highly populated area will warn you if a water source is contaminated. You might want to consider that after your clean water and filters have run out. This, by the way, is the *normal* situation in most of the world. So perhaps IMHO the american gentiles that pile up, would need some "awareness" more than they need "preparedness".

I do hope it is a false alarm and that Moshiach comes without anyone being harmed - even if this means decades of delay - and besides, I think there is a tradition that no one will eat anything during the war, which will last only twelve minutes. Most important as Dov says, we need kindness and we need to love our neighbour. I saw this re-published today after the Rabbi's tragic passing:

11/10/2011 1:44 AM  
Blogger Jesterhead45 said...

The Jewish Preppers blog have yet to answer my question in an email I sent, but what steps should Jews in (anti-firearms / anti-self-defence) Europe take if they currently live in the suburbs in dwindling Jewish communities that are usually near growing muslim communities?

This is for those who are unable make aliya and know of no decent Jewish or non-Jewish survivalists.

There are also questions of what to do with people who depend on the government / local council for treating their diabetes.

Should those with relatives in Israel make preparations to hightail it to Israel come what may or is one better off staying put and waiting for a global Israeli-sponsored version of the Latin-American Aliya in early 2000s?

11/10/2011 2:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey this is not funny man, people will starve or die. Not cool.

11/10/2011 3:58 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

People will not starve or die as long as they follow the advice that I wrote in previous posts on how to prepare for all this, especially the September 20th post on the Mystical Paths blog which speaks of the four diffent steps that one can take to prepare for the coming economic collapse. I recommend that you implement this advice as soon as possible with food storage and the entire bit that was suggested there. Please do not put it off until tomorrow. The day may soon come when there is a great panic and the shelves at the grocery stores are picked clean or all the banks close and you will not have access to your money. So please please prepare now. I am not sure why is not answering e-mails. My guess is that he is overwhelmed by the flood of e-mails that he has received within the last 24 to 48 hours. I will try myself bli neder to get a hold of him tomorrow. I am sure he knows what is happening. But when panic sets in, people can get overwhelmed. You're right about one thing. The hard work begins now. The more Chessed that we do now, the more chessed will come chasing after us to help us do more. G-d usually sends us the tools to accomplish the task in accordance to our capacities. So the more Chessed one does during this time, the more G-d will send us the opportunity to do Chessed.

11/10/2011 4:33 AM  
Blogger Daniela said...

"when panic sets in, people can get overwhelmed."
My goodness, I've seen people doing their best in Japan in front of a disaster much worse than economical collapse, everything worked quite well, from emergency generators everywhere to allow recharging electronics, to accommodation, to collective playrooms for kids who had been separated from family, to helping people find each others. Not only that, but manufacturers offered to substitute their own assembly lines in place of halted production and even to send personnel (such as me) to help our affected competitors.... but there was no need, as everything was working quite alright, one of our competitors were operating again within about ten days, another one whose workers had it easier to reach the factory, restarted assembly lines within less than a week. I am also surprised no one is advocating taking a first-aid or triage class or learning how to stitch easy wounds, and not even improving their swimming abilities or taking up running a few minutes a day. Also please let's be realistic, in such a scenario there will be food, in fact, food may end up being burned as fuel.... it happens at disaster scenes, more often than you imagine. I believe each person should improve a little bit, both about what we do for a living and about general fitness and useful things to have. And then I think each of us should ask someone they trust, their family, their rabbi, where and how they can help best their fellow jews and their fellow humans. Obviously there will be different answers for different people, it does not make sense to advise D the Jewish Prepper to learn planning heart surgery procedures that don't overload the emergency energy generator, no more than it'd make sense to advise R the cardiosurgeon to move in the countryside with a gun and care for a cow and a few goats. In such a scenario, and just like now, we need cardiosurgeons and athletes and farm people and we need entertainers and technicians and scientists and we need army and police too, but it's not like people get drafted into medical school, triathlon, or country life. Even drafting soldiers is no longer the norm in our days.
It is true that some people might panic, but hoarding does not help with panic, only medical attention does. These people are a tiny minority and of course it is normal and healthy to be anxious and worried and sad should such a scenario materialize. I believe our readers are not in the above situation and so there is no need and no reason to panic, we just have to do our best, keeping in mind that everyone dies and so will we and our loved ones. In the meantime, let's use for the best this marvelous gift of being alive.

11/10/2011 1:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many US gerim and BT's were maled by a hospital doctor before 8 days and later in life had a dom brit performed. I was told that this is probably not considered having a brit mila halachicaly as the skin to perform the mitzvah was already gone by 8 days leaving the patur the mitzvah. What is their status in the war against Amalek?

11/13/2011 5:50 PM  
Anonymous YG said...

Guess who's in for a BIG surprise?

(The Hidden Imam's)" return will be preceded by cosmic chaos, war and bloodshed. After a cataclysmic confrontation with evil and darkness, the Mahdi will lead the world to an era of universal peace....Ahmadinejad appears to believe that these events are close at hand and that ordinary mortals can influence the divine timetable."
'Divine mission' driving Iran's new leader - Telegraph
Some pundits suspect there is a religious dimension to the Iranian leader that is giving him a dangerous sense of divine mission. Ahmadinejad's confidence may not be due to oil...

11/16/2011 12:13 PM  
Anonymous YG said...

Anybody interested in a gentle Geula B'Rachamim needs to see

11/16/2011 12:15 PM  
Blogger Daniela said...

He is a potential Shiite mahdi and he believes (and I admit he has a point) that the wahabites that control Makkah (their family are potential Sunni mahdi) are corrupt, privately practice things against islam, etc. etc. Ahmadinejad is extremely honest and has always lived a very modest life (stealing even the tiniest amount disqualifies a mahdi).
All of that would be wonderful, except that he is prepared to nuke the planet and the human beings along with it, because of his delusions and because of the internal affairs of the muslim religion.
If he launches an attack against Saudi Arabia in order to kick out the wahabites and control Makkah and Madinah, I will not be surprised.

11/16/2011 1:13 PM  
Blogger Daniela said...

I tried to comment at mpaths but it was not published. (Not sure why not.)

Shavua Tov. There are riots all the time, even without currency troubles. There are riots in europe, in arab countries, in usa, in south america, in china, india, south-east asia, all over africa, you name it and there's riots. There are riots even on the vessels and oil platforms at sea. Nothing new under the sun. And, I am very sorry for Rodney King and his broken bones, and much more sorry for those who lost their life, however this is an example of how it takes indeed very little to ignite deadly riots.

I assume you have divested from western currencies and stocks and any other asset, may I ask you where you moved to. Also, forgive me for asking, but would you willing to bet real money on a collapse of the euro before Dec 10? I personally believe it's much too early. Thank you for sharing your always interesting insight.

11/27/2011 2:16 PM  

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