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How to Recognize a Righteous Gentile

This post is simply a completion of the previous post about the Financial Mabul. Also the link to Mystical Paths which I added to the previous post is to a September 20th article which I wrote giving everyone practical advice about what to do to prepare for what is about to happen. Please read it and take action. These are the attributes of a righteous gentile. There are really four attributes, but I offer it up here as a summary attribute. These are the people with whom you should be storing up food and and water to prepare for the collapse. Also contact to form such a group of exclusively Jews

1. He/she must not only believe in G-d, but he/she must fear Him.

2. the very important attribute for the gentile to have a brain which is in full control of his/her heart when deciding between good and evil. The gentile who considers things to be right because "the Holy Spirit" moved him to consider this or that to be good is not to be trusted. This does not mean that there is not plenty of room for the Spirit of G-d to move people to do things like changing one's career. Also 1/3 of the books of Tanakh were written with revelation through Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) which is a more indirect form of prophesy. It just cannot be used as a reason to make an emotional moral decision.

3. humility especially in the area of taking the extenuating circumstances of others into account before he/she makes judgment about others. Such an individual understands that G-d does precisely this, that he takes the extenuating circumstances of others into account before He judges them Therefore there are legitimate heterim (permissions) for every thou shalt not and legit paturim (exemptions) for every thou shalt. The only exceptions are for idolatry, murder, and immorality for which one never has a heter to commit these. (See comment section for the one instance where a gentile is permitted to worship an idol under threat of his life.) The righteous gentile understands this, and if he sees an Israeli soldier shoot someone who is beating him with a crowbar, he/she understands why the soldier has to shoot back.

There is one overriding concept that unites all three of the above. Is the gentile doing the right thing lishma, or is he/she doing it with an ulterior motive in mind such as prosperity. A righteous gentile will always be wanting to do the right thing because G-d says that it is the right thing to do.

Finally, the 7 Laws of the Righteous Gentile naturally flow from the previous four principles. Simply by studying nature and Nature's G-d, one can derive the 7 Laws. Remember the gematriah of Elokim is the same as the gematriah of HaTeva. Thomas Jefferson did it, and so can any other human being including you. Let all humble and G-d-fearing men and women sit down at a table and reason together.

Note: All of the 7 Noachide Laws can be logically proven by studying Nature (HaTeva or Nature with a capital N) with one notable exception: incest. First we postulate that there is a Creator of the Universe who transcends the universe that He created. We then take note that G-d is Infinite and therefore does not need us to be satisfied. So His creating us was a pure act of lovingkindness (chessed). And we can see from this that He must be a G-d that demands moral obedience more than He demands anything else. Also by emulating His selflessness, we set up a spiritual resonance with Him by emulating Him. In this way we grow close to Him. Then we note that there is a hierarchy in Creation ascending upwards: Domeim (the inanimate world), Tzemach (Plant Kingdom), Chaya (Animal Kingdom), and Medaber (Those who speak with language, aka. human beings). From this all Noachide Laws can be derived with the exception noted. For instance, Tzemach has no central nervous system while Chaya does have a central nervous system. So it is logical that while one can tear the limb off a live tree, one cannot tear the limb off a live animal. See how logical this is! Also there are four obscene Arayot (sexual immoralities) which are forbidden to a Noachide. Two of them are forbidden because they are not natural, and since Elokim is Nature's G-d, unnatural things are necessarily forbidden: male homosexuality (with penetration) and bestiality. Also adultery is forbidden because it involves stealing another man's wife. The wife is also killed for the crime if she is a willing participant. If she was raped and could not scream out, that is a different matter. Rape itself is not one of the sexual immorality sins. It is considered as a subcategory of Theft, another one of the 7 Laws. Slander and Libel are also subcategories of Theft too. All of these can be proven to be wrong for a Noachide. The exception is one of the Arayot: Incest. Here the prohibition for a mother to have relations with her son and for a father to have relations with his daughter can be proven to be evils. All the other forms of Noachide incest require an Oral tradition going back to Noach himself. For instance who might guess that if one's father has a second wife and his father dies, that the widow of one's father who in not one's mother is a forbidden union. This is impossible to prove though. Without an oral tradition going back to Noach himself, one should consult a local Orthodox Rabbi on other forbidden incests and what may actually be permitted. Case in point: For a Jew a man cannot marry 2 sisters, but a Noachide can marry two sisters. So Jacob married two sisters outside the Land of Israel. Since it was before the Torah was given, he could marry two sisters. Yet, Avraham's covenant with G-d included a provision that inside the Land of Israel, he would keep the Torah that would eventually be given at Sinai. So Jacob was obligated in this. So when he returned to Eretz Yisrael with both sisters as wives, one of the wives had to prematurely die. So Rachel died. Yet, keep in mind that other than the peculiarities of some of the things considered to be incest, the Noachide system of laws is rational. If it were not rational, in the absence of an oral tradition, a gentile would not be obligated simply because there would have been no way of knowing. Imagine that one is an Algonquin Indian sitting on a hilltop in the 11th century in Upstate New York contemplating the universe. He has no knowledge of a Torah given at Mt. Sinai and therefore he is devoid of the precedence of Divine Revelation. How is he to know what is right or wrong? through studying Nature and Nature's G-d.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks dov. looking forward to reading more of your guidance.

11/02/2011 2:54 PM  
Blogger Daniela said...

My opinion is, it would be easier if the world were simple, but it won't be until all this is completed. I come from Europe and I've been told that help and salvation has come from all sides, through unexpected, and sometimes highly immoral, people, through murderers, through all sort of despicable characters; while people who seemed ok (I'm not saying they looked fine in the eyes of fools, but according to respectable and trustworthy advice), were not. I would advise not to trust anyone and not to rely on anyone or anything unless forced to, but we also have to be aware that anyone, including bad people, murderers etc. as well as seemingly good people, have free will.

11/02/2011 3:58 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Daniela: Yes, surviving in Europe is a completely different kettle of fish compared to surviving in America, Australia, or Canada. In so many ways Europe is the Dark Continent in a moral sphere even though the rules for recognizing a righteous gentile are the same everywhere. Every European country was at one time a nation under Yoshke not under G-d, but most of them these days are Socialist utopian states. Jews have fared poorly in both types of nations, especially the ones under Yoshke. Under socialism Jews have become socialists and disappeared in one or two generations through intermarriage. Now the socialist republics are allied with Islam, and living in some places is already downright dangerous. The best advice I have for Jews in Europe is "Leave now!" There is nothing left for them there anyway. Besides the Dutch and the Danes who at one time were decent nations have reverted into something ugly.

11/02/2011 11:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought immorality and idolatry are permissuble for gentiles if one has to chose between being killed or commiting those sins.

11/03/2011 12:51 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

To Anon.: It seems that you are right with regards to idolatry only on the issue of at the threat of their lives Noachides may be permitted to bow to an idol to save their lives since they are not obligated in the commandment of Sanctification of G-d's Name. Yet, they can choose to do Kiddush HaShem for the sake of receiving Heavenly reward even though they are not obligated to do so. Yet, that would be the singular heter to worshiping an idol, only if they have a gun pointed at their head to do so. I would assume that this singular heter also applies to the four obscene immoralities too, but I am not sure. I will need to look that up.

11/03/2011 2:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

7th of cheshvan we daven mareve and it falls about an hour later!

11/04/2011 10:40 AM  
Blogger Daniela said...

I am sort of confused about Noachide laws being trivial to derive for anyone who is capable of rational thought. Let us take, for example, the fact it's forbidden to suicide. There was a well-known shaila in that regard, which unfortunately is available for us to study. If it were so trivial to decide, do you think a yid would have inconvenienced a Rabbi with stupid questions at such a time? Not to mention that suicide was indeed permitted in that instance. I would never rely upon an ignorant - much less upon a nonjew - figuring out if it's forbidden or permissible. Would you?
As for your advice to leave Europe, I get your point, and yes, sure I might, yes, I even have some arrangements in place, but still, making a living in the medinat is not that trivial, still the usa are a big question mark (what if the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street movement would join forces? Have you read their manifestos and talked to a few of their activists?) still the world is very wide but there are problems everywhere.

11/07/2011 3:37 AM  
Blogger DrM said...

will you write a post if (or when) you are wrong about all these occurences? like all previous times? just saying . . .

11/09/2011 7:16 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Of course, Dr. M, but no such post will be necessary. The situation now is b'itah with no Achishena tests in basic human decency to throw a monkey wrench into the works.

11/09/2011 3:08 PM  

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