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Mayor Bloomberg: The Hopium is About to Wear Off

This is a plea. I will not inundate you with all kinds of evidence. Just look at this and decide if Mayor Bloomberg is telling you the Truth: here . Now Tyler Durden of course is a pseudonym from a 1999 cult classic movie "Fight Club". Yet, this guy is brilliant, and I believe he is a straight shooter on financial and economic issues. And most important of all not only is he honest, but he knows his stuff. I contrast him with Mayor Bloomberg who seems to be as slick as Bill "Slick Willy" Clinton. The difference is that Bloomberg is dangerous because he runs a media empire who daily gives people advice to pour more money into the stock market because he claims a sunny economic utopia is on the American horizon. It is your decision. I really believe we are at the precipice or at least Esav's goat is at the precipice. Yet, because we are all connected to Western Civilization in its present form, we will all be affected when the goat goes over the Italian precipice. I just have one piece of advice for those who have not prepared for this simply because they are in denial because of Normalcy Bias that a catastrophic economic collapse or something approaching it might occur. I am adding this link too even though it was written last week, for it is worth reading: here I have seen about a dozen of similar articles in the last week, but I do not have the links to every single one of them to share with you. This European summit seems like it is doomed to fail. They need to somehow raise at least 2 trillion Euro to just cover the magnitude of Italy's debt problems alone. And according to legendary investor Jim Rogers, the Fed is printing money like it is going out of style. Ben Oni Bernanke is desperately trying to save Western Civilization. Here is Mr. Rogers. Again decide for yourself.

Take a chunk of money out of the bank today or tomorrow on Thursday, and hold it until next Tuesday afternoon. If nothing happens, put it all back in the bank, and you will not have lost a penny. I would suggest that you have as much cash on hand, just in case that there are massive bank closures worldwide. Keep in mind that you lose nothing or very little by having this cash on hand just in case there is an economic tsunami. On Tuesday as I just said, if nothing has happened, put your money back in the bank. If you want to take a risk, buy about a dozen canned foods for each member of your family if you haven't already made the more extensive preparations that I have been suggesting for about 2 1/2 months on this blog and on Mystical Paths. Maybe I will be proven wrong. I am an adult and I can handle being wrong. But I could not live with myself if I had not taken the time that I am taking right now at 5 am in the morning Israel time to give you this gentle warning. G-d Bless you all. I really hope that most of you have already prepared for what is very possibly going to transpire over the next six days.

ADDENDUM: It is not my purpose here to scare the bejeepbers out of anyone, but these two Tyler Durden pieces on scared the beejeepbers out of me. And I am not easily phased these days: Here he connects Lavan's latest actions at MF Global with the collapse of Edom's Euro: . Plus when Trusties? remove $1.2 billion dollars from the investment savings accounts of private individuals, do we really have to wait until Gerald Celente is one of the victims to see grand theft on a global scale? Thank G-d in the highest Heaven that Jon Corzine was not a Jew.

And here he speaks of the Bundesbank preparing for "Plan B" as there seems to be a "lock up in interbank liquidity". Uh Oh:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When Dov Bar-Leib references Tyler Durden on End of Days, it is time to go to the bank.

12/08/2011 6:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found 21 cans of tuna @ $1.59 a can at 50% off today...that and 4 kosher six packs of (EAS) protein drinks, also 50% off. I couldn't believe it. I thought about what you have been saying and bought some water too. I thanked Hashem for the find.

12/08/2011 7:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A person needs food but there are also other items of real use.
-Food, dry staples or ready to eat, weight and nutrition density matters if you have to carry it, a monster plastic jar of weight gain whey/maltodextrine powder from the body builder store or baby formula is great if you can keep it dry, just remember thow much an adult on the go needs to eat to keep moving
-cooking fuel
-backpackers multifuel stove (MSR XGK is great)
-Vehicle, 4x4 with good tires and extra fuel safely stored for a few thousand miles is great but have a bicycle too for everyone, expect to spend at least $600 for a quality bicycle at a good local bike shop not a big store where for the discount a novice will find is taken from the quality of the bike and the tuning which can double or triple the life of the parts especially the wheels, there may be limits on fuel availability the bicycle is important, remember cycling or walking requires additional food
-Solar power for communication and LED lighting
-Radios for communication VHF or UHF walkie-talkies for local and HF(shortwave) for intercontinental, get a ham radio license everyone can listen to FRS/GMRS/commercial color dot band/CB/MURS, ham has thousands of frequencies, Yaakov split his family so half would survive Eisav, if you must split be in communication but don't radio chatter without good reason
-Backpack, expect to spend over $200 for a really good fitted pack for hundreds of miles walking
-Sleeping bag, pad, tent, or bivvy sack, or covered hammock; Good gear is worth the price in weight and longevity if you have to walk hundreds or thousands of miles with it, don't trade too much towards ultra-lightweight adventure gear though or it will not last more than a few weeks outdoors, sun degrades most synthetic gear so keep in shade

12/08/2011 9:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

-wire cutter, I was introduced to this during the Gush Katif debacle, some times the only way to access or cross an area safely is to cut into a fence, get something strong enough to cut a cyclone fence and big enough jaws for concertina rolls, you might find at a border or other area denial zone find a cutter light enough to carry in your pack or bicycle
-bicycle trailer or really good panniers(rack luggage system) panniers are preferred as a trailer is surprisingly difficult to maneuver and in tight areas, it is a good way to transport children as is an extracycle clamp on kids tandem adapter for older children who cant ride long distances alone on their own bike.
-Water purification filter, most water is safe but if you are already limited on food a week of explosive diarrhea can be deadly, water purification tablets are good for virus contaminated water. I like the MSR miniworks and Katadyn pocket filter
-Compass and maps for wherever you want to escape to and secondary areas
-Gold and silver, during WW-II many of our families bought their lives from the employees of Amalek, bribes save lives, forget diamonds and jewels only an expert can assay them, keep the stash split up and hiden so you can appear to give them all you have
-Repeating firearm and ammunition, whether an Uzi or a cowboy rifle the ability to reach out 100m even just 5-6 times in a row far surpasses any other available weapon if you must save your own life, handgun for concealed carry and a rifle for defending the family assuming they are available, avoid trouble and bypass it using the guns only for emergencies as they draw possibly unfriendly police/military attention
-Potassium Iodate, if there is limited nuclear strikes or warfare taking a thyroid saturating dose of safe iodine will prevent the thyroid from absorbing radioactive iodine from the environment, an irradiated thyroid is the greatest hazard form secondary radionuclide contamination, thyroblock or potassium iodide or iodate tablets wit enough for two full courses for your whole family is cheap right now, iodine water purification tablets are not in a chemical form digestible by humans and wont help
-antibiotics, if I had to pick one I would carry one of the cephalosporin family in oral form, they are broad spectrum and attack most bacteria including most infected flesh wounds, 500mg dose is called forte on some packages. Flagyl is useful for intestinal parasites which can kill if a person is already malnourished.
-jet aircraft, if the economy is really that bad it is reasonable to believe that 100 or more people could easily afford a disused but good jet aircraft sitting in long term storage in Arizona and the fuel to get to E"Y assuming the air corridor is still safe, how much is your life and your family worth in an emergency
-From sailboats to large container ships a seaworthy vessel could reach E"Y assuming that marauders especially in the Med do not attempt to board

12/08/2011 9:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In yeshiva one guy from NY told me he was taught as a kid that in the time of the geula the surprised Jews will fly from their office or beis midrash like birds to E"Y with wife, kids, and their house and cars will fly next to them. I am a beliver in the Rambams more natural view that at first it will all appear very natural and people won't fly with all of their American/English gashmeut while the Jews of E"Y will continue to live in tiny apartments with few possessions for all of our trouble.
Everything from a car or bicycle, to camp cooking, cross country travel, to a compass and map, to a rifle requires some learning and regular training but the actual hardware will likely become unavailable at some point in the process especially in the panic times coming to chutz leretz.
Even Jews here especially in Yesha should be planning to be uprooted by enemies including our own army, a good backpack of gear and a nine month homelessness plan would serve us well. I hope we are treated better than those torn from Aza and made homeless.

12/08/2011 9:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention the best shoes and plenty of socks. I suggest the thickest wool hiking socks even in summer, as for shoes or boots I destroyed a $300 pair of smoke jumper boots in one summer working with the USFS, water ruins leather, shoes dont last forever, it was the tops that disintergrated while the bottoms were not too bad. I walked thousands of miles through the mountains of the western US, that will put serious wear on any footwear. Athletic shoes wear much faster than good boots but boots are heavy.

12/08/2011 10:09 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

I added two more Durden article links to the above post.

12/08/2011 10:38 AM  
Blogger Daniela said...

Please consider that one of the objectives of this pockets, bank accounts, and investments vacuum-cleaning, is to create absolute and utter panic, especially in people who are younger than ww2. Anxious people and terrified people make the wrong decisions, both for their assets and their life. The assets, let us put them aside: I only point out it might be illegal to circulate or even keep at home large sums of cash, which anyway, it is not obvious anyone will accept them. Your only asset will be your signature: if people will trust us, they will accept, if not, I guess we will have to eat dandelions. Which, anyway, will do. As for life, ask your elders, ask yidden who were in europe during ww2, ask someone who knows what they are talking about. My 2c are, don't break law unnecessarily and don't go to the woods prematurely, if at all. Also, try to be kind and helpful to everyone, you will need them to trust you on credit.

Anonymous: weight is a concern as much as durability is, both for a bicycle and a backpack. It is not pleasant to die in the outdoors.
We can't predict the future, but during ww2, bicycles were usually confiscated - better bicycles are confiscated first - and anyway bicycling without a permit (e.g. while going to work) meant being shot on the spot. It may not happen this time, but it might. In any case these people will stand out and will have to give explanation to hostile armed people with pointed guns. Which by the way, most people do not have experience with, they would be nervous, and this is unfortunately a very bad idea.

If such a scenario materializes - may it not be, and let us not forget this is the standard for most fellow humans on the planet - there will be curfeu and there will be roadblocks and you don't think your vehicle will be confiscated very quickly? Additionally, you don't think the tiniest irregularity in what you are carrying will teleport you, if lucky, in jail or in a work camp? Being arrested in bad times is the greatest risk factor for being soon dead (G-d forbid), much worse than being sick.

12/08/2011 3:42 PM  
Blogger Daniela said...

Like Anonymous, I was also taught we will teleport to Israel and have our belongings, like cargo, folded behind. And in our times, science knows how it will be, it's not magic.

To the other anonymous message: any propeller plane with any not-so-good pilot will arrive in Eretz Israel with any fuel (contaminated or improper fuel will do), from any point in Eurasia, the Americas, Australia and NZ. A jet plane, especially one with questionable maintenance.... well, I will not board it. (I have lax safety standards.... I don't mind dilapidated airlines and not even african and south american "airlines".... I don't mind the oceanian wind-shear and the island hopper....) But, as of today there's regular commercial service to israel. What about making aliyah now?

12/08/2011 6:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It might be off-topic, but if I was Iran, I would wait for the West to fall, however deep that fall might turn out to be, and than make my moves. With or without Obama recapturing the drone and China and Russia having a look at it or not. Or the West attacking Iran as an distraction or excuse i.e. scape coat for the downfall and/or to attack pre emptively an Iran being aware of this. Money, politics, diplomacy, and war are all very closely related. Syria also has bad economy, situation might get out of hand. World powers racing to the oil fields soon?

12/08/2011 6:55 PM  
Blogger DS said...

Check this out, today:

12/08/2011 8:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that unless you have somewhere to go sheltering in place is the best advice, I suppose people might think that the wilderness is survivable for refugees from old pioneer stories. Unless death or gravest danger of the same is the alternative running away from home without a goal is statistically the worst choice. Any wilderness west of the Mississippi will be overrun with ignorant starving refugees hoping to hunt, fish, and eat berries. Western US and nothern Canada or Alaska in a few remote, warm, moist pockets might be survivable if you can access them and you have both the equipment and years of survival training. Food, water, medical, and shelter are difficult problems, best to stick with what you know, but when the opportunity for aliyah comes after the crash a long journey might be involved so have your Chofetz Chaim travel bag ready. As for bicycles, while unlikely, they may become illegal although it would probably be travel without papers being banned first like money transfer and gold was, but good travel equipment will surely be easier to buy before the crash and if you can afford quality it will pay off after your first 20km. A rider will also want bike shorts(as underwear), gloves, helmets, lighting, etc whatever is needed to make the rider comfortable and able to go long distances, same if you will be traveling by another mode. A quick read of Ethopian and Mizrachi aliyot for months on foot would be informative.
Of course Aliyah is a much wiser alternative for anyone concerned. This information is for those caught in the trap.

12/08/2011 8:49 PM  
Blogger Eved HaShem said...

These are all good tips, but Anon is forgetting one thing with all his/her advice... You need money to buy all that gear. LOTS of money. Most of us do not have those resources.

My practical advice is to buy what you can, pick up a surplus rifle and some ammo, and prepare yourself and your family mentally and spiritually for the hard times ahead.

12/08/2011 10:02 PM  
Blogger Daniela said...

"Pick a rifle"? What about we all pick a rabbi and do what he tells us to do. May be it will be to go to the surplus store as you suggest, may be it will be to borrow money for technical fabric clothing, may be it will be to make aliya, may be it will be something else.

Anonymous, if you are in the colder parts of usa, it is not a good idea to be walking to the top of your strength in -20C just with excellent boots and socks, especially if you, like all of us, are well-fed and in good shape. You need heaters in your shoes, and need to keep them on for a couple hours minimum since you've started hiking. Using large muscles under those conditions (and don't forget the backpack), means your extremities receive a blood rate which is even less than usual. You will not even notice, because it's not like you are barefoot, so you don't have foot sensitivity anyway. At a point you will just be unable to walk. Get high quality ones, and keep plenty of spare batteries close to your body.

12/08/2011 10:47 PM  
Blogger Daniela said...

@Anonymous who wrote "I agree that unless you have somewhere to go sheltering in place is the best advice, I suppose people might think that the wilderness is survivable for refugees from old pioneer stories. Unless death or gravest danger of the same is the alternative running away from home without a goal is statistically the worst choice"

I agree with you 100% and also with the rest of your message, except the foot heaters (under -25C you may need active body heaters too), and it is IMHO dangerous to emphasize too much the option of going in the wilderness.

12/08/2011 10:51 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

May I remind you of an article that I wrote on Mystical Paths back on September 20th

I am sure some of you took my advice seriously back then. G-d willing more of you will read what I wrote 2 1/2 months ago, and try to quickly implement the advice in that post. It is best to have food storage in a small town or a country location with a group of people who are serious about preparing. I wrote it back in September so that people would have time to prepare. Now it is almost at the last minute, but perhaps it is still possible to implement the ideas. Perhaps the coming hard times in the US will come more gradually than the sudden collapse that will take place in Europe. Yet, if there is a world wide "bank holiday", the collapse will take place more quickly. I also posted here how to recognize a righteous gentile for those of you who may not have many non-Jewish friends.

Sadly a much higher percentage of gentiles has been preparing for an extensive period of time than Jews have been preparing. So it might be best to latch on with a group of gentiles who already have all the equipment that earlier commenters for this post have posted. You just have to make sure that the group of gentiles are righteous so that they do not turn on you when things get hairy. And of course you need to provide your own kosher non-perishable food. But they will have the place in the country and the guns and ammo. already prepared. So this reduces the work of last minute preparation on your part.

12/08/2011 10:52 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

I should mention that Jews in Eretz Yisrael also need to prepare, but in our case we can put the food storage in our homes since there is unlikely to be roving anti-Semitic gangs here. There will most likely, bli ayin hara, be increasing problems with the Arabs until Mashiach ben Yosef consolidates his power, G-d willing, by this coming Purim. So here in EY we only need about four to five months of food storage. Outside the Land, I would, if I were you, prepare with about a year of non-perishable food storage since the economy will only drastically improve in the 5th year of the Sabbatical cycle, 5773. It is really an act of tremendous Rachamim that HaShem did not put this collapse in the third year, 5771. The dislocations would have been far more catastrophic in the third year in accordance with the Gemorrah in Sanhedrin. Yet, Papandreou of Yawan (Greece) decided not to be the one who would trigger Bila'am's last prophesy after all. In early July, right after this post he stopped the fleets of flotilla ships headed for Gaza, Baruch HaShem. And HaShem spared us all the catastrophic collapse of the third year of the Sabbatical cycle.

12/08/2011 11:09 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Also to the commenter who thought he was off topic, you really were not. When Italy and the Euro head into the abyss, the dew of heaven will no longer be the source of Edom's prosperity. He will have lost all blessing for prosperity for all of his good that he has done throughout history. He received it all in Olam HaZeh which seems to have truly ended with Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan 5772. I have written about this in an earlier post. So all Esav has left is the Shmanei HaAretz. The fatness of the earth or the oil of the earth. It is a double entendre. It could mean both, but with no dew, the fatness of the earth the west coast of Italy as Rashi points out ceases to be a source of bracha. So all he has left is the oil of the earth. For that he has to return to the confluence of two of the four rivers from Gan Eden that only have mineral wealth for Olam Hazeh about 55% of the world's sweet oil reserves. The Tigris (Hidekel) and Euphrates come to confluence at Botzrah (Basra in Arabic since all tzaddees in Hebrew become an S in Arabic such as Mitzri becoming Masri). So the West if it wants to survive has to return to that Shi'ite stronghold in order to hand on for a few more years. Obviously Obuzzard is not Gog. He is anti-Gog. He does not want the West to survive. He wants to leave Botzrah and to redistribute the wealth of the West to the 3rd World. So his is Anti-Gog not Gog. So sadly as I presented in the previous post, we missed out on a kinder and gentler real Gog because of our lack of common decency in 5765. Yet, I am sure sometime before the Shmittah year 5775, HaShem will find a Gog probably from Russia this time because the US by that time will be a third world country. Keep in mind that the bracha for prosperity for the entire world in the 5th year will come from Eretz Yisrael and MBY. But there will also be the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) who will still have some prosperity left. So Gog will likely in a b'itah situation come from Meshech and Tubal which is Russia. Yet, if Obuzzard is re-elected he has about a 50% chance of becoming the 11th horn in Sefer Daniel 7. According to elsewhere in Daniel, at the end of Edom, the iron (Edom) will be mixed with clay (Yishmael). This seems to fit Obuzzard perfectly.

12/09/2011 12:01 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

"And the L-rd will have as sacrifice in Botzrah and a great slaughter in the Land of Edom." Yishayahu 34

For the Angel of Esav will make three errors. He will think that Botzrah provides refuge like Betzer ( a known City of Refuge). An angel like a man can find refuge within it. And that one who has murdered intentionally can flee to a city of refuge like one who has murdered unintentionally (paraphrasing the Talmud in Makkot: Eilu Hen HaGolin.)

So someone in Edom will finally come to the conclusion that he has no civilization without having a military force in Botzrah. Because that is Edom's only bracha for parnassah at this time. Obuzzard as the anti-Gog seems to have no interest in taking on this task. As a matter of fact, he is leaving allowing Persia to move into Shiite controlled Southern Iraq. Gog Bush Sr. almost entered in 5751 and allowed two Babylonian tank divisions to return to Baghdad. His son Gog ben Gog went in hook line and sinker. And he sent the British in, and more than any other nation the British pretended that by closing the gate to EY just before the Shoah in the 1939 White Paper, they were just shogeig, unintentional murderers. Had they known what Hitler intended they would have kept the gates to EY open. Ah, but Chamberlain knew what Hitler intended, for Chamberlain is from a known Amaleki family of Houston Stewart Chamberlain. So the British were intentional murderers. But because of our sins in 5765, it was not to be.....yet. So who will take the mantle? Sarkozy? Cameron? Putin? There is no way of knowing for sure at this time. I sense that the British will likely return after Obuzzard runs away. So Cameron, it is your move. You hate Israel so much anyway. So welcome to Botzrah, David.

12/09/2011 3:12 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Sorry I forgot this about our good "friend" David Cameron:

12/09/2011 3:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You list things to take as if everyone is going to have access to money or HAS money. Is it unethical to get and use a credit card - buy something for the emergency when there is a big possibility you won't be able to pay it back? Is this stealing?

12/09/2011 3:46 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

I personally made no comment on anyone using a credit card. Buying food is a necessity. But now that you mention it, using a credit card is only stealing if you have no intention of paying back your debts. If you make the monthly payments, you are not a thief. Everyone is happy. You pay your bill, and the non-Jewish credit card company gets to charge you interest. Where is the theft?

As a matter of fact, I would only recommend that people try to pay down their balances now because if inflation goes sky high, interest rates will be even higher.

12/09/2011 4:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reb Dov,
Having worked in emergency services in the so called American Redoubt with many preparedness minded Christians I advise caution for those hoping to shelter with friendly Goyim. My experience is these lovers of Israel still believe that the most highly evolved Jew is one who accepts yoshke and becomes a so called messianic Jew left with only empty Jewish ceremony.
My experience with these truly finest and most comitted of Americans is that lack of exposure to Jews and having the deep idea that with enough gentle kind instruction Jews will see the way changes to frustration over time. The sense of charity among Christians is also works based as taught by their NT scriptures, being dependent on them for any length of time will build a sense of entitlement to demand spiritual change from their Jewish wards for their protection and supplies. How many Jewish fathers will trade a conversion to feed their children?
The kind Christian family conversion commonly ends up being the case with lonely uneducated professional Jews who take a job out in the western rural areas, Dr. Joel Fleishman style, who meet some cute country shiksa and end up getting baptized before the church wedding.
A FYI to the lonely Jewish boys, forget shiksas there are plenty of west coast cute country Jewish girls also a good number of great gerim who are drowning in a very shallow dating pool, grab one marry her and take her to Israel.

Even in the survivalist mindset most people I have encountered even having colsulted for some of the so called leaders are more driven by Hollywood scenarios or love for a hobby, the rare true survival group(I suspect fewer than 100 in the US) most have little real training and stockpile some assault rifles and ammo, food and vehicles under the leadership of one sugar daddy. So I suggest another plan if trying to survive, hopefully banding Jews together e en if there are few Rambo's among us outside of E"Y.

A 737 in flying condition, and FAA airworthiness cert especially for larger jet aircraft is very strict, can be had today for ~2 million plus fuel in the US for 100 seats plus what you can fit in the pressurized cargo bay. In am emergency 150 people can fly for $13k each plus fuel, a bargain price for delivering a human life, and far safer than a short range turboprop or worse an ancient cylinder engine aircraft which would have to land several times in hostile countries to get fuel.

Untrained nobody shoud be outside in -20F temperatures and blizard conditions but I have operated quite easily without any electrical socks for long periods leading SAR teams so it can be done with proper gear, the important thing is not to get overheated and sweat, also cotton kills, it absorbs perspiration and cools the body, stick with wool and synthetics, lastly get enough calories, know when to snow cave, and boil up a hot drink.
Obviously the comment section of a Torah study blog is not the best forum beyond tips to hopefully help a few people survive so I leave much out.

12/09/2011 12:10 PM  
Blogger Daniela said...

I am busy right now, but yesterday afternoon, cost of money in italy was below 1% yearly. The market recognizes that having a credit (which will evaporate) is riskier than lending money to whomever and investing in whatever piece of paper is traded at the stock exchange (which, being a contract and not a currency, might be, at least partially, and at least in a distant future, honored: after the wipeout, of course). Inflation would be helpful, but there will be no such thing. There will be recession and deflation instead. Prices will drop, but stuff won't sell anyway, so, shops and manufacturers will be forced to close down, as there will be (deliberately) no credit extended to them. And everything (except those who are big enough or connected enough to have breathing reserves) will be bought, for a few peanuts, by the usual suspects. This is why it is important to help jewish businesses and even individuals (foreclosures will continue) with our liquidity.

12/09/2011 12:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eved Hashem, you would be surprised what you can find on the secondary market, or if you know how even improvising although my experience is that with years of training and experience money can buy a better tool. The Eskimos and Laps had everything they needed from wood, stone, skin, and bone. Hashem will provide what is needed, but it doesn't hurt to invest depreciating dollars in something useful even if you want to risk staying in Ch"L.
A better choice move to Israel and buy a good bike, work, learn Torah, eat kosher food, and have Jewish great-grandkids.

12/09/2011 12:16 PM  
Blogger DS said...

I say that Gog is Benedikt XVI himself. And that his general is the head of NATO. Right now the commander-in-chief of NATO is a Greek-American BORN IN TURKEY - interesting, isn't it?

Also note the close relationship between Turkey and the Vatican. I have numerous articles on the topic on my blog, ISRAEL TRUTH TIMES,

I came to the conclusion that Benedikt is Gog. It all would fall into place with this interpretation. Please read my posts about the topic by doing a search with the words, Gog and Magog, or Turkey. Of course I might be wrong.

And the Second in Command is a Brit, Shireff

And ACT's head is a French, Abrial. ACT is the second main NATO branch.

NATO itself is a composite body, made up, of course,of mostly Europeans, but with a very important US contribution:


12/09/2011 12:19 PM  

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