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The Toldot and VaYishlach Effect

I am simply linking here to an article that I wrote with Akiva on MPaths blog about the effect of these two Torah portions on world events. Please read the post and the comments that I made to the post. I figure that linking to it would be fine. If you are reading this on my blog The End of Days, please comment on what I have written right here. Here is the MPaths post: here

A short discussion of why Esau or Esav falls off a cliff in Parshat VaYishlach is in order. It says in Gen. 33 the following: And he (Esav) said, "Travel on and let us go. I will proceed alongside you." But he (Ya'akov) said to him (Esav), "My lord knows that the children are tender, and the nursing flocks and cattle are upon me. If they will be driven hard for a single day, then all the flocks will die. Let my lord (Esav) go ahead of his servant. I will make my way at a my slow pace according to the gait of the drove before me and the gait of the children, until I come to my lord at Se'ir.

Yet, Ya'akov never accompanied Esav to Mt. Se'ir (the Mt. of the male goat). As it says: So Esav started back that day on his way toward Se'ir. But Ya'akov journeyed to Sukkoth...

So was Ya'akov lying to Esav? Of course not. Whatever was not fulfilled at that time will be fulfilled at the End of Days when Ya'akov accompanies Esav to Mt. Se'ir. Yet, there are a few problems with this. Mt. Se'ir today is a wasteland in Southwestern Jordan. The crumbling ruin of Petra (ancient Botzrah) can still be found by hearty backpackers who trek their way to the ancient ruin built into Mt. Se'ir. This is doubtful the Se'ir that the Torah is referring to when it says that Ya'akov will accompany Esav to it at the End of Days. Instead our sages of the ages (Chazal) have given us keen insight.

1. This entire encounter between Esav and Ya'akov occurred on Yom Kippur including the previous night's wrestling match with Esav's angel. So when Ya'akov went on to Sukkot, he was literally going on to the next holiday on the Jewish calendar, Sukkot (Feast of Booths). Apparently although Esav's spiritual descendants were of course invited to the Temple during Sukkot, Esav himself could never appreciate the concept that there was an idea of teshuvah b'simcha. Esav could understand G-d as a King (repentance out of fear) and G-d as a Father (repentance out of love). Yet, he could not understand G-d as a friend (repentance out of joy) where the penitent receives no earthly reward for his repentance except the joy of doing the right thing. Perhaps this is why, Xtianity understands G-d as a father, but what a friend they have in Yoshke. For the Xtian repentance at this level is not understood unless they have an intermediary. This also explains why the nations of the world kick the Sukkah when G-d prevents them because of bad weather from keeping the mitzvah of Sukkah. The only reward for the mitzvah of Sukkah in this world is the joy of sitting in the Sukkah. So when a Jew has to leave the sukkah under similar circumstances, he understands that the entirety of the reward except for the joy is in the World to Come. So for this reason when Esav goes to Mt. Se'ir, Ya'akov goes on to Sukkot. Since Ya'akov alone understands the greatness of the reward for the mitzvah of sukkah.

2. At the End of Days it is not Har Se'ir itself that is judged. It is Esav aka Edom who is judged and the mountain named after him, Mt. Esav (VESUVius in southern Italy). And the two men Esav and Ya'akov are like two male goats. Ya'akov dressed up as one in order to receive his blessing from Yitzchak. As we know from the Yom Kippur service, there are also two goats. One goes to Azezel, and one goes to HaShem. The one that goes to Azezel is thrown over a cliff in the Eastern wilderness at the time of the Temples. In modern parlance, Esav's very civilization is about to be thrown over a cliff. And the mountain being judged is Vesuvius, for in the following paragraphs we can see how Vesuvius was used by HaShem to judge the nation which destroyed the 2nd Temple. So when Ya'akov accompanies Esav as a Se'ir (a male goat) to the proverbial Italian cliff at the End of Days, Esav himself will destroy himself along its rocky outcroppings.

3. The final question is how do we know that this final judgement is financial in origin? It comes from the following: When Esav was approaching he was approaching with an army of 400 Centurions (400 principal men in the language of the Torah). That is an army of 40,000 foot soldiers. He was obviously coming to fight a war. Where do we see this number 400 earlier? When Avraham purchases the Cave of Machpelah next to the City of Chevron from Efron the Hittite, he pays the exhorbitant sum of 400 silver shekels. And it says there "VaYakam Sdei Efron..." And Ephron's field was confirmed (was transferred)... to Avraham as a purchase in view of the children of Heth (the Hittites who witnessed the sale and the fact that Avraham weighed out 400 silver shekels to Efron in clear view). The Acronym formed by the three words VaYakam Sdei Efron is Esav, referring to a future time where Esav would dispute ownership of the Cave of the Patriarchs with Ya'akov's children. Yet, there is something deeper here. The numerical value of the expression for Evil Eye (Ayin Ra, עין רע in Hebrew) is a gematriah of 400. Since Esau's kingdom is the last kingdom before the Messianic kingdom, the Ayin Ra is referring to the last currency of Esav's kingdom, the currency of Amalek. From the Talmud in Megillah we are given a clear hint when does Amalek rise in Edom. It rises when a united Germany signs a treaty with Rome, and then Amalek goes forth to destroy the world. In WW2 this was an actual treaty not between Berlin and Italy, but a Concordat between Hitler, yemach shmo, and the Roman Catholic Church since the Talmud tells us that there are not just 300 princes in Germany that are united internally, but there are also 365 principal Saints to the Roman Catholic Church. Italy even during the Middle Ages never had more than 14 states on the Italian Peninsula while Germany was a kingdom of 300 fiefdoms. Plus, Mussolini may have been a brutal dictator, but he was not an Anti-Semite. From 1922 when he took over until 1938 he did not pass one piece of Anti-Semitic legislation. Only after he saw the Anshluss of Austria, did he get the message that he better play ball with Eichmann and company's Anti-Semitic program which he never fully enforced anyway as long as he was fully in power until 1943. So the 365 princes in the Gemorrah must be referring to the principal saints of the Roman Church who does have a rather long history of Anti-Semitism, a history that Hitler himself carefully learned from. So has this unity happened again. Well yes, but this time it is with Italy and Rome and Germany and about 15 other countries. It is called the EU, the European Union. The Hebrew letter tav which is the last letter of the Hebrew alephbet is the key to understanding the currency of this outfit. Tav also has the Gematriah of 400 like the word Ayin Ra. And the word Tav means "Mark" in Hebrew. Now we know that the principal currency of Germany is the DeutschMark and is the bedrock of the EU's market basket currency known as the Euro. This is where things get interesting. If we look at the word Euro as an acronym it should be spelled Ayin vav Resh Vav, not Aleph Vav Resh Vav as it is spelled in modern Hebrew. Now why might that be? The answer lies with etymology, the study of world origins. Dr. Isaac Mozeson years ago noticed something peculiar about the names of the Old World continents. They all end in "ah" or just "a". In Hebrew this denotes direction. So if we can safely assume that all of the nations of the world come from the Tower of Bavel and that before the tower we were all speaking one language, Hebrew, the secret of the names of the continents can be unlocked. The nations headed toward the Rising fireball in the sky were headed "Aisha" or Asia. The nations headed toward the land that was set apart were headed "HaPerekah" or to Africa. (Ps and Fs are interchangeable using Grimm's Laws of linguistics.). The nations headed toward the setting sun or the evening were headed (ARaVaH where the first A is an ayin not an aleph) Since Vs and Fs and Ps are interchangeable using Grimm's Laws ARaVaH linuistically and etymologically becomes EuRoPaH or Europe. So Europe should be spelled with an Ayin not an Aleph. Let us be sure to tell the Hebrew language authorties here in Eretz Yisrael the next time we have the chance. From this we see that the word EuRo is an acronym Ayin Resh. The words for which it is an acronym are Ayin Ra (the Evil Eye). So this is what is about to be dismantled when Esav goes tumbling over a cliff. QED (Quickly and Easily Done). More about vESUVius follows. Oh the final connection: When Esav is approaching with that army of 400 Roman Centurions, who stares into his evil eye and defeats him? Why it is Yosef, of course. More about Mashiach ben Yosef later. For now, buy silver, for MBY's rise will be accompanied by an exponential increase in the price of silver. Whether it is bars, coins, or grains, just make sure that it is pure physical silver. You will find that the more silver you have, the more mitzvot you will be able to do in the Messianic Era with the silver. So have some on hand when the time arises by collecting it now.

In addition I offer the following information why when saviors ascend Mt. Tzion to judge Mt. Esav, it is Mt. VESUVius that will be judged, about 100 miles south of Rome, Italy. ius is a Latin suffix. Remove the suffix and ESAV's name is clearly written in the name of the volcano.

It is worth noting the most famous event in the history of volcanic eruptions was of course the eruption of VESUVius in the year 79ce, nine years after the destruction of the 2nd Temple. There are two facts worth considering.

1. The head of the triumvirate at the time that Rome took over from the Chashmonaim while the latter were involved in a Civil War was of course Pompeii who made deal with one of the Chashmonaic adversaries to help him to defeat his brother, but once Pompeii sent the Roman legions to "help out", the Romans never left. That was around the year 63 bce. Here is an Aish HaTorah link to describe the history of the Chashmonaic era: here. Yet, curiously it was the famous City of Pompeii that took the brunt of the volcanic eruption in 79 ce. Since Pompeii dismantled the independent rule of the Sons of Aharon over Judea, it is fitting that the city that bore his name should be destroyed by the most infamous volcanic eruptions in history.

2. Why 79ce and not earlier? Well almost 2 full months prior to the eruption, guess who became Rome's emperor? Two months prior Titus replaced Vespasian as emperor. I guess HaShem had a special message for Titus, the new emperor who happened to be the general who destroyed the 2nd Temple.

And may saviors on Mt. Tzion judge Mt. Esav (VESUVius) very soon.


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Geologists are regularly examining Vesuvius. They are tying earthquake activity as a precursor to volcanic activity. Here's some info and an interesting timeline:
It looks like there could be a big eruption in the very near future..BTW They state it erupted on August 24.



Video from 1948 eruption:


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Blogger DS said...

Wow, I love it.

11/29/2011 6:51 AM  
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Shalom Dov you wrote: "(This is an understanding of an “in it’s time” speculative scenario. The Lubavitcher Rebbe clearly described a “before it’s time” scenario, and the Gra spoke of a “before it’s time in it’s time” scenario – which would fit the Cosmic Clock together with the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s scenario in combination with the worldly events we’re seeing today.) "

What does this mean? an easy, quick and painless redemption for all?

11/29/2011 3:33 PM  
Blogger Daniela said...

What do you expect to be Russia's role in the scenario? They are perhaps the only "western" / "xian" country with liquidity, with manufacture, and with brainpower. Actually, there's another, even though its supposed xity should be taken with a few grains of salt: Brazil.

It would also be interesting if you could comment on Japan, which has high debt and high interest rates (and the demographic bomb) but that is considered to be relatively safe, because its assets are much larger than the debt. Italy is not in a very different situation and has plenty of assets to guarantee its debt, but will default, because so it was decided: Italy will be butchered in order to delay the unavoidable euro collapse. This is of course understandable from the Merkozy viewpoint, yet, one might think Italy and italian citizens and investors would object, and instead, no such thing. Can you comment on this?

There was a much larger eruption of vesuvius before the one in roman times, about 2000 years before that, that is to say, about 4000 years ago. Of course there were few people, back then, and so, much smaller number of victims. It can happen again and it is a very densely populated area. There is geological monitoring with all its limitations, a monitoring network which we all hope it will work, should such an event unfortunately happen.

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Hi Dov,

Why do you say this?:

"For now, buy silver, for MBY's rise will be accompanied by an exponential increase in the price of silver"

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As an Austrian school economist who has seen for over a decade the coming monetary hyperinflation I will agree with you on the precious metals vs any fiat currency valued paper instrument as an investment.
On a Torah level though I vaguely remember a pasuk in the navim saying that eventually we will let silver fall into the streets.
Is your investment and survival advice based on Torah sources or your economic schooling and survivalist works.

11/30/2011 10:05 AM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

I am extremely busy today. So please accept my apologies if I am brief. My silver recommendation is actually rooted in the Torah in three aspects which would require a blog entry of itself. Silver will have value in Yemot HaMashiach, and for one is key to the redemption of Mashiach ben Yosef itself. Machtzit HaShekel is related to two sins which I have written about years ago on this blog, Mechirat Yosef and the Chait HaEigel. So part of what we are talking about here is a final tikkun to, in a sense, purchase Yosef back from those from whom we sold him. His sale was for 20 dinar which is five sh'kalim. There were ten brothers who participated in the sale although Reuven received his portion in abstentia. Binyamin was not present. So not only do we learn that a bechor is redeemed for five silver sh'kalim from this when doing pidyon haben, but we also see that each brother including Reuven received 1/2 of a Shekel from the sale of Yosef. It turns out that the machtzit hashekel silver coin is double in weight the normal value of what 1/2 of shekel would be normally. So in redeeming Yosef to bring Mashiach ben Yosef we have to pay Keifel (double) the amount that we made from the original sale. How this became a kapparah for the Cheit HaEigel too is briefly discussed in my entry, 6 Million for Makhtzit HaShekel. Yet, it should be noted that it obviously was originally a kapparah for the sale of Yosef. Since the original sale was in silver, the kaparrah must be in silver too. The Eigel HaZahav was gold. So the kappparah for that was added on to the original kapparah which was for the sale of Yosef. By the way, this is part of the deeper reason for Makhzit Hashekel just prior to Purim since MBY will destroy Amalek on Purim itself. more later.

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