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Mayor Michael Bloomberg: Hopiate of the Masses

This blog entry is a work in progress. The full post of this entry will be available later today, G-d willing. Yet, I wanted to publish the beginning of it now because events might start moving very, very fast. Check later today or tomorrow for the full post which will be this post, but the post will be edited. The 2nd post about Ben Bernanke will wait until the economic collapse of the evil Edom is in full progress. In accordance to what I posted on Mystical Paths about the Toldot Effect on Motzei Shabbat November 26th and on this website last week (Tuesday, November 29th) the VaYishlach effect will be in full effect from tonight, Tuesday, December 6th through Monday, December 12th. I refer you to the following statement from the original article on Mystical Paths from Nov. 26th:

The more important and final hammer blow event is when Esau flies off a cliff in the fourth Aliyah of Parshat VaYishlach (Wednesday, Dec. 7th or Shabbat, Dec 10th) according to the two opinions on how Shabbat influences the week.

Keep in mind that any event on Shabbat or Sunday is not reflected in the markets until Monday. This is speculation with no guarantee that it will happen, but the events happening today associated with the 6th Aliyah of Toldot seem to imply that what follows is very plausible.

Keep in mind that the two opinions of how Shabbat influences the week in which the Torah portion is read in synagogue are

1. the entire week before Shabbat including Shabbat itself for the 7th Aliyah. This would mean that the 1st Aliyah corresponds with Saturday night and Sunday and so on and so forth until the entire parsha is read in shul that Shabbat morning.

2. From Yom Rivi'i, the fourth day of the week which starts on Tuesday night before the parsha is read in shul until the following Tuesday afternoon which corresponds with the 7th Aliyah. The 7th Aliyah actually mentions the City of Rome itself in the code word Magdi'el which our sages say is Rome. So this collapse will likely be a process that will accelerate as late as Tues., December 13th.

The 2nd opinion that the 4th Aliyah of Parshat VaYishlach corresponds with this coming Shabbat would bring about a collapse on the first market day following this coming Shabbat which would be Monday, December 12th. This was mentioned on the original Mystical Paths post at the beginning of last week. So let me officially, with G-d's permission, put Western Civilization in the warning category of Beginning of Catastrophic Economic Collapse between right now and the end of the day on Monday, December 12th. This means that if HaShem is bringing about the Final Redemption this year 5772, the most likely time for a catastrophic event to take place involving Italy and the European Union is between now and Monday, December 12th. And unlike 5765 which was the 1st Year of Sukkot, the process that is taking place right now is totally b'itah, it its time.

All the Achishena, before its time, moments have ended. Every Achishena moment is accompanied by a free will test. Because the last Achishena test was in 5765, the First Year of Sukkot, it was really b'itah Achishena (In its time, I will hasten it.) And the test was not a test on our level of Shmittah observance, for instance, as other Achishena tests were. It was a test in basic human decency: not to unilaterally evacuate 10,000 Jews from their home in Gaza and the Northern Shomron and not to summarily put a quarter of a million people in SW Eretz Yisrael into imminent danger of murderous longer range missiles. The test was simple, and we failed it miserably, not all of us, but enough of us who either actively did something to disengage from Gaza, to enable the Disengagement, or to do nothing at all because some of us thought that we could get along with our lives by doing nothing. Because of the failure of this test which had a 90% chance of being passed if we could simply be decent, George W. Bush son of George H.W. Bush Sr. was not Gog ben Gog as he was supposed to be. And history has now transpired it a way which reflects the fact that an unhealthy segment of our people failed this basic test in common decency. What this test has guaranteed though is that the entire anointment of Mashiach ben Yosef will be an anointment of re-establishing common decency as the hallmark of the Jewish people. MBY himself will likely be Shomer Shabbat and will definitely be G-d fearing, but the only laws that he will enforce on the nation will be Noachide Laws, Circumcision for Jewish 8 day year old boys, and Laws against gossip (evil speech which is 100% true about actions done in private). We Jews have it as our legacy that while this law was not given to the Children of Noach, it is still amongst our laws of common decency. This is based on the all night wrestling match in this week's parsha (VaYishlach) between the Angel of Esav and Ya'akov. The angel is able to injure Ya'akov at Alot HaShachar (72 minutes before dawn on Yom Kippur, the day of the wrestling match). He dislocated Ya'akov's thigh vein or So'as tendon whichever it is. And we are commanded from that moment on to never eat from the Gid HaNashe from any kosher animal are any animal that could be eaten before the Torah was given. Now unlike this Gid HaNashe commandment and the commandment of Circumcision, all the other commandments were given starting on the New Moon of Nisan before the Exodus from Egypt until we arrived at Mt. Sinai to receive the Torah and continuing during the 40 years that we were in the desert while Moses was still alive. So the commandments of Circumcision and the Gid HaNashe are part of our fundamental (Yesod) covenant with G-d that preceded the Exodus from Egypt. Yet, there are 365 Giddim (veins and tendons) in the human body, and there are 365 negative commandments or prohibitions in the Torah. Therefore there is a one to one correspondence between the 365 Giddim and the 365 prohibitions in the Torah. According to Me'am Loez, the Gid HaNashe specifically corresponds with the prohibition against Rechilut: talebearing (speaking about another person's private matter, that paints him in an unfavorable light, in public even if it is 100% true). So this prohibition against talebearing joins Circumcision and the Noachide Laws in the area of laws that will be enforced in a Jewish society of common decency by Mashiach ben Yosef. Just think of all the gossip newspapers that will be put out of business here in Eretz Yisrael alone! Keep in mind that Rechilut (talebearing) is not slander: (motzi shem ra) (info. which is both defamatory and false). Slander and libel, the written form of slander, are even forbidden by Noachide Law as a subcategory against Theft. Gossip is not a Noachide prohibition of common decency, but it is a Jewish prohibition of common decency. And MBY will enforce laws against it. The complete return to the Torah in its entirety by the nation in general can only be accomplished once a utopian society of common decency is established here in EY first. Then whoever will be Mashiach ben David will re-establish the Torah society that we all desire. There will be a large return to the Torah in the 5th year of the Sabbatical cycle (5773) after MBY has established our utopia of common decency in the 4th year (this year!). So that 5th year teshuvah to the Torah will actually begin before ben David even shows up in the 8th year! In short many will get the cue that human decency is the basis of our society here, but it is not the end goal of why we are here in Eretz Yisrael. That teshuvah to the Torah will be of great merit in HaShem's eyes because it will be done before Mashiach ben David even shows up.

Given the subject matter of the particular Aliyah to the Torah that we are talking about, the 4th Aliyah, we have now as of tonight Tuesday night entered the danger zone. The 4th Aliyah in question goes from Gen. 33:6 until Gen. 33:20. In short this warning stated above is totally based on the effect on the world of the 4th Aliyah of Parshat VaYishlach + the 7th Aliyah of the same parsha. For it seems from events as they are transpiring, G-d is looking into the Torah and bringing the Final Redemption in accordance with the Torah portions as they are read in the synagogue and as they are associated with the weeks of the year during the winter months between Shabbat Bereishit and the Shabbat after Purim (ki Tisa) or the Shabbat after that (VaYakhel).

This is a letter that I sent out to several people including Akiva of www.mysticalpaths.blogspot.com :

Akiva, this especially concerns your most recent posting and our combined comments on the post. Yet, this concerns all of you who so trust Mayor Bloomberg's website for analysis.
http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-12-06/how-israel-can-stop-alienating-u-s-jews-commentary-by-jeffrey-goldberg.html on financial matters. And don't tell me that he is totally out of the loop as far as editorial control of his website and of his Business Week publication. And don't tell me that Bloomberg completely dissociates himself from this scathingly self-hating article. Try, ask him to print a rebuttal with equal placement next to this article, and you will get an "Are you kidding" wry smile. I am sick of these puritanical leftists telling us how we should live our lives. In response perhaps we should segregate more private buses between men and women. Why in Heaven's Name is a business site, www.bloomberg.com so fixated on how religious Jews live their lives here in Israel? And rue be the day that some Reform Rabbinic pompous fool starts marrying off gay couples here in the Holy Land. There is no end to this madness except for total Western economic collapse so that the 78% of American Jews who voted for Obuzzard, including Mayor Bloomberg whether he voted for him or not, have nothing to show for all their evil efforts. And I will then look out my kitchen window before I go to bed while doing dishes every night, and I will see the lights of MIgron while doing the dishes because the lady with the broomstick and her warlock husband, the HillyBilly show will not be able to funnel money to NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) from the US State Dept. to destroy Jewish life in Eretz Yisrael. Orthodox Jews in America have to understand that the continuance of their prosperity outside of the Land of Israel comes at the cost to living a sane life and life free of fear of being evacuated in the middle of the night here in Eretz Yisrael. It really has come down to our survival vs. your 401K. Sorry about that. So as events unfold in the very short term, G-d will see to it that we thrive here, and if it comes at the expense of your prosperity, I am sorry about that. Yet, the warnings about that have abounded since 9/11/2001. You have had ten years to wrap up your American lives in your guilded cage and leave because you were sick at things such as 6 months after 9/11 when Gog W. Bush, Jr. personally sent Colin Powell to tell us that we could not put a bullet in Arafat's head even though Bush wanted to put a bullet in Bin Laden's head. That should have made you vomit to remaining in America. That was 9 1/2 years ago. What action did you take back then to prepare to leave a land run by pigs, Edom, this case being Gog W. Bush? The word Pigs (as opposed to the word PIIGS which refers to Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain) here refers to the hypocrisy of the pig pretending to be virtuous and kosher while overseeing the death of dozens of more Jews in the ensuing years at the hand of Arafat who lived another 2 1/2 years after Bush ordered Sharon not to put a bullet in Arafat's miserable head. On whose hands is all that Jewish blood? Hmm? So now the day of comeuppance is rapidly approaching, when G-d brings down the hammer. And it is the collapse of the West (Edom) or bust, but for now avoid Erev Rav publications such as Business Week for your fiscal analysis..


Blogger DrM said...

what will you post on the morning of Dec 13th? That's what I am looking forward to!!

12/06/2011 11:40 PM  
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

I will post the Truth Dr. M. But I will wait until Tuesday afternoon to see how the Magdi'el verse plays out in the events in Europe since it is in the 7th Aliyah which corresponds with Tuesday, Dec. 13th.

12/06/2011 11:48 PM  
Blogger DS said...

I think I might just buy a piece of Rome for grushim. Or how about a large tract of land in Toledo, just for fun? Is it time for Jews to reclaim property they lost in Europe throughout the centuries? We should be able to pick up real estate for 10 cents on the euro pretty soon( or is it the drachma, the mark, the franc???) After all during the Exodus from Egypt Hashem COMMANDED us to get the gold, silver and jewels from the Egyptians, in payment for the slavery we were subjected to. I think the principle applies here too, what do you say, Dov?


12/07/2011 3:49 AM  
Blogger Daniela said...

I find it hard to read the words "common decency" the day Katsav is thrown into jail.

We are seeing lots of hard-earned belongings and money being sweeped away by the same usual suspects, and there are plenty of jews among the victims, but in any case, most of them are decent people. Things will change. And, I feel much safer, knowing that there are jews in Wall Street and they have poured money in what now seems to be garbage, but which might rebound.
If any of you have any money left, and if you don't trust the stock exchanges - loan to your fellow jew. Everyone needs liquids: from families to small businesses, from manufacturers to investors and brokers. Pick someone you like. That's the very best investment.

@Dov: thanks for your very kind words and looking forward to you sharing new insights.

12/07/2011 1:44 PM  

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